The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #7 Someone Wants Equal Time

WELL Kitty kitty had his say last update and so now Lisabee has had to suffer many demands for equal time … she is a fair woman … so here, in the interest of fairness and equity, is another Murky opinion …




02-26-17_11-20-22 PM

emoji 19   “maehh maehh”

02-26-17_11-20-23 PM02-26-17_11-20-24 PM

emoji 23  “Meahhh meahhh”

02-26-17_11-20-25 PM

emoji 24 “määk määääääk”

03-19-17_3-08-29 AM03-19-17_3-09-26 AM03-19-17_3-09-28 AM

emoji 8 “Nääääää, nääääää”

03-19-17_3-09-27 AM03-19-17_3-09-29 AM

emoji 9 “MEEEEH”

03-26-17_11-29-47 PM03-26-17_11-30-12 PM

emoji 7  “Eeh-eeh”

03-26-17_11-31-48 PM

calvin 3  “määk määk”

03-27-17_1-36-43 AM

emoji 3  “mæh”

03-27-17_1-39-51 AM

emoji 6   “maehehehehehehe”

03-27-17_1-42-08 AM03-27-17_2-29-41 AM

emoji 14  “mè mè mè mè”

03-27-17_2-40-53 AM



squirrel 3 (Squirrel)

03-27-17_2-42-11 AM03-27-17_2-42-12 AM

emoji 10 “määk äääääk äääk”

03-27-17_2-42-13 AM

squirrel 3 (squirrel)




04-03-17_10-19-02 PM

emoji 15  “bleeeh bleeeh”

04-03-17_10-21-47 PM04-03-17_10-24-25 PM

emoji 26   “maehh maehh”

04-03-17_10-25-05 PM04-03-17_10-25-06 PM

squirrel 3 (squirrel)



emoji 28  “Ma-Ma Ma-Ma ”

04-09-17_3-44-22 AM04-13-17_4-16-24 AM



emoji 12  “mek-mek mek-mek”

04-13-17_6-00-44 PM04-13-17_6-00-45 PM

emoji 25  “beah beah beeeah”   (guitar lessons)

04-14-17_2-59-20 AM04-14-17_3-00-25 AM04-14-17_3-01-06 AM04-14-17_3-18-25 AM04-14-17_3-19-02 AM04-14-17_3-19-40 AM04-14-17_3-29-18 AM

squirrel 3 (squirrel)

04-14-17_3-29-35 AM04-14-17_3-29-42 AM04-14-17_3-29-47 AM04-14-17_3-30-45 AM04-14-17_3-30-53 AM04-14-17_3-34-58 AM04-14-17_3-34-59 AM

emoji 27  “Bêê Bêê”

04-15-17_2-33-16 AM

squirrel 3


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

************************ credits ***************************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us! 🙂 




The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #6 A Word From Perot

Hello!  My name is Perot.  OH and yes .. yes, why thank you!  I am quite handsome.  I am a Murkland native.  Born and raised right under Mad Mud’s house.   I am very proud of my murky heritage!  Momma raised us well!  She would instruct us from infancy, “When you are grown my little kits you must do your civic responsibility.  The humans need our help to survive.  It is our lot in life to give it to them.”

That is why when the time came I picked Lisabee’s camp because it was obvious she needed me.  Poor hapless human … it was the responsible thing to do.

03-05-17_11-56-25 PM

My pals Mo and Jacques live here in Murkland too .. BUT I do not share my human with them.  They will have to find their own …

03-05-17_11-56-26 PM

Life used to be so sweet.  I was her favorite boy.  We would sit and cuddle for hours.  But then Ridge came along she has been so vacant and preoccupied.  She just sits and stares off into space smiling.

AUGH how aggravating is it that I have to seek attention?  I sit on her head (or on her book or on her plate of food) for her to come back to earth long enough for one measly pat on the head.

I have even had to resort to rubbing myself on her legs .. tripping her quite by “accident” … *sigh  “Nice kitty” .. a pat and then back to la la land for her.

OH and BTW lets clear something up …  my name is NOT kitty .. do I look like a kitty?   Jacques .. he looks like a kitty but I am a tom thru and thru!

It took me forever to get used to her clucking, “Here kitty kitty kitty!”  I tell you if it were not for the pats and snuggles being so good I would have found a new human!

03-05-17_11-56-30 PM

Oh she just prattles on and on about Ridge to that idiot scapegoat she found wandering in the wilderness (you’re welcome OT Bible Scholars).  I tried practicing my mind control on him but it did not work.  You see you have to have one to have it controlled.

03-05-17_11-56-32 PM

She does still keep up with home chores .. whistling while she works (yes it is as annoying as you would imagine).

I do my part .. why just this morning I helped with the laundry by peeing in the basket.  I do what I can!  I work hard the entire 20 minutes a day that I am awake.

03-07-17_3-08-33 AM

UGH and she is forever tending to those nasty trash fruit plants.  All they are good for is drawing vermin.

Sometimes I help take “care” of them.

Plant?  What plant?  I am just a dumb animal … I know not of what you speak …

*blink * blink

Sometimes it is just too easy.  Ehhh what do you expect she is just human.

03-07-17_3-05-36 AM

And of course she manages the household finances .. the mailman (UGH I hate that guy) is not the only one who leaves her something special in there 😀

03-07-17_3-08-35 AM

I guard the potty bush.  It is my job to ensure that she gets the job done quickly .. so just when she gets comfortable I pounce … OH she is a master at kegels, my human.

03-07-17_3-08-36 AM

I bring her wonderful gifts …

03-07-17_3-08-37 AM

What is with all the screetching and a hollering …

03-07-17_3-08-38 AM

“Get that thing out of here right now!”

HUH .. that THING??

Ohhhh maybe she is pretending for the idiots sake .. he can’t catch a cold.  I will just leave it in her bed tonight.

03-07-17_3-08-39 AM

She is getting better at making that bath stuff ..

03-07-17_3-13-24 AM

which is great because sometimes not even the idiot can stand to be near her (and he lives by the potty bush).

03-07-17_3-13-23 AM

When she got herself all gussied up I knew we were headed out for adventure.  Would not be with lover boy because it was his turn to tend the gardens.  MMM I hope they are growing catnip up there!

03-07-17_3-04-15 AM

We arrive at Salamander Burner camp #42

My human knows this human they call Trin.  Lisabee is very happy to see her.

03-07-17_3-13-25 AM

Soon there was a gaggle of them .. all that clucking make me hungry for chicken03-07-17_3-18-39 AM03-07-17_3-19-39 AM

AAACK there is the “cat whisperer” doing her daily work out .. don’t let her see me!  She is always after us .. temptin’ us with her wiley ways and delicious fish!

I hear tell that after she catches you she even puts smelly herb powder on us to make us smell better and ward off bugs.  It is “all natural” .. NO .. I AM ALL NATURAL!

Mo told me he barely escaped with his life!  He also told me that Jacques moved in with her .. he is an “indoor” cat now!   Augh he has always been a bit pretentious.

03-07-17_3-16-34 AMOK who was supposed to be watching my human during my nap?

03-18-17_4-03-50 AM

Can someone get her before she sets the whole camp on fire!

03-18-17_4-10-52 AM03-18-17_4-10-55 AM

*snicker  There seems to be a line at the pee bush … I wonder “who” could be in there that long?  Hey don’t judge me .. I needed a little nap. (I do feel a tiny bit bad because I hear she is a cat lover).

03-18-17_4-10-58 AM

I guess they were all having a grand time .. I think Fala and Freddie were conspiring over something musical.  Everyone was all a twitter.  I don’t know.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  Exhaustion was setting in fast!

03-18-17_4-15-29 AM

All that dancing and frolicking UGH!

Hey Trin must still be a line at the potty bush ..  it is not me this time!

03-18-17_4-20-48 AM

This one they call Freddie is trying to figure out her game strategy so she can keep her camp winning streak.

*yawn  I do need a nap and that table looks perfect.   OOO and those little wooden thingys look delicious.  A bed and a snack .. perfection!

03-18-17_4-27-50 AM03-18-17_4-27-51 AM

Looks like she needs a little cat nap before the evening .. that is not a bad idea *yawn!

03-18-17_4-27-52 AM

Freddie and Lisabee got there a little early.  UH yeah I was shocked too .. Lisabee never gets anywhere early.  I am pretty sure she is allergic to early.

Anyway I digress .. they met up with that foxy momma Dusty Boots (hey I might be a cat but even I know pretty when I see it).

They extended her an invite to the festivities tonight but she could not stay.  She had to hurry home to help care for a campmate who had contracted gas and giggles .. good heavens no one wants that!

03-19-17_3-48-49 AM

Now the gang is all here ..

Meagan what is wrong with that cereal?

03-19-17_3-48-50 AM03-19-17_3-49-53 AM

Harrumph .. Papa Cliff-dweller doing a tom cat strut right in front of the ladies .. that is supposed to be my job!  Nancy … don’t bother …  he is taken.

03-19-17_3-51-33 AM

Simantha saw the “cat whisperer” walk by and gave her an invite to the shindig but it seems that there was a Pookey sighting up near the fort that she needed to check out so she did not stay.  PHEW!

03-19-17_3-52-03 AM

Tubbin’ ..

03-19-17_4-00-51 AM

Grubbin’ ..

03-20-17_3-32-11 AM

and dubbin’ ..

What a great night it was for the gals!  Or so I heard (I took a nap).

03-20-17_3-37-37 AM

Come on ole Lisabee … hurry up and unzip that tent so we can curl up and zzzzzzzzz  I only had 238 naps today .. I am spent …

and I have a schedule to keep!  At 1 am I will fall asleep on her face … at 2 am when she is in deep rem I will attack her eyeballs like they are prey and then at 3 am I will run around the tent yowling for no reason at all ..

“Oh come come Kitty, it is time for bed.  Be a good kitty tonight ok?”

*blink *blink (oh and NO I did not forget the present)

03-20-17_3-37-40 AM

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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

********************  credits ***************

If you enjoyed Perot then allow me to recommend a story for you .. it is one of my FAVS  … a delightful tale of Shadow the cat and his sweet elder wrinkly one

Mastressalita Cat chronicles

Perot is part of a wonderful deco pet pack from artist Severinka … and so sorry but you have to take the dogs too (it happens)

Severinka’s Animal Conversion Part 1

This is the first of a long line of WONDERFULLY MURKY simmers to be introduced: 

Salamander Burner camp #42



I did not forget Brennachan .. she is a part of the Freegans and we will visit them soon and uncover this allegation of pampered cats!

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!

Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Meet Jack

I have to confess that I was not looking forward to this meeting.  Oh not that I did not want to meet Jack .. I just did not want to visit this frigid region.   After my meeting last week in the tropics I was certain I would freeze to death here.  But when Jack picked me up at the train station I was cheered by his warmth and levity and I put my fears aside.

04-03-17_3-47-18 AM

Arriving to his Island I was awestruck by the beauty of the frozen landscape.  I think my astonishment was apparent because, with a twinkle in his bright blue eyes,  he motioned with his arm widely and cocking his head said, “welcome to my humble abode.”

04-03-17_3-47-17 AM

I got settled in to my room and then met Jack out in the living room.  “We have dinner reservations at eight,” he informed me.  “I thought we could have a quick cocktail before hand.”  Jack waved and opened his hand and …

04-05-17_3-07-33 AM

an ice cube appeared.  He laughed at my slack jaw and said, “sorry to be a show off Rose.  I have a special .. um talent .. I guess you could say.  Ever since I was a small boy I have had the ability to freeze things.  As a boy I loved to trace patterns on the windows.   It is why I got my nickname .. Frost.”

I told him that I had heard tales of Jack Frost.  That he was stuck at the age of 14, but is able to change to physical age up or become younger at will.  I peered at him to urge the truth form him.

At this Jack howled with laughter.  “Oh my, the tales of my escapades are greatly exaggerated.  The only autumnal foliage of red, yellow, brown, and orange that I paint with paint brush and bucket is on my art easel.  AND I have never been one for nipping the nose and toes … although yours is pretty cute I might consider starting.”

OH my face flushed red .. I thought I was going to erupt in flames.  Jack just smiled widely with those ever twinkling eyes.



04-05-17_3-08-01 AM

He was so entertaining and a wonderful mixologist too.

04-05-17_3-09-58 AM04-05-17_3-14-27 AM

The drinks were wonderful.  Hit the spot!

04-05-17_3-15-00 AM

We headed back down to the village for dinner.  Jack had chosen a fab seafood place.   It was so charming with soft lighting and soft music.   The menu was excellent.

04-05-17_3-14-28 AM

As we waited for our food I asked him how he came to this place.  He told me that when his elder brother, Leopold, had become king it got kind of awkward around the kingdom.  Leopold was rather stoic and did not appreciate Jack’s sense of humor.  Jack had the love of the people but he felt it was unfair to his brother to remain.  Shortly after that he had found this place and the island  castle he now owns.  “I will show you around the island tomorrow.  There is so much to do.  I just know you will love it as I do.”  I could not wait to explore it.

04-05-17_3-14-29 AM

Dinner was delicious.  Jack was anxious for me to try the Eiswein  from his personal vineyard.   He personally freezes the grapes for this super sweet desert wise.   “It is the specialty of our region,” he declared and he anxiously watched as I took a sip.  It was exquisite!


04-05-17_3-14-30 AM

After dinner Jack recommended, if I were not too tired from my travels, that we take a walk to the beach and enjoy a nice campfire.  Even tho, truth be told, I was a bit sleepy I accepted oh and I was so glad.  The seascape was magnificent and warm fire and engaging conversation soon had me feeling toasty.

04-05-17_10-58-16 PM04-05-17_11-04-11 PM04-05-17_11-12-45 PM

It was midnight when we got back to the castle.  Even though I was quite tired, sleep did not easily find me.

04-05-17_11-12-46 PM

Bright and early the next am we were off to explore.

04-05-17_11-12-47 PM

He was correct .. there was SO MUCH to do!

04-06-17_12-30-33 AM04-06-17_12-34-15 AM04-06-17_12-34-38 AM

Augh me and my attempt at tricks. I caught his blade and he went flying,

04-06-17_12-34-39 AM04-06-17_12-45-26 AM04-06-17_12-52-40 AM

The horse and carriage ride was amazing but the sledding hill???

04-06-17_12-52-44 AM

This one took a lot of persuasion to get me convinced to fly down it on this little bit of wood.  04-06-17_1-17-27 AM

Yes, I did do it EVENTUALLY!!

04-06-17_12-52-45 AM

He even showed me an underground hot springs.  The smell of the salt and minerals filled the air with a delightful essence.  The cave trapped the warm steam and caused the temperature of the cave to be rather balmy.  Oh I was actually warm .. it was divine …

04-06-17_12-59-59 AM

I was sad to leave there.

04-08-17_1-39-50 AM

Jack had promised we would try to see some of  Bruno’s family who lived there on the Island.  It was a joyful visit.  I had missed them so much since they moved away.

04-08-17_1-39-56 AM

I did so enjoy the afternoon with this whimsical man .. soon it would be time to head back home.

04-08-17_1-39-57 AM

But first a quick cup of coffee and a sweet was just the perfect way to end a lovely day.

04-08-17_1-39-59 AM

Before I took off I had to make a confession .. I had indeed come to love this quaint little island.  I do want to come back and visit it again one day!  Good Bye Jack Frost .. hope to see you in the finals!

04-08-17_1-39-60 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

********************** credits ****************

TY to the following creators ❤

Michelle Millington (gothkittymimi)  for Jack


Elke Renz (Simioniona)  for yet another FAB build

froz castle

Brennachan (Brennchan) for this sweet bear home


Melanie Von Lichtenberg (Melly20x) for a very romantic eatery

Mod The Sims for the sledding hill
Jay Ocean for this adorable little cafe


Poses by Dreacia, Iabadromance, Nerdofsims and Rivenlee.  TY pose makers 🙂

If you want a link to any just leave me a comment

Finally the amazing winter mod by SimCookie

First Snow





The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #5 (a short story) Ridge

I wandered into Murkland a few months ago.  I was barely alive and had no assumption of a future.  The atrocity that has been visited upon this land by a ruthless oppressor who sought to dominate by destruction has seemed to burn hopelessness into our world.  The land lies desolate and scarred from his assault.  A near dead monument to enmity and avarice.

We, its inhabitants, are left to scratch and claw the barren ground only to bring forth strange trash fruit and little else.  The waters teem with fish that will not satisfy our hunger because the water they live in is contaminated.

Who would think that in such a bleak place of anguish and desperation one could find love.   Ahh BUT, to my own amazement, I HAVE!  Head over heels .. tripping over myself LOVE!

His name is Ridge.

My heart skips a beat when I think of him.  (I should have to be careful not to think of him too often .. might be bad for my health.)  For me he is my sunshine, my stars and moon .. my world revolves around him.

03-26-17_10-07-56 PM

We could not be more different, Ridge and I.

He is a vegan and, to be honest, my heart still yearns for some delicious fish or stinky cheese!

I am impulsive and he thinks everything through.

I am a good dancer and he .. well .. um .. he tries.

I am a bit too carefree and he is bit too serious!

He is soft spoken and easy going.  I, on the other hand, live up to my red headed stereotype.  A bit fiery and, although I do try, I am rarely quiet.   He tells me he finds amusement (I am glad for that) in my constant prattle and with me around he does not need to concern himself with what to say.

I am seriously NOT a gardener (they had to rescue my one lone trash plant that was no the verge of its own extinction event) and he is .. well …

He and his family maintain Murkland’s organic gardens in carefully prepared and preserved soil.  However, they are not just gardeners.  They are visionaries and horticulturists who are dedicated to restoring our endangered garden and food crops for future generations.

(Before the assault on our world they were seed savers who had collected the seeds many thousands of heirloom, historical, and open pollinated plant varieties.)


One thing we do have in common is that we are both dreamers.  We dream of a flourishing tomorrow.

As I lay in my tent I dream of the happy family that one day he and I will have.  A child .. maybe more .. who knows .. a dozen  .. why not!

03-28-17_1-08-45 a PM03-28-17_1-18-22 PM03-28-17_12-49-45 a PM03-28-17_12-52-03 a PM03-28-17_12-56-45 PM03-28-17_1-10-33 a PM03-28-17_1-22-32 a PM03-28-17_12-56-46 PM

Although my heart yearns for those days it is not time yet .. this place is not a good place for a child.  There are very few around Murkland and for those who are here life is difficult.  So I am reluctantly resigned to wait.

BUT I need not wait alone 🙂   I will wait with my beautiful bright sunny-day boy ❤

03-28-17_12-56-47 PM03-28-17_12-56-47 PM

We will not marry anytime soon but until then at least we have something to hold on to .. each other!

03-28-17_12-56-48 PM

So you see the truth is that although things appear hopeless here .. we are not!  We dance and we love and we laugh!

They can take away our houses and our land .. they can take away our livelihood .. they can take away our food .. they can take away our way of life …

BUT ..

they cannot take away our love for one another .. they cannot take away our hope for a bright destiny .. they cannot take away our faith in each other and in our future because even tho we have not seen it we believe it will be.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love.


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents


it is also written with love and great fondness to the many wonderful salamanders of Murkland!   AND yes I told you there would be NO cheese this time .. BUT I lied .. there will always be cheese.

******************************** credits ********************************

TY dear Brennachan Sims  for the MARVELOUS challenge .. we sure are having fun with it 🙂

ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!


The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #4 Puffer-Dome Experience

Well … I know that Lisabee normally does these updates but as you can see from the last 4 diary entries that she is not really with us …

Even tho seriously distracted, Lisabee is busy with the survival challenge set before her and trying to beautify her surrounding as best she can.  She is not quite the amazing junker that some other Murky types are (ahem .. ahem Freddy and Trin) but she is giving it her best shot.

02-19-17_2-32-41 AM

MMM some lovely free hotdogs were just sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.  Happy (FREE) lunch!

Now you know you are seriously funkadelic when you offend even a mudder!  Thankfully (for all of us) it is bath day!  Goooodnight what a stench!

02-19-17_3-01-33 AM

Off to home and to finish up a few chores before heading over to the hot springs.  Just walking along …  enjoying the sunshine .. meeetin’ and greetin’ friends along the way!

Augh Don .. always Don … every time she turns around there is Don.

AND you keep on a stepping Caliente  … ya little floozy .. only room for one ravishing redhead on this block!

03-01-17_2-15-25 AM

Either those hot dogs were bad or …

03-01-17_2-24-28 AM

UH Mad .. you got something like white glowing all around you.  I .. I think it is freaking her out.  Perhaps you need to get yourself under control dude.

03-01-17_2-16-35 AM

The hot dogs did not hold her and the trashfuit snack did not fill her up soooo  …

03-01-17_2-24-29 AM

she thought to ask Ridge and his family out to dinner at Murland’s only restaurant … the Pufferdome.

There they are … all smiles (and sit ups ??) .. ohh and just look at that sweet face.  Is it any wonder that (like a love sick junior higher) Lisabee has scribbled his name in hearts all over her diary.

03-01-17_2-28-33 AM

Lisabee having a fan girl moment … “Hi Bella .. Hi.”

03-01-17_2-27-39 AM

This place is so fab that even Bella Goth eats here .. wow .. our girl is all a flutter.

03-01-17_2-30-05 AM

(Must be the fish right?)

03-01-17_2-30-58 AM

Dang .. the second Ridge turns his back look who slithers in ..

03-01-17_2-33-53 AM

The waitress seems to be having difficulty seating the family.  Momma Cliff Dweller is objecting.

03-01-17_2-35-06 AM

Ridge rushes to her side and beseeches her, “Momma PUHLEEASE don’t embarrass me!  Just sit down.”   The family obliges because they know how much this odd little red head means to him.  AND as Pops Cliff Dweller says .. it could be worse he could be dating one of the infected.

03-01-17_2-35-07 AM

UH OH more drama .. seems that Lavender and one of the infected have something unsettled between them.  Well actually they have dumb old Don between them but .. (Lisabee did not notice she was too busy trying to hug Ridge .. who appears to be standing a bit far off).

03-01-17_2-37-06 AM

Anyway two settle down and save the drama another time and another place.  With hissing and glares the argument is tabled (and so was the family).

03-01-17_2-39-08 AM

Time to dig in ..

03-01-17_2-40-36 AM03-01-17_2-42-51 AM03-01-17_2-44-12 AM03-01-17_2-45-27 AM

None of the Cliff Dwellers ate the fish.  Lisa later learned they were all vegetarians (DOH) and she has vowed to never cook anything but tofurkey again!


They are all off to the hot springs.  By now Lisabee smells like a ripe Limberger Cheese but the Cliff Dwellers are hippies and they are not offended by it.

(Fun fact:  When Limberger cheese reaches three months it produces its notorious smell because of the bacterium used to ferment it.  Brevibacterium linens is the same one found on human skin that is partially responsible for body odor and particularly foot odor.)*

03-01-17_2-50-51 AM

OH poor thing by the time she got to the community ice chest her family had already gotten all the good stuff and all that was left for her was Froot Loops ..


she hates Froot Loops!

03-01-17_2-50-52 AM

Tub time!  Community bathing WTG!

03-01-17_2-50-53 AM

Girl you had best wake up … opportunity lost!

03-01-17_2-50-54 AM

Ahh but at the bon fire … opportunity found!

03-05-17_11-34-01 PM

You know she must really like him .. she has not payed any attention to the fire at all!!  That is seriously out of the norm for this pyro.

03-05-17_11-34-43 PM

I am thinking Ridge is liking what he is seeing too!

03-05-17_11-37-49 PM

UHHH scram Lavender!

03-05-17_11-39-18 PM

ooo la la ..

03-05-17_11-40-25 PM

Happy camper (well at least one of them … the cat is ticked because his bowl has been empty all day … don’t worry he will get even later when she sleeps).

03-05-17_11-55-49 PM

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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

********************************** Credits ******************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!


*Thank you Wikapedia for fun facts about Limberger Cheese



Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Meet Stephen

TY for being patient with me on this project ONLY 8 more introductions to go before the vote.  

“Hello, welcome to my sand castle.”  I tried hard to make my voice light and cheery in the hope that it would not waver from the pounding of my heart.   Princess Rose White’s pictures did her no justice!  When I first caught sight of her I was totally caught off guard by her grace and beauty.

03-09-17_2-53-21 PM

We made small talk about my home and decor as I quickly ushered her into her quarters.   I could feel the red rising in my cheeks as I was flattered by her compliments to my humble little abode.


She wanted to freshen up and then we would take a walk on the beach and a quick swim before dinner tonight.

03-09-17_2-58-29 PM

I have lived on this Island my whole life but seeing her revel in the vivid colors, warm breezes and bright sunshine seemed to make everything more wonderful.  Her energy was infectious.  I could not seem to stop talking.

03-09-17_3-00-41 PM

My heart nearly sank to my feet when Rose inquired of my parents.  This is not what I had planned for our first meeting but I thought hey might as well get it out of the way.

“My parents governed this island, as did my grandparents and great grandparents.   This has been out home, we have always lived here.

One day when I was 10 my Father told Mother he was feeling compelled to visit the heart of the island.  Mother never felt comfortable there but Father said he needed to investigate a very loud sound he had heard a few days earlier.  Mother would accompany him but I did not go with them.

As they neared the heart of the island they were approached by an odd little man.  Father was immediately alarmed by him.  He sensed the man’s malevolence toward he and Mother.

03-15-17_3-22-12 aAM

He introduced himself as Brandywise and told them how he had crash landed here just a few days ago.

03-15-17_3-21-50 aAM

He asserted that since his power and intellect were far greater that of the inferior beings who reside on this planet he would be taking over as governer until his rescue.  Of course, although it incurred the wrath of Brandywise,  Father and Mother objected vehemently!  Brandywise was a powerful alien wizard and not to be trifled with so this move was not without consequence.

03-15-17_3-23-12 aAM

In a great fit of rage he transformed Father and Mother into fish.  Human fish and they would live in the great lake at the heart of the island.  They begged him to spare me, their only son. He did but he also placed a cursed me that prevents me from leaving the island.

03-15-17_3-29-21 aAM

Mother and father still live there today.”

03-15-17_3-29-30 aAM

Rose assured me that she and her family were no strangers to enchantment but that she was perplexed, “If you are unable to leave the island how did you learn of the quest and even more importantly how do you expect to participate in this quest?”

03-12-17_1-56-25 AM

I related that I had over heard two dreadful pirates speaking of the quest over a pint at a local bar.  It seems they had a man who was to apply to be a suitor.  They bragged of his great prowess and ability to win the beauty.

“My heart sank, princess, at the thought of someone so innocent as you in the arms of such a dastardly scoundrel.  I immediately resolved to seek a way.

03-15-17_2-55-30 aAM

I knew it must involve an excursion to visit the wicked Bradywise.  He has grown darker and darker since his people have not come to rescue him and apparently abandoned him to this planet.  He is a loathsome being but I had to see him to beg to be allowed to leave for this quest.

In the end he gave his permission but only after I had agreed that if I fail to win the quest I never allowed to return to this my home.  Should I win I may come and go as I please.”

03-15-17_2-55-49 aAM03-15-17_2-57-15 aAM03-15-17_2-58-23 aAM03-15-17_3-00-02 aAM03-15-17_3-02-51 aAM03-15-17_3-08-10 aAM

Rose was stunned at my brash agreement but was relieved a bit when I told her that I accepted these terms at the urging of my parents who did not want to see me grow old alone on this island.

A dining adventure at Le Café Queue de Dauphin, a chic French restaurant featuring avantgarde cuisine followed by drinks and dancing was a perfect way to spend an evening getting to know one another.

03-13-17_3-09-03 AM03-13-17_3-21-31 AM03-13-17_3-22-04 AM03-13-17_3-29-43 AM03-13-17_3-32-09 AM03-13-17_3-34-09 AM03-13-17_3-34-10 AM03-13-17_3-38-47 AM03-13-17_3-40-29 AM

We ended the night back on the beach for a little night swim and some stargazing.  I am pretty sure I have never noticed how amazing they were before seeing them in Rose’s eyes.

03-13-17_3-40-50 AM

We were off bright and early the next am.  Headed on a hike to the heart of the island to introduce Rose to my parents and to enjoy the solitude and beauty that surrounds the great lake there.

I Must admit with King Charming checking in on her every hour or so I was glad that there would be no cell reception at the heart of the island.

03-12-17_3-34-02 AM

Rose ran down to read up on island lore while I visited the facilities.  While there a friend of hers, well actually a friend of her sister’s boyfriend Bruno, happened by.  I did not think we would ever get rid of him.  Arnold sure was a chatty one.

03-12-17_3-43-53 AM03-12-17_3-44-39 AM

FINALLY we settle in for a bit of lunch.

03-12-17_3-45-42 AM

UNINVITED, Arnold comes up and slides in next to us sputtering and chuckling something about , “Did I ever tell you about the bees in the honey story? (yucka yucka yucka)” *  I had no idea what to say.  You can’t just tell a bear to leave can you?  This is not the date I had planned.

Then I heard a sound, something like a small trumpet, and was instantly surround by the most horrific odor.  I thought I was going to DIE!  Rose just let out a small titter.  I think she is much more accustomed to bear behavior than I am!  My appetite was ruined.

03-12-17_3-47-45 AM

A quick pit stop and then we would be off.  Oh how embarrassing!   I dozed off while she was in the restroom!  I don’t know what got into me.  I was so tired the whole day.  We stayed up so late and then I did not sleep well knowing she was near by.

03-12-17_3-50-46 AM

The day was perfect for venturing into the dense undergrowth.  Rose seemed to be in her element even running ahead to catch bugs that interested her.  I am not into the bugs but I allowed her appreciation for them.

03-12-17_3-54-54 AM03-12-17_3-57-22 AM

(As always) suddenly the jungle gives way to the magnificent heart of the island.  An oasis of sunlight, vibrant colors and tropical sounds greets the heart and mind.  I have been here many times and still its beauty resonates within me.  We enjoyed our lazy day in the sun together.  My heart was content and I wished this day would never end!

03-13-17_2-22-58 AM03-13-17_2-32-16 AM03-13-17_2-46-51 AM03-13-17_2-49-34 AM03-13-17_2-51-57 AM03-13-17_2-53-52 AM03-13-17_2-55-20 AM03-13-17_2-55-21 AM

I did have such an problem with being sleepy all day.  Thankfully Rose was gracious and over looked my churlish behavior.

I was told by the park ranger that during one of my naps she was seen running around near nude pulling up rare tropical plants.  Those of us who live on this island know well that strange things happen here in the heart!

03-13-17_2-55-23 AM03-13-17_2-55-22 AM

Mother and Father arrived early that evening.  Everyone got along famously.  I could tell they adored Rose as much as I do.

03-15-17_1-39-26 AM03-15-17_1-48-14 AM

My feet felt like lead as I escorted her back to her Father’s waiting helicopter.  Questions swarmed in my head! Why did she have to go?  Would I ever see her again?  What feelings doe she have for me?  Only time will tell .. with great resignation I released her hand and watched as she flew off.

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

*****************credits ***************************

*TY Dawn Dunlap for the marvelous bear joke one liner ❤

Cast of characters:

TY Maladi for the handsome prince Stephen


I know you have seen him before and will likely see him a lot in the Bruno Story .. Fab villain done by Lonnykins


Cameo appearance by the amazing Cpt Hook from Virtualee’s  S4 Disney Bachelor Challenge  (it is marvelous)


MMM the delicious Meatball aka Tony Corleonesi (dressed up as a pirate)  .. by Maladi and featured in her excellent story The Heffner legacy


Venues (TY to our wonderful builders .. without my stories would not shine):

Shrek’s Swamp build by the FAB Waterwoman of AKISIMA blog


The lovely beach bar done by The great Simphony

beach bar

Oasis National Park by Luex666

heart of island

Mini Sand Castle by Rivendell Star


Impact Crater by Simstruction


This blog features the FAB Tropical Getaway Mod ..

Tropical Getaway (mod)

Mermaid poses by Dreacia














The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #3 In the Deep Forest

Dear Diary,

Things were going swimmingly with darling Ridge until I told him that I needed to venture to Granite Falls to collect more ingredients for bath in a jar.  He was not happy at all that I would be trekking off alone.  “With vampires and zombies on the loose,” he says, “anything can happen!”  Goodness he just moped around all day.  I wish I could take him with me but I cannot afford it.  Maybe I will get better at remembering my frog breeding to save up enough to take him with me next time.  (I breed excellent frogs that are highly sought after by the local vampire population).


Anyway .. I digress.  Even though I had to leave very early the next am I decided to throw a murky dinner party that evening to see if that cheered him up a bit.  At the party he was going thru the motions but everyone could see that his heart was just not in it.


He put on a brave front but he did not even touch his tofu dog.  It is ok though, none went to waste (cause I ate his share .. I was starving).  Old Mad Mud must have been feeling unusually benevolent because when he noted Ridge’s gloomy demeanor he launched into the tallest tale …


about the days pre-apocalypse and how he and his muddy boyz used to rule the 7 seas.  Everyone was quite amused by the old landlocked swashbuckler …  old MM can spin a fantastic tale that is for sure.


The night was still young and the light from a full moon danced on the water.  The fish were jumping so a few of us grabbed our poles and ended the party by the stream.  Ridge did not join us but stayed behind in my tent to do a bit of reading from the wilderness guide and wait for my return.  I am certain I will be able to bring a him smile for my send off when I get back to camp.  *wink


Granite Falls never ceases to take my breath away.  While I will miss Ridge terribly the fresh air and serenity is like a healing balm for my soul.


After I got camp set up and a good little fire blazing (maybe a bit too blazing at times)


Ranger Rick stopped by to sit for a spell.  He is always good for a chat and I am enthralled by all the things he teaches me about surviving in the forest.  He knows I am a primitive camper and his information (like the difference between fireleaf and poison fireleaf ) has often saved me from needless grief or pain.


Early in the am I get started on my quest for supplies and do a bit of collecting along the way.  Bugs are popular menu items for the infected.  I will be sure to bring back a good load of them.  It is shower day so I will not be venturing too far off for now though.


So refreshed!  I smell so good and apparently the flies think so too.  Maybe a different shampoo .. goodness!


I met a new chum named Bruno.  He was looking for a rose??  I don’t know .. I didn’t get it.  But he was a likable fella and I sure hope he finds his rose.


I ventured deep into the forest on my search for supplies.  Herbs and veggies, rocks containing gems or trinkets and even did a bit of night fishing .. the place was a motherlode.


This one was a very odd insect.  So very pretty.  Even tho I was certain it would fetch a pretty penny  not sell it to the infected for their lunch.  It will make for a cheerful addition to the homestead or I could even give it to Ridge as a souvenir of my trip.  Perhaps that would make up for my absence … maybe?


Dinner had me so excited … I had learned from Ranger Rick the method of cooking bone fish over an open campfire.  It was a pretty decent meal.  BUT not sure I would pay 150 simoleans for it again.


The flies and skeeters sure seemed to enjoy it.


Finally .. at last … under a starry sky a peaceful sleep came over me.


The next morning I met Jose while out gathering herbs.  Jose is a loner who lives alone here in the deep woods .  He stays to himself and does not venture too close to the more populated parts of Granite Falls.  He is not a bad looking fella BUT I have my Ridge to go home to so no way Jose (sigh).


He was pretty nice guy too.  He allowed me to harvest in his garden and use his crafting bench.  I wondered why he stayed out here alone.


Then we sat down for a chat .. now I know why … wow that boy is a few bricks shy of a load!


In the mood for some exotic eats that that evening, I decided to sample some of my wares.  The infected were crazy about roasted beetles.  Time to try them out and see if they lived up to the hype.  They were alright I guess, I mean once you go past the legs and antennae.  Not necessarily my cup of tea and besides I would rather have the simoleans.


Although still missing my Ridge, I was having a wonderful time there in the deep woods.  Well at least until I bumped into Vlad while sampling some herbs at Jose’s hut.  UGH that guy give me the creeps!

Geesh a cray cray hermit and a pesky vampire .. guess it is time for me to head back to to the old murky homestead!


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

****************************Credits *******************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!   

Zoe’s Tears

The sun was shining bright when she arrived at the train station.  But for Zoe there was no sunshine.  Her world had turned blue!

Her trip back to school was happening much much sooner than she had planned.  Zoe never felt lower in her life.  Her heart was so heavy that she wondered if it would fall out of her chest!  As she walked toward the ticket window her mind replayed the ugly events of earlier that day.


It had not been an easy trip to make.  Dread filled Zoe as she approached her childhood home.  Her sisters had called for her to come right away so she knew it could not be good.


She had been told that her Mother’s health was failing.  The breast cancer was back and this time around the disease and the treatments were taking a toll on her Mom’s strength.  She had heard the fearful whispers from her sisters that maybe the doctors did not think she had long to live. Zoe was resolved to be an encouragement to her dear momma!  She would help her in the fight!  Even knowing all that, Zoe was not prepared to see her normally vibrant mother look so weary and worn.  She did her best to keep a cheerful face for her Momma.


Mom had asked for some time alone with with her youngest.  Tea time with mom had always been Zoe’s favorite.  As they sat catching up, there came a long ominous pause. Mother sipped her tea and appeared to be groping for words.  “(sigh) Zoe darling,” she began softly,  “You know that my body is not tolerating the treatments well this time around.”  Zoe interjected positively, “It is ok Mom you are a fighter and I ..” Mom put her hand on Zoe’s arm to gently silence her.  Now Zoe listened in horror as her mom was telling her that she had opted for no more treatments.  She wanted to spend her last remaining days with her family not in a cold hospital.

WHAT was she saying?  WHY?  THIS CANNOT BE!  Didn’t she know how much they still need her?  Zoe’s mind reeled and she could feel her face flushing red with desperate fury!  Lashing out at her mother with a barrage of  words filled with wrath .. she had to make her see!


SELFISH … self-indulgent … inconsiderate … thoughtless … neglectful .. the words poured out battering her mom’s heart!


All of a sudden thru her blind anger she caught sight of her mother’s face and was stopped in mid sentence.  Blue came crashing in upon her world.


She jumped up, grabbed her purse and ran from her home.  She did not deserve to be a beloved daughter after she had done this.  She would leave .. now .. go back to school!

She was so glad that the train would be leaving soon, she needed to get far away from what she had done.  The tears burned her eyes as she recalled the horrid angry things she had said to her mother.  What had she done? Why had she been so rash?


The pain from knowing that she would probably never see her mother alive again was too much to bear.

The anger that had overcome her was gone and now her sobs poured out of her heart like the tears that poured from her eyes.  They had become audible and a few folks stared at her.  She tried in vain to stop them but they just kept coming.  She was sinking deep into the blue and could see no way out.


“Zoe!” Was someone shouting her name?  She looked down the tracks and saw her sisters hurrying her way.  Zoe wanted to run, but hastily wiping her tears away she stood fast.


Her sister Jaimie was the first to reach her.  She threw her arms around her neck and clung to her.  Tears now flowed from her eyes too!  “Don’t leave us like this sister!  Please,” she pleaded, “we can work things out.”  Alexis and Deane had arrived and with tears streaming down their faces joined in the hug.  Alexis found words first,  “Come home baby sister.”  Zoe began to stammer, “Why .. why would you want me after what I have just done to our sick mother?  I was awful to her.”  Deane cupped her sister’s tear stained face and looked into her eyes, “Because dear sister we are family and we love you.  We are all going to need each other to get thru this.”

“Come home with us Mom wants to see you.  She wants you to know she understands that anger is a very real part of grief.  Honey she forgives you.  We all do.”


Her sister’s love brought back the color to Zoe’s world.  Yes, blue would come again but now she knows the way out.

If you enjoy short stories this link is for you 🙂

Short Stories (current) Table of Contents


This story is a part of a monthly short story contest held on the EA Forum .. thank you to those who work hard to make it happen every month.  Playing with color this month was fun!  I chose red .. anger.

Special thanks to the wonderful builders who make my stories SHINE

Danke miene liebe freunde Elke Renz fur der aussergewohlich AlexanderPlatz   ❤

OID Simoniona


And to my friend TokuLee (who I will not even attempt to thank in his native language ❤ ) Thank you for the fab Lady Red ❤ .. Appropriate for this story featuring that color.

OID Tokulee


This month a special thank you to the Admins (Jaimie, Alexis and Deane) of Simmers United for the push to write this story (the condensed version has only 300 words and 1 screenie .. that was tough).  And especially you Zoe since you took the hardest hit LOL 🙂  I hope you all enjoy the sim interpretations of your selves and the long version of Zoe’s Tears.  ❤


The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #2 Murky Love?

Dear Diary,

As I drug myself home I was considering my Granite Falls trip.  I am so relieved that it was productive.  I learned the concoction and have collected all the ingredients for the bath in a jar potion. Tomorrow, after I am rested, I will begin brewing … what?? OH NO!


I saw them from afar.  All I could think was what are they doing here and what are they looking at?  DANG really?  A pile of trash!  MY pile of trash!  Ugh I was tired, hungry and smelly and did not want to deal with them!  They needed to go!


I arose early the next day, anxious to get my first batch of bath in a jar done!  It sure did not smell all that great while it was cooking.   Considering that I was very hungry and I often consume trash fruit … that is saying a lot!


Finally success!  I hoped against hope that it would work!


I was starving and I stunk.  OH which to do first .. eat breakfast or get clean.  It is an ever present murky dilemma!


I quickly went to work planting my garden.  What a mistake!  Not only did I squander time and effort (NOTHING grows in this contaminated soil except trash plants) BUT I also wasted the ingredients for more bath in a jar.  I will have to save up for another GF trip!


I was a bit bummed after that gardening fiasco.  Got it corrected and took a bit of time to cheer myself with my new old guitar.  I only know how to play “Home Home on the Range” so it really did not do the cheer me up trick.


The mutant raccoons are always good for a laugh .. WHEN they are home that is.  I waited around a bit but they were all off partying somewhere … ELSE 😦


I met up with a few friends at Slipshod Mesquite.  The Fire and Music Festival was here (OK it always is here but still).  They were all trying Strawberry bubbles.


It had some feeling a bit frisky!  AWKWARD!


I am not sure I like it all that much .. but hey everyone is doing it!


I am pretty sure those bubble lessened my inhibitions quite a bit because I found myself hitting hard on ole Paolo.  DUMB huh?  Total waste of time!  Everyone knows he loves his dumbbells the best.  AUGH jocks!   Don was trying to make time with anyone.  But honestly it would take a lot more bubbles for me to consider him!


Thankfully nature called before I started to consider a mutant furry friend.


Later that night a lady vamp showed up at my campsite .. she was wondering if I was looking for a good time … uhhhh


Augh .. the next morning and I was feeling quite pungent.  I wondered who smelled worse me or the rotting food on my table.  I am pretty sure it was me.  OH so glad it was SUNDAY!  A trip to the hot springs would be ahhhhmazing!


Don stopped by.  I challenged him to a dance contest.


I am thinking that was not the “contest” he had in mind!  Go home Don .. there are not enough bubbles in all of Murkland to make me consider you!  Does Murkland have a convent?


I had a quick snack and off to the hot springs I went.


WELL HELLO!  Look what I found in the hot tub!  I  keep it now .. okay … I keep it .. it’s mine now!


It was morning already?  Cannot believe we stayed up all night.  Ridge had to go.  It was his day to work on his family’s garden plot.


BUT first a nice LONG hug good bye!!  OHHH I think YES!


Well that is all for now diary … I am just going to close my eyes for a tiny bit … here on this bench … ZZZZZ


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

***************************************credits *************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

Misery does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!  

Bruno and Rose Red: The Red Rose

We will get started soon but let’s first take a quick look back and see the story BEFORE this story … in a nutshell the story of Bruno and the Charming family.  A story of true love and destiny.

04-13-16_1-16-15 AM

Snow was pregnant with the triplets and Prince, being concerned for her health, took the family on a nice quiet holiday.   Rose White was out frog hunting when first her path crossed Bruno’s.  So frightened, Rose White froze unsure of whether to stay or run away.  But when he stopped right in front of her and she looked into his eyes, he had nicest smiling eyes, her fear vanished.

They became the fastest of friends … the Charmings grew to love him and he loved them too 🙂   In the years to come they would spend many happy days together.

bruno-1bruno-2It was not long before Snow started to notice that there was a special bond growing between Bruno and Rose Red.  Rosie had declared him to be her bestest bestest friend ever!  They were inseparable those two!


Bruno and his family were a part of all the castle happenings.  Their friendships brought a joy to both families.


Rose Red (Rosie)  grew in her devotion for Bruno more and more as time passed.   She was not alone in these feelings, Bruno even went so far as to confess his affection for Rosie to Rose White.  Rose White was not surprised in the least.


On her 16th birthday Rosie disclosed that she and Bruno wished to make it official  .. they were a couple!  Snow was stunned. I mean after all he IS a bear.  But she loves her daughter and wants them to be happy.


So the little couple gets the family blessing.


His family dearly loves Rosie.  They had seen her grow up and they too have seen the love their son has for this unusual princess grow and blossom.  They adore everything about her .. well except Momma Bear thinks perhaps Rosie need a little bit of meat on her bones.  She delights in feeding Rosie.  Momma Bear is a fantastic cook so Rosie gladly obliges her by enjoying all that Momma Bear sets before her.


AND SO it seems like it will be happily ever after ???  But as with most stories all is not as it seems.

One quiet day Bruno get the courage and tells Rosie the family secret … they were once a royal family …


The time came for his Great Great Grandfather to assume the royal duties much to the displeasure of his Great Great Auntie.


She cursed her own brother and took the throne for herself.  (In that their family name was Orisni .. little bear .. it seemed fitting to her to to transform him into a bear.)  She would only be allowed to have 100 years to establish her line. If she did not succeed the throne would return to her brother’s family.

This curse would pass to any who married into the family.  Bruno is desperate to find a cure and not subject his beloved Rose Red to that fate.


That 100 year is near its end and Evella, the evil Queen’s descendant becomes increasingly alarmed with the passing of the days. She knows her line is not established and  her time draws to an end.  She is working to keep the curse in place.


As fate would have it, one day Bruno met a sweet plant sim couple out in the woods.  After just a few moments of conversation they knew instantly that this was no ordinary bear.  The pressed him with their observation.  Bruno of course denied it.  Juniper informed him firmly that “we plant sims are much more in tune with all living things.”  After a little squirming Bruno spilled it .. all of it.   Ash and Juniper, who by the way were henchmen for the evil queen, (albeit, because of their good nature, not very good henchmen …  Evella cannot keep good help so she has taken to growing her own)  knew their Mastress had a special book that might help Bruno find an answer.  At great personal risk they procured the book and brought it to Bruno.


Bruno opened the book and read.  Excitedly he raced to tell Rosie … he had an answer!


“The book gave me this .. he offered up the rose.  IT is the answer to break the curse.  The book said the curse would be broken from a kiss from the red rose.  The kiss of truest love.”


Papa and Mama came running  … Papa threw his arms around his son.   There is great joy for curse has been broken.  After a long terrible century throne has returned to their line!


I will note that not every one in the kingdom is happy.  Evella has discovered that the book is missing.


Who would dare do such a thing …


… they will pay!


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Bruno and Rose Red (current) Table of Contents


Just a little fun for you .. this is the evolution of Bruno.  Thank you Ascanius and Tiffiny.  They did the hard work .. most of the goofing off stuff was mine.  (and LOL I still like the hat)  He turned out so beautiful!  I am blessed to have such talented friends!!


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Bruno and Rose Red (current) Table of Contents


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