Aubie’s Joy

A short shortie submitted for March 2022’s Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge

This month’s theme was …

Well, of course he said yes!

Although the whole thing was a bit of a surprise, the reality is that Nestor loves Annie

AND Annie loves him!

A wedding!

Annie had no idea how they would pull it off.

She had no idea of even where to start.

Enter in Henford on Bagley’s newest resident.

Retired celebrity chef Katelynn Smith, aka Granny.

The new owner of the Lilac Bell Bakeri and Flower Shoppe.

As luck would have it, she specializes in wedding planning.

Annie eagerly seeks her out and presents the impossible task of planning a wedding with nearly no time left to do it.

A romantic at heart, Granny sees the possibilities and seizes the challenge.

“You just leave everything to me dearie,” she assures Annie.

This is exactly my cup of tea!

You go get your dress and the guests invited!

Everything will be ready!”

The day had finally arrived!

Well, it WAS the next day but still …

It was a pretty summer evening.

Just perfect for a wedding under the stars.

“My dear,” a beaming Granny purred, “are you pleased with your special day?”

Yes, Annie was very pleased!

It was magical!

Granny had indeed come thru as she had promised.

Aubie could not contain his joy.

He had dreamed of this happy day for his little Annie.

Nestor was a fine man and would be a wonderful son-in-law.

Maybe even grandbabies would come soon, he thought!

He sighed wistfully to himself, “OH if only my Agnes could have been here to share my joy!”

Agnes had not been invited!

She had spoiled too many Henford on Bagley nuptials to get an invite to any weddings!

From her rapt attention to Aubie’s songs of celebration, seems to me that pretty Granny might like a chance to change his mind about wicked old Agnes.

Now some of you readers may be scoffing that this “lucky” was far too predictable.

And at some level I agree that you would be correct.

This has not been terribly clever.

BUT my friends, the wedding was not the lucky part!

THIS is the lucky part!

It was lucky he did not get killed!

299 words & 13 story screenies ❤

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33 thoughts on “Aubie’s Joy

  1. lol can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want Agnes at their wedding 😅 Look at Aubie! He REALLY wants Agnes at his wedding (😅 as his bride but still).
    Can’t wait to see what happens next with that nice little sum of simoleons

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this series so much! The neighborhood where my gen2 legacy has settled in San Myshuno voted for free love, and I caught Agnes making out with a young townie in the community center there! Who knew?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lol, the ending! I wonder if Agnes would care if Aubie and Granny did start something romantic. Is she the petty type? “I don’t want your attention, but I don’t want you giving it to someone else either?” Anyway, I loved the screenshots. Annie’s wedding dress/ensemble was so her.

    Liked by 1 person

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