An Era of Charming Tales: The Plot

Evella woke up early today.

The birds sang sweeter and the sun shone brighter.

There was a bounce in her step as she surveyed her surroundings.

All this would soon be hers!

05-02-18_12-40-36 AM

Her ecstasy over the death of Prince and Snow could not be measured.

Good riddance, she thought to herself.  With their sappy dappy love story!


It was enough to make one ill!

05-02-18_12-52-12 AM

All of Windenburg was boohooing.

Heads hung low, tear-stained faces looking down as they walked around sooo sad.

BUT  NOT for her.

Her face was dry and things were definitely looking up.

05-02-18_12-55-59 AM

I must move quickly while they are distracted and while the throne is empty.

The plan will be set in place this very evening.

Soon, very soon, I will be their wonderful new Queen, she mused!

They will all love me.

05-02-18_12-58-00 AM

Evella called her minions into action.

First, her boy, the reluctant Korbin, then the slimy Weasel and finally now Mergwhen was called back in from his pursuit of Bruno (temporarily).

“Hullo dahhling Mergwhen,” Evella purred,  “We meet at the Forgotten Grave Yard near my home tonight at Midnight.”

Mergwhen growled at the cheery caller, “Who is this?”

“It is I, you silly, your Queen!”  She declared jovially, “Now be a good little troll and get to the meeting tonight.  We have work to do.”

06-02-18_1-02-36 AM

By the time she arrived, the hotheads had already had a couple of altercations!

07-01-18_2-09-48 AM07-01-18_2-13-36 AM07-01-18_2-11-22 AM

Another brawl was brewing as she approached.

07-01-18_1-50-48 AM

Her shrill voice cut thru the night like a knife, “ENOUGH!”

The boys stopped short and stared at her incredulously.

With a small bobble of his head, Korbin challenged, “What, Mother?”

“We are here to make a plan,” she bellowed, “that will ensure that I get my rightful place on the throne of Windenburg.  We do not have time for such foolishness as this!”

07-01-18_1-58-51 AM

“Ma, what is the rush?  Why are you so obsessed with this vengeance of yours? We have lots of time to …”

Fire flashed in her eyes as she turned to him, “WWWWHAT?”

Then the realization hit her!  “OHHHH, really!  So you have feelings for her do you?”  Her contempt dripped like poison from her words.

“Mother,” Korbin chastised, “stop being ridiculous!  She is only a girl.  A  glorified secretary for crying out loud.  What interest would I have in such a creature?  You are being paranoid!”

She heard the words coming out of his mouth but she knew they did not ring true to her ear.

She had worked long and hard for this moment and now this little accident of hers was going to give her trouble!

It is no small wonder that she had always hated children!

07-01-18_1-58-52 AM

“Boy, you need to get your head in the game!”

Evella continued to assail her son, “Things are going be changing around these parts and you need to choose which side you will land on.

The winners or the LOOOOSERS!

I might remind you that it is not healthy to be on the losing side!”

Her only slightly veiled threat was NOT lost upon Korbin.

07-01-18_1-58-54 AM

Rising up with a fearsome look in his eyes, the gravelly voiced Mergwhen declared, “Never fear my queen, I can take care of this boy!

Give me a few moments with him and his mind will change even if he does not want it to.”

07-01-18_2-04-09 AM07-01-18_2-08-13 AM07-01-18_2-08-51 AM

After everyone reintroduced themselves to Korbin, the bickering resumed.

The plot was hashed out .. rehashed .. chewed up .. chewed on .. recited .. rephrased .. reworked .. repeated .. played back .. played over .. nothing was happening!

07-01-18_2-14-58 AM

Evella was hitting her boiling point (not to mention hitting the Weasel a few times too).

07-01-18_2-14-60 AM

“This is ENOUGH!  Just get it DONE” Evella snarled as she stormed off for home!

07-01-18_2-14-61 AM


Love being stronger than any old alien,  Korbin found himself inexplicably drawn to Melissa.

Like a moth to the flame, he was helpless.

He told himself that it was to gather intel for his Mother, but in his heart knew that was a lie.

He asked her to meet him clandestinely at the fountain on the Windenburg waterfront.

07-01-18_2-34-01 AM

Anything cold that remained in his heart melted at the sight of her darling face.

What did not melt was the fear that washed over his being when he considered the cost of betraying his evil mother.

Conflicted could not begin to describe the state Korbin found himself in as he stood gazing into those eyes.

07-01-18_2-34-13 AM

“Can we sit a while?  We need to talk my beautiful Marissa.”

His eyes looked sad and pleading.

Marissa’s heart quaked with fear.

She had missed him so much and was very excited to see him but THIS did not sound promising!

Bravely she affirmed, “Yes, let us sit and chat.”

07-01-18_2-36-28 AM

And talk they did .. of the moon in the sky .. the stars in her eyes .. of the birds that sing .. of soft kisses sweet .. of pretty yellow sunflowers by a charming pink honeymoon cottage!

In fact, they talked all night.

He never even one time got around to his Mother’s proposed inquisition.

He did not care.

He would risk her wrath!

Certainly, even SHE was not evil enough to harm her own son.

07-01-18_2-41-31 AM

As they stood to part, Marissa offered, “Would you be my escort to the coronation today?”

“Coronation? Today?”  He questioned, “I .. I thought there was a time of mourning and remembrance to be observed before that would happen.”

Marissa explained, ” Yes, that is the tradition that is normally followed when seated Royalty die.

However, Yesterday town Elders approached Rose White and Mike about doing a quiet private ceremony immediately.”

Marissa’s eyes wide with wonder and fear told the hapless Korbin, “The rumors are flying that something nasty is happening right here in our midst and the elders did not want to leave the throne empty that long.”

She leaned in to whisper, “They are fearful of a coup d’état.

Can you imagine?

Mike and Rose White wanted word sent to Bruno and Rose Red before it happened,” she went on, “but it was quickly decided that getting word to them would be too dangerous.”

Korbin stood frozen in place.

The thought that if she knew who he was she would hate him gripped his heart with anguish!

“Well, dear boy,” Marissa’s words jerked him out of his contemplations,

“are you going just stand there or are you going to accept my invitation?”

07-01-18_2-50-24 AM

This must be yes she thought.

07-01-18_2-51-53 AM


The birds sang sweeter and the sun shone brighter that morning.

There was a bounce in his step as he surveyed his surroundings.

He was in love!

He was hers (hook, line, and sinker) and she would soon be his!

Everything was looking up for him …

07-01-18_2-51-58 AM


“Hello, Mother?”

07-01-18_2-51-59 AM

Evella listened, horrified, as all of her beautiful plans melted and dripped thru her fingers.

07-02-18_1-09-20 AM07-02-18_1-11-38 AM

Shaking her fist at the fates she declared, “THIS IS NOT OVER!”

07-02-18_1-12-14 AM07-02-18_1-12-38 AM07-02-18_1-15-41 AM

Seems like the fates are raining on her parade!

07-02-18_1-15-42 AM


Mike and Rose White arrived at the palace without fanfare.   Lily and Alexander had ensured that all was made ready for the private event.

Surrounded by family and a few special friends, Rose White and Mike donned their crowns and assumed the governing of the kingdom.

The notable void left by the missing Rose Red and Bruno coupled with the still fresh grief coming from the loss of Prince and Snow caused a somber mood to hang over the ceremony.

(The raging thunderstorm outside did not help … most seemed to find it quite distracting.)

07-02-18_11-30-16 PM07-02-18_11-31-13 PM

(Tagging dear friends Brenda, Barb, Diana, Charlii mai, CathyTea, Elke

the second pic Jennifer, Maria & Salome)

07-02-18_11-32-30 PM07-02-18_11-32-31 PM

Little did any of them know, but there were even some unseen guests.   Prince and Snow made an “appearance” … they were so proud.

07-02-18_11-34-06 PM

LONG LIVE the Queen and King ❤

07-02-18_11-35-35 PM07-02-18_11-36-23 PM07-02-18_11-46-42 PM


Much later that night, after most in the palace had gone to sleep, a dark figure slinks up to the rear palace garden entrance …

07-03-18_8-45-46 PM

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If you have never been to my “regular” story before and maybe wonder what it is all about, I invite you to stop by this next link .. it is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap.   If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  

**~~~~ EXTRAS ~~~~~~**

Some EXTRA fun for you (outtakes) I accidentally killed Evella AGAIN!

This is like the 7th time .. she gets so ANGRY and then KABOOM!

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (1)079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (2)079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (3)

The boys were so busy arguing that they did not even notice her lying there dead til Grimmy showed up.

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (4)

The weasel tried to fight death for her but LOST (I quit without saving).

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (5)

I let her come in out of the rain but left to her own devices she gets into so much trouble.

Blooper 1

Both CathyTea and Maria kept their noses out of it.

Do you think they were secretly hoping they would get to see Clara kick her behind??

Blooper 2

**~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~**

Even tho we did not get to see much of it this is a FAB build

grave yard


A Quick Pre-release Peek at Seasons CAS


Before I begin this fast peek into the CS portion of Seasons, I would like to take this moment to thank EA Games for allowing this old scribbler to be a part of such an amazing group of creatives ( #EAgamechangers ) and for an early access peek at Seasons.  I will just say that FOR ME it totally lived up to the hype! It is FAB FAB FAB!

Being a major CAS fan, I spent long happy hours dressing and redressing my sims with the new Seasons CAS items.

I will spare you my many screenies of my many CAS experiments and I will attempt to give you a good look at what highlights I see.


I Literally gasped for joy when I saw this AMAZING beard!


I am also GAGA over the rain slickers and rubber boots!

06-20-18_10-14-18 PMslicker

Here my handsome hipster styling the rain slicker ❤  Be still my heart!




The first CAS that I fell in love with was the toddler girl hair!   How adorable is this?


Female teen to elder:

hair female


collage child

Male teen to elder:

guys hairI honestly did not find anything I did not like in the Season’s hair offerings.  The long curly half up and down for guys was perhaps a tiny bit iffy but I can see it in use so it gets a pass.

Major kudos for the wonderful job on the ethnic hair … toddlers thru adults! Wonderful job.

CAS Clothing & accessories  (not a complete look at every item available):

Adult male teen to elder


Adult female teen to elder:






❤ Just some fun.

tod fav

Even my old Lisabee got a style makeover:

These hats slay!  So cute!


Tomorrow she will give you a little tour of the seasons 🙂

HUGS .. and be sure to take a nap this afternoon so you will be ready for the all-night marathon ❤


If you have never been to my “regular” story before and maybe wonder what it is all about, I invite you to stop by this next link .. it is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap.   If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  



An Era of Charming Tales: Goodbye

Snow’s descent into darkness seemed to have no end.

06-17-18_1-27-56 PM06-17-18_1-35-41 PM

Despite all that they tried, the family could not help her feel “normal” again.

06-17-18_1-46-34 PM

She did try to just maintain for them but like a geyser of despair, the grief would just rush out of her.

06-17-18_1-46-35 PM

Prince’s concern for his bride weighed heavily upon his heart.

Her pain was very much his pain!

06-17-18_1-46-36 PM06-17-18_1-56-08 PM

Then IT happened.  One sunny morning, altogether not unexpectedly, that feared specter of terror came to call.

06-17-18_2-20-15 PM

Prince rushed to her side but Snow was no more.

The grave had swallowed her.

06-17-18_2-22-20 PM

Aster attempted to plead but it fell on death’s deaf ears.

06-17-18_2-23-42 PM

Prince was grief-stricken.

The depth of his anguish caused immediate concern for Violet.

He seemed frozen in place.

She feared he would pass into that same darkness right there where they stood if she did not get him to move.

“Daddy, please!” She pleaded, “Come with us to the house, you cannot stay out here.”

Jack and Aster managed to move him to the house.

His steps feeble and vitality drained, Aster was shocked at how stricken his father was.

06-17-18_2-29-56 PM06-17-18_2-36-26 PM

“Why did you leave me here all alone my love?  I miss you.  Come get me … I am waiting.”

Prince pleaded but it was to no avail.

06-17-18_2-37-41 PM06-18-18_12-11-42 AM06-18-18_12-12-54 AM06-18-18_12-14-38 AM

The concern for Prince was so great that a family intervention was initiated.

06-18-18_12-26-00 AM

“My son, I have lived two lifetimes with the woman.  She is the one great love of my lives and, I am sorry, the thought of life without her has no joy.”

Mike did not voice it, but he understood quite well what Prince was saying.  He had only begun this one lifetime with his Rose and he knew he could never live without her.

06-18-18_12-28-31 AM

Alone in his bed, the morose crept into Prince’s heart.  He did not wish to cause his children grief but he could not live here without his Queen.

06-18-18_12-42-22 AM

With surprising ease, Prince released his spirit to go seek his bride.

06-18-18_12-45-50 AM06-18-18_12-50-57 AM06-18-18_12-51-50 AM06-18-18_12-52-41 AM06-18-18_12-54-05 AM


A time of bereavement came to the kingdom.

The King and Queen lay in state.

Many came with loving and happy memories of their beloved King and Queen to say their goodbyes.

(Look closley dear readers .. some of you were counted among the mourners).

06-15-18_1-11-28 AM (2)06-15-18_1-12-20 AM (2)

(Maria, Barb, Zest, Harley)

06-15-18_1-13-51 AM (2)

(Our dedicated men and women in blue, Charlii and Jennifer.)

06-15-18_1-14-11 AM (2)

(The Pancakes are looking mighty fine.)

06-15-18_1-14-30 AM

(I think Cathytea suspects shenanigans … she is a good judge of character!)

06-15-18_1-15-15 AM

(Elke enjoying the fine architecture. 

I am not sure why Salome is causing Vlad such consternation but I like it LOL.)

06-15-18_1-37-35 AM

(Barb and Brenda having a nice chat.  Such good memories.)

06-15-18_1-38-47 AM

Then the family came.

06-15-18_2-23-48 AM

The sisters and Ellie.

06-15-18_2-25-33 AM

The Dutchess, Butler and the Goths (sad to note Mortimer’s passing too).

06-15-18_2-25-48 AM

The children …

06-15-18_2-27-16 AM06-15-18_2-28-10 AM

Rose was finding the grief nearly unbearable but Mike was her rock!

06-15-18_2-34-17 AM06-15-18_2-41-45 AM

Finally,  Mike and Rose took a moment in complete privacy to say their goodbyes.

For Rose the burden of the crown fell heavily upon her heart, threatening to break it to pieces.

Mike solemnly whispered his vow to his beloved King and Queen.

He would do his best to care for both the family and the kingdom.

06-15-18_2-58-22 AM

Embracing her in his strong arms, Mike whispered,

“Come, mia principessa,

our goodbyes are done now.

Let them enter their rest.

We must step into the future … ”

06-15-18_3-08-00 AM06-15-18_3-12-57 AM (2)

And thus my dear readers, it is with a very heavy heart that I end generation one!  

07-18-18_1-03-26 AM

We can take great comfort in the truth that love is eternal … it never dies!

07-18-18_1-28-47 AM

RIP our precious Prince and Snow! 

We will miss you terribly!

01-28-18_2-15-35 AM

If you will bear with me … the Era of Charming Tales continues!


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

*** ~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~ ***

funeral pose set by Dreacia

Necrodog’s funeral set

I apologize, I cannot find the link for RJ’s Depression Pose set.  If anyone knows please let me know so I can link it here.


BnS CHALLENGE #97 A Garden for Daisy

**To the Build & Share judges … this blog entry is presented in 2 parts (and in this order) for judging (please scroll to find):   THE SIMS; THE BUILD

 **To my regular story readers …  I have NOT forgotten you.  I am working thru this next one and it should be out tomorrow or early Monday am.  For now, enjoy this little cutie!

For those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

The sims & the story:

lee garden

Mr Lee recently lost his dear bride of 46 years.  She was the delight of his life and he wants a special place to remember her.   He knows she would never be happy in a cold drab cemetery.

Since she loved her flower gardens he thought to have a small memorial garden planted in her memory.

Here he sprinkled her ashes among the small oops-a-daisies.

And comes to spend time with her.

06-16-18_8-59-02 PM06-16-18_9-00-32 PM06-16-18_9-02-23 PM

OHHH Snow on the roof and fire in the furnace!

06-16-18_9-07-14 PM06-16-18_9-09-05 PM06-16-18_9-11-02 PM06-16-18_9-11-33 PM06-16-18_9-14-47 PM

The build:  Oops-a-daisy Memorial Park (Generic build)

Here it is … a special place for his Daisy!

I think she will enjoy it!

Don’t you?

06-16-18_8-47-25 PM06-16-18_8-49-57 PM06-16-18_8-50-59 PM06-16-18_8-52-33 PM06-16-18_8-53-34 PM06-16-18_8-54-05 PM06-16-18_8-55-14 PM06-16-18_8-56-05 PM06-16-18_8-56-47 PM06-16-18_8-57-30 PM06-16-18_8-59-30 PM06-16-18_9-02-58 PM06-16-18_9-04-17 PM06-16-18_9-06-38 PM06-16-18_9-09-50 PM06-16-18_9-10-36 PM06-16-18_9-13-50 PM06-16-18_9-16-17 PM

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Short Stories & “Other Stuff” (current) Table of Contents

Gallery Info

gallerygaly infolot traits



If you have never been to my “regular” story before and wonder what it is all about,

I invite you to stop by.  This next link is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap. 

If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  

Jane Moore & Co w/ Regency Build Challenge #BnS96

**To the Build & Share judges … this blog entry is presented in 3 parts (and in this order) for judging (please scroll to find):   THE SIMS; THE ROOM; THE BUILD

 **To my regular story readers … something a little fun to weave in and out of my Charming story.  Probably about once a month I hope to participate in the Build n Share Challenge.  I thought to share it here with you … hope you enjoy it.  I am not an expert builder so please don’t be expecting too much LOL (and I promise no long story delays because of it)

For those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

The Sims: (no cc)

This is an amazing competition so I am tickled pink by this:

sims winner

Meet the colorful denizens of Hound’s Head End.

a06-09-18_1-37-37 AM

1bess collage

(Cheerful, Clumsy and Neat)

Bess is young.  This is her first job and to be quite honest working in such a fine house did not pan out to be quite as “romantical” as she thought it might be 🙂  To her credit, she is neat and orderly.  If she stopped daydreaming so much she might actually become efficient.   But her mind wanders AND she tends to the dramatic, so getting the job done always takes a BIT longer than one might expect.

2bess collage

1corny collage

(Loves the outdoors, cheerful and insane)

Cornelius (aka Corny) is the groundskeeper and all-around handyman at Hound’s Head End Estate.   Corny is a very happy man who deeply loves his flowers, trees, and shrubbery.  He tends them ever so carefully.  They are all are close personal friends of his and many happy hours are spent engaging them in meaningful conversations!  He considers himself a very lucky man to have so many friends!

2corny collage

Although he does some Mr. Fix-it work around the estate, his handyman skills are iffy AND Bess is not 100 percent certain that he should be entrusted with fire.

c06-09-18_11-17-10 PM

Of all the folks in the house, Jane enjoys Corny’s company best.  He regales her with fanciful tales from the garden.   She finds them fascinating!

c06-09-18_11-17-11 PM

1Helga collage

(Foodie, Gloomy, Loner)

Helga is the FINEST cook in the region.  When “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard” is bare Helga can still whip up something positively delectable.   An exceedingly gloomy loner, Helga sequesters herself away in the dank basement kitchen continually working on her craft (maybe if she got out and enjoyed some sea air and sunshine that dark cloud would lift off her head).   Her personal hygiene is not the best so no one is pushing for her company, EVEN in the fresh air.

2helga collage

These three have become fast friends.  It is their habit to sit down to chat over a cup of Helga’s fine coffee …

ha 06-09-18_11-35-25 PM

… before ending their day and heading home.

ha 06-09-18_11-35-26 PM

1nurse collage

(Gloomy, genius, mean)

Nurse Nancy was hired as a live-in nurse to care for the frail health of Jane Moore.  Interestingly enough Jane’s health has declined under the supervision of Nurse Nancy.  No one is even a little suspicious of all the concoctions/cures Nurse Nancy administers daily.  She seems to be observing Jane very closely and records meticulously the effects of the remedies on Jane’s daily health.

2nurse collagen06-09-18_2-32-41 AM

Nurse Nancy has enlisted the help of the staff in keeping TABS on Jane.  They think they are helping Jane.  Corny is not convinced that Nurse Nancy has Jane’s best interest in mind.

k06-09-18_1-54-07 AM

One thing to her credit … she does like long walks on the beach.

n06-09-18_11-19-42 PM

1jane collage

(Snob, materialistic, self-assured)

Now to the Lady of the Manor.  Miss Jane Moore, herself.  Exceedingly wealthy, Jane is of very refined taste and can afford those fine things she craves.  Her impeccable breeding is reflected in her many talents, especially in the area of the arts.  Jane is the president of the local chapter of the Jane Austen Society.   She is extremely eccentric and quite enamored of the Regency Period.  As a true aficionado, Jane insists upon immersing herself and her staff into the way of life from the era.

2jane collage

Jane has her dark (well hidden) issues! Poor Jane!  For all that she has, the thing that she wants most is what she cannot have … even with all her wealth.  (I have heard, Jane, that there is a way but that is another story for another day).

2ajane collage

THE ROOM (no cc)

Jane Moore’s Master Bedroom

Featuring a secretary, dressing area, luxurious bed, cozy fireplace and phenomenal view.

master 06-09-18_11-04-13 PMmaster 06-09-18_11-07-08 PMmaster 06-10-18_12-32-42 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-35-21 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-34-33 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-41-35 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-39-16 AM

THE BUILD (no cc)

Hound’s Head End Estate

aa title page collage


aa 06-08-18_4-18-08 AMaa 06-08-18_4-18-57 AMaa 06-08-18_4-19-29 AMaa 06-08-18_4-20-30 AM

Verandas & Balconies

eb 06-09-18_10-29-31 PMeb 06-10-18_7-12-28 AMeb 06-10-18_7-12-55 AMeb 06-10-18_7-13-46 AM

Grounds … flower gardens

ef 06-08-18_4-30-15 AMef 06-08-18_4-34-27 AMef 06-08-18_4-43-38 AMef 06-09-18_2-15-38 AMef06-08-18_4-32-04 AM

Grounds … Kitchen Herb Garden

eh 06-08-18_4-30-14 AM

Grounds … Maze

em 06-08-18_4-35-38 AMem 06-08-18_4-36-24 AM

Grounds … Wedding spot

ew 06-08-18_4-30-11 AMew 06-08-18_4-30-12 AM

Grounds … laundry area

el 06-08-18_4-37-57 AMel 06-09-18_1-26-52 AM

Grounds … graveyard

eg 06-10-18_12-56-09 AMeg 06-10-18_12-59-32 AM

Outer entrance

aaent 06-09-18_2-20-51 AM

Inner entrance & hall

aaent 06-09-18_11-41-47 PMaaent 06-09-18_11-42-17 PM

Grand Staircase

aaent 06-09-18_11-41-16 PM


Dining room

din 06-09-18_2-23-18 AMdin 06-09-18_2-37-28 AM

(adjacent small bathroom)

din 06-09-18_2-41-26 AMdin 06-09-18_3-46-26 AM

Drawing room

draw 06-09-18_11-26-21 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-26-54 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-27-07 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-27-43 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-38-49 PM

Sitting room

p06-09-18_2-42-02 AMp06-09-18_2-42-32 AMp06-09-18_2-42-57 AM


sit1 06-08-18_4-39-58 AMsit1 06-08-18_4-41-49 AMsit1 06-08-18_4-42-16 AM


st06-09-18_11-17-11 PMst06-09-18_11-20-14 PMst06-09-18_11-21-05 PM

Upper hall

aaent 06-09-18_10-36-15 PM

Second-floor sitting room

hob06-09-18_10-31-25 PMhob06-09-18_10-32-54 PMhob06-09-18_10-34-25 PM

Master bedroom

master 06-09-18_11-07-08 PMmaster 06-10-18_12-35-21 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-32-42 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-34-33 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-41-35 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-39-16 AM


Nur 06-09-18_11-45-40 PMnur 06-09-18_11-46-35 PMnur 06-09-18_11-47-02 PM

Nurse bedroom/quarters

n06-08-18_4-04-19 AMn06-08-18_4-05-30 AMn06-08-18_4-07-44 AMn06-08-18_4-10-29 AM

Other Bedrooms … Beige

bg06-09-18_10-43-35 PMbg06-09-18_10-44-04 PMbg06-09-18_10-54-54 PM

Other Bedrooms … Blue

bl06-09-18_10-37-22 PMbl06-09-18_10-38-19 PMbl06-09-18_10-39-18 PM

Other Bedrooms … yellow

by06-09-18_3-09-13 AMby06-09-18_3-10-15 AMby06-09-18_10-40-44 PM

Full baths (master)

bath 06-09-18_10-58-01 PM

Full bath (upstairs)

bath 06-09-18_11-08-27 PMbath 06-09-18_11-15-22 PM

2 small identical bathrooms (toilet and basin) in turret rooms off the dining and drawing rooms

bath 06-09-18_2-40-49 AMdin 06-09-18_2-41-26 AM

Stair to basement

06-09-18_2-27-13 AM

Basement … Kitchen

06-08-18_3-54-08 AM06-08-18_3-56-05 AM06-08-18_3-56-46 AM06-08-18_3-57-38 AM06-08-18_4-27-46 AM

Basement …  Staff break room

06-08-18_3-58-23 AM06-08-18_4-00-49 AM

Basement … Staff nap room

06-08-18_4-00-15 AM06-08-18_4-01-26 AM

Basement … Staff Bathroom

06-08-18_4-02-27 AM06-08-18_4-03-00 AM

z Bird 06-08-18_4-46-39 AM06-12-18_12-03-57 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-47-27 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-47-41 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-48-23 AM

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Again for those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

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Jane Moore & Co


Jane’s Master Bedroom


If you have never been to my “regular” story before and wonder what it is all about

This next link is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap. 

If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.


An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  

An Era of Charming Tales: Chosen

Life in the Theis house was sweet!

Claudia just loved everything about being a mom.  Baby Devon Lea was an easy baby to care for … a little darling!

Watching her grow into her inquisitive nature was a joy even if it sometimes led to mischief.

She and Walter spent quite a bit of time guiding that little nature away from shenanigans and into constructive learning.  Devon Lea seemed to eat it up, always wanting to know more.

Having Walter home to help care for the baby was icing on the cake.  Claudia treasured every moment.

She knew this could not last long because Walter was needed back at the WPD station and he must return to work soon.

She knew when she married him that she would always have to share him with the people of Windenburg and his officers.  His sense of duty was one of the things about him that she cherished most.

02-01-18_1-55-08 AM02-01-18_2-02-41 AM02-01-18_12-42-05 AM02-01-18_12-42-57 AM02-01-18_12-50-20 AM


“Please pardon the intrusion, Mike.  I have an urgent matter and did not want to disturb the King with such details.  I know he is tending to the Queen.  I have heard that her condition worsens.”  Walter continued softly, “Our hearts are breaking for her suffering.”

“Thank you, Walter.”  Mike’s face somber at the mention of the Queen, “What can I do for you?  Come on in.”

Then, seeing the tot accompanying her father, a huge devilish grin crossed Mike’s face.  With a twinkle in his eye and a tossel of her hair, he teased, “you too Chicken-little.”

Dev’s little face pinched up with displeasure and with crossed arms, she stated with tiny firmness, “Unke Mik … no chickie widdle.  I Devonee.”

“Devon Lea.  Mind your manners!”  Officer Theis firmly reproached his little progeny, “Now go play with your bear while Uncle Mike and I talk a bit of business.”

“Otay Dada.”  Wrinkling her nose at Uncle Mike, Devon toddled off.

Looking after her, Mike laughed, eyes still twinkling, “I am sorry Walter I goaded her into it.”

Officer Theis just shook his head.

Both men laughed and sat to discuss the business at hand.

03-05-18_12-05-12 AM

“As you know Officer V has dug out a solid lead on the poison used to kill the reverend.   The poison is thought to originate somewhere in the jungles of  Selvadorada.

We have been conducting intense jungle survival training for her and three other interested officers.  It is no surprise that Officer V led way during training.  She has met and exceeded our standards.  The other three are in testing today and I will announce tomorrow who goes with her.  They will get their medical done and hope to be gone early next week.”

Mike listened intently and finally, he asked,  “You all have things well in hand!  What is it you need from me, Walter?”

03-05-18_12-05-15 AM

Officer Thies explained that they had been in constant communication with Selvadoradan law enforcement and that everyone there was cooperating.   The officers could look forward to a warm and accommodating coalition as they sought this mysterious source of the poison.

However, there was some concern about proper diplomatic channels being opened and cleared.  They needed Mike to ensure that these diplomatic channels would stay unbarred and that bureaucratic issues would not impede their discovery efforts.

Mike assured, “This is something I can certainly ensure.  It just so happens that I have good friends at the embassy in Selvadorada.  I will put a call in to them tonight and get a little grease in the cogs of this machine!”

03-05-18_12-05-16 AM

“Hi Devon Lea.  Are you waiting on Daddy and Uncle Mike?  They are taking a long time, huh?  Why don’t you come with me outside and I will give you part of my burger?  We can spend some time together in the fresh air afterward.”  Then with a wink Rose added, “Bear is invited too.”

Bear and the tot happily followed Rose out to the kitchen courtyard.

03-05-18_12-05-20 AM03-05-18_12-07-18 AM03-05-18_12-08-16 AM03-05-18_12-09-01 AM

“… The evil queen was cast into the dungeon to stay forever!  Then the princess married the handsome prince and they lived happily ever after … The end.”

Devon clamored for more story but Rose said, “I have to get you back in to your Daddy.  I am sure he will wonder where you got off to.”

03-05-18_12-10-46 AM

“Who is that with Marissa?”  Officer Theis checked his urge to be firm and authoritative with the princess.

“Oh, that is Korbin.  A nice boy she has been seeing,”  Rose said happily informing,  “He is such a gentleman.”

Unable to totally hide his dismay, he queried,  “What is he doing here at the house? Has he been cleared?”

“UMM,  think he is bringing her some lunch,”  Rose responded a little weakly and then she hurried from the room.

03-05-18_12-05-13 AM

Officer Thies grabbed Mike and they approached the young man who was having an intense flirtatious conversation with Marissa over her desk.

“AHEM.”  Officer Thies made a throat clearing sound.

03-05-18_12-16-34 AM

Korbin turned to see Mike.  “Hello sir,” he chirped.

03-05-18_12-21-07 AM

“I hope it was ok, I was bringing Marissa a bit of Bhel Puri for her lunch.”  With a dopey lovely-dovey look he added, “She just loves spicy food.”

Marissa giggled (truth be told, she was still swooning a bit over the goodbye kiss on her porch last night).


“Oh no problem!  None at all.”  Mike cheerfully went on, ” I would like you to meet my good friend Walter Theis.”

Officer Theis, who had asked Mike not to let on that he was the chief of the WPD, thrust his hand in Korbin’s direction.

03-05-18_12-21-08 AM

Korbin responded to the offered hand, “Good to meet you, Walter.  My name is Korbin Terrellii.”

“Hmm Terrellii, very unusual name. How do you spell that?  Are you from around here Korbin?”

03-05-18_12-21-09 AM

“No sir, I was only here on a small matter of family business.  Then I met this enchantress who has stolen my heart away.  I am her captive while she holds it.”

Mike and Walter smiled woodenly, both were feeling seriously uncomfortable by his gushing (NOT Marrisa though).

03-05-18_12-22-14 AM

I think Officer Theis’ Spidey senses are tingling

03-05-18_12-22-15 AM

Waiting for daddy is hard work!

03-05-18_12-22-25 AM03-05-18_12-22-26 AM03-05-18_12-22-28 AM03-05-18_12-22-29 AM


Officer Thies was up early.  He had grabbed a quick cup of coffee and was headed out the door when he spotted a little angel.

A very angry little angel.

“I doe … Dada!”  She insisted.

“Oh .. no sweetheart, Daddy has to go to work for a few hours.  Daddy has an important meeting at the station.”

06-05-18_2-14-08 AM

“I doe … peas Dada … peas?”

06-05-18_2-15-25 AM

” … only this one time … ”

06-05-18_2-19-34 AM06-05-18_2-28-26 AM06-05-18_2-29-15 AM

“Hiya Peanut … what you up to? ”

Officer Blackstone had lots of kids (five to be exact and with another on the way) so he understood them …

06-05-18_2-30-45 AM

and for the most part, kids seemed to understand him.

06-05-18_2-37-47 AM

“I will keep an eye on her while you are in the meeting sir,” he called to Officer Thies.  “She is in good hands. Don’t you worry.  I have not lost one yet,” he quipped.

06-05-18_2-36-48 AM

“Congrats Officer Amaro.  You did GREAT on the jungle survival test.  Once you are cleared medically and get any needed immunizations you and Officer V will be off to Selvadorada.”

06-05-18_2-33-16 AM


06-05-18_3-08-57 AM06-05-18_3-10-00 AM06-05-18_3-10-51 AM06-05-18_3-11-22 AM

Officer V and Officer Amaro sat quietly on the veranda and made their plans to start the investigation early tomorrow AM.

First, connect with local law enforcement and then to purchase needed supplies.


Both were “dying” to begin the adventure.

06-05-18_3-14-27 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


This blog celebrated my first BORN in-game toddler (yes first) .. forgive me the many pics .. I could not help myself!

Congrats Walter and Claudia on your beautiful baby girl! None of us are surprised at how gorgeous she is 🙂 



Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

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Builds …

salvadoros vetroretro

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The poll :

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An Era of Charming Tales: The Scoundrel

00-29-18_7-59-51 PM00-29-18_8-20-27 PM00-29-18_8-21-04 PM00-29-18_9-46-41 PM


01-28-18_9-49-06 PM01-28-18_10-15-30 PM01-28-18_10-46-18 PM (2)01-28-18_10-53-38 PM


03-29-18_10-05-25 PM03-29-18_11-03-10 PM


03-29-18_11-12-43 PM03-29-18_11-17-04 PM


“Mother, Do not bug me.  I know what I am doing!  I am keeping a close eye on her.”

The shrill voice on the other end screeched,  “I don’t want you just watching her!  I want you to connect with her.  You need to get in next close to those wretched Charmings.”

“I will Mother … just let me work. I will do it!  Goodbye Mother!”

04-28-19_2-09-26 AM04-28-19_2-09-31 AM04-28-19_2-09-37 AM

(Not to worry Korbin she makes all of us feel that way.)


Employing his silvery tongue, Korbin approached Marissa in the Windenburg Plaza Library, “Excuse me, miss.  I  am new here.  I was wondering if you might be able to help me?”

05-28-18_11-04-22 PM

“I am looking for a good horticulture book.  My home herb garden is not doing so well.”

Marissa’s interest was piqued, a handsome stranger who loved to garden?  WELL NOW!

She informed, “I certainly can try. I am a hobby gardener too!  I know herbs can difficult to manage.”

“I am Marissa,” she continued smiling coyly.

Summoning his most bashful face Korbin hushed, “Oh forgive me and my churlishness.  I am Korbin.  A pleasure to meet you.”

Quickly gathering a few books on growing herbs and herbalism, Marissa joined Korbin in a quiet corner of the busy library where they spent the entire afternoon chatting.  MOSTLY about herbs.

05-28-18_11-07-11 PM

“All this study has me feeling a bit peckish,” the handsome rogue said patting his growling stomach.

Marissa was hungry too but was enjoying this fascinating fella’s company too much to shut things down.  So when Korbin mentioned perhaps getting a bite of dinner together she was most pleased.

“The spice festival is in town.  We could go grab some dinner there,” Marissa recommended.

Korbin positively purred his reply, “It sounds like fun.  Especially since I will have your company, sweet Marissa.”

Flustered, she tried to find some words but all that escaped her lips was a soft giggle.

Seeing that she was open to the flirt, the whispering Korbin went in for the kill.  Gazing deeply into her eyes he crooned softly,  “Beautiful AND smart.”

Marissa found herself melting fast under his hot gaze.

05-28-18_11-08-04 PM


It was a beautiful balmy night and the spice festival was teeming with festival attendees all seeking to consume lava on a plate.

Marissa was excited about the evening … a hot guy and a HOT meal.  Bring it all on she was ready for fun and romance!

05-28-18_11-14-30 PM05-28-18_11-27-23 PM

While Marissa had no difficulty with the spicy fare, Korbin was in near tears.

Smoke seemed to pour from his nose, his mouth was on fire and he was certain his stomach must be bleeding by now.

05-28-18_11-30-49 PM

“Are you ok?”

05-28-18_11-30-50 PM

This was definately NOT the romantic eveing she had envisoned.

Might as well head home … after a stop to purchase some antiacid for Korbin.

05-28-18_11-30-51 PM (2)


“Hello ….”

“OH Korbin, hello,” Marissa returned the greeting over the fence.

“I thought I would stop by and meet your happy little herb garden in person,” Korbin laughed.

“Do come in!”  She ribbed, “I am certain the pleasure will be all theirs.”

06-28-18_2-35-35 AM

“I see you are feeling much better,” a relived Marissa remarked.

“I am indeed,” he said sheepishly.

06-28-18_2-38-17 AM

Marissa was delighted when Korbin suggested a night on the town.

“Please allow me to make up for last night with dinner and dancing.”

Her smile wide and bright, she replied, “I would love to go … and no spicy food this time!”

06-28-18_2-40-21 AM


05-31-18_4-12-59 PM05-31-18_4-15-31 PM


07-29-18_12-19-04 AM

“Do you mind if I take your pic, beautiful?  Mother would love to see it.”

Marissa wondered if that should not be a bit strange but somehow she found it sweet and flattering.

07-29-18_12-16-58 AM

“Good night sweet Marissa.”

05-31-18_4-34-45 PM


Rose White noted Marissa seemed especially chipper this Monday morning.

“You must have had a great weekend,” she quipped.

08-29-18_1-25-49 AM

“Oh I did, your majesty, I did!  I met the dreamiest boy.  So handsome and attentive.  Not to mention he was the most amazing kisser.  My heart is still skipping beats today.”

08-29-18_1-26-42 AM

Rose White is a Charming and they are captivated by LOVE STORIES.

She urged Marissa, “Tell me … Tell me!”

08-29-18_1-30-08 AM

By the time she got to the end, even Mike had stopped to listen.

Rose exclaimed, “I have an idea!”

Mike had to laugh at his matchmaker wife.  Those Charmings!!

08-29-18_1-31-22 AM


09-29-19_0-19-08 PM

Korbin poured on the charm, “The dinner is wonderful your Majesty.”

Rose blushed and thanked him for the compliment.

09-29-19_9-23-40 PM

It is the truth Rose White is a wonderful cook.

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents  



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~~***** Credits ******~~

Kiss pose from Birba 32 Maybe a kiss

Binocular Poses … I am very sad to report that the creator of the binocular poses is no longer active and they pulled all everything out of their Tumblr 😦  (This is why I will not delete my cc and start over)

The builders ❤


prancing pony

Sarah Amina

sarah amina grandma's cottage


toku cafetoku clubtoku library


diana headless horseman

Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

An Era of Charming Tales: Nooboo

Windenburg was in dire need of some happy news.

The Royal family has been very quiet in the weeks since Bruno and Rose Red had to flee for their lives in the middle of the night … followed very closely by their dear friends the Orsinis (Bruno’s family).

They were all grieved by the fact that no news of the journey had come to the family.  The old adage that no news was good news does not seem to apply in this case!

This loss coupled with the ever-increasing whispers of danger to the Royal family was taking a huge toll on all of them.   Something needed to give!

Then a tiny glimmer of joy shone in the dark gloom.

Claudia, Rose Whites personal assistant, and BEST friend got news that she was expecting a nooboo.

She was ecstatic about the news!

01-21-17_5-19-29 PM

Her hubby, the dashing Officer Theis, was feeling NOT so ecstatic.

As Claudia shared the news of their coming addition he could feel the sheer panic rise up and clench his heart with dread.

01-26-18_5-17-01 PM

The always staunch and brave Officer Theis was feeling quite petrified!

Crime and criminals .. homicide .. burglary .. kidnapping .. these he could deal with.

BUT a baby ………..

He knew just when it happened too …  those DANG romantic lighthouses!

11-10-17_10-31-14 PM11-10-17_10-36-15 PM11-10-17_10-39-22 PM11-10-17_10-41-40 PM11-10-17_10-41-52 PM11-10-17_10-42-03 PM11-10-17_10-42-28 PM

He was glad to go to work and hide these strange new feelings in a place where he felt he had some semblance of control over life.

01-26-18_5-17-05 PM

Well sort of.

The baby even crept into his work life.

His fellow officers were so excited for him that they threw him (and Claudia) a baby shower in the interrogation room.

02-24-18_12-43-43 AM02-25-18_12-30-04 AM

(Poor Laurel … she wants a baby so badly … all this has her in quite a funk.)

02-25-18_12-34-46 AM

Baby games and gag gifts .. the shower was a riot.  Everyone had a grand time!

02-25-18_12-42-35 AM

Officer Theis fully appreciated the love and care from his officers BUT, to be honest, he was relieved when it was done .. now back to control .. uh I mean work!

Officer V has uncovered a mysterious clue.  Lab tests have identified the (heretofore) unknown toxin used to kill the Reverand.  It is very rare and found only in the remotest parts of the El Selvadoraian jungle.

“Someone needs to go check this connection out,” Miss V explained.  “I think the lead is solid and if we can track who purchased the toxin perhaps we can  connect them to the murder here.”

03-25-18_12-46-54 AM

Cheif Theis was in complete agreement.   “I am having lunch with His Majesty tomorrow.  I will bring up the need to send a team in to investigate.  I am certain he will approve.”

The jungle he thought, now that would be a great escape.

“Awesome idea Officer V!”

03-25-18_12-47-00 AM


04-26-18_5-18-16 1 PM

“Thank you for asking, Walter,” Prince said solemnly, “the Queen is still not doing so well.  This ordeal has not been good for her health .. for either of us.  We are not spring chickens anymore you know.”

Officer Theis did not like such talk coming from his dear friend.  He would do what it took to ensure safety for the Royals.

He explained the lead they had gotten on the toxin.  Prince agreed that a team should be selected to go into El Selvadora as soon as possible.

Officer Theis brightened at the thought .. UNTIL Prince told him that he would not be leading the team.

“There are others that can lead the team in.  You are needed at home, Walter.  I know having a child is a frightening prospect .. don’t forget I was there once!  But I can tell you on this side of life it is the most rewarding experience you can have! ”

04-26-18_5-18-16 3 PM

“Go home to your wife, Walter, and enjoy your paid family leave!   Get lots of rest!  Speaking as the father of five, I can assure you that  you will need it.”

Officer Thies knew Prince to be a very wise man and took he advice to heart.  That afternoon he put in for family leave.

04-26-18_5-18-16 2 PM


Being on family leave was not all that it was cracked up to be.

He has to endure lots of downtime but on the plus side, he is getting a lot of reading done.


Her cravings in full swing, Claudia has taken to eating lava.  Even tho it upsets her stomach she has powerful cravings for extremely spicy food.

Walter is not soo crazy about spicy food and he enjoys watching his wife suffer (at her own hand) even less.

04-27-17_5-18-12 PM

Rose White has been a pillar of support.  Mike, however, steers clear LOL.

04-27-18_1-34-39 AM

Even accompanying Claudia to her doctor visits.  Hearing the little heartbeat and seeing the sweet ultrasound images was fascinating.

Claudia was glad to have her because Walter was too jumpy during the doctor visits.

04-27-18_2-00-56 AM

Dr Ellie says the baby is strong and healthy.

04-27-18_2-04-51 AM

At Mike’s instance, Rose White reluctantly hired a new “temporary” personal assistant.

Marissa Ellis came highly recommended and Officer Theis and his team did a complete background check on her.

04-27-18_1-34-40 AM

Marissa and Rose White connected instantly.  She is a very pleasant person and because she is highly efficient …

04-27-18_1-34-42 AM

She got right to work.

04-27-18_1-34-44 AM

“OKAY!  OKAY! You were right Mike,” Rose White laughed,  “She is very nice.  Thank you, dear!”

04-27-18_1-34-47 AM


Welcome baby Devon Lea.

04-27-18_2-31-29 AM

Poor Claudia … these things do not come with user manuals!

04-27-18_2-28-35 AM

Daddy has the touch!

Hmm looks like old Prince knew what he was talking about!

04-27-18_2-36-07 AM


Rose White and Mike stopped by to see how the new family was doing.

“If there is anything we can do for you Claudia,” Rose offered, “please do not hesitate to ask!  We would love to help in any way we can.”

05-24-18_6-33-10 PM

Mike made his way to the little bassinet.

“OH just look at you beautiful little darling,” Mike crooned to the smiling baby!

05-24-18_6-35-23 PM

Mike’s smile can charm even the smallest human!  Devon Lea is totally taken with him!

05-24-18_6-38-08 PM

HMM not sure how pops feels about that!  Ohh papa … no worries she will only have eyes for you for a LONG time!

05-24-18_8-10-21 PM

Seeing his beautiful bride with the tiny infant in her hands melted Mike’s heart into a puddle!

05-24-18_8-13-50 PM

On the way home, they stopped to do a bit of baby and family dreaming over a cup of coffee.  Soon they both say .. soon!

05-24-18_8-13-52 PM


The weasel had a lot to report to Evella.

She was delighted to hear that Officer Theis was “off playing daddy” to his nooboo.

“Oh they are so vile … the little creatures,” Evella snarled, “It should keep him busy for a long time.  It will keep him from going on the  El Selvadora expedition.”

The weasel shuddered as he considered maybe she really does not have a heart.

The weasel reminded her, “But what about Ms V?  She has been sniffing around and getting so close to me.”

“Many people get lost in the jungle and never find their way back,” she coldly assured.

He reported that there had been no news at all on Rose Red and Bruno.   Her confidence in Mergwhen remains strong  She quickly dismissed,  “He will find them.  He has special talents.”

Finishing the report, “And Rose White a new personal assist … ”




Can we get to her?

We need someone that close!”

05-24-18_11-22-49 PM

“Her name is Marissa Ellis.”

05-24-18_11-22-50 PM

“I have looked and looked my Queen.  She has no weaknesses that I can discern.  Nothing to use to gain her cooperation.”

05-24-18_11-22-51 PM

“We will just have to give her a weakness then. My girl needs to fall in love.”  Her voice oozing with malice, “And  I know just who to call.”

05-24-18_11-23-44 PM

The handsome man walked right in and up to the loft where the weasel was entertaining Evella on the pipe organ.

Evella purred a greeting, “Oh glad to see you could make it.”

05-24-18_11-36-19 PM

“Korbin, dahhhling, come give me a kiss!”

05-24-18_11-40-27 PM

“I am here as you asked.  What is it you want MOTHER … ”

05-24-18_11-42-02 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: Reunion

Bruno’s family was making very good progress in their journey.  Traveling at a steady pace, they had been in the drylands for a few days now.

01-28-18_6-27-19 PM

The drylands were harsh but very beautiful as well.  Spectacular vistas were to be seen around every corner.

The journey was arduous!  Momma and Papa were beginning to feel every step.  They would need to find a place to rest and refresh for a few days.

They decided to alter their route and head for a “nearby” National Park.

01-28-18_6-30-30 PM01-28-18_6-34-22 PM

Although the trek was difficult, there were many good things coming from it.  The parents and the teens grew much closer and the familial bonds grew tighter and stronger.

As they went along, Papa took the opportunity to carefully instruct Caiden and Molly in wilderness survival.  They were going to need it in their new home.

While Molly did try to pay close attention and was respectful of her papa’s knowledge she was less inclined to appreciate the wild outdoors life than her brother was.

Caiden seemed to EAT it up!  A real chip off the old papa block he was.  He did have a slight advantage on her in that he spent most of his childhood as a bear.

Papa and Mama were so proud of their children.

01-28-18_6-35-04 PM

That evening they reached the Dueling Mustang National Park.   A  jewel in the desert.  An aquamarine lake sparkled in the center of the park, promising to refresh and rejuvenate the weary traveler.

They stood silently in awe of its majesty.

Finally, in a hushed reverent tone, Molly spoke, “It is so awesome!  Can we stay Papa?”

Of course, they stayed.  It was just the R&R they needed!

01-28-18_6-37-27 PM

Caiden was starving (he is a growing teenaged boy).  He got right to the grill, cooking up a plate of dogs and tried to eat the entire plate.

I always feel like someone is watching me.

01-28-18_6-40-38 PM-2

Molly tried to find some recreational relief but she found it hard to concentrate.  Her mind kept drifting back to the time she spent with Aster on that bluff the night before they left.

She missed him so much and hoped he and his family were OK!

01-28-18_6-41-45 PM

The pristine lake kept its promise and delivered the refreshment their tired bodies needed.  Rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit!

01-28-18_6-43-08 PM01-28-18_10-33-10 PM


When they hit the road again, their steps were lighter and spirits were high.  The stay definitely had the desired effect.

A few days later, as fate would have it, they wandered into the Wiggly Piggly Diner.  The wonderful proprietor Betty was quite attentive to the dusty travelers.

They chatted happily over over her delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and hot basil tomato soup.  Betty ensured that the hot coffee and cheerful convo flowed freely.

As we already know, Betty has a keen eye for those who need help and she was moved by their weariness.  She could tell by the kind eyes of the Papa that this was a wonderful family.  She almost felt like she knew them.

Hovering as she poured more fresh hot coffee into their cups, Betty remarked, “This has been quite the week for travelers.”

Momma’s ears perked up, “Others?  Maybe it was our son and daughter in law.  They went ahead of us.  Was it a handsome burly young man and a dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty?”

“Why yes it was,” exclaimed Betty.  “They were traveling with their small toddler and so road weary.  I gave them a place to stay for a few days to recover.”

“A toddler?”  Mama was crestfallen.  “It is not them,” she said sadly.

Papa smiled, touching her hand softly, “Honey Bear, stop worrying.  Why don’t we stop by on our way out of town and have a chat with them.  Maybe they have seen Bruno and Rosie somewhere along the way.”

Momma thought it was a wonderful idea. She was anxious for any news of Bruno and Rosie and did not wish to let any possibility pass.

Betty’s little house was easy to find.  It was right next door to the Wiggly Piggly.

09-28-18_10-53-07 PM

As they tuned in at the walk, shrieks of joy and recognition came from the rear of the tiny house.  Rosie came bounding around the corner and Bruno at a dead run right behind her.   The family was overjoyed to see each other.

“You are safe my dear children!  I don’t understand,” Mama remarked.  “Betty told us you were traveling with a toddler?”

Rosie laughed, “Mama and Papa we have news for you …”

Before she could finish a little redhead appeared near the back corner of the house.

02-28-18_01-56-02 PM

“OHHHH!”  Mama gasped and ran to pick up the little beauty.

Their eyes met and it was love at first sight for both of them!

Rosie and Bruno explained Trui’s adoption to Papa, Caiden and Molly.  There was no getting Mama back .. she had done flown the coop.

She was lost in every Grandma’s dream.  She had her hands on her grandchild and nothing else existed at the moment.

02-28-18_3-56-53 PM

Trui loved her new family.  Uncle Caiden was facinaitng and she follwed him foot to foot.

02-28-18_4-00-32 PM

AND grandma was DA BOMB!

02-29-18_2-39-18 PM02-29-18_2-39-48 PM

Auntie Molly was so pretty with red hair just like her own.

“I was adopted too, Trui.” Mollie explained to the wide-eyed babe, “We have that in common.  When you get older I will tell you the story of when Mama found me.”

Trui loved stories and she was NOT going to wait to hear one.

“Toree, toree, torrreee,”  she begged her Auntie Molly.

Molly laughed and shook her hear, “OK just a tiny bit because your momma says it is time to rest.”

03-29-16_6-31-20 AM

Laying Trui down for her nap Molly told her a tale of a cold wintery day so long ago when a mama bear found a little orphan girl who needed her love and care.

Molly slipped out as the toddler’s eyes closed.


03-29-16_6-31-21 AM

“Where you headed, peanut?”

Bruno laughed … like he did not know.

Trui was on a mission to find Grandma.

Bruno jested, “You know she was not that nice to me when I was a baby.”

03-30-18_10-01-18 PM

“OH hello little sweets,” Rosie teased, “What brings you out here?  Did you have a nice nap?”

Trui had no time for small talk now … she bee lined  for Grandma!

04-28-18_11-40-58 PM

Rosie hopped up and took over the laundry duty while Mama entertained Trui or maybe you might say Trui entertained Grandma.

04-28-18_11-40-61 PM04-28-18_10-57-09 PM

Mama was leading Trui in a rousing rendition of “You are My Sunshine”  when Papa walked up behind her.

“Bruno and I are going down to the fishing hole.  Did you want to come along?”

Papa grinned.  He already knew the answer.

“No you all go on.” She said, “I will stay and watch the baby.  Why don’t you take Rosie too.  She could use a break.”

04-28-18_11-40-65 PM04-29-15_11-44-24 PM04-29-15_12-33-08 AM04-29-16_12-27-20 AM04-29-16_12-27-27 AM

Bedtime came and it was Papa’s turn to get some Trui time.

Trui was not happy that it was bedtime but …

05-29-17_0-15-18 PM

Papa was the best tuck-er-in-er ever and …

05-29-17_0-15-54 PM

the most wonderful storyteller there was.

05-29-17_4-11-05 PM (2)

Papa’s deep velvety voice crooned,

“And there were three little bears sitting on chairs
And two little kittens … And a pair of mittens
And a little toy house … And a young mouse
And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush
And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

Her eyelids were sooooo heavy and soon the world slipped away for this tired little tot!

Off to dreamland with you tiny one!

05-29-17_4-13-31 PM

Feeling a bit tired, Papa readied himself for bed and as he did the world began to slip away from him too but it was not to dreamland.

05-29-18_1-10-51 AM05-29-18_1-15-48 AM

Caiden implored the dark one to spare his Papa.

“Your Papa is very old,” the dark and hollow voice explained to him.  “His time has come.”

Caiden refused to relent and for some unknown reason Grimmy relented, “Very well, but enjoy him now.  His time is short.”

05-29-18_1-21-36 AM05-29-18_1-24-18 AM05-29-18_1-25-55 AM05-29-18_1-27-32 AM

A few days later Grimmy would visit again.  This time no one could dissuade him. Alfonso’s time was at his end.

06-11-18_1-29-39 AM06-11-18_1-36-00 AM06-11-18_1-49-04 AM06-11-18_1-50-13 AM06-11-18_1-50-57 AM

The family laid Papa to rest down by the fishing hole.  They all knew he would have wanted that.

07-10-18_12-37-36 AM

They left Mama alone for some time to say goodbyes to her beloved.

“My time is coming soon too, my love.  I will find you in the netherworld and we will be together again.”

07-10-18_12-46-44 AM

Rest in Peace Alfonso Orsini.  You raised a beautiful family and your legacy is golden!

07-10-18_12-48-47 AM


The family took a week to mourn.

Then with tearful goodbyes to Betty, they were off to continue their journey.

07-14-18_2-52-16 AM


Soon the drylands were far behind them.

07-14-18_2-57-22 AM


Almost one month later, to the date, something sinister blew into the Wiggly Piggly.

Betty could feel its presence before she even laid eyes on him.

08-14-18_12-02-47 AM

“Yes sir, can I help you?”  Betty was cautious.  Her keen sense of a person’s character kicked in.  She had strong red flags about this one.  He seemed to ooze evil.

08-14-18_12-22-39 AM

The droll little man purred, “My name is Mergwhen Brandywise.  I am looking for some friends of mine.  I am wondering if you might have seen them?”

He went on to describe Bruno, Rosie and the other members of the Orsini family in accurate detail.

Although she denied ever seeing them Mergwhen did not believe her.  You see Betty is not the only one who is a keen judge of persons.

08-14-18_12-22-41 AM

Merwhen has his own ways of obtaining information from reluctant subjects.

08-14-18_12-22-45 AM

He did not bank on Betty having such a strong will.

08-14-18_12-24-34 AM

Truth be told it was a bit embarrassing for him.  He thought to himself,  “I have been on this planet too long .. I am losing my touch. ”

08-18-18_12-31-18 AM

I might also point out at this moment, Mergwhen did not come alone.   Along the way, he has teamed up with another hunter who is looking for a small alien child.

08-14-18_12-22-42 AM

Bruno and Rosie had stayed quietly out of the way so most locals did not even know they had come thru.

“NO! NO, we have not seen a small child like that around these parts.  But if we do we will call.”

08-14-18_12-22-43 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

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For you Betty fans .. she will stay in game as will the Wiggly Piggly.  Never know when some one might need a bite to eat and a friendly face ❤

backwoods betty familyWiggly Piggly diner

In this branch of the Charming tales, I will be attempting a modified version of :

The Alien Adoption Challenge 

I will raise an adopted wild child (and she sure is) alien from a toddler to YA.

She can never be the active sim and I cannot give her any directions or commands.

My modifications (to fit the story) are of course she gets two parents (but Rosie won the roll and is the primary).  There are to be NO babysitters or nannies.  While neither can have a job both can contribute by learning “a trade” and sell crafted goods.


An Era of Charming Tales: Respite

Betty showed Bruno and Rosie around the property.  They were thrilled with the sweet little house.  It was cozy and colorful (with indoor plumbing .. for the most part), and the garden was bountiful.  Bruno was excited that there was a fishing hole nearby.  He was itching to throw a line out into those crystalline waters.

Betty helped them make the beds and get the windows open for fresh air.  She picked some veggies and put them in the fridge.

“You are free to use whatever the garden gives you while you are here.”

05-08-18_12-21-07 AM05-08-18_11-25-25 PM

“I will take my leave now.  It is time for me to get back to the restaurant,” Betty said cheerfully.

“OH Betty, thank you!”  Rosie exclaimed, “this is a wonderful little house.  You are such a dear to let us stay here to rest up for the remainder of our journey.”

“It is my pleasure,” Betty responded warmly.  “If you need anything, I am at the Wiggly Piggly most of the time, but I only live across the street so feel free to come ask for anything you might lack.”

01-26-18_2-09-35 AM

After Betty had gone Bruno asked his little family, “So who is ready to do a little fishing? ”

Trui jumped up and down excitedly exclaiming, “feesy .. feesy .. feeeesy!”

A huge smile swept across Bruno’s face, “OK baby Trui, let’s go catch something wonderful for dinner.”

Rosie laughed, “Bruno, you are determined to make her into a little bear … aren’t you?”

Bruno just winked as he and Trui trotted off.  Rosie came right after.

05-08-18_10-07-17 PM05-08-18_10-13-49 PM

Bruno whispered with a soft laugh, “looks like fishing is very tiring for tiny anglers.”

Smiling, Rosie continued her soft lullaby,

“Honey is for bees silly bear …

And besides, there’s jellybeans everywhere …

It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams …

Don’t worry your little head, just go to sleep  …


05-08-18_12-11-59 AM


It doesn’t matter how you feel …

Life is just a Ferris wheel …

It is always up and down …

Don’t make a sound …

When you wake up the world will come around …

When you wake up the world will come around.”  ***

05-08-18_12-12-51 AM

Since they did not catch any fish earlier, Rosie decided they would have a special dinner … her mother’s pancakes.

05-08-18_12-20-27 AM

Bruno kept an eye on Trui while dinner was cooking.

05-08-18_12-21-44 AM

” … and baby bear said, “someone has been eating my porridge and IT IS ALL GONE!”

05-08-18_12-25-36 AM

Rosie called, “Dinner time you two.  Come on now before it gets cold.”

As Bruno sat down at the table with his sweet wife and darling Trui his heart swelled with gratitude!  He truly felt like the luckiest man in the whole world!

05-08-18_12-29-28 AM

After dinner, it was time for a baby bubble bath 🙂 and then off to bed for a tired tot.

05-08-18_12-30-57 AM

Bruno was stunned to see the baby come around the corner of the house.

“Trui what are you doing out of bed?”

“Bebe bear … bebe bear!”

“Honey it is bedtime now!  You are supposed to be going to sleep.”

“Bebe bear … bebe bear!”

Trui turned those big eyes and Bruno and his resolve melted.

“OH OK! OK! Come on!”

He glanced up at Rosie who was beaming at her beloved.

With color rising in his cheeks he picked up his daughter and carried her into bed.

05-25-18_10-37-47 PM05-26-18_2-11-40 PM

“You lay back now and let’s see what happened to little Goldilocks.”

05-26-18_2-12-14 PM



The sun is up .. so Trui is up!

Mama and Papa are not up!

05-08-18_8-57-11 PM


After a quick breakfast, Rosie and Bruno headed out to the garden before the heat made the job unbearable.

01-26-18_3-00-43 AM

The fresh fruit and veggies from Betty’s tiny garden were exquisite.  Rosie marveled that the impeccable quality.  She could not wait to use them in recipes.  She had many ideas.

Bruno enjoyed tending the garden.  Once they got settled he would plant one of his own.

01-26-18_11-55-47 AM01-26-18_12-09-47 PM

Rosie and Trui try a little potty training.

04-26-18_12-10-30 PM04-26-18_12-11-30 PM04-26-18_12-14-10 PM

“Maybe next time, baby Trui.  Maybe next time.”

04-26-18_12-19-54 PM

Poor little princess!   Laundry time is not for wimps.

Using one of the wonderful herbs from the garden, Rosie freshened the water and began …

04-26-19_2-13-48 PM04-26-19_2-14-25 PM04-26-19_2-20-55 PM04-26-19_2-22-22 PM04-26-19_2-25-16 PM

With Rosie up to her elbows in laundry (literally), Bruno decides to try his hand at making dinner.  His FAV beans and franks.

04-26-20_2-23-41 PM

UH, that did not go so well.   Poor Bruno, Trui is a tough food critic LOL!

04-26-20_12-22-30 PM

Bruno attempts to placate the tot, “Do you want one of Papa’s lovely apples, baby girl?”

04-26-20_12-23-30 PM

That is a winner!

04-26-20_12-24-09 PM

Be a parent they said .. it would be fun they said .. YOLO Rosie!

04-26-20_12-24-10 PM

“… and the cow plant says …”

04-26-20_12-24-11 PM

I don’t know Bruno I think this little one has a thing or two to teach you too.

04-26-20_12-38-55 PM


Could the cavalry be on the way?

(Look to your right Orsini Fam … look to your right!)

09-28-18_10-53-07 PM


Meanwhile, back in Windenburg the Queen is not doing so well.  The stress from all that is going on has taken its toll.  She has fallen quite ill.

Prince is beside himself with worry.

04-26-18_11-26-59 PM04-26-18_11-28-06 PM

The family is quite concerned too.  Everyone has stepped up to care for her.

04-26-19_10-53-10 PM

While she is quite grateful to them she cannot seem to “bring herself out of it.”

04-26-18_12-22-21 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

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