Story Sequential Order

*** short Stories (current) Table of Contents

A collection of stories that will stand on their own and takes about 3 or 4 minutes to read.  If you are new to Simlit or my blog this is a GREAT place to start.  I am quite proud of this little collection 🙂 

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*** An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

A spin-off from Redux and Search for a King

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*** Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (complete) Table of Contents

 A spin-off from Redux (the heir) … so many wonderful suitors but ONLY one will win the hand of the princess!   (Your vote will be solicited at various points in this story). 13 updates in the actual challenge and 17 FAB introductions to get there ❤  


*** Prince and Snow Redux (complete) Table of Contents

A life so nice they lived it twice ❤    32 chapters

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*** Snow White (complete) Table of Contents

This was the story that was NOT supposed to be.  Will my beautiful ever searching Snow find what her heart yearns for?   only 11 fast chapters

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*** Insane Asylum Challenge (complete) Table of Contents

 A quirky Asylum Challenge   13 chapters 

the gang mid game


Not dependent upon the Charming story sequence*

*** Murkland (current) Table of Contents

Updates on my attempt at the Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter challenge