An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Bromances and Romances

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

Bruno was beside himself with excitement.  Jack and Mike had invited him to be their roomie.  “The house is very large and we have lots of room,” Jack informed.  “It is a wonderful house, right on the waterfront in downtown Windenburg.  It will be fantastic!  You will love it!”

Mike was in complete agreement with Jack.  “Anyway Bruno,” he said earnestly, ” if we are going to be family one day we might as well get to know each other now.”

It all made such good sense.

While Bruno adored his parents he was truly ready to be on his own.

10-11-17_3-26-28 AM

He looked forward to experiencing the rowdy carefree bachelor life with these wild and crazy guys.

(Books, beer, and Pizza on a Saturday Night  … yeah Bruno that is off the hook!)

10-11-17_3-26-29 AM

They got on quite well they did … three peas in a pod!

A bromance made in heaven!

10-12-17_3-52-30 AM10-12-17_3-58-09 AM10-12-17_4-00-04 AM10-12-17_4-02-33 AM

(Yeah … Got to stay pretty for the lady folk.)

10-14-17_9-17-32 PM

“Yo Bro! You ok?”

10-14-17_9-27-44 PM


“Man this place looks a little shady.”  Mike was trailing Bruno into the forest with Jack hesitantly bringing up the rear.

They were off in search of a great fishing hole that Bruno remembered from when he was “only a cub.”

Bruno grinned back at them.”Don’t worry guys!  I have been here with Papa lots of times.”

10-14-17_10-45-16 PM

Jack whispered to Mike from behind, “this place seriously gives me the creeps.”

Mike just nodded his agreement and smiled a rather grimacing forced smile.

“It is all good.  Just BEAR with me.”  Bruno jested, chuckling at his own little joke.

The boys were too busy holding their breath to laugh.

10-14-17_10-46-41 PM10-14-17_10-50-56 PM

Bruno brightly encouraged, “It is not far now!”

The boys happily picked up the step.  It felt like they had been tromping thru this eerie woods for an eternity.

Mike kept his eyes straight ahead on Bruno.  He did not want to risk seeing anything peek out from those trees.

Jack was certain he could hear someone’s or someTHING’s footsteps crunching in the foliage behind him and he had to constantly fight the urge to run back to the car.

Bruno, however, seemed impervious to the shadows and sounds that surrounded them and strode happily, deeper and deeper, into the woods.

10-14-17_10-52-18 PM

Finally, the thicket opened before them to reveal a magnificent crystal blue lake nestled in stunning shimmering rocky cliffs.

10-14-17_10-49-55 PM

The splendid panorama with its towering bluffs with cascades of icy water falling to churn the waters frothy below was jaw-dropping.

AND the fishing was marvelous too.

NOM NOM … Dinner will be great tonight!

10-14-18_2-39-19 AM


“Good afternoon Sire,” a markedly nervous Bruno greeted King Charming.  Bruno had requested an informal meeting over coffee.  There was a pressing matter that he needed to discuss with King Charming.

The Tudor Plaza Cafe was normally buzzing but today, much to Bruno’s joy, it was fairly empty.    He was unsure of how King Charming might react when he broached the subject.  It would be nice not to be humiliated in front of many should the conversation provoke the King’s ire.

Prince is not a fool and he had an inkling of what issue might be laying heavily on Bruno’s mind and he wanted reinforcements for this one.

“I have asked Snow to join us.  Is that alright with you Bruno?”

Bruno nodded, maybe a bit too eagerly. “Of course, I … I would love it!”

10-15-17_12-43-44 PM

Prince ordered coffee for all and they settled into a cozy corner to chat.

Snow smiled sweetly as Prince got right down to business, “So, Bruno, you said you have something important to ask me?”

It was a fairly lengthy meeting (the contents of which I will spare you) but it ended with warm smiles, handshakes, hugs, and pats on the back from Prince to Bruno.

“Good luck Bruno.  Keep us posted.” Prince wished as Bruno made for the door.

“I will sir!  I will!” Bruno called looking back over his shoulder at the happy couple.

10-15-17_12-56-41 PM

He had to hurry.  He was meeting Rosie for a sunset hike out to the bluffs and he was on the verge of being late.

It is never good to be late in meeting a princess.


They walked in silence, enjoying the glorious colors of October in Windenburg.  Golden light from the setting sun lit the autumnal foliage creating vivid hues that seemed to dance as the rays played over them.  The crisp air, freshened from recent rain, caused their cheeks and noses to glow with a pinky tint.

Rosie was bewitched by it all.  Sighing, “Thank you, sweetheart, for suggesting this.  It would have been a waste of a glorious Autumn sunset, not to have come.”

” …..  Bruno? ”

Eyeing him skeptically, Rose Red wondered what on earth was wrong with him.  He seemed so jittery and distracted.

“Bruno … What is wrong?”

Bruno closed his eyes and fought the stammer in his voice, “Rosie I have known you from the day you were born.  I swear I loved you at first sight.

10-17-17_2-22-02 PM

I knew even back then that you were my soulmate … there was NO one like you!”

09-10-16_2-10-07 AM

Rosie’s face lit with a smile as she gazed at her sweet soulful tenderhearted fella, what a guy!

Rubbing the stubble on his chin reminded her of …

10-17-17_2-23-09 PM

the sweet features she first fell in love with.

02-22-17_3-40-29 AM

Drifting in her thoughts she did not immediately notice that he had dropped to one knee and in his hands a … a … her heart stopped …

“Rosie, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

10-17-17_2-24-13 PM

(Now HOW could you say no to that face!   NO! NEVER .. and she didn’t!)

10-17-17_2-26-36 PM10-17-17_2-28-05 PM10-17-17_2-33-55 PM10-17-17_2-34-16 PM10-17-17_2-34-17 PM

Time for them to go tell their families!

10-17-17_3-36-47 PM

The Orsini’s were delighted with the news. They all dearly loved their Rosie.  They had watched the young lovers grow up together and had LONG hoped for this day!

Alfonzo (aka Papa)  beamed at his son, “Wise choice my boy.  She is a great gal!” he said winking at his wife, “Got the temperament of your mama.”  Now Rosie did not know exactly what he meant but with Paola (aka Mama)  wiping her tears and blushing like that she knew that it must have been a good thing,

Little Molly was enthralled.  Her little eyes fluttering as she gazed up lovingly at Rosie.  A sister, she thought,  first she gets a forever family and NOW she would have a big sister too.  AND a wedding, do you suppose I … ohhhhh … visions of beautiful dresses began dancing in her head!!

Caiden (aka baby), being a very quiet boy by nature,  just stood smiling up at them.

10-17-17_3-25-40 PM

The Charmings are ecstatic too.   They have loved Bruno since they first knew him.  “I knew it all the time,” Snow declared knowingly, “A mum knows these things.”  Prince and the girls all nodded their agreement.

Rose White felt tears of happiness well up in her eyes.

10-17-17_4-05-43 PM

She thought back to that day so very long ago when she first met Bruno.  They had been the best of friends but now he as marries her sister she will happily trade a BFF for a brother!

Life is sweet she thought!

10-17-17_4-05-44 PM

Violet rushed to give her sister a big hug.  “I am so very happy for you Rosie.  So very happy!”

She ran out of the room on the pretext of finishing her dishes.

10-17-17_4-06-53 PM

It was becoming much too much for poor Violet.  She declared out loud to no one there, “I really am going to be a nun.”

10-17-17_5-07-14 AM


With steps heavy and slow, a shadowy figure approached the ramshackle church.

This was NOT going to be easy!  The sinister miscreant had been summoned and there was NO choice but to obey.

Evella was a loathsome wench and no one went into her presence willingly.

10-17-17_6-40-43 PM

The dilapidated walls of that old edifice reverberated as Evella screeched and wailed like a banshee, “I have gotten all the reports from the watchers … you have not been keeping your end of our bargain.”

“It is difficult my queen.  I must go slow or they will suspect.”

Her voice vile and dripping with evil as she bellowed … “You wicked little toad, go do what it takes to get this done!”

“As you wish my queen,” was the only response.

10-17-17_6-48-15 PM

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scooters and poses …

Daddy’s Prince Scooter poses





An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Black and White … a bonus update

A little something for those who have been WAITING  for this … ❤ u 🙂  Don’t worry there is more coming right around the corner!

Rose’s return came with a return to her Royal duties.  There was always such and such function going on and often Rose was delegated to represent the Charmings.

Most were stuffy pompous affairs, like day old bread, dry and dull!

That night’s Black and White affair was no different!   Rose White was dispatched by her father and Mike was sent along as her escort for the evening.

This little couple definitely turned heads when they made their entrance!

The old gents would pat her hand and pry with pointed questions and the ladies would cluck cluck at her or purr at him with batted eyelashes.

Oh, it was delicious … everyone there was dying to know MORE!!

As the night got on Rose and Mike both desired … NO NEEDED a bit of alone time.

They quietly slipped out onto a secluded little porch for some solitude.

She was radiant and smelled amazing … drew him like a moth to the flame …

he looked divine … her eyes saw nothing else …

they got caught up in the soft music and in each other  …

08-23-17_11-24-40 PM08-23-17_11-25-19 PM08-23-17_11-26-29 PM08-23-17_11-29-30 PM08-23-17_11-30-51 PM08-23-17_11-32-03 PM08-23-17_11-33-31 PM08-23-17_11-36-09 PM08-23-17_11-40-49 PM08-23-17_11-43-39 PM08-23-17_11-44-31 PM08-23-17_11-45-25 PM08-23-17_11-46-44 PM08-23-17_11-47-38 PM


and completely missed seeing HER!

08-23-17_11-53-13 PM


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

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The room was by LuckyHeather

Poses by Rethdis-love

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Home Sweet Home

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

As she walked along, the leaves that crunched beneath her feet sang a happy little duet with the waves that lapped the shoreline below the cliff near her house.   The “song” brought joy to Rose’s heart.

When she had last walked out of this gate the crocus’ had barely begun to peek out from their blanket of snow.  Now the warm colors of autumn welcomed her.

She breathed in deeply the scent of apples, fallen leaves and the smoke from the hearth at home.  It was heady and flooded her head with memories of autumns past.

She was HOME.

10-10-17_3-19-15 AM

Oh, it was not that she did not have a wonderful time during the search.  SanMyshuno is a beautiful city and in reality, she knew she did not even begin to scratch the surface of all it had to offer.

But here, this place, offered Mom, Dad, her sisters and her brother … all waiting and eager for her arrival.

Here was her past and here was her future.  For Rose, this is a very good thing indeed!

Mike did not accompany her.  He was giving her some time and space to BE home.  To reconnect.   She smiled as she recalled how thoughtful he was!

She would see him tomorrow!

10-10-17_3-19-50 AM

Running feet and loud joyful exclamations, the clamor of homecoming greeted her cheery “Hellooo, I am home.”

Prince reached his Princess first and he enveloped her in a giant welcomed HUG!

“Oh Dad I missed you so.”

10-11-17_11-05-02 PM

Soon they had all gathered, laughing and chatting.  Rose White was back home and none could wait to hear all about the many adventures she had in the city!

10-11-17_11-06-37 PM

Snow hustled the family to the breakfast table.  “Sit … sit,” she instructed and after quickly placing a cup of hot tea in front of Rose White she scurried out the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Rose listened contentedly as her sisters chattered on and on about the boys in their lives!  Bruno this .. Alexander that …

Well, all except for Violet … for her it was the boy OUT of her life!  She had ever so briefly entertained a local boy named Joaquin but he was a gad about and she had no patience for his wandering eye!

Even tho Prince often assured her not, she was certain that she would end up a Nun.

11-01-16_1-25-53 AM

Prince was lost in thoughts of his own.  He reveled in the fact that all of his girls were seated around the table now.  He knew in his heart that these days were numbered.  Soon each one will be off tending to their own families but for now, this moment in time, they are all right here gathered around him.

10-11-17_11-43-39 PM

Snow whipped up a batch of her famous pancakes.   Love is her secret ingredient and she uses it liberally!   She adores being a wife and mother.  She believes .. no she KNOWS that she has the most wonderful family on earth!

(Just for you simophonique ❤ ❤  some of you long time readers already know … this is the only thing Snow has ever learned to cook.)

10-11-17_11-45-18 PM10-11-17_11-56-50 PM

Just as always, the family received Snow’s breakfast offering as tho it were manna from heaven.

“MMM!  Mum these are just divine!”  Rose White gushed, ” I have missed them so much.  Thank you!”

The other girls and Prince chimed in with Rose White.  “Yes, just delicious!” “Wonderful.” “Best you have ever made.” “Awesome job Mummy!”

Snow beamed at the lovely compliments from her sweet family.  They are such dears.

10-12-17_12-16-03 AM

Rose took her afternoon coffee at the computer.  She needed to tend to her long neglected correspondences.   She could not keep her mind on it and found herself searching bridal sites and looking at gowns and flowers and cakes.

10-12-17_12-16-04 AM

There was a sound at the stairs and Rose went to see …

“Claudia!”  Rose rushed to hug her friend (and if you recall, her personal assistant), “how have you been?  I missed you terri … ”   Rose stopped in mid sentence!

11-11-17_3-30-30 AM

Something sparkly caught her eye.  “Claudia!  What is that?”

11-11-17_3-31-01 AM

“OH Rose, I have so much to share.  I have been dying to tell you.  We kept it a secret until I could tell you myself!

11-11-17_3-32-01 AM

Walter asked me to marry him,” Claudia explained.

“Walter? Who is tha … ” Rose grasped for even a hint of recognition from the name.

“OH, Rose you are so funny!  Officer Theis!   He has a first name you know … it is Walter.”

“OHHHH! WHAT!”  Rose was shouting excitedly, “WHEN! OH MY GOSH!”

10-06-17_8-44-37 AM

“Your mom and dad were so sweet.  They took us to a private little chapel and your father officiated our private ceremony and your sweet mother witnessed it for us.

11-12-17_1-56-44 cAM

We were so honored when Prince gifted us the little house out on the water front.  It is so pretty and we are so happy there.”

11-12-17_2-11-08 cc AM11-12-17_2-18-03 cc AM

(How many of you long time readers recognize that little house?  It is the original house Prince and Snow lived in during the first story  … OH I do love it so!) ❤ ❤ ❤

01-05-16_3-11-34 AM

Rose and Claudia chattered away the afternoon.  First Claudia on the many virtues of being married .. then Rose White on searching for her king and finding him in Mike.  OH it was all so very romantic.

Then the girls got down to some serious business … wedding planning!  With ohhhs and ahhhs and squeals and giggles, they went thru three pots of tea and Claudia got hand cramps from taking so many notes.

11-11-17_3-48-50 AM

When it was time to leave Claudia leaned in and whispered softly, “you are going to love marriage Rose … I know I do!  It is wonderful … just wonderful!”

11-21-17_3-32-02 AM

After dinner the family settled in to watch a movie.  It was unanimous that Rose got to choose of course she picked her favorite cat movie “Perot in Murkland; One cat’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.”

11-21-17_3-32-05 AM

All the excitement in the house that evening caused Aster to procrastinate on his homework until it got quite late.  Rose White found him hard at work in the back garden.  “Aster, homework by candle light?”

11-21-17_3-32-08 AM

He looked up, surprised to see her out there.  “You’ll not tell Mum and dad, will you?”

Rose looked down at the little earnest face of her brother.   She loved this bright little guy so very much.  Of course she would not.

Smiling she assured him that this was their little secret.  “Now off to bed with you!”

11-21-17_3-32-09 AM

He was so tired that he fell asleep before Rose could finish tucking him in.

“Good night my dear little prince,” she whispered softly.

11-21-17_3-32-10 AM

Exhausted herself, she was settling into her room when her eye fell upon the sweetly wrapped little package.  She had forgotten all about this!


Many many months earlier, Mike had dropped this package off at her front gate with instructions not to open it until after the search had been completed (and only if he should win).

22196488_894660890681777_8186620581549285345_n (1)m22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539409_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539410_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539411_om

She opened it slowly.

The package contained a beautiful enchanted rose and a hand written letter.

It began, “My dearest Rose …….”


TY LoveNovavita  (creator of Mike) for the pictures of Mike delivering the package … for those who wish to see the lovely video of this presentation click the link below …



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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 It’s A Wrap

As this story wraps up and moves on to the “next chapter” I want to first pause and express my gratitude … I have so many people to thank for this story.

I promise there is a (small) story at the end of this diatribe. 

First and foremost I thank you, the readers.  You make this so much fun.  You inspire me and encourage me to keep going even when the ole brain is empty.   I have had a blast doing this chapter of the story for nearly (less than 2 months shy) a year.  I hope I can do well by you in the next chapters (right now I have envisioned a rotation rather than a straight legacy).  I promise to give you my BEST!



Next are the builders.  OH, YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE YOU ALL!  I say it all the time and I MEAN it … without you freely sharing your talents I would not be able to create any story at all.  Whenever I get a bit dry in the old ideas department I just scroll my WONDERFUL “follow list” in the gallery.  You all never fail to spark my imagination and enliven my fingers!

Although they are all wonderful I would like to thank these 5 especially:

Canadiansimmer77 .. who built the incredible penthouse exclusively for this challenge .. a wonderful job Abs ❤

Gothkittymimi .. who I say “OH I need this or that” .. and poof there it is and it is always jaw-dropping! ❤ u dear Michelle

Lyhandros ..  who brings his penchant for fanciful and very romantic builds in a yacht so stunning I was floored when I first saw it (well I still am lol)!  We call it “the stuff Ascanius does” … Grazie Ascanius mi amico!

Simoniona .. her builds have inspired entire chapter updates.  Amazing is too small of a word for her work!  Visit her in gallery and be astonished!  Danke, mein liebe Freund Elke!

Tokulee … his builds are a delight to the eye and a dream to play!

And that is just four from a long list of FAB!  I could go on and on … anchesenamon … Brennachansims … Vetroretro … Melly20 … waterwoman1987 … Guardgian … the list keeps going and I could go on but I will spare you LOL

heart cloud

Last TY goes to the creators of the suitors ❤ ❤  You gave me your “babies” to use and abuse as I saw fit.  Each one of them was a masterpiece and gave us all so many hours of delight.  I am honored by your generosity!   TY! TY! TY! (Gallery Pics of each suitor is in the credits portion of this update).

heart beach sand



The next day Jack and Rose were scheduled to meet up in downtown SanMyshuno.  Rose saw Jack seated on a bench outside of the coffee house.  He was patiently waiting for her.   She was, at first, hesitant to approach.  Would he be angry or sad?   She abhorred this part.

He looked up, saw her and a bright smile spread across his face.  Relief flooded her heart.  She had come to greatly value Jack and did not relish causing him pain.

He was anxious to know all that had happened between her and Mike.  She recanted the events of the previous day.  All the while searching his eyes for any trace of hurt or betrayal.  There was none.

“I … I am so sorry Jack.”  Her voice soft, woeful and full of penitency.

10-03-17_1-14-53 AM

“Rosie,” Jack began carefully, “There is no need for sorry.  I am not upset.  Like you, I too put my life in the hands of the people.  It was to be their choice all along.  I knew that going in .. we all did.  Am I disappointed?   Mmmm yes .. maybe.  Truth is that I love you two too much dwell on the could have beens. I want to look forward not behind.  Come on, let’s go get some coffee and finish our conversation inside.”

Rose smiled and rising, obliged.

10-03-17_1-16-36 AM

The little shop was crowded so they ordered …

10-03-17_1-33-53 AM

and found a quiet corner to continue their chat.

10-03-17_1-40-51 AM

Rose blushed as she saw Jack was looking at her engagement ring.  “Do you love him?”

Rose smiled and replied, “Yes, very much! I love him very much!”

“He loves you too you know. I have known that for a while now.  I am very happy for you and for Mike.  I wish you many long years of happiness.  He will make a wonderful husband and King.”

10-03-17_1-41-50 AM

As it was prearranged, a beaming Mike arrived a while later.  He drew closer to these two dear people in his life and he called out, “Hey can I join you two up here?”

Both Rose and Jack happily agreed, “come sit!”

10-03-17_1-44-51 AM

The three friends spent the rest of that sunny afternoon in merry conversation.  A strong bond had formed in that penthouse.  It was a lasting, lifelong friendship that was priceless to all three.

10-03-17_1-46-49 AM10-03-17_1-47-51 AM10-03-17_1-48-04 AM

“If you two will forgive me, I have to leave.  I have an appointment to look at a house with a Windenburg Realator. ”

Rose was quite curious, “Where is it?”

Jack returned, “right on the waterfront in downtown.”

Rose acknowledged that was a very lovely area.  She and Mike were glad to know that Jack was staying on for a while.   “I am just not ready to go back to my solitude,” he had told them.

10-03-17_1-47-31 AM

Jack turned to Mike, “You know the house is quite large so if you would want to be roomies again .. at least until the wedding .. then I would welcome it.”

Mike was quite moved by his friend’s generous offer, “yes, that would be wonderful.”

“I will send you a message if the deal goes thru.”

10-03-17_1-50-09 AM

And with a quick hug, Jack was off.

10-03-17_1-49-29 AM

A few days later, Rose and Mike found themselves back in Windenburg, reconnecting with family and friends AND very excited to embark upon their future!  We all hope you join them.

10-05-17_2-57-56 AM10-05-17_3-01-58 AM10-05-17_3-01-59 AM10-05-17_3-09-06 AM

(This is NOT the end of the story … NO … only the begining of the next)

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (complete) Table of Contents

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LOL actually by my daughter Tiffybee .. she used my computer.

ezrastephenfrostofficer nickUntitledfloresdarienprincewolfedarrenhugo







Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #12 Meet the King


As Rose waited (not so patiently) her anxiety was rising more and more as the minutes passed.  Who had the people chosen?   She had not been told.  She was given a rose and instructions on when to present it and now she waited.

It has been nearly a year since this began.  At first it was all fun and games but now standing here, the reality of her decision hits hard!

She was glad it was over and she knew would accept whatever came but at the moment she fought the urge to run for those hills!

She told herself, “Stand fast Rose and trust the people to make a good choice for you!”

She stood fast!

10-02-17_2-59-01 AM

Mike arrived at the location they gave him.  His heart was heavy in his chest and breathing was difficult.  His mind raced and he was filled with dread.

10-02-17_2-59-02 AM

He was like a dead man walking.   His feet did NOT want to move .. he had to will every step!

This day had been a LONG time coming!  He had placed his life in the hands of the people and now he would know their choice. Although he desperately loved the Princess he would abide by their decision.

10-02-17_2-59-05 AM10-02-17_2-59-07 AM10-02-17_2-59-08 AM10-02-17_2-59-10 AM10-02-17_2-59-20 AM10-02-17_2-59-21 AM10-02-17_3-06-30 AM10-02-17_3-06-34 AM10-02-17_3-11-07 AM10-02-17_3-11-23 AM10-02-17_3-15-40 AM10-02-17_3-18-57 AM10-02-17_3-44-42 AM10-02-17_3-45-57 AM10-02-17_3-50-59 AM10-02-17_3-54-11 AM10-02-17_3-58-18 AM

Rose has her king and she loves him dearly!  Let’s get out of here and leave these two alone 🙂

10-02-17_3-59-19 AM

( ❤ Dear Jack has not been forgotten .. update soon)

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

********* credits ***********

TY to the amazing Joanne Bernice for Mike’s reaction pose and the amazing facial poses .. ❤

10-02-17_2-59-20 AM

You need to check her out .. she is FAB!

Joanne Bernice




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 And Then there were TWO


I remind you again (but this is the last time .. cause I am taking back the HELM of this ‘ship .. EA has made sport of me too long LOL) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims.

Can you believe that this is the end?  It has been a LONG time coming. 

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Pace was not in love with Rose
  • Rose was not in love with Pace
  • The Charming sibs are pretty fun to hang out with
  • Two suitors remain
  • One is Jack
  • One is Mike
  • The choice is YOURS

SOOO Let’s get into the house …


OHHH perfection … sunshine and hot coffee on the patio.  Jack was recounting a tallle tale from the far frozen north.  Rose took a mental meander during the LONGEST story in the world!

She thought of home and her family … of her parents and siblings and how much she had missed them all  … especially Mum and Daddy.

She wondered what they are up to when WHO walked out to greet them …

01-13-17_12-41-52 AMYep!  Mum and daddy … their Highnesses the King and Queen of Windenburg.

Prince announced, “Sorry to disturb!  We let ourselves in when no one answered the door.”

Rose jumped up and welcomed them excitedly.

The boys, however,  were a bit in awe and the normally articulate fellas found themselves rather tongue-tied.

Although they both have, ever so briefly,  met the King before, they have never officially met Queen Snow.

The Queen is as stunning as it has been rumored that she is.  They both stare rather awkwardly.


Jack seems to have stopped breathing and Mike clutched his empty coffee cup … not quite knowing what to do with it.

01-13-17_12-41-57 AM

Rushing to embrace Snow, Rose realized how good it felt to hug her Mum again.  “I have missed you so much,” she whispered.

“We have missed you too my dear one.”

01-22-17_9-40-19 AM

Prince promptly seated himself between the two dumbfounded boys.

He acknowledged each of them and made some small chit-chat first with Mike …

01-22-17_9-40-20 AM

and then with Jack.  Hoping to loosen them up a bit.   Mike managed an awkward smile … still holding on to that dang empty cup.   Jack leaned in and, concentrating,  attempted to make a coherent sound but his brain was not cooperating at the moment.

01-22-17_9-40-21 AM

Finally, Prince gave up on the small talk and announced the reason for his visit.

“The queen and I request an audience in our private quarters with each of you this afternoon.  Casual attire, please.   Ahh but first, we will freshen up and get a bite to eat.  We would love to have you all join us for lunch at Central Park.  Noon sharp, please.”

01-22-17_9-42-11 AM

Rose and the now MUCH more relaxed fellas arrived at Central Park at Noon sharp.  Prince and Snow arrived promptly as well.

Prince related to the boys that he and Snow enjoyed the international food court here in the park and that is where they would have lunch today.

02-22-17_11-54-47 AM

The international food court was on the waterfront so they all enjoyed a sunny pre-lunch stroll thru the park.  The brightly colored stalls cheerfully welcomed them.  The amazing aroma that came from each vendor invited them to come and try their wares.  After much consideration and deliberation, each made their delicious choice.

02-22-17_12-02-38 PM

Chopsticks can be a challenge.   Jack was hesitant to try for fear of embarrassing himself and Mike picked something he could take in hand so he would not soil his shirt.

02-22-17_12-06-03 PM

Rose loves spicy food … but maybe not a level five dear princess.

02-22-17_12-06-56 PM


02-22-17_12-08-10 PM

Back at their quarters’ snow and Prince took a few minutes to relax before the meetings.

03-22-17_9-54-06 AM03-22-17_10-16-01 AM

Wish we could say the same for Mike as he sat nervously waiting for them to exit their bedchamber.

03-22-17_10-18-19 AM

The two hours assigned to his interview went incredibly well.  Snow, wisely, served a calming tea which warmed the heart and the conversation.

03-22-17_10-30-47 AM03-22-17_10-38-52 AM

Mike smiled as Prince and Snow flirted unabashedly.  The love they have for one another is legendary and he was delighted to see them banter and play together.

03-22-17_10-41-24 AM

Jack suffered the jitters early on too as Prince looked up his file on the computer.

03-22-17_10-45-41 AM

But gracious Snow soon had things livened up as she took to tending the bar and invited the boys to come enjoy a beverage.

03-22-17_10-50-33 AM

Snow is a fabulous Queen but her domestic skills leave much to be desired .. to everyone but Prince that is.   He would have his precious bride NO OTHER way.   Jack smiled at the way Prince enjoyed her efforts.

03-22-17_10-51-10 AM

Prince and Snow insisted that they all have dinner at the swanky Restaurant Panthésilée in downtown San Myshuno that night … formal attire and 5-star cuisine.  It was quite a heady experience.

04-21-17_12-32-05 PM

The Charmings were delighted to find wine from the family vineyards on the menu.

04-21-17_12-39-00 PM

Some of you might recall this visit to the beautiful Charming vineyards …


Espresso and Tiramisu … a sublime ending to a wonderful meal.  Everyone was stuffed and happy!

04-21-17_12-59-43 PM

After dinner, it was time for and evening of music, wine, and merrymaking.

04-22-17_1-10-51 PM04-22-17_1-19-08 PM04-22-17_1-27-30 PM

The next morning it is time for Rose to leave the house for the last time.

She will take one more occasion to talk with each suitor.

We will quietly peek in on them but shhh .. let’s allow them their moment.

09-22-17_3-24-29 PM09-22-17_3-24-57 PM09-22-17_3-25-56 PM09-22-17_3-26-56 PM09-22-17_3-28-32 PM09-22-17_3-31-15 PM09-22-17_3-32-13 PM09-22-17_3-33-42 PM09-22-17_3-37-45 PM09-22-17_3-39-15 PM

SIGH … and then it was time for her to go …

09-22-17_3-41-01 PM

LOL these two! ❤

Rose is gone and leaves a void so they sit down to watch a movie together.

Bros to the bitter end!

09-22-17_3-43-26 PM

Hey, it was a dog movie ok ..

09-22-17_3-46-18 PM09-22-17_3-46-54 PM

Rose arrived at the Rose Ceremony venue .. her ONE rose in hand.

Here she will bide her time until she gets word of your decision.

09-22-17_3-46-55 PM

Time for you to determine Rose’s future 🙂

Pick your choice FOR Rose:


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

********************************* credits *****************************

First off let me AGAIN thank CanadianSimmer77 for the wonderful house she built for this challenge.  Abby dear I am honored that you took time and created the most exquisite penthouse for this challenge.  It has been a dream to play!


toku parksalt house rest


Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #10 Its a Family Affair

I remind you again (but not for long now) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims.

Can you believe we are nearing the end?  It has been a LONG time coming. 

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Rose is under stress from the challenge and Prince wanted his daughter to take a break from the house.  He is worried about her health.
  • While Rose is an excellent cook she is terrible at using fireworks.
  • Pace is a very thoughtful date.
  • Rose and Jack seem to enjoy a squabble or two with each other.
  • Mike, Pace and Jack received a rose from Rose.
  • Prince said a sad goodbye. SNIFF
  • The Charming siblings showed up in San Myshuno (along with Bruno) to be a support to Rose.

SOOO Let’s get into the house …

Rose was very happy to see her sisters and Bruno!  She had missed them so much.  They happily clustered around her with welcome chitchat about family and friends.

Rose had a bazillion questions about what was going on “back home” … all queries were eagerly answered by a chorus of giggles and chatter oft in unison by the triplets.  Rose was ever amused by how in sync they always seemed to be.

The gossip flowed like sweet honey from the comb …  sweet and nourishing to Rose’s heart.

YES!   Mom and Dad were still embarrassingly mushy! 

Aster is doing so very well in school … he was quite upset that he was not to be included in the trip.  

Bruno and Rose are very much in love.  

Bruno grinned and nodded … Rose Red smiled back adoringly.

Officer Theis is seen having coffee with  Claudia quite often these days. 

Joaquin has visited Violet many times.

Bruno’s family is having trouble adjusting to living in a house. 

Moria Fyres had a HUGE fight with Dominic … Siobhan and Morgan ran from the house in tears.

Dad just played another benefit concert … this time to help raise money for The Skinner House Orphanage.  He was fabulous!

Lily is dating Alexander Goth (and it seems serious).

Lily blushed a deep crimson at this news.

Dreamy Officer Nick Amaro joined the WPD.  Jade AND Eva are both after him!

This time it was Rose’s turn to blush.

(Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Meet Nick  just in case you missed him)

Finally Lily spoke what was on all of their hearts.  “We have missed you sweet sister and we are a bit worried about you.  Mum says you are not feeling yourself.  We are here to do what we can to help.”

Rose hugged them all tightly!  They are so dear to her!

01-11-17_2-33-30 PM

Speaking of hugging … I think Jack is glad his old buddy got the rose and not the boot!

01-21-17_1-56-52 PM

Two of the triplets, Violet and Lily, had a plan for the next elimination challenge.  They would each spend a couple of days teaching a bit of piano to the two boys that will participate in the challenge.

Lily took Pace and Violet took Jack.

The day of the challenge arrived and each girl gave her charge their instructions.  They could play any songs they wished but the first to stop playing for any reason would be eliminated.

The boys affirmed that they understood.

02-11-17_11-29-13 PM02-11-17_11-29-45 PM

Mike watched them intently … Rose seems to be watching something else.

02-11-17_11-32-11 PM

It began.

02-11-17_11-36-44 PM

Bruno and Rose were having a grand time but Mike looked disturbed.

( Maybe Mike is upset because he saw they are ALL wearing the same style of shoes … WHO was not paying attention when she was dressing the fellas?  HMMM I wonder!)

02-11-17_11-32-12 PM

It went on for a long time …

02-11-17_11-39-52 PM

… a VERY long long time and then …

02-11-17_11-55-05 PM

… it was over.

With a sigh of resignation, Pace dropped his hands to his lap.

Dismayed, Mike realized that he is up against his best friend for the final elimination.

02-11-17_11-57-27 PM

A jittery Pace approached the Princess slowly.  He had a confession to make and it was NOT going to be easy.

Her downcast face broke his heart.  He knew how she hated this part.

03-12-17_1-38-29 AM

Gingerly Pace began, “Rose I have a confession.  I threw the challenge.  I quit early on purpose.  I struggled with myself to stay playing as long as I did but my heart was not in it.

03-12-17_1-40-45 AM

You see Rose, I just don’t love you.  I have tried and tried but there is nothing there between us.  The other two, they love you but not me.  It would be unfair to both of us to keep this going.  Maybe we could have learned to love each other at some time in the future but nothing like that is ever promised.

03-12-17_1-41-13 AM

I … I am sorry Rose.”

03-12-17_1-42-55 AM

The truth was that Rose was relieved.  She did not love him either.  She would have married him but only out of duty.  She thought at first that she might one day love him but it never grew despite flirty cookies and solo dates.

Pace breathed a sigh of relief, “I had such a wonderful time Rose.  Thank you for everything and thank you for understanding.”

She did understand!

They parted happily!

(It really did happen that there was no pink between them .. never had any at all)

03-12-17_1-43-27 AM

Back at the house the sibs and Bruno took some time to get to know the two remaining suitors.  A little one on one time with each of them.

Once Rose returned to the house they would all go out to dinner and spend more time getting to know Jack and Mike.

05-11-17_2-01-51 PM05-21-17_2-07-03 PM

Just outside the restaurant, the boys finally had their first chance to talk face to face.   Even no one was privy to their hushed conversation, it was apparent that they both still highly esteemed one another.  The challenge had been cordial up to this point and with these two that would not change.

06-12-17_2-23-16 AM

Bruno and the boys check into the restaurant while the girls freshen up in the restroom.

06-12-17_2-29-24 AM

(just a random shot of the inside of this lovely build .. it is a stunner)

06-12-17_2-39-49 AM06-12-17_2-43-53 AM06-12-17_2-52-00 AM06-12-17_2-52-01 AM

Later that night I wandered upon a bit of playful interaction between Rose and Mike … LOL finger pistols ???

LOL finger pistols from Rose ???

07-03-17_12-26-53 AM

I guess he liked it .. he liked it A LOT!

07-03-17_12-28-41 AM

She was talking about something but he does not seem to be fully engaged.  

What is on your mind, Mike?

07-03-17_12-30-30 AM

OHHHH THAT is what is on your mind!

Our first IMPROMPTU kiss.  

(Which is what I thought was going to happen a lot in this challenge.)  

07-03-17_12-32-20 AM07-03-17_12-50-36 AM07-03-17_12-57-16 AM

Rose was up early and tending to breakfast for her family and the boys.  She was preparing pancakes just like mom used to make.

(Some of you long-time readers may recall that her mother Snow White has very limited culinary skills … she only knows how to make pancakes .. but she makes amazing pancakes).

08-12-17_10-50-17 PM

Breakfast is served.

Neither spoke of the late night kiss …

(Do you suspect that maybe they were thinking of it?)

08-12-17_10-52-21 PM


08-12-17_10-52-38 PM

Breakfast was delightful.  The conversation was as light and delectable as Rose’s pancakes!

Both boys have found favor with Bruno and the siblings.

08-12-17_10-56-03 PM

Ahhh a man with his hands in dishwater … oh yeah … it is what we like!

08-12-17_11-33-15 PM

The time for goodbyes has come.  Rose will see them soon.  Bruno wishes both boys well and the girls give hugs all around!

08-13-17_12-33-09 AM

After the throng departed, Rose and the boys relax and pensively sip their morning coffee on the lovely balcony of the Suitor’s House.

It is almost over now!

09-13-17_12-43-16 AM09-13-17_12-45-21 AM09-13-17_12-49-49 AM


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents


************ Credits **********************

Amazing build by Simoniona ❤



Stunning Asian restaurant  by Spectercody




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Three Roses and Four Surprises

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

Can you believe we are nearing the end!

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Jack is an extremely GOOD frog hunter/breeder
  • Jack is terrible at LLama Jenga
  • Flirty cookies are a very BAD idea
  • The gym does NOT make the flirty go away!
  • The magic cube really does know it’s stuff
  • Mike and Prince are facing elimination (in the hands of the readers)
  • A week is a very LONG time (perhaps that was just me)

SOOO Let’s get into the house …

Prince Charming is very concerned for his daughter.  The stress of the contest has been weighing on her heavily.   He is truly fearful for her health (she already suffered thru a bout of Sweaty Shivers).

He has insisted that she take a break from the suitor house for a few days and has put her up in some lovely quarters in downtown SanMyshuno.

09-08-17_1-03-27 AM

It is quite posh (Daddy knows what his girl likes) … she IS a princess after all!

09-08-17_1-06-28 AM

The truth is she knows she needs time to collect her thoughts on this challenge too.   Saying goodbye to the suitors has been getting harder and harder.  She fears it could get more complicated and wearisome in end.

Now with the selection being out of her hands (again) she is very fretful.  She even snapped at Snow on the phone the other night.

Prince wants her to take some time to consider … is this something that she wants to see thru to the end?

If she were being totally honest right now she did not know!

09-08-17_1-07-04 AM

She settled into her suite and in the evening she took a bit of time to explore the street happenings near her suite.  The festival-like atmosphere with its bright lights, colorful vendors, and delish aromas was a welcome distraction for a few moments and helped her clear her mind of scrambled thoughts and conflicting emotions.

09-08-17_1-07-05 AM

AUGH a little fun with small fireworks?

WELL, that did not quite go the way she had planned.

09-08-17_1-07-06 AM

After a quick clean up, Rose realized she was quite hungry.  She had no inkling to go back out so she decided to explore the well-appointed kitchen to see what she could find.

Rose is a wonderful cook and seems to be able to whip up amazing meals out of little of nothing.  Tonight was no exception …

09-08-17_1-25-01 AM

A pinch of this and a bit of that .. the resulting veggie stir fry was divine .. even if she did say so herself.

09-08-17_1-29-08 AM

Rose pondered over her situation as she ate.

Looking up at her ‘dinner companion’ she asked, “What do you think of all this?”

Rose paused in her deliberations long enough for a response but (long sigh) the girl in the picture was MUM.  She offered no word of advice aptly spoken to help Rose along with her mental wrestling.  Whatever her thoughts were on the subject she was keeping them to them to herself. (AUGH RUDE)

09-08-17_1-35-37 AM

Tomorrow Pace was scheduled to arrive early for his solo date but tonight she struggled with her burden alone.

09-08-17_1-35-40 AM

The morning found Pace and Rose enjoying the small secluded patio.  Rose was making a delectable Fruit Kebab for their breakfast.

Pace had his own dilemma …

Uhhmmm the blue one with coffee .. or that blue one with coffee .. or … that back blue one with coffee … mmm coffee!  (MMM COFFEE … oh sorry)

09-08-17_2-54-02 AM09-08-17_2-55-59 AM

AND they say I AM BLONDE, Rose thought to herself.

Pace is a cutie and very very sweet BUT not always fully engaged with the here and now.

09-08-17_2-58-41 AM

Rose was curious about his thoughts … she offered a penny for them.

“When I was coming in I noticed a sign for a hotel spa.  Thought that might be a good place for you to relax and put your concerns away for a while.”

Rose smiled at him warmly and nodded in agreement.  How kind of him to think of her well-being on his solo date.   It sounded just like what she needed.

09-08-17_2-59-08 AM

Rose went with the relaxing hot stone massage but Pace opted for the rigorous athletic massage.

He may have had some second thoughts just a few minutes into the treatment.

09-08-17_3-06-31 AM

All the groans and cries of pain had Rose feeling very bad for him.  His masseuse really seemed to enjoy her job!

09-08-17_3-07-45 AM

They stopped off at the little gym afterward but poor old Pace could hardly move after his trouncing on the massage table!

Rose was afraid he would fall off the treadmill and hurt himself so she suggested some time on the mats in an adjacent quiet room.

09-08-17_3-07-46 AM

She hoped a bit of time spent stretching and getting serenely focused would help them both.

09-08-17_3-09-54 AM09-08-17_3-10-48 AM

“What on earth is wrong with you?  COME ON NOW!  Let’s get it together girl.  Good grief!  Pull out of this!”  Rose lambasted the poor princess in the mirror.

It must have done some good because she got herself ready to meet Jack for his solo date.  09-08-17_3-10-50 AM09-08-17_3-10-51 AM

(sorry I know we have been there and done this but … I just love the vanity shots ❤ )

09-08-17_3-10-52 AM

Jack is prompt and looking pretty good.  Rose compliments his attire and Jack, ever the gentleman, carefully and thoughtfully returns the compliment.


It was all smiles and chuckles between them so far …

09-08-17_3-11-01 AM

still going smoothly …

09-08-17_3-11-03 AM

and then, as aways, SOMETHING takes a turn!

09-08-17_3-11-04 AM09-08-17_3-11-05 AM09-08-17_3-11-06 AM


09-08-17_3-11-07 AM09-08-17_3-11-08 AM09-08-17_3-11-09 AM


09-08-17_3-11-10 AM

By the end of the evening, she had even convinced the dance phobic Jack to get out on the floor and shake his groove thing! (some of you will still be singing that tomorrow he he he he)

09-08-17_3-11-11 AM

Jack escorted her on a walk out to the lake.  Listening to the soft aquatic sounds mixed with ambient city noise seemed to put her at ease.

Speaking softly, he finally broke the silence, “You know Rose, whatever choice you make we all will understand.   Everyone of us suitors just wants to see you happy.”

09-08-17_3-11-12 AM

Rose looked into his sincere face and melted in a tearful puddle.  Jack held her close and let her cry for a moment and then he escorted her back to her suite.

“Good night Princess.  I will leave you to your decision.  Until tomorrow then.”

09-08-17_3-11-14 AM09-08-17_12-03-04 AM09-08-17_12-03-05 AM09-08-17_12-03-06 AM09-08-17_12-03-07a AM

Good night sweet Rose.

09-08-17_12-03-07aa AM09-08-17_12-03-08 AM09-08-17_12-03-09 AM09-08-17_12-03-10 AM09-08-17_12-03-10a AM09-08-17_12-03-11 AM09-08-17_12-03-12 AM09-08-17_12-04-35 AM09-08-17_12-04-36 AM09-08-17_12-11-19 AM09-08-17_12-12-03 AM09-08-17_12-12-28 AM

DAG DAG sweet Prince ❤

09-08-17_12-13-39 AM

The decision was made and now all there is left is to go forward to the end!  She has to trust the people to make the right decision when required.  They know her and they want her to be happy too! She can trust them.

Daddy has promised her a BIG surprise tomorrow .. she can hardly wait to see what it is (Prince Charming is VERY good at surprises)

A little retail therapy will help pass the time!

09-08-17_12-13-39aa AM


09-08-17_12-13-40 AM09-08-17_12-13-41 AM

The next moring, true to his word, daddy sent four precious surprises!

09-11-17_2-27-36 PM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

*************** credits ***********************

The venue is from the FAB Simoniona … so versatile and plays like a dream in game!








Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Frog Huntin’ Challenge

There is a reader’s poll at the end of this update … you chose who gets to stay!

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode, we found:

  • Jack and Rose seem to enjoy bickering with each other
  • Rose can get quite HANGRY
  • Rose cheats at chess
  • Jack has genuine feelings for Rose
  • Prince is sad that he has not had a date
  • Mike is a great “big brother” to him
  • Rose is not happy about getting dressed up for bowling
  • Rose can eat lava … Mike cannot
  • Mike has anxiety at the thought of losing Rose

Challenge day.

Today the boys are collecting frogs.  Each will collect 6 and then for 24 hours they will have an opportunity to breed them.  The top two simolean earners will get a solo date with the Princess and bottom two simolean earners will face elimination at YOUR hand!

Who remains from those two is up to you!

It is bright and early .. a sweet summer day in Oasis Springs … let the hunt begin …

08-26-17_10-26-48 AM08-26-17_10-29-39 AM08-26-17_10-31-52 AM08-26-17_10-36-41 AM08-26-17_11-15-47 AM08-26-17_11-16-12 AM08-26-17_11-16-33 AM08-26-17_11-21-09 AM

Hunting frog is serious business true … but there is still plenty of time for socializing 🙂

08-26-17_11-16-41 AM08-26-17_11-18-29 AM08-26-17_11-26-55 AM

Last stop Windenburg … Rose is so happy to be home for a tiny bit.  (AUGH really Jack! SMH)

08-26-17_11-39-34 AM

Prince finds the last one.


08-26-17_11-51-10 AM

Starting (total) frog values:

Jack        380

Mike       295

Pace       215

Prince   160

The frog breeding begins in ernest (they will breed their most expensive to most expensive but cannot breed the same two type of frog together over and over again).

The little crew decided to stop off at a nearby pub.  The tension was high and they needed some FUN to blow off a bit of steam!

The Windenburg town folks were glad to see the princess and get a glimpse of the remaining young suitors.

Mila smiles as she sneaks a peek at the boys.  One of these young men will stay the course and win the hand of their dear Rose.  She knows she is looking at her future king!

08-27-17_11-55-19 AM08-27-17_11-55-40 AM08-27-17_12-13-15 PM08-27-17_12-42-10 PM

While most Windenburg townies are very careful to give the young ones their space, Mr Bjergsen could not contain himself.  He jumped in to complete the foursome at the Foosball table.  He will be boasting about getting to spend time with them for the next month!

(I think he lost on purpose for his princess .. I would have too.)

08-27-17_12-43-25 PM08-27-17_12-50-26 PM08-27-17_12-51-15 PM08-27-17_12-52-09 PM08-27-17_12-52-40 PM08-27-17_12-56-47 PM08-27-17_12-58-40 PM08-27-17_13-02-10 PM

The “unwind time” turned into an all-nighter (not to worry they worked on breeding frogs the entire time).

A tired crew sluggishly ambled home …

08-27-17_13-31-05 PM

for Jack the return trip seemed especially LONG!

08-27-17_13-34-25 PM

Really Rose … you pick that for a quick snack before getting a few zzzzs?

08-28-17_1-38-39 PM

OH OH AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST KISS!  (I did not direct it)

Goodnight Mike …

08-28-17_1-46-24 PM

AUGH later that morning all the boys picked FLIRTY cookies for an after nap snack … even though there were plenty of fresh delicious pancakes right on the counter!

08-28-17_1-46-25 PM

It made for a terrific emotional mess in the house …

08-28-17_1-46-26 PM

Pace and Prince finally got busy with a bit of romance(ish) …

Jack is mad …

Mike is sad …

Rose is confused  … AUGH!

08-28-17_2-54-33 AM08-28-17_2-58-03 AM08-28-17_3-03-17 AM08-28-17_3-05-47 AM08-28-17_3-07-11 AM

Best to go work this mess out at the gym.

08-29-17_3-45-48 PM08-29-17_3-57-02 PM08-29-17_3-57-37 PM

A lovely sunset chat …

08-29-17_4-02-02 PM08-29-17_4-03-42 PM

Headed home  🙂 (I just loved this “Abby Road” shot)

08-29-17_4-51-08 PM

Time for drinks and dinner al fresco.  The warm summer night was made even warmer by the camaraderie amongst them.

While the drinks were perhaps a bit odd, Rose’s grilled salmon was nothing short of delightful!

08-29-17_7-02-54 PM

Rose absent-mindedly asks the magic cube about her future love life.

Mike appears to be saying why are you asking it … ask me 🙂

08-29-17_8-10-20 PM

“It looks bright” came back the answer.

Hey Mike … are you seeing this?

08-29-17_8-12-35 PM

The frog breeding has ended and the guys have each earned as follows …

*  Jack      1,065 (he is exceptional at frog breeding)

*  Pace      675

**  Mike     670

**  Prince   565

*  = earned solo dates

** = up for reader’s vote elimination

Reader’s poll … Please vote to select WHO YOU WANT TO STAY.

Voting closes on 14 Sep @ midnight PST

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

*********************** Credits *************************

The gym is from one of my FAV builders ❤ Tokulee (check him out in the Gallery .. you will not be sad that you did)

cityxgym toku




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Solo Dates (Not Hans … Jack & Mike)

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).  HOWEVER .. she doe NOT always get her whims LOL 



I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode, we found:

  • The house is stressed
  • Jack is playing a little bit of psychological warfare and it is messing with Mike’s head.
  • A Black and White Gala was held.  After hours of preparation (MINE) .. everything was thought out and put in place right down to the wardrobe of all attendees.  This was going to be a beautiful ROMANTIC event .. THEN I hit the play button!  Did I forget WHAT game I am playing here?  It was a ridiculous mess!  Never change the lot traits to romantic!
  • Jack is NOT a party animal
  • Prince IS a party animal
  • Prince avoids awkward situations by hiding in the bathroom
  • Pace was easily affected by the lot trait change and flirted with a stranger
  • These are NOT after hours party peeps ZZZZZZ
  • Did I mention; never change the lot traits to romantic

NOW to the house 🙂  It is date day.  As you may recall Jack won the daytime solo date and Mike the night time solo date.

Jack found a fun little spot in Oasis Springs.  An authentic Wild Wild West experience.   He looked forward to spending the day with Rose sipping coffee and getting their giddy-up on.

You have to give Jack mad props for this choice because the desert heat is not exactly his cup of tea so to speak.  Remember the Jack that we first met???

04-05-17_11-12-45 mem PM As it turns out the heat was the least of Jack’s problems today.

Princess was in quite a mood … a foul mood!

08-28-17_1-57-02 PM08-28-17_1-57-03 PM08-28-17_1-57-04 PM08-28-17_1-57-05 PM

Augh!  These two bicker more than old people!  

However, it never seems to impact their relationship …

08-28-17_1-57-29 PM

Rose quickly apologizes for her curt words and a grateful Jack accepts with a hug.

08-28-17_1-57-59 PM

Jack, I think she might be HANGRY … perhaps get the girl some carbs!

08-28-17_6-46-18 PM08-28-17_6-50-50 PM

A few bites of a chocolate croissant and sunny Rose is back to her sweet self.

Jack makes a note to self that should there be a next time (solo date) he will ensure she has eaten a bite or two BEFORE they leave the house.

08-28-17_6-56-07 PM

The rest of the day is all fun and games (quite literally).

08-28-17_8-13-30 PM

(I think he would learn to pay better attention .. this is not the first time she has bested him in such a manner).

08-28-17_8-13-37 PM


08-28-17_8-14-30 PM

Jack had lots of fun with the horseshoe toss.

08-28-17_8-16-34 PM

As he watches Rose take her turn Jack cannot help but ponder his situation.  The challenge is nearing the end and there are three more eliminations coming.  He has been very lucky so far, yet he wonders what will happen in the next few weeks.  Will he stay to the end or leave after the next contest?  He is quite fond of Rose and truly could see himself spending the rest of his life with her.

08-28-17_8-18-23 PM

They end the date with a little camp fire.  They fondly remembered ending their first date with a frosty camp fire on a frigid beach.

Rose laughs as she recalled how very cold she was then and how little the fire did to thaw her frozen fingers!

08-28-17_8-22-47 PM08-28-17_8-23-18 PM

It was a lot warmer now.

08-28-17_8-23-43 PM

Back at the house, Prince was all ears about the date.  He had played a show with his band in Oasis Springs and has always wanted to go back.

08-28-17_8-36-28 PM

As the Princess recounted the day, Prince’s mind drifted off.  He was the only one in the household who has not gone on a solo date. Would he ever get to go on one?  He wanted to so badly!  He HAD to win the next challenge!  He would try very hard.

08-28-17_8-37-17 PM

Mike seats himself by the sorrowful suitor and gives him a few encouraging words.

08-28-17_9-33-10 PM

It was not the first time he had taken Prince aside and given a pep talk to the youngest suitor!  He was very fond of the quiet melancholy musician.

08-28-17_9-33-39 PM08-28-17_9-33-40 PM

NOT sure what the Princess is seeing but she sure seems to like it!

08-28-17_9-33-38 PM

Mike may have given Prince an optimistic word BUT he knew that there were none coming for him.

He got out in the fresh air and attempted to jog the jitters away!

08-28-17_9-33-41 PM

Date night was here and a smiling Mike was enjoying the vision in pink before him.

Rose was not smiling, in fact, she was perplexed and maybe a tiny bit miffed.

Hello, this was a bowling alley!  A smelly old BOWLING ALLEY!

Did she look dressed for BOWLING?

08-28-17_9-41-44 PM08-28-17_9-42-14 PM

Mike laughed and assured her that they were not here to bowl.  This is only where the taxi dropped them.  They were headed to the art district to the Humor and Hijinx Festival.

She was very relieved and quite excited at that idea!

Rose excused herself .. she needed to use the ladies room before they went out to the festival.

08-28-17_9-42-38 PM

(LOL no caption necessary .. this is my fav shot of the day)

08-28-17_9-43-43 PM

The festival was bright and FUN.

Rose wanted to see everything, experience everything and taste everything!

Mike happily obliged!

08-28-17_9-48-01 PM08-28-17_10-19-38 PM08-28-17_10-20-13 PM08-28-17_10-22-43 PM

Well, maybe NOT so happily on all of it.

This is still NOT his thing!

08-28-17_10-29-57 PM

OH, awesome idea Mike!  Here is one way to get a few sparks in your relationship you two!

08-28-17_10-39-50 PM

UM maybe too much too soon in the sparks department!

08-28-17_10-39-53 PM

AHH Much safer!

08-28-17_10-44-23 PM

The evening ended on a nice warm note!

08-28-17_10-50-47 pm08-28-17_10-50-49 PM

The princess smiled contentedly but Mike’s heart is very heavy.

He knows that there is an elimination challenge coming tomorrow and no one is promised anything.

What if he loses and has to go home?

What if this is the last time he will have a solo date with her?

He cannot bear the thought!  He is quite taken with the lovely Rose!

08-28-17_10-54-24 PM

Later at the house, Rose reflected back on the day.  The dates were so romantic and wonderful BUT life in the house still goes on.

Tomorow an elimination challenge … who would go home and who would get a rose?

Gratefully tonight there were dishes on the counter and puddles in the bathroom ❤   Rose was thankful for something mundane to occupy her mind so that she would not dwell on the events of the days to come.

08-29-17_2-54-24 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents