The Embrace (A Short Short Short Story)

The following very short story was written for a short story challenge in the EA forum called “A picture is worth a thousand words” (but in this case we only got 500 .. I brought it in at 494).

She stood in the store, a scowl on her face, staring holes into the lazy clerk behind the counter (something, that in retrospect, she would regret) just waiting.  Suddenly there was a sharp firm tug on the back hem of her shirt.  She swung around a bit too quickly, the scowl not leaving her face (again something she would regret later), to face the rogue.  With a start, she found herself face to face with a pair of twinkling blue eyes that she had not looked into for 20 years.  A loud audible gasp escaped her before she could clamp down on it.  “So I had to speak to you three times to get you to remember me,” his all too familiar voice softly met her ears.

06-25-17_2-36-34 AM

No words came only a long embrace.  As they remained for a moment, maybe too long for this retail environment, the thoughts rushed in.  OH I HAVE MISSED you was there in heart but again no words came.

Memories came crashing back in an instant. They had been deeply in love but they had never been lovers.  Both married at that time so neither would compromise by doing such a thing. The marriages were bad it was true. She married to what she feared was a monster and he married to one who had already abandoned him for another.

They had spoken longingly of a life together in a faraway place where no one knew them.  How many times over the years had each one of them stopped and daydreamed for just a moment about how that might’ve been if different choices had been made.  That would be impossible to number.  The count would be too high.

Both had wrestled with this love of theirs.  Seeking the right thing to do for both of their families. In the end, she walked away from him and back to the arms of her husband. She did not look back but she never forgot him.  They knew it could not be. There were just too many who counted on them.  Although it was horribly difficult, they had to let it go. She knew he would never understand and true enough he did not.  The look on his face as she told him of her choice has never left her heart.

That one embrace, standing there in the store, spoke volumes.  No, it screamed volumes. The love was still present and the flame burned as brightly at that moment as it had 20 years ago when they last looked into each other’s eyes.  There were no how ya been’s nor family inquiries. There was no need.  They both knew life had gone on.

As they pulled slowly away from the embrace there was only a quiet lingering moment between them.

Could they?

Should they?

Maybe it was not too late.

No, sadly the time for choices had long passed.

Goodbye, although a tiny bit easier this time, was all they got.

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #14 Meet Darren

OH dear readers .. we are sooooo close now.  Only one more suitor to be introduced and then that BIG vote!  I am excited to get to the actual challenge.  Stay tuned!


The old fire station has always been one of Rose’s favorite buildings in Windenburg.  She has always been curious about what the inside looks like and today she will find out.

She was here to meet Darren Childs, the next suitor.

Darren plays baseball for the Windenburg Royals, a franchise team that the Laandgrabs had purchased from America 2 years ago.  Baseball has had a slow start in this place but has steadily gained popularity thanks in large part to their “Royal boyz.”

06-22-17_1-18-38 AM

Today finds Darren and his teammates concluding a shift as volunteer firefighters.  The team is well known for their volunteerism.  They feel it is important to give back to their community.

Darren explained their philanthropy, “this helps us feel connected to our community and truthfully we all enjoy it.”

Having a very benevolent Father, she was not unaccustomed to such thoughts.  However, at the moment Rose struggled to focus in on what he was saying.  NOT  because she had no interest or understanding BUT  because she was having an issue on where to rest her eyes.  She was not accustomed to being in the presence of so many handsome shirtless men and she coudl feel the burn in her cheeks.

Darren gave her the nickel tour of the station and introduced her to the rest of the team. They were a great bunch of (shirtless) guys, each one big chested .. uh I mean big-hearted fellas.

06-22-17_1-25-00 AM06-22-17_1-40-45 AM

Rose was especially interested in the fire engines. She related, “my dad was the one who donated these.  I am certain he will be pleased with how well they are maintained.”

Darren was amused with Rose and her enthusiasm for the station.  A Princess firefighter perhaps .. no!

“Would you like to see my favorite spot in the building?”

Yes, she affirmed, indeed she would like that.

06-22-17_1-40-46 AM

Rose found herself perched on a small bit of the façade that graced the front of that magnificent old building.  The view of her lovely Windenburg was breathtaking.  You could see for miles from this vantage point. She could understand why this was Darren’s favorite spot.

“Makes you feel on top of the world, doesn’t it?”  Rose smiled her agreement.

She did have to confess that she was feeling rather anxious up so high but she kept a white-knuckled grip on Darren, who seemed to have no difficulty with it at all.

06-22-17_1-46-41 AM06-22-17_1-50-23 AM

Rose had agreed to arrive early so that she could go for a morning run with Darren.  Soon they were off.

06-21-17_3-19-30 AM

It was a perfect morning for it.

06-21-17_3-19-31 AM06-21-17_3-19-32 AM

They jogged past a small fenced-in basketball court.  He paused for a moment to reminisce, “This is where I played basketball as a kid. I spent many long happy summer days here.”

Rose had to confess that she had never played basketball in her life!

06-21-17_3-24-48 AM

“What? Really?” He was incredulous. “Come on princess let me give you a few tips and pointers on the fine game of basketball!  You have been missing out!”

06-21-17_3-25-17 AM06-21-17_3-00-51 AM06-21-17_3-02-43 AM06-21-17_3-03-16 AM06-21-17_3-08-07 AM06-21-17_3-08-34 AM

Later that afternoon the team had practice.  Coach had been adamant that he attend, despite his special visitor.   “I am so sorry,” he began woefully.  Rose not only understood but appreciated being committed and dedicated.   She quickly dismissed his apology and said she would love to come and watch.

Although he feigned dismay he was secretly thrilled to have Princess Rose at his practice.

06-22-17_2-29-46 AM06-22-17_2-30-25 AM

Although Darren was trying his hardest to impress, Rose does not seem to be paying much attention. Perhaps she is dreaming of the lovely frock that she will be wearing as Darren escorts her to the team gala hosted by the Laandgrabs this evening.

06-22-17_2-31-41 AM

“We are all done and a bit early too! Quickly go get changed and let’s go visit that climbing wall I promised I would take you to if we had time.”

06-22-17_2-34-58 AM06-22-17_2-46-20 AM06-22-17_2-49-15 AM06-22-17_2-50-18 AM

Apparently, she is a baseball fan.. a flirty baseball fan.  Honey you had best move on cause it seems Darren has eyes for only one!

06-22-17_2-51-50 AM

Wow this was some swanky joint. The boys stepped off the elevator with their mouths gaping open … looking like cod fish.


“The Laandgrabs really know how to throw a shindig.” One of the teammates said to no one in particular.  With all this swag you knew someone was going to embarrass themselves tonight.

Rose White was just stunning in her beautiful gown.  She looked every bit of being a royal Princess.  Darren was thrilled to be her escort and had to keep himself from gloating over it.

This time it was the boyz who had trouble finding the proper place to rest their eyes.

06-22-17_3-05-16 AM

The menu was so strange.  “No burgers,” one of the Royal boyz whispered, “what weird stuff rich folks eat.”

They did the best they could and made their choices.  None had any idea what exactly they had ordered.

06-22-17_3-42-18 AM

While they waited for the food to arrive Darren and Rose took a quiet moment together to look over the city and get to know each other better.  Was it the city lights or the angel that stood near him?  He was not sure but something had him breathless!

06-22-17_3-42-19 AM

Hmmm … interesting.

06-22-17_4-01-47 AM

Darren stared woefully at his plate.  He leaned over and whispered, “Princess, I am starving!  do you want to go get some real food?”

Rose, who had attempted a bite of her strange egg, was quite agreeable to his suggestion.

“Well let’s make a run for it then,” he whispered with a soft chuckle.

06-22-17_4-04-11 AM
06-20-17_3-28-57 AM06-22-17_12-11-08 AM

Well, the atmosphere was not “uptown” but the food sure was delicious.

Careful Rose!  You do not want to stain your beautiful gown!

06-22-17_12-18-49 AM

“The night is still young, princess, would you care to accompany me to that little Cantina for a nightcap?”  Darren gestured towards a little old dilapidated building that stood next door.

Although she was at first a bit alarmed at the appearance of the building,  but then Rose thought to herself, this certainly has been a day of odd adventure so why not end with one.

“I would love to, ” she replied.

(OHHH NOT another flirty fan!  OBNOXIOUS!)

06-20-17_3-46-37 AM06-20-17_3-50-59 AM06-20-17_3-51-55 AM06-20-17_3-52-13 AM06-21-17_2-00-33 AM06-21-17_2-02-02 AM06-21-17_2-04-37 AM06-21-17_2-10-50 AM06-21-17_2-12-10 AM

“Thank you for a day to remember dear Rose.”

06-21-17_2-15-46 AM


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(I cannot tell you how impressive this is in game!)

basebballfirereststickysUntitledzita rock


Rinvalee Getting ready to run #20

RL sitting on a fence

Bexo Basketball couples

BA Baseball bat

RL waltz

RL Slow dance

SO Dance dance

JB walking talking couples




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 Meet Prince and Jesse

(Only two more updates til the vote .. are you all ready to pick your top THREE favs?   I am so ready for the challenge to begin but we have 2 more wonderful suitors submitted by 2 awesome simmers so … off I go to work on the updates!)

“Welcome, Princess.  I see you made it safely thru the teeny bopper brigade downstairs.  We do not know how they found out the band was recording here BUT they did!”

With a small laugh, Rose excitedly declared,  “I did try to obscure my identity a bit.”  Looking at her with a smile, he thought to himself, well you sure could have done a better job with the disguise.

Instead, he said, “that was a very good idea, ma’am.  My name is Kroft and I am in charge of security for you and the band while you are guests at here the artist house.”

06-09-17_3-15-14 AM

Kroft escorted Rose to the studio room.  “This is the recording studio and the band, Internal Tantrum, also known by the name IT, is in-house recording a new CD ma’am.”

06-09-17_3-21-56 AM

For Rose, there was no introduction needed.  She has followed IT since they won the “Bridgeport’s Got Talent” competition nearly 5 years ago.   Their faces are as well known in her home of Windenburg as her own is.

collage it color

Prince glanced up to see Princess Rose looking in and he rushed out to say hello.  He was uncharacteristically flustered as he introduced himself.

As he observed the greeting Kroft wondered who was more starstruck .. the princess over the band or the band over the princess.

06-09-17_3-24-38 AM

Prince was still tripping over his words of salutation when Jesse popped out to greet her as well.  He was a bit suaver and quite comfortable speaking to Rose.  “Good afternoon Princess.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Rose was here to get to know both of these boys as both are candidates for the quest for the King.   She was pretty excited to meet them!

Jesse continued, “After you are finished settling into your room we will go into San Myshuno for dinner.  My childhood friend Grayson owns a wonderful restaurant and has invited us to come dine before the show tonight.”

Truth be told Rose could not wait for either so she hurriedly got freshened up and made her way back to the studio!

06-09-17_3-27-10 AM

Simslover grasped the princess’ hand gently but firmly enough and said with a small bow of the head,”Welcome to Exotic Food Utopia princess.  I hope you enjoy your meal at my humble establishment.  I, myself, will be at yours and the band’s service tonight.”

Jesse grinned at his friend.  Man, that was smooth!

06-09-17_3-35-57 AM

While brothers Ben and Jesse confer over venue backline,  Alex and Jenny seemed to be having a bit of a disagreement over tonight’s set.  Prince and Simslover looked a bit uncomfortable but Rose watched with keen interest in the process.  Even though she understood very little of what they discussed, she thought it was fascinating.

06-09-17_3-49-20 AM

Simslover to the rescue!  He quickly brought out his best bottle of bubbly.  The toasts began and the tensions settled!   Soon all were laughing and chatting over the scrumptious meal.

06-09-17_4-04-11 AM

The house was pack at the Okie Dokie that night.  A sell-out, it would be the only gig IT would do while they were in San Myshuno recording.

The crowd was eager and receptive to have “their hometown band” perform and the band was just as eager to deliver.

They waited …

Suddenly the lights came up and Alex sat at the drums, his sticks raised to the ready.  The crowd erupted.  Girls began to scream his name.  True to form, always loving the show, IT’s wild man drummer began his crazy beat!  The heartbeat of the show!

06-14-17_3-32-36 PM

The lovebirds were next on the stage.  Bennie bringing the bass line alongside Wildman’s bass drum beat …

06-14-17_3-32-01 PM

and crazy little Jenny flew out wailing on her electric pink axe.  Her screaming riff barely heard above the clamor of the crowd.

06-14-17_3-33-57 PM

From the shadows, quietly slipping into place and weaving in the sweet melody on the keys was “Blondie.”

Seeing the lights shining on his gold locks caused not just a few squeals of delight from fans.  You will note that he wears his cans low so as not to muss his coiffure.

06-14-17_3-29-37 PM

By the time a beaming Prince hit the stage it was obvious that this was going to be an epic show!

06-14-17_3-23-16 PM

After playing a few favs from their previous CDs Prince shouted to the crowd … “Anyone want to hear a tune from the new CD?”

Cupping his ear to hear their response, it came back to him a THUNDEROUS YES!

06-14-17_3-28-12 PM

“The band and I would like to dedicate this song, “SanMyshuno Dreams,” to all of you!”  Prince pointed out the crowd who roared back its approval!  “You gave us our start and never stopped believing in us!  Even today you continue to inspire us to be our best!”

06-14-17_3-31-25 PM

Perched high above the fray, well out of harm’s way, Rose White happily watched the show.  She knew their music well but seeing them live was a dizzying experience.  The very air around her felt almost electric.

Stone-faced, the faithful Kroft never left her side.  NO one was getting near to the princess .. BAND’s orders!

06-14-17_3-35-49 PM

The show is finished and the gear was being loaded by the roadies so the boys take a moment to find a quiet corner and over a post-concert beverage get to know Rose a bit better.

OHHH BUT what is this we have here?  Paparazzi?  Seems this one got past Kroft.

06-14-17_5-18-53 PM

The gear is loaded and the limo is around back waiting.  Kroft escorts the band and Rose thru backstage and out the door.

All of a sudden there are camera flashes going off and people pressing in.  Someone is shouting Rose’s name and she can hear a barrage of questions flying at her.

The boys in the band jump to the defense of Rose and Jenny.   Kroft manages to get the girls in the limo and comes back to break up the brawl between the paparazzi and the band but not before blows were landed by the band and on the band.

06-14-17_11-38-41 AM

After the brawl with the paparazzi, their adrenaline was pumping.  Back at the artist house it was time to hit the gym.  A  little physical exertion would release that head of steam.

06-14-17_11-38-42 AM

A late night light meal of blackened salmon prepared by Kroft (his specialty) and listening to the band rehash the show would close the day on a high point for Rose White.

She had to laugh, even after a long tiring day Jenny and Benjamine were still in the mood to flirt with each other.  She mused to herself would she have a love like that with this King she sought?  She sure hoped so!

06-14-17_11-45-50 AM

The next am in the studio they were still at it.  Joaquin was trying to keep his cool but he was ready to wrap this work up!

06-12-17_3-06-08 AM

Prince was warming up for his vocal session

06-12-17_3-10-36 AM

and Alex (sporting shades because of his black eye) was tuning up the heads of his drums.

06-12-17_3-08-22 AM

Jesse had already laid down keys so it fell to him to keep the princess company.   He was NOT sad.  They passed the time talking and playing games.  They found that they BOTH were quite competitive!

06-12-17_3-17-39 AM

After Rose mentioned that she had often wished she could play guitar Jesse took that opportunity to give her a few lessons.  He was glad that she was not a quick learner.  Sitting out on the sunny balcony with Rose made him happier than he thought he had ever felt.

06-12-17_3-17-40 AM

Jesse is one of the band songwriters and he asked if she would like to hear the latest song that he was working on .. a romantic piano-driven love song.  Oh yes, she was more than happy to!

06-12-17_3-17-41 AM

Man those must be some smoking hot tunes they are laying down in the studio!

06-12-17_3-17-45 AM

Recording was done til the equipment would be replaced later in the afternoon.

Time for a few bubbles??

UUUM Bad company Kroft …

06-12-17_3-27-16 AM

Princess is def not used to it either!

06-12-17_3-32-33 AM06-12-17_3-33-13 AM

Alexander does not need bubbles to get him feeling good .. a nice steaming cup of healthy green does it for him!

06-12-17_3-38-31 AM

Ben and Jenny know how to get to “feeling good” too!  Video games .. right?

Poor Kroft .. AWKWARD! (The cloud is so appropriate don’t you think?)

06-12-17_3-06-09 AM

Not all video games are THAT good though …

06-12-17_3-45-20 AM

Movie time …

06-12-17_3-43-27 AM

Jesse is no fan of zombies ..

Shhh, Prince and Rose, some are enjoying the movie.

06-12-17_3-45-19 AM

After being expelled from the movie Rose and Prince found a little alone time by the pool.

06-16-17_1-25-45 AM

“My dad and you have the same name.  It is not very common.”

“Yes, Princess, I am named after him.  Mi Madre is a royal watcher and she adores your family.  It is how I came to know about this quest.   She knows all the history.

06-16-17_1-32-15 AM

She would tell me the stories of your family when I was only a young boy.  How your Mother was unfairly imprisoned in an institution because the dwarves had driven her to madness.

06-25-15_12-52 AM-2

Then after her release how your parents met by chance as elders on that lonely beach … fell in love and

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

they loved each other even unto death!

01-16-16_4-09-29 AM

Then they were given a gift of a new life .. a redux.

02-12-16_12-37-35 AM

I heard of your birth and how cherished you were.

03-18-16_3-27-38 AM

She told of the horror of your mother’s imprisonment by your evil step-grandmother.

06-10-16_3-20-31 AM

I know that even now this evil woman breathes out murderous threats against your sister and her unusual fiance Bruno.”

02-22-17_3-43-17 AM

Rose blushed.  She was feeling a little shy under the adoring gaze of Prince and quite moved by his mother’s devotion to her family.

“I have an idea, Prince.  Let’s go see her.  You do not have anything on the studio schedule til later this pm.”

Prince looked stunned.  “Of course Princess .. she will be so pleased to meet you!  I will call and let her know we are on the way in a bit.”

The afternoon passed sweetly.  Tea and cookies primed the conversation.  Rose found the company of Prince and his Madre delightful!

06-09-17_10-26-11 PM

She did know all the stories and it was joyful to hear her recount them.

06-09-17_10-26-12 PM

She had a few to share about her son too!

06-09-17_10-27-27 PM

It was drawing close to dinner and everyone was feeling a bit peckish so Rose offered up her culinary skills to whip a little something.

06-09-17_11-32-06 PM

Of course it was delightful.

06-09-17_11-44-25 PM06-09-17_11-47-22 PM

Sunset!  Time to head back to the house.  Maybe just a moment longer.

06-09-17_11-59-09 PM

The new studio equipment was nearly ready to go ..  just chillin’ til then.

Kroft felt a long night coming so he headed to bed.

06-16-17_12-39-06 AM06-16-17_12-39-07 AM

The sun was rising and the crew finally got to sit down.

“Cannot believe it is a wrap!”  Ben was so happy he could hardly contain himself.  “It took all night but we did it.  Rose thank you so much for keeping the coffee coming .. we could not have done it without your help.”

Rose smiled shyly, “It was so much fun.  Thank you all for including me!”

06-16-17_12-59-23 AM

It was nearly time for Rose to take off.  One last shot of the crew for the band scrapbook.  It would be a time to remember for all of them!

06-16-17_12-59-25 AM

Goodbyes are difficult and Prince is feeling a bit down.  They are all leaving San Myshuno today.

Jesse reminds him, “Come on bro, cheer up.  Rose has a free concert pass anytime she wants to come see a show AND US!”  They all laughed!

They all hope to see each other very soon!

06-16-17_12-59-28 AM

(Rose also did a photo shoot for their band merch .. she loves her tee and has been seen wearing it in Windenburg)

06-16-17_12-59-29 AM


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Joanne Bernice Musical Couples

Princess Paranoia all in the name of Rock n Roll

Melly Sims Group Stair pose















The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #11 The End (well the end so far)

I needed to get serious about the commitments I had made when I joined the Murky community.    I had to meet the goals set for us and to do this meant I had to buckle down and work hard on reaching those goals.  Sadly, it also meant that I had to stay home in my own camp.

I made this decision after conferring with Ridge over the slow progress of my trash plants.  Ridge told me that the trash plants would just do better when they had constant attention and that my continual absence was slowing their growth.

03-27-17_1-34-29 AM

It would not be easy but I was resolved!  I told myself, “I can do this.  NO PROB BOB!”  I would be the best murky trash plant momma ever!

I set to work!

03-27-17_1-34-30 AM

AND at first, it was pretty easy breezy.  I had it going on!

03-27-17_1-34-35 AM

BUT then …

04-04-17_3-16-54 AM04-04-17_3-21-46 AM04-09-17_3-33-56 AM04-09-17_3-33-58 AM04-13-17_4-14-10 AM04-13-17_4-14-12 AM04-13-17_6-10-07 PM04-13-17_10-34-50 PM04-13-17_10-34-52 PM

AAAUGH! Can you have cabin fever in a tent?

04-13-17_10-34-55 PM

If I was going to save my sanity SOMETHING needed to break!

05-29-17_2-11-17 AM

If I could not go to the party then perhaps the party was going to have to come to me!

Started with a garden party.  It was great having others help keep the up with plants demands for company!

04-26-17_2-19-53 PM04-26-17_3-08-59 PM

Somehow the garden party just turned into a PARTY!

Just started with a little dancing.

05-04-17_5-01-50 PM

(uhh new dance move??)

05-04-17_5-03-03 PM05-04-17_5-53-48 PM

As night fell, more and more murky buddies showed up to dance the night away.

05-09-17_12-48-43 AM

Pretty soon …

05-09-17_12-49-10 AM

…  the joint was jumpin’!

05-09-17_12-51-34 AM

Poor Ridge was on clean up duty all night!

05-28-17_2-26-01 AM

(Hmm must be someone asleep in the potty bush)

05-28-17_12-34-28 AM05-28-17_12-34-29 AM

All was going great then DISASTER struck!

05-29-17_12-18-47 AM

Beth rushed to the rescue and ended up in need of rescue!

05-29-17_12-19-38 AM

(man those trash fruits are dong a number on Lisabee’s behind)

05-29-17_12-20-14 AM

Does this jeopardize our friendship?

05-29-17_12-20-37 AM

Nothing can make it right like a quick trip to the hot springs!

05-29-17_12-27-33 AM

Despite the wild parties, things in camp began to take shape.

05-28-17_12-07-21 AM05-29-17_1-47-14 AM

AND THEN .. right there in front of my witness I evolved to perfect my 16th trash plant

06-29-17_3-07-46 AM

The end for now .. but with that behind Lisabee will need the gym challenge for sure.  

BTW did you notice .. NO Don.  Maybe he has a new girlfriend ??  NAHHH!

lisa murky

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #12 Meet Darien

I work and live in San Myshuno.  I was born and raised here in this city.  I have never known anything different.  The smells, sounds, and sights are the same every day  .. concrete .. glass .. asphalt .. cars .. people.

Many say it is so beautiful and yes, I do suppose I can see why they would say so.  But for me .. I long for fresh air .. birds chirping .. green grass .. DARKness at night .. quiet .. yes, peace and quiet!

06-01-17_2-32-59 AM06-02-17_1-16-46 AM

When I was approved to meet the princess and take her on a date I thought this is a great opportunity to live out a little bit of my dream.  Oh yes, I do know she IS a princess and probably I should be taking her to the theater or any one of our 5-star restaurants.  But I thought most everyone will do that and maybe she is tired of the same old thing too!  I eagerly began my research and made a plan for an outdoor travel adventure!

I eagerly began my research and made a plan for an outdoor travel adventure!

I let Officer Theis review my plan.  He approved it (I do think I detected a slight snicker while he was reading it).  I am confident it will be an adventure to remember!

06-01-17_2-34-32 AM

I made rental arrangements at a beautiful campground in Granite Falls, rented a red Jeep (I might have been a bit too excited about this.  Here in San Myshuno we use transit trains.  Private vehicles are not practical and quite expensive) and was all packed up ready to go pick up Princess Rose White in Windenburg!

06-02-17_1-29-44 AM

We needed supplies and gear.  Our first stop was DruTru’s Outdoor Pro Shop.

Shopping for gear was a bit overwhelming but I had my list that I got from the internet!


06-02-17_7-33-52 PM06-02-17_7-37-30 PM06-02-17_7-39-14 PM

With the gear purchased and packed up, we were off.  Next stop was Granite Falls!

(I was excited but I was not sure about Rose).

06-02-17_9-07-31 PM

Arriving at the campsite, we were both left speechless at the sight of its beauty.   The brochures and internet tour had done it no justice.

The soft sound of water lapping on the lake stones, the warm sun shining in the bright blue sky, and the sweet fragrance that hung in the air was a balm for my soul!

Add to all of this the incredible beauty who walked next to me .. I was overwhelmed!  This was all that I had longed for.

06-02-17_9-22-04 PM06-02-17_9-24-45 PM

Thought we would try our hand at some fishing before dinner.

MMM fresh fish sounded amazing!

Fishing is harder than it looks and as it turns out neither of us is good at it.

06-02-17_9-37-51 PM

So glad we had purchased some food before we left Windenburg.  Rose whipped us up an absolutely wonderful grilled chicken dinner!

06-02-17_9-45-25 PM

A fast game of horseshoes was a perfect way to work off a bit of that meal!

(I was stuffed .. she is an amazing cook).

06-02-17_10-14-53 PM

(Sadly she is also an amazing horseshoes player .. she beat me quite badly).

06-02-17_10-16-09 PM

Ranger Stanley told us about the local hot spot the we “just needed to visit” while we were here, Ranger Stanley’s Hot Tubs run by none other than .. Ranger Stanley himself.

Both of us were up for a little night action so we got cleaned up and grabbed our suits …

(UH, roasting marshmallows was not what I thought of when he said hot spot.  But If she is happy … )

06-02-17_10-48-13 PM

(AHHH this was more like it!  HOT SPOT indeed!)

06-02-17_10-55-07 PM

When the Dj walked in … well .. she is not exactly like anything I have seen in the clubs I have ever been to.

I was seriously apprehensive,  she was OLD enough to be Ranger Stanley’s mother (actually it turns out that it WAS his mother .. it is a family business .. I guess).

06-02-17_10-56-31 PM

BUT not to worry,  Grandma had skillz .. she had the place bumpin’ all night!

06-02-17_11-04-58 PM

Ranger Stanley’s son, Junior, made Rose a drink he dubbed “The Princess Rose Special.”

I think she liked it!

In fact, I think she liked it a lot .. she had four!

06-02-17_11-08-43 PM

“YEP!  I think it is time to get you back to camp little lady!”

06-02-17_11-09-58 PM

“Holey Moley!   What are you doing?  You are going to kill yourself!”  I did not mean to shout but she scared me to death.

06-03-17_2-24-07 AM

“Let’s just walk home Princess!  The stars are beautiful and I think you need the fresh air.”

(Plus I did not want her throwing up in the jeep).

I got her safely back to camp and tucked her in for the night.  “Good night Princess.”

06-03-17_2-24-08 AM

We were scheduled to take a 6-hour train tour through Granite Falls that next am.  Despite Rose’s obvious “morning after” headache, we arrived before the train arrived.

It was quite an impressive sight as it pulled into the station “hovering over” the canyon below and belching smoke.  A massive thundering beast on thin lanky stilts that would carry us off on our next adventure.

07-03-17_2-24-07 AM07-03-17_2-24-08 AM

Mountains, lakes, rivers and tree hurried past as we enjoyed the trains well-appointed cars.  As Rose declared, “This is definitely not roughing it in Granite Falls.”

Her eyes, brighter now, told me that her earlier discomfort had passed.

Just in time too!  I could smell the wonderful brunch being prepared in the dining car.  Good thing .. I was starving!

07-03-17_2-24-09 AM

(A little hair of the dog that bit you, dear Rose.)

07-03-17_2-24-10 AM

Arriving back at the station we began the decent into the canyon.  The hike took us over rocks and through tall weeds .. a precarious adventure for sure.

(I am so glad we did not get ticks .. I was praying the whole way down … NO ticks .. please no ticks.)

07-03-17_2-24-15 AM07-03-17_2-24-18 AM

Ranger Stanley had his “people” set up a primitive camp for our use that night.

(I sure hope his “people” did not mean his mom.)

I would sneak a peek over at Rose every so often .. she seemed to be enjoying herself.

(UNLESS of course you don’t count her marshmallow roasting difficulties.  She might be a gourmet cook but she stinks at roasting marshmallows.  Fell off every time.  I just gave her mine.  I am not all that keen on marshmallows anyway.)

07-03-17_2-24-20 AM

We clambered up out of the canyon bright and early.  There was still so much to pack into our last day in Granite Falls.

Up on the river bank we met one of Roses friends .. well actually a relative of her sister’s finance.  (I did not care much for him … he was a surly sort.)

“Hey you two, did you sleep well?’  Ranger Stanley approached flashing a bright smile.  We assured him we did.

“I brought you these trail maps.  Don’t want you getting lost!”  (He might as well have said “you city slickers”  because it was all there in his tone and demeanor.)

07-03-17_2-24-24 AM

On our hike we wandered into this odd looking cave … dark and dank .. all covered with brambles.

(I know I said earlier that I wanted darkness but this is ridiculous.)

07-03-17_2-24-25 AM

Rose wanted to rush forward and enter.  I could not let her go in first.  What if it was unsafe?

I eased in slowly … the smell of wet dirt and stone hit my nose .. what on earth was I doing?

Rose was beside me in an instant.  She showed no sign of trepidation at all!

(I confess I was a tad bit embarrassed by my own thankfully UNEXPRESSED concerns.)

We wandered around in there for a while.  Meet some wild woman named Bella.  She was looking for her friend who she said might have been eaten by cougars?

(You are welcome Zelly fans ** scroll to the end for more from this.)

While we assured her we had not seen any cougars (unless you count Ranger Stanley Mom in the bar last night), the conversation did little to alleviate my anxiety.

07-03-17_2-24-27 AM

We found an opening and I quickly exited the cave.  Not a second too soon for me .. I am certain that I heard a low growl behind us.

07-03-17_2-24-28 AM

Rose captured a new pet for her little brother Aster.  She thinks “he is just adorable” and she named him Clem.  I think he is a bug .. a really big bug!

(What else would be drawn to a princess but a DRAGON fly.)

07-03-17_2-24-29 AM07-03-17_2-24-30 AM

The day was waning and the trip drawing close to its end.

Neither of us had caught a fish yet.   I so wanted that experience for the both of us!

We decided to give it another try.

07-03-17_2-24-31 AM

I was first .. but I am not sure what kind of fish that it was so I tossed it back???

07-03-17_2-24-32 AM

Finally .. finally Rose pulled in a beauty!   OHHH yes there would be grilled fish for dinner tonight!

07-03-17_2-24-33 AM07-03-17_2-24-34 AM

“Come on sleeping beauty .. it is time to head for home.”

With a heavy heart, I drove her back to Windenburg and then I returned to my old city life.

07-03-17_3-26-16 AM

Before we took off, Ranger Stanley gave us some snaps that he had taken of Rose and me.

“To remember your time here,” he said.

Like I could ever forget!  A beautiful girl in a beautiful place .. these memories will warm the corners of my mind for a very long time!

07-03-17_3-26-17 AM snap 107-03-17_3-26-17 AM snap 207-03-17_3-26-17 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

TY Shari Algar for your fine gentleman Darien:


TY to the FAB builders who always make my stories shine!

campsitepro shopranger stanley hottubstraintwiggy office

Red Jeep poses 🙂 (the camping poses are from Sandy-sims as well)

Road trip pose pack by Sandy-sims

** Zelly’s sweet story

The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #10 Derby Daze

OH  life in Murkland.  Honestly, sometimes you feel like you are stuck in a rut!

*Awake and cook your deo

03-07-17_2-59-30 AM03-19-17_3-28-09 AM

*Fix or find your breakfast

*Avoid the cat and his pals (NO BAD KITTIES) …

03-19-17_3-28-15 AM04-03-17_10-20-24 PM

*Fishing with friends …

03-19-17_3-28-19 AM03-19-17_3-28-20 AM03-19-17_3-28-22 AM


03-19-17_3-28-17 AM

Romancing (ok that one is always good).

03-05-17_11-34-01 PM

*Coaxing plants to grow … come on little pretties do it for momma!

04-13-17_6-02-58 PM

*Searching for a potty bush (hopefully UNOCCUPIED … right Simantha ??)

04-26-17_1-50-33 PM04-26-17_1-50-50 PM

*Frog hunting

03-19-17_3-28-10 AM

*DUH … 🙂

05-01-17_2-49-47 AM

*Seeking new ways to avoid Don

04-26-17_3-45-44 AM


05-11-17_3-33-35 AM05-11-17_3-41-27 AM05-11-17_3-41-28 AM

*occasional alien abduction

05-11-17_3-41-30  AM




Always the same!

05-04-17_3-05-57 AM

Not even coffee helps!

05-04-17_3-06-40 AM05-04-17_3-06-45 AM05-04-17_3-06-47 AM


05-04-17_3-06-48 AM05-04-17_3-06-49 AM

But then while out fishing I hit upon a FAB idea!  A fishing derby!

05-04-17_3-06-53 AM

I would call a few friends and we would head to a great fishing hole that I found last week to compete for one of my valuable breeder frogs.   Most valuable fish would take home the prize.

04-26-17_1-03-05 AM04-26-17_1-03-08 AM

Oshi gets the first strike.  WTG Oshi!

04-26-17_1-03-30 AM

Well, that is nice but I am not sure that it counts.

04-26-17_1-03-31 AM

Looks like Brenna has a nibble.

04-26-17_1-03-34 AM

Awww adorbs!  (Of course we know Brenna is using catch and release)

04-26-17_1-03-35 AM04-26-17_1-05-51 AM

Brenna pulls some sort of fish finder out of her pocket ???

04-26-17_1-06-42 AM

OHH first big score on the board is Oshi.  Aww poor Trin .. so close and yet so far away!

04-26-17_1-08-14 AM04-26-17_1-19-15 AM04-26-17_1-20-57 AM

It does not appear to be going well for Trin.

04-26-17_1-25-00 AM

OH Trin .. you too!!??  Where did you ladies get those illegal devices!!??  (I strongly suspect the mayor .. he is one shady dude.)

04-26-17_1-50-29 AM

We all pitched in for a lovely dinner.  MMMM I was starved!

04-26-17_3-06-01 AM

OH ALWAYS huh Trin!

04-26-17_3-07-24 AM

Back to fishing for all but Trin who is off on a search for a potty bush!

04-26-17_3-25-19 AM

OHH and just like that Brenna takes the lead!

04-26-17_3-25-14 AM04-26-17_3-25-16 AM

UNTIL .. wow …. an excellent blue puffer fish!  This rare catch should fetch quite a pretty penny from Mad Mud!  Of course he will have to wait for it to turn a bit before he can serve it at the pufferdome.

04-26-17_3-25-15 AM

Congrats on the win Oshi!  Enjoy your hypnofrog!

04-26-17_12-36-03 AM

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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

********************************** credits *********************************

First off many thanks to our fearless leader Brennachan.  We ❤ you tons! All builds and sims featured (unless EA game content or indicated below) are hers and can be found in the gallery under her origin ID Brennachan

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

The other lovely players:




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 Meet Pace and Junior

We are almost there! Only a few more bachelors to introduce 🙂  I thank you for sticking with me as I endeavor to not only give each suitor his time but also pay homage to the wonderful creators of each fella.  This takes a bit more time to do but since not all will go into to the challenge (you the reader will vote your favs forward) I want to give each boy his best shot … so here we go … on to Pace and Junior Flores.

Rose recovered quickly from her attack. Ever the optimist, she took to resuming her search for a king with her normal sunny outlook.  Officer Theis did not share her confidence. He insisted upon accompanying the princess to the Flores home.  He would give this place a once over before he gave his approval for her to stay.

05-17-17_3-09-30 AM

Pace and Junior, the two candidates, are brothers.   They are very close and very competitive but they both have agreed that if the princess would choose one over the other they would be happy for the one chosen.

Their aunt Lee has volunteered to host the meetup at her home where she lives with her mother Marie. The boy’s parents would love to be here but they are out on a book tour.

05-17-17_3-09-35 AM

Some of you might remember the story of their now famous parents Humberto and Kalani.  It is a story of love and true beauty.  *Flashback pic .. just a little something for those who (like me) love that story!

05-17-17_3-09-36 AM

Officer Theis has kept a tight eye on the time of greeting.  Satisfied that they are who they appear to be, he makes his exit,  “I will take my leave now, have fun princess.”

Granny Marie called out as he was leaving, “you are very welcome to stay for dinner Officer Theis.  Come stay for a bite, I know you must be hungry from your journey.”  Officer Theis declined with a smile. It is true that he was feeling quite peckish but he did not want to intrude farther into the meetup.

05-17-17_3-09-38 AM

Rose felt instantly at home with the captivating Florez family. It was a very nice getting to know them.  You could tell that they cherished each other very much!

05-17-17_3-09-40 AM

When the boys mentioned doing a little pre-dinner workout Rose eagerly joined them. The trip had been long and Rose needed to stretch her legs out a bit.

05-17-17_3-09-42 AM

Granny Marie happily busies herself with meal preparations.  She has decided to serve her amazing fish tacos.  She is aware of Rose’s reputation as a fabulous cook so she is quite excited to show off her culinary skills to the princess.

05-17-17_3-09-43 AM

She succeeded!   The meal was divine. Rose made sure to do an appropriate amount of gushing over the meal.  Granny Marie flushed crimson and playfully “dismissed” the princesses complements.

“Save some room for some dessert,” Pace cautioned.  He and Junior want to take her to their Abuela’s cafe for coffee and a treat.

“Boys, be sure not to  stay out too late,” Lee reminds, “tomorrow is a big day and Rose might need some rest from her trip.”

The boy smile and nod. Tomorrow was auntie’s birthday and she had a big bash planned.  They would do nothing to ruin her plans.

05-17-17_3-09-44 AM

Pace offered to drive them there in his 1970 VW van.  He has been working on it’s restoration for many months now.   He is so proud of it, even though many of his friends tease him by calling it the mystery machine.  He chatters on and on about the type of whatever and whatever it has.  Rose has no idea what he is talking about but smiles and nods anyway.

05-17-17_3-10-55 AM05-17-17_3-21-27 AM

Abuela’s cafe is delightful. The warm colors and the amazing smells envelop her and make Rose glad that she “saved room!” The late afternoon desert sun illuminated the building with thrilling colors of gold, bronze, and red.  It lifted the heart and the mind!

05-19-17_2-21-34 AM05-19-17_2-24-34 AM

Pace talked Rose into trying a Cafe De Olla.  It is coffee flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar and Rose thinks it’s divine.  “It is a traditional favorite of our family,” he explains.

05-19-17_2-46-53 AM

A young man carrying a cannoli plops himself down in the extra chair at their table.  “Hiya princess! I am Dexter, nice to meet you. I am a cousin to these jokers. Are they treating you well?”

Rose glanced at the boys and saw they had huge smiles. She could tell that they were very fond of this cousin.

Rose gave a small giggle, “Hello Dexter!  Please call me Rose and yes they are treating me very well.”  Dexter’s broad smile told her that she had made a connection with this jovial young man.

05-19-17_2-50-25 AM

Both boys are classically trained musicians (after all their father is Humberto). They just could not resist showing off some of their street music skills for Rose.  So taking to the stage they gave an impromptu concert for the small but very appreciative audience.

05-19-17_2-50-26 AM05-19-17_2-50-27 AM

A wish for a happy future dear Rose?

05-19-17_2-50-28 AM

Although the bedroom that she was staying in was quite comfortable, She just could not sleep. The clear desert sky just outside of her window seemed to explode with stars.  It fascinated her and she had honestly never seen anything like that before.

05-19-17_3-26-33 AM

Rose has connected with the family very quickly!  It feels like being in her own happy family kitchen!  Breakfast table banter was as light as granny Marie’s pancakes.

05-19-17_3-37-32 AM

MMM impressive!   WTG Pace!  Nothing better than a guy who is not afraid of a bit of dishwater!!

05-19-17_3-39-12 AM

The party will be starting soon and Pace has been assigned barbecue duties. Rose enjoys exchanging a few grilling tips with him.

05-20-17_3-21-37 AM

The first to arrive at the party is Lee’s good friend Captain Hook and his wife Matoaka.  Lee met Hook when he was doing a search much like the one Rose is doing now.  At first Rose is a bit intimidated by him. His ruthless pirate past is well known.

05-20-17_3-33-28 AM

She has nothing to fear.  After the challenge was over Hook retired from the sea and he and his lovely bride live in a yurt nearby.  They run a small organic vegetable farm.  Definitely off the grid!  He is a very HAPPY man!

05-19-17_3-45-12 AM

Lee’s dearest friend Joaquin and his beautiful family are next to arrive.  Lee is so happy to see them.  It has been a while and she cannot believe how much little Midge has grown.

05-20-17_3-43-39 AM

Granny Marie has a few friends who have their names on the guest list also.  Juliette and her beautiful daughter Tatiana arrive at the same time her BFF green apple granny does.  These three ladies have known each other a very long time and still they have not solved all the world’s problems.  As soon as the chatter begins Tati quickly excuses herself and goes into the party.

05-20-17_4-01-32 AM

Is granny was entering to rejoin the party she heard the squeals of her “adopted” grandchildren as they arrived. Granny is always delighted to see these precious little faces.  Hurrying behind them, vainly attempting to keep the little brood in line, are their parents Isaac and Isabella.

After cursed beauty, Isabella married Isaac Sneed and they have a house full of children.

05-20-17_4-01-34 AM

Good to see somethings never change. Isabella is still grumpy as ever.  Luckily for her no one ever seems to notice.

05-20-17_4-01-35 AM

A little playtime with this nugget is just what grandma Marie needed.

05-20-17_4-22-00 AM

The party went swimmingly.  The yard, hot tub, and pool were packed to the max with happy party goers.

05-20-17_4-24-28 AM05-20-17_4-33-52 AM

Someone please keep an eye on that baby!

05-20-17_4-32-11 AM05-20-17_4-33-53 AM

Look who crashed the party .. my simself!  No one kicked me out so I must be welcome.  Did not take me long to join the fun.

05-22-17_4-09-45 PM

“A water slide trick challenge? OK, bring it.”  Rose rises playfully to Junior’s challenge.

05-22-17_9-06-46 PM

Tati first .. augh poor Tati!

05-21-17_2-57-53 AM05-21-17_2-59-05 AM

Nice landing Dexter!

05-20-17_4-23-54 AM

This cannot end well!

05-22-17_9-06-47 PM

OHH you go girl!  The princess shows them how it’s done.

05-22-17_9-06-48 PM

Ekkkk!  Epic fail for Pace!

05-22-17_9-09-26 PM05-22-17_9-12-42 PM


05-22-17_9-13-39 PM05-22-17_9-15-48 PM

As the party wanes, Junior has another great idea, “Let’s keep the party going with night at Club Fallout!”  The cousins are all for it!

05-22-17_10-32-30 PM

Club Fallout is hidden in a bunker beneath an old abandoned warehouse. It doesn’t look like much but it is a happening place to party!

05-22-17_10-32-33 PM

It was not that Pace was not enjoying the time spent with family and friends. He loved it very much but he really wanted some alone time with princess Rose.

05-22-17_10-52-39 PM

While his brother Junior was regaling the gang with a story, he decided to make his move.  “Would you like to go do a little stargazing with me?  There is a perfect spot up on the roof.”   Remembering the night sky from her room window last night, Rose was longing to see it in all its glory.

05-22-17_11-06-43 PM

The expanse filled with stars was enthralling to Rose.  The sheer magnitude of it made Rose feel connected but still so small in such a measureless universe.

Pace always finds the stars magnificent but not as glorious as they were that night when he saw them through Rose’s eyes.

They tarried on the roof for a very long time.  Crescents of light began to reflect off the hills as the sun rose.  Rose gasped, “Wow that is so beautiful.  Gosh, is it morning already?  I can’t believe we talked all night!”

Pace looked at her spellbound face and nodded in wistful agreement, “Beautiful?  Yes!”  Hmmm don’t believe he was talking about the sunrise!

05-22-17_11-22-53 PM

It was time for Rose to leave.   Clinging to her he hoped this would not be the last he saw of her!  His heart was in the hands of others now and only time will tell!

05-22-17_11-32-20 PM

Officer Theis had sent Officer Blackstone to retrieve her and to escort her home.   Tati and Peach were enjoying that “scenery” very much.  Tati quickly scoped out the “empty finger” and Officer Blackstone did not mind the attentions of these two dolls!  He will just give the princess plenty of time for her goodbyes!

05-22-17_11-32-25 PM

So where was Junior this whole time you ask?  Well while big brother was romancing little brother was dancing 🙂

05-22-17_11-32-26 PM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

cherry pie leefloresisabellaleetati


I highly recommend these fabulous stories:

Virtualee YT

TY to these FAB builders

falloutflores homerestura

Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #10 Meet Noel








(trigger warning … domestic violence)








05-14-17_1-46-10 AM05-14-17_1-46-11 AM

05-14-17_1-46-09 AM

Case # 41761                                                                                         Date: 05/07/2017

Reporting Officer:  Quentin Theis                                                   Prepared by:  Quentin Theis

On 05/06/2017 at approx. 0345 hours, my partner Officer Nick Amara (badge #129) and I, Officer Wallace Theis (badge #14231), were in full uniform traveling westbound on Kings Avenue when we received the radio call of a possible kidnapping and domestic assault at 1352 Hobby Lane.  The caller said the alleged victim had escaped and could be found at 1350 Hobby Lane.

I was dispatched to 1350 Hobby Lane and to interview the victim who was  identified by myself as Princess Rose White Charming.

At aprox 0350 Officers Nick Amara, Dylan Monroe (Badge # 673), Brad Bently (Badge #897), and Martin Blackstone (Badge #732) were dispatched to the residence of the suspect Noel Kringle.

05-15-17_2-11-06 AMa

Officer Nick Amara located the suspect asleep in the upper bedroom …

05-15-17_2-01-34 AMa

The suspect refused all verbal commands by Officer Amara.  When the subject showed aggressive behavior Officer Amara used reasonable force to subdue the inebriated suspect.  Suspect was later found to have a blood-alcohol level of .13.

05-15-17_2-19-54 AMa

Suspect was subdued and transported by Officer Amaro.

05-15-17_2-24-25 AMa05-15-17_2-26-36 AM

I, Officer Theis, interviewed the victim, Rose white charming, near the time of the incident.

Although shaken she was able to clearly recount all that had transpired while she was conscious.  She had met the suspect for a prearranged meeting at (insert coffee shop

She had met the suspect for a prearranged meeting at the Comfy Cafe at aprox. 1300 hours on 05/06/2017.  The suspect appeared to be congenial and agreeable.  He showed no signs of disturbance …

05-15-17_1-32-01 AM

and all through lunch the suspect appeared normal and again had shown no signs of belligerence or any type behavior that would cause her alarm.

05-15-17_1-32-03 AM

At the suspect’s suggestion, they stopped at The Barn for a quick drink.  The victim said that the suspect began drinking heavily. He was not responsive to her pleas to stop.

05-15-17_1-32-04 AM

About 0030 hours the bartender asked them to leave. She suggested that the victim take the suspect home to sleep it off.  Which she did.

05-15-17_1-32-05 AM

The victim got the intoxicated suspect to his home and as she was leaving the suspect attempted an amorous interaction with the victim. When this was rejected he grew violent and allegedly attacked the victim.  This first attack took place in the living room of the residence.

05-15-17_1-32-06 AM05-15-17_1-33-23 AMa

The victim attempted to escape and the attack continued in a second location (the kitchen) of the house.

05-15-17_1-47-00 AM05-15-17_1-47-52 AMa

At one point the victim was knocked unconscious.   The suspect then apparently transported the victim from the second assault site to a barn shed and locked left her there in an unconscious state.

05-15-17_1-53-06 AMa05-15-17_1-58-05 AMa

Shortly thereafter the victim awoke and made her escape through the shed window and went to a neighbor to call for help.  The suspect apparently had passed out in an upper bedroom.

05-15-17_1-58-06 AMa

It was noted that the Victim sustained multiple injuries.  She was transported to Windenburg Memorial by myself, Officer Theis, where she was admitted, treated and released to the custody of her father.

05-14-17_2-49-40 AMs05-14-17_2-53-57 AMs05-14-17_3-09-40 AMs05-14-17_3-10-26 AMs05-14-17_3-12-16 AM05-14-17_3-13-42 AMs

The suspect, Noel Kringle,  was taken into custody for Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Battery to Police Officer and Kidnapping.  Above offender was subsequently taken to Windenburg Central Station and processed accordingly and then transported to Windenburg County Jail awaiting Felony Bond Court.

police report 2

The next morning King Charming televised an update on the Princess’ condition.

“The princess is doing well.  She sends her love and gratitude to all of her well-wishers. She is home recovering and will not require further medical attention.  The young man, Noel Kringle, has been referred for a psychiatric evaluation.   Anger and psychosis are apparently inherent in his family.

05-15-17_3-01-10 AM

Queen Rose knows his father quite well.  She spent time hospitalized with him.  Mr Kringle will be dealt with firmly but with compassion.”

santa retro shot

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents


***************************credits ***********************************************

A quick note .. Noel from the gallery is not the cretin I portrayed him as in this story 🙂  TY Gothkittymimi for being a good sport about my misuse of your simmie. ❤ 


(We see Officer Nick again <3)

officer nick


TY dear builders who make my stories shine!

hawthorn stables





FAB poses by:

Sims in distress series .. JoanneBernice Tumblr

Princess Paranoia – cops – drinking and fight ..Princess Paranoia at S4S

Hospital poses – Shysimblr tended wounds


The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #9 PARTAY

It was hard to believe I had just met my new salamander friend a day ago.  Oshi and I have become fast friends already.  I don’t think it is because we have so much in common.  She is an excellent gardener and plays the violin so wonderfully.  Me … well most of my skill set centers around collecting cats, talking and starting fires (I would like to take some more guitar lessons but I get the feeling that Ridge is trying to avoid that subject).  Anyway, I digress!  Whatever it is we clicked right from the start.

Oshi had accepted my dinner invite and we found ourselves just chatting away all thru the meal.  The conversation was just as sweet as the grilled fruit kabobs with honey and cinnamon that I had prepared for the occasion.

We are kindred spirits, I guess you’d say.  We shared similar experiences wandering in the wilderness right after the devastation to our world. Like me, she was glad to find a secure community.  Murkland might not seem like much to some but for us it is home. Ahhh but again I digress (add good at rabbit trails to my skill set).

04-13-17_6-42-02 PM

After dinner I got a small inferno going.  Mmmmm smores (my favorite ) were on the dessert menu!

04-13-17_6-42-03 PM

Marshmallow roasting can be a bit perilous but thankfully we both survived.

04-13-17_6-42-04 PM04-13-17_6-42-05 PM

After dinner, Oshi invited me to visit her camp to meet her fellow campmates.  I had never been to Salamander Burner Camp #36 and I was tickled to meet some new folks.

I told her I would be along after I finished putting the food away.  I could see the goat eyeballing the fruit kabobs all through dessert .. just waiting for me to vacate the premises.  He has been quite hard to handle lately.  ( I think the notoriety that he got after his journal entry has gone to his head ).

My first encounter with an SBC #36 dweller was uncomfortable, to say the least.  Raerei found my sudden presence near her camp a bit distressing.  In fact to say that she was skeptical of who I was and what I was doing there would be an understatement.

04-13-17_6-43-01 PM

I do try to be a contributing member of the salamander community and did not appreciate the insinuation that I may be a person of ill repute!  She had my hackles up and I was not shy about expressing my issue with her point of view.

04-13-17_6-43-02 PM

Thankfully Oshi quickly intervened before the finger pointing turned to fisticuffs.  She settled the issue and “properly” introduced us.  With a mutual apology, all was made well between Rae and I (as Brennachan says) with HUGS

04-13-17_6-56-26 PM

and hip bumps!

04-13-17_7-45-36 PM

Rae was quick to offer an explanation for her foul mood.  The camp has been experiencing a lot of stress lately that stems from Lavender’s continuing insistence that she is suffering various unusual maladies.

04-13-17_7-45-37 PM

“She has persisted in her “anguish” despite constant reassurances from Dusty boots that she is just fine.”

04-13-17_7-45-38 PM

Rae continued over dinner, “the camp has descended into a melancholy despondency.”

04-13-17_8-18-30 PM04-13-17_8-19-38 PM

Off to the side, I could make out that a few of the girls were having a conversation regarding the situation.

Rainy groaned, “OH I have had enough!  This place is gloomy without her dying of something new every week!”

“Last week it was Erdheim-Chester disease and before that Porphyria.” An obviously exasperated Megs sighed, ” and let’s not forget how much of an uproar she had the camp in when she “found out” she had Castleman disease.  I did not think any of us were going to survive that.”

Jeep girl interjected sullenly, “And she has starting to try to diagnose us.  Just two weeks ago she told ME that I had something called Turner Syndrome because she said my eyes were abnormally narrow and squinty .. now REALLY do I LOOK like I have abnormally squinty eyes.”

Megs coughed.

Rainy and Oshi just looked around awkwardly.

Thankfully Jeep Girl did not notice.

Oshi piped up, “We all agree then .. someone needs to get THAT book away from her.  Ever since she found it down at the old library we have had no reprieve from her many illnesses.”

Megs frowned at the thought and stated the obvious, “she’s going to be angry you know.”

Jeep girl brightened. “I have an idea,” she glanced in my direction, “let’s let the new girl do it.”

04-13-17_8-19-39 PM

With the stress level in camp so high, Rae excused herself and sought refuge (and a nap) in a quiet place outside of the fray.

04-13-17_8-21-36 PM

Seeking to (also) extract myself from this gloomy situation and since technically it was the next day already (bath day) I suggested a trip to the Hot Springs and invited any would wish to join me.  Rainy happily accepted.  A few of the other girls said they would love to and would meet us there.

04-13-17_8-21-37 PM

Would have been a lovely evening too but … uuhhh yeah … guess what … er who showed up …

04-13-17_9-14-35 PM04-13-17_9-15-24 PM

Don the party crasher decided to “join you lovely ladies” … AUGH!  We tried hard to ignore him in the hopes he would just go away.  Don is not easily rebuffed.

04-13-17_9-16-49 PM04-13-17_9-18-47 PM04-13-17_9-53-23 PM

Poor Rainy!  She’s not that kind of girl Don.

04-13-17_9-56-12 PM

(Yeah he is there .. he is always there … I swear EA hates me.)

04-13-17_9-56-13 PM

Mother nature calls and honestly, there is nothing worse than finding someone asleep in the potty bush!

04-13-17_10-05-25 PM

Really Simantha this is NOT the best place for a nap!

04-13-17_10-05-26 PM

The next morning camp chores would not wait.  I was suffering a lack of sleep from my late night Hot Springs excursion and felt as though I could fall asleep standing up.

I need to buy a coffee pot. I’ve heard there’s a new Mercantile in town perhaps it is time for me to make them a visit and give up a little bit of my hard-earned simoleons.

03-19-17_3-12-10 AM03-19-17_3-12-11 AM

With only a few hours left in “today,” I decided to head on down to the Hot Springs for a quick dip. The day’s chores had left me definitely feeling murky.

On my way out I bumped into one of my new neighbors.  I introduced myself to Autumn Freegan.  As we chatted I learned she was also going to the Hot Springs.  We agreed that we should go together because the hour is late and the buddy system is always a safe bet.  She needed to stop by her house to grab her suit.

03-19-17_3-12-15 AM

I was glad to meet my new neighbors.  The Freegans are an interesting bunch.

As we entered the encampment Autumn and her brother Forest immediately became enmeshed in some sort of heated controversy about some mysterious visitors … I really don’t know … I couldn’t make out what they were talking about.

03-19-17_3-15-19 AM

I attempted to break into the discussion, “We should probably get going Autumn … ”

03-19-17_3-15-35 AM

Then the very famous Brennachan Freegan popped out to see what was going on. I was thrilled to make her acquaintance. I told her I had stopped by with Autumn to pick up her bathing suit and that we were on our way to the Hot Springs for a quick dip.

Brennachan thought that sounded like a lovely idea.  “Would you mind if a few more of us tagged long?  Perhaps a little time in the hot springs will cool these two off.”

03-19-17_3-19-43 AM

WOW even Pops Freegan came out for this trip.

05-04-17_6-02-31 PM

Guess who shows up!  Brennachan has to firmly tell Don that she is not interested. Her heart belongs to Pookie … wherever he is.

05-04-17_6-03-27 PM

I sure had a great time with my new neighbor. Got a little too murky playing in the slippery marsh.  (Oh don’t worry … yes he is very handsome but my heart is sealed to Ridge).

05-04-17_7-17-07 PM

05-04-17_7-20-13 PM

The next day I was so surprised to get a lunch invitation from Brennachan.  I was especially surprised to find out we were going to the Pufferdome for sushi.  Like my Ridge and his family, the Freegans are all vegan.

I was happy that we were meeting up with Meagan too.  We managed to duck in and get seated before Don could wander in and “join” us.

04-14-17_1-02-03 AM

At lunch we decided that we should bring a few of the camps together for a party.  The word went out that there would be a meet up at 9 pm in The Nukecrest Ruins Park and whoever wanted to come was invited.  While some of my friends were MIA, the turn out was awesome.

04-14-17_1-02-41 AM

Lisabee grilled up some yummy tofu dogs to take care of any late night munchies.

04-14-17_12-32-59 AM

Everyone was having a great time connecting. Even Don was behaving.

04-14-17_12-35-29 AM04-14-17_12-36-11 AM04-14-17_12-54-38 AM

Pop Freegan made friends with one of the infected.  He said he definitely met his match on the chess table with this one.  That game went on forever.

04-14-17_12-56-27 AM

The DJ showed up about midnight and the dance party began in earnest.

04-14-17_12-56-29 AM (2)04-14-17_12-56-29 AM04-14-17_12-56-30 AM

We all danced until the wee hours of the morning. I drug myself home … three days of late nights have taken its toll. That old tent of mine never looked so comfy.  I crawled in and crashed instantly.

Say WHAT!  You’ve got to be kidding me!

04-14-17_12-56-44 AM

It was about 4 AM when I finally got rid of her and crawled back in to get a couple hours of shut eye.

I am sad to announce that my late night carousing had rather some unfortunate repercussions. I am a part of the dance team Doomsday divas.  The next night we were competing in the Freezer Bunny Dance Off  …

doomsday divas

and right during our routine … yes it was NOT pretty.

in the middle of their dance routine

You can read of Lisabee’s misadventure on SoulGal7’s blog spot (linked below in the credits) and find out who won the dance contest (the rest of her awesome Murky story is fab too).

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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

***********************  Credits ********************************

First off many thanks to our fearless leader Brennachan.  We origin ID Brennachan

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

My Murky friends who are featured in this episode:







nc ruins park


Part of the charm of the Murkland Challenge is the tight community that has coalesced around it.  Many of us share our simselves with other Simlit authors and enjoy “going along for the ride” with them in their stories.   Listed below the picture credits for this story are links to the ones I know of and follow.   I assure you that they are all quite wonderful!!!

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Oshizu’s WP (Oshi in my story)

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Meet Nick

“OH Officer Amaro, how nice to see you!”  Prince smiled as he greeted the obviously uneasy young man who had just arrived at his door.  “I have heard many good things about you from Officer Theis.  Got a few commendations for bravery I hear.”   Snow, standing a bit back, grinned at her husbands antics.   He was having sport with the poor fella.

Nick could feel his face turn crimson as he cleared his throat, “Ah ah hem ..  yes .. uh Thank you sir .. uh your Majesty .. I mean .. uh”

An admonition rang out.  “Daddy!  Stop embarrassing our guest!”  Nick’s stammerings were fortuitously interrupted by Rose White’s entrance.

“Ahh my dear Rose you would not allow your papa a bit of jest.  Nick here knows I am ribbing him.  I have it on the very best authority that he is a good egg .. this one!”

Giving her father an impish stink eye and a kissy face to her dear momma, Rose quickly ushered the relieved young man out the door.

Snow called out after them, “Have fun dear one and do take good care of her Officer Amaro!”   Still flushed and a bit flustered, Nick managed a quick “Yes ma’m .. uhhh your majesty.”

As they walked away the Rose and Nick could make out a soft chorus of twitters and snickers coming from inside the house.

“Parents!”  Rose shook her head with a playful sigh and exaggerated eye roll!  She would never admit it to her date this evening but  she found her dear ole dad quite amusing!

04-30-17_1-59-40 AM

The day was lovely and they decided to walk to the restaurant.  Nick parked the car by the marina and they took a short cut thru City Square Park.

The sunshine and fresh air transported Rose back to her childhood when her parent would bring her and her sisters down to this park to play.  As she reminisced Nick grabbed her hand and pulled her over toward the monkey bars.

04-30-17_2-11-30 AM

“Come on Rose let’s climb this thing like you did when you were a kid.”  Nick laughed and hopped up on the first rung.

“Wwwhat .. OH MY you are crazy!  We cannot climb up this …”

Nick retorted with a mischievous look in his eyes, “sure we can!  Come on up you go!”

Rose’s mind spun.  What would people think if they saw their future queen sitting upon the top of the monkey bars in City Square park … but I am NOT queen yet … with that thought up she went!

04-30-17_2-19-15 AM04-30-17_2-20-24 AM

Life at the top of the monkey bars felt simple and sweet.  Rose was basking in the moment when all of a sudden Nick shouted, “Who goes there?”  Jumping down from his perch …

04-30-17_2-21-08 AM

he ran and jumped onto the Pirate ship playground structure.  He landed with such a thud that it frightened poor little Armando Goth to death.  As Armando ran away from the ship Rose ran towards it.  Some distant tomorrow she would be Queen Rose of Windenburg but for today she was Pirate Queen Rose scourge of the seven seas  (Armando would have to forgive her.. someday).

04-30-17_2-21-09 AM04-30-17_2-21-10 AM04-30-17_2-21-11 AM

Rose was so excited.  There was a new American restaurant in Windenburg.  McDonald’s.  She had been just waiting to eat an American hamburger with fries again.   Nick had wanted to take her some place more elegant but if this made her happy well then that is what they would do!

04-30-17_2-36-56 AM

Throughout their meal Nick regaled Rose with tales of crime and justice.  Rose found it fascinating.  BTW .. the burger was all she had hoped for … delicious!

04-30-17_2-52-08 AM04-30-17_2-52-59 AM

During the meal Nick had made mention of being a member the police department bowling team.  Immediately Rose wanted to try it.  Nick tried to dissuade her but she was NOT having it.  Bowling it would be!  He was afraid that it was stacking up to be that he would end up being the least romantic date in all Windenburg history.

They stopped by his house to change.  Luckily Rose was the same size as his little sis.  She borrowed some “appropriate” clothing so she would have “proper bowling attire.”   HER words.

While he thought Rose looked very beautiful before, he had to admit she was just adorable in a bowling shirt!

04-30-17_3-06-15 AM

She was NOT a natural bowler ..

04-30-17_3-09-30 AM

but with a little bit of instruction ..

04-30-17_3-09-32 AM04-30-17_3-09-33 AM

she did quite well.  The game was on but Nick made sure to land a few atypical gutter balls to keep the score close.

04-30-17_3-09-35 AM04-30-17_3-09-39 AM04-30-17_3-20-41 AM04-30-17_3-22-39 AM

Their date was going so well.  Rose was having a wonderful time and proud of herself! She was actually getting quite good.

04-30-17_3-28-10 AM

The evening waned and the date was drawing to a close.  They sat and chatted over a couple of sodas.

Donell Mehan and two of his buddies had been at the bar all afternoon.  Bob Bumbles and Sal Amander had just arrived from Murkland (OH dont be so shocked at my flagrant promotion .. you all know I have no shame) yesterday and were taking easy.  Donell was getting louder and more and more obnoxious with each passing minute.  Nick recognized him and knew he was trouble.  Approaching the bar he asked the fellas to keep it down so he and his date could enjoy the remainder of their evening.  Bob and Sal complied but Donell grew more surly.

You could tell that the bartender was getting worried.  Donell was belting beers down quickly.  He became quite belligerent when he was told he could have no more to drink.  He became so irate that the fearful bartender had to call 911.  When Donell started threatening the bartender with bodily harm and in his fury fell backwards off his stool Nick knew he had no choice but to act .. and act quickly!

05-01-17_2-31-29 AM05-01-17_2-32-39 AM05-01-17_2-34-30 AM

Now Donell is a big guy but he was not match for the quick witted Nick.  By the time the WPD arrived Nick had him down and cuffed.

Promising the princess he would return shortly, Nick and Officer Blackstone took the boorish drunk out to the car and down to the precinct.

05-01-17_2-48-43 AM

Rose waited …………………….

05-01-17_3-00-49 AM05-01-17_3-01-04 AM05-01-17_3-02-11 AM

Finally she called for a cab and went home.

A few days later a sheepish Nick showed up and ask to speak with the princess alone.  “I am so sorry for what happened the other night.”  He explained that the drunken Donell  had gotten loose in the precinct and had to be subdued again.  The booking process for assault on a policeman was lengthy process.  Rose graciously accepted his apology and let him know she understood.

Nick sat quietly for a long time.  His eyes had a very sad look to them.  Rose waited patiently for him to speak.

With deep sigh he began softly, “Princess I know you are like me in many ways.  We understand duty.  I am a policeman Rose.  I vowed to protect and serve this kingdom.  I take that vow very seriously.  You are a very beautiful and charming woman.  I know you will make a wonderful Queen one day.  I know too you will pick a wonderful man to be King along side of you.  As much as it saddens me to say this I feel it cannot be me.  I cannot break my vow and I will not subject you to the neglect and fear that this job can bring to the families of police.   MY duty to you is to serve and protect you and Windenburg as a member of the WPD not the royal court.

Rose’s heart melted .. he is a good egg indeed!

05-01-17_3-17-09 AM


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents


Thank you to the wonderful builders and CAS sim creators for allowing me to use your creations in my story!

bowling alleycity sq


1st family home

These are a couple of FAB fellas from the Murkland Challenge.  If you have not checked it out yet … Murkland Challenge


Found some amazing poses for this story … here are a few links if you are interested

Bad Boys .. Serious Guy .. Ready aim fire .. You have the right to remain silent and Dangerous game are all from Princess Paranoia

I want to be a pirate and bowling (strike) … rethdis-love

Monkey bars …  Rinvalee

Bowling inabadromance

(fun) Bowling shirts Mutant League Bowling Shirts