Initial Thoughts on High School Years & a Few Good Links

I am working on the #Werewolves Giveaway blog (yes I am slow – life has been a wild ride recently) BUT had to stop and share my excitement about High School Years Expansion Pack and give you guys a few awesome links to do more snooping!

I am totally jazzed over #highschoolyears!

At first appearance, the Dev have done a great job on this!

No more high school rabbit holes!

Finally, teen years will be worth playing!

I confess (that like babies) to usually age them up early after they get an A in high school.

A few things that jumped out at me on the initial view …

My heart nearly stopped when I saw shaving and body hair!

I have waited a LONG time for this!

Body hair will be a base game update!

Then this … WOW!

Windows that open and you can crawl out!

This is a boon to storytellers!

How many times I have longed for something like this (especially when I was doing Stung – Burglar Bee)!


I do not imagine it will be all windows.

That would break the game beyond all hope!

Even adding this has some cc creator’s heads swimming!

So awesome!

My mind was totally blown over some of the great small things being added …

I nearly cried at Prom King …

and class clown (can you guess which of these two I most relate to LOL)!

What I want to explore first is …

“Plumbite Pier is the perfect date spot! There is an amusement park with a haunted house, tunnel of love, a ferris wheel, and a photobooth for memories!”

Fingers crossed that this is playable .. it would involve a lot of animation if it is.

I cannot even begin to go into the gameplay features I saw in the trailer so let me refer you to a PRO – here is a GREAT read by SimsCommunity (great to see you @Jovan)

Every Single Detail from The Sims 4 Highschool Reveal

and we cannot forget the official EA blog release ..


Congrats to @MsGryphi (one of my fav favs), @XFreezerBunnyX, and #gnomemaster @J0l1990 for having their builds featured in the new pack … #happyforyou

Hurry up July 28th!!


I promise the Werewolf giveaway is on the way SOON!

12 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on High School Years & a Few Good Links

  1. I’m so stupid excited over this pack! I added more time to the kids and teens for this reason though I won’t have the pack by the time Hadley and Asher are teens. I added another sim-year to their current age because I’M not ready for them to be teens yet 🤣

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  2. I admit I liked the idea of the amusement park. I can also admit, for me, the rest of this pack is basically completely foreign. High school where I am from is nothing like this at all, and I have no relationship to any of it outside movies and tv series. I wish they had considered that when they made this pack, but alas. Also, I was kinda hoping to give teenagers more than just “young adult but called teenagers” look. They had a year to work on it after all. I am however happy so many seem happy about it, which is a nice change from a lot of packs the last year ^^ (apart from werewolves who’m also people seem super happy with ^^

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    1. Good thing about the sims is that you can pretty much tweek the story to fit what you want it to fit … I am just glad for NO MORE rabbit hole schools .. mine will prob look a bit different that what is offered up on the trailer


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