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This page is super old and needs editing. Almost every story here is either not being updated or on hiatus.  I will get this mess cleaned up soon so that those who might want to go back and enjoy the Charming tales can do so!

My active thread at the moment is …

Bob n Bee: Table of Contents

The story is still very new and any catch up reading is not a lot and unless you want to know their back story (like what happened to Eliza) catch up reading is not even all that necessary.

They are headed off to University …

(I am attempting to create a Uni challenge)

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honey bee

a/n I know that checking out a long-running blog can be a bit daunting. 

I hope this update will help.  

If you have any suggestions on how to make this page work better I am open to hearing them. ❤

Current rotations can stand on their own without reading the back story BUT if you are interested this is a link to an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap.  It will give you the back story from Snow Whites beginning in the Asylum almost into the generational rotations. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!) 

After this update there are about 16 updates that link this synopsis to the rotations .. it starts with (I will admit that some of my very fav stories are in this part)

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Venice … Answered


<<  Previous An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Tuscan Dreams /   Next An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Home >>  )

And can be followed at the end of each blog (before the credits) by clicking into next.

It will take you to …

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Current stories:

Charming Tale Rotations begin here:

If you are brand new, you may find this little recap helpful to read before you jump in … this little update can give you the big picture:

The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”

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This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the exiled children of Prince and Snow White Charming.

The murder of their sister concluded the last story and, in order to save their lives, the heirs to the throne have dispersed.

The danger still seeks them!

(All stories are in their infancy at this point – I am very slow).

The primary Charming tales rotations are:

  • Mike & Rose White (Dagon’s Challenge) & Sulani
  • Bruno & Rose Red (Alien Adoption Challenge) & ROM
  • Jack & Violet (Wonderchild Challenge)
  • Aster & the Rebellion Army (Strangerville)
  • Evella (Bachelorette Challenge with an evil twist) and ROM

Other related stories will be inserted as they come into play.

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An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: Frozen (Jack & Violet) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Queen Evella Orsini) Table of Contents

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Back in Windenburg (coming soon)

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Other stories not dependent upon the Charming story sequence:

The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current) Table of Contents

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Lisa Bee – 100 Baby Challenge (current) Table of Contents

Lisa Bee attempts the 100 baby challenge … lots of shenanigans … def rated TEEN! 

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LisaBee, Pedro & Boots (Baby Bee too) (current) Table of Contents

Updates focus on Get Famous and feature Gallery discoveries and Mod Let’s Plays.

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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

Updates on my attempt at the Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter challenge 


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Short Story Challenge & more:

Forum challenge

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge Table of Contents

short story banner

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My Short Stories & “Other Stuff” (current) Table of Contents

A collection of stories that will stand on their own and each takes about 3 or 4 minutes to read. 

If you are new to Simlit or my blog this is a GREAT place to start. 

I am quite proud of this little collection 🙂 

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If you want to go WAY back to the beginning here is the 

Blog Story Sequence – Past (completed) older to newest:

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Insane Asylum Challenge (complete) Table of Contents

 A quirky Asylum Challenge 

13 chapters 

the gang mid game

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Snow White (complete) Table of Contents

This was the story that was NOT supposed to be.  

Will my beautiful ever searching Snow find what her heart yearns for?   

 11 chapters

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Prince and Snow Redux (complete) Table of Contents

A life so nice they lived it twice ❤    

32 chapters

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  Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (complete) Table of Contents

 A spin-off from Redux (the heir) … so many wonderful suitors but ONLY one will win the hand of the princess!   (Your vote will be solicited at various points in this story).

13 updates in the actual challenge and

17 FAB introductions to get there ❤  


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An Era of Charming Tales #1 (complete) Table of Contents 

The Charming Family grows up and Generation 2 comes into focus

36 updates

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The end so far ❤