An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Venice … Answered

**~~~ AN: If I ever lose these two I know just where to find them .. the coffee shop.  They love their coffee and chats! ~~~**

This beautiful sunny Tuscan morning we find the lovebirds finishing off their breakfast with a bit of espresso.  It is their last day in the heart of Italy.  They had found great delight in their days of exploring the rolling hillsides with their silvery olive groves and quaint farms.

OH and the food!!  Rose swears she has gained 5 pounds since they arrived.   Simple .. almost peasant fare … but with most extraordinary flavors all washed down with a wonderful Chianti.

“I am sad to leave this place,” Rose whispered her confession, “I really love it here.”  Mike sighed and pensively agreed that he was quite fond of Tuscany as well!

Rose and Mike took a moment to quietly savor their beverage before heading out to do a bit of souvenir shopping.

Later, in the afternoon, they will hop on the train to take a leisurely 5-hour train ride up to Venice.  They could drive it in less than three but they want to see the countryside.

03-12-18_10-40-20 AM


They arrived at the Santa Lucia railway station late that evening, and feeling a bit peckish after the train trip, where did they go?  YEP, to the nearest cafe!

Ordering cappuccinos and chocolate croissants, they enjoyed their repast al fresco.

The lights twinkling off the Grand canal as the water made tiny lapping sounds coupled with the rich taste of coffee and chocolate … oh Venice at night was magical!

03-12-18_10-40-25 AM

They ate in complete contentment, Mike sharing the plans he had made for Venice.  Rose excitedly looked forward to their adventures.

03-12-18_10-40-27 AM

Mike had booked a room in an old monastery near St. Mark’s Basilica.  It was a tiny bit little more austere than the accommodations they were accustomed to but both found it quite charming and very comfortable!

UHHMMM I think it is time for us to vacate …

03-12-18_10-40-28 AM

We will just wait out here ❤

03-12-18_10-40-29 AM


No trip to Venice would be complete without taking the opportunity to explore the city in a Gondola.

Mike and Rose had booked an early tour.  They wished to see the city before the teeming throngs of people crowded the streets and the waterways became clogged with traffic.

03-12-18_10-40-30 AM03-12-18_10-40-31 AM03-12-18_10-40-34 AM03-12-18_10-40-36 AM03-12-18_10-40-38 AM03-12-18_10-40-39 AM


“Rose,” Mike called to the closed door, “the hour is getting late.  We really should be going soon.”

“Yes, dear.  I will only be a few minutes longer.”  Came the reply from the other side of the door.

03-12-18_11-16-47 AM03-12-18_11-17-50 AM03-12-18_11-19-00 AM

“OH!” Mike exclaimed, who is that vision before me.  What woman of mystery goes there!”

03-12-18_11-33-33 AM03-12-18_11-33-34 AM

Straightening Mike’s tie, Rose inquired, “Oh my dear husband, tell me.  Was the wait worth it?”

Only one look at his face told the story!  Yes, it was well worth the wait!

03-12-18_11-39-35 AM

If you two do not cut it out you will miss the night’s festivities completely!

03-12-18_11-40-28 AM


03-12-18_11-40-30 AM


“Balliamo, mia cara?”

(Grazie Lovenovavita for the wonderful lessons in the proper Italian expressions of endearment)

03-12-18_11-40-33 aAM

“Si Amore mio.”

03-12-18_11-40-34 aAM03-12-18_11-40-35 aAM03-13-18_1-29-52 aAM03-13-18_1-30-37 aAM03-13-18_1-30-58 aAM03-13-18_1-33-28 aAM03-13-18_1-34-18 aAM03-13-18_1-35-26 aAM

Mike marveled that everything was so grand!  Was it the music that intoxicated him or the beauty of his bride?

That he could not say, he was only certain of one thing … that he was the happiest man on earth!

All night they were swept along by the sweet strains from piano and violin, although there were many all around them, they only had eyes for each other.

03-13-18_1-35-29 aAM03-13-18_1-35-30 aAM


“Sisters did you hear that the cute Reverand who did the kids wedding ceremony has moved into a small cottage near here.”  Caroline was bubbly as she relayed her news to Blair and Irene,

Blair smiled at Caroline’s enthusiasm, “No, I had not heard.  Where exactly?”

“That cute little bungalow right next to Bob and Eliza.”

“Oh yes,” Irene interjected, “I know that place.  It is adorable.”

Caroline leaned in and purred coyly, “And guess what else sisters … he is single!”

“A Reverend with NO wife?” Irene said quizzically.

Undaunted, Caroline relayed, “He is a widower.  His wife passed 6 years ago and the poor dear has been alone ever since.”

“Well, you certainly have done your homework,” laughed Blair.

“I am going to pay him a neighborly visit,” Caroline informed’ ” I think I will make something yummy to take along with me.”

03-12-18_1-47-13 AM03-12-18_2-03-06 AM03-12-18_2-03-58 AM03-12-18_2-06-27 AM

Irene came in from the garden “OHHH that smells marvelous sister. I am famished!”

03-12-18_2-07-50 AM

“NO sister!  This is not for you!  This is for the Reverend.  I will make another when I return from my visit.”

03-12-18_2-11-01 AM

“Good day Reverend Knupp,” Caroline called as she rolled her bicycle into the tidy little yard.

“Princess Caroline, what a lovely surprise!  What brings you to my humble abode?”

“I thought I would bring you a little sweet surprise to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

The reverend raised his eyebrows playfully, “I am certain it is not nearly as sweet as you, Princess, but come on in and I will make us a nice pot of tea to go along with this lovely apple pie.  Is Earl Grey ok?”

“OH yes! That would be perfect!”  Caroline blushed and stifled a small giggle as she followed him in.

03-12-18_2-36-29 AM03-12-18_2-39-41 AM

“OH DEAR! I am not feeling so well ………………. ”

03-12-18_2-46-38 AM03-12-18_2-46-48 AM03-12-18_2-47-36 AM

**~~~ AN: Were you all wondering whatever happened to that special wedding gift from Evella?  🙂  ~~~**


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

For those of you who may have missed the “in -a -nutshell) story recap  …  if you are a new reader this will give you background and if you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up …

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

**~~~  credits ~~~**



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Madame by Wistful Castle

The picnic by quiddity-jones

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An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

(First off TY to my sweet daughter Tiffiny for the amusing title.  It fits well!)

I promised you all a reader’s thank you to celebrate my 2-year blogaversary and here it is <3.

The Charming family story “in-a-nutshell.”  I promise to be merciful with the length of this update (while still telling the story of course).  

Side note:  The ridiculous reality of this story is that I NEVER intended this to be a story.  I had just finished a bachelor challenge that I wanted to continue AND I had a great idea for another story (that still exists in the dark recesses of my storyboard).   Both would take some setup.  I was not in the mood for that so I thought I would make a QUICK revisit to my surprise Insane Asylum winner for just an update or two.  After a few updates, it became apparent that Snow had struck a chord with my readers … there would be more updates needed.  

That was 2 years ago!

There are still more updates needed.


To begin we have to go BACK to the beginning … so here we go way BACK  to the very beginning. 


Driven to madness by the dwarves,  Snow White had sought respite in the Newcrest Asylum.  It was perhaps an unfortunate idea, in that the seven people she now lived with pushed her farther into madness than the dwarves ever did.

the gang mid game

Snow was your average lunatic.  Nothing really set her apart from her housemates.  She had her quirks, but she was not the most insane among them.

06-17-15_12-29 AM

A little harmless aggravation time to time, but again, nothing to make her notable.

06-17-15_1-23 AM

Well, except … there was that ONE incident with poor Sol.

Santa had started the drama earlier that day, Sol sustained it, and Snow finished it.

It sure did not help her popularity with asylum denizens!

In the end, her only really good and true friend was Abe.  Honest Abe knew he could trust her to take his side in any drama involving his nemesis, the bookshelf, and he really appreciated that about her.

Snow never did figure out why he was so mad at the bookshelf … oh I digress, sorry.

06-25-15_12-54 AM

Without the distraction of a social life, Snow was driven deeper and deeper into her art.  She found that painting was very therapeutic.

It helped her focus her emotions and calmed her!

On and on the challenge continued.

Each contestant plugging away, making decent progress in their aspirations.

Well except Abe … no one knew what he was doing. Ahh but again I digress.

When everyone was expecting a Santa win, late one night Snow came in and swept it away from him!

No one saw it coming (not even me)!

She finished that last masterpiece and earned her freedom!

08-19-15_11-40 PM08-20-15_2-55 AM

She took off to spend a bit of time in Granite Falls … which is where we caught up with her a bit later.

12-13-15_1-50-01 AM

Soon Snow settled into a small lovely house in Windenburg.  This was HOME.  A place to call her own and her heart seemed strangely connected to this place.

12-16-15_1-47-36 AM

Life was very pleasant (and so comfortable) there but it always seemed as though something or someone was missing!

A nagging deep in her being that was difficult to ignore and kept her on the lookout … for what she did not know …

12-16-15_12-39-29 AM

She tried to satisfy the longing with clubs and clubbing but nothing stuck.

Well, unless you count DON (UGH).  He stuck but it was about as welcome as toilet paper dragging behind your shoe.

12-19-15_2-45-42 AM

Time went on and try as she might find relief from the void.  This yearning was always there whispering to her heart.

(AN:  There is a backstory to this heart’s desire but it is too complicated to put here.  Just trust that it was real.  For those of you who want to know more .. it can be found here wedding & backstory).

Then one day, on that beach where she been drawn so often, she found it!  Well, technically  “it” found her.

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

What followed was magical.  The flames of love burned brightly in the hearts of these long-lost lovers!

A wedding date was set.  Snow was resplendent in her scarlet gown and Prince declared himself the happiest man in the world!

01-03-16_12-59-19 AM

The magical love between these two was not lost even in death.

01-16-16_4-09-29 AMTHE END right?

Time to move those other stories from the back burner?

So I thought.

Readers were NOT happy with me!

NOT happy at all!

So with the magic of Sims and the newly released (then) wishing well ...


Redux came to be. 

The other stories remain on the back burner even today.

Snow and Prince would get a second chance a life and this time they would do life together.

02-12-16_12-37-35 AM

Thanks to the whole “til death do you part” clause, the first thing to be done was to get married (again).


It was a FAB wedding!

We got to meet Prince’s family for the first time too.

The King and Queen (aka Mom and Dad Charming), the sisters Blair, Irene, dear little Caroline and Snow’s best friend, the elegant Dr. Ellie.


After a beautiful honeymoon, the young couple (who have always shunned court life) settled into a beautiful private home on the palace grounds.


Not long after this, Snow became quite ill.

A concerned Prince called in Dr. Ellie to treat Snow’s mysterious illness.

“Illness” ???

ellieShortly thereafter we welcomed the darling little “illness” … Rose White.

Welcome, Charming Nooboo.

Mom and dad were smitten!

rose whiteShe was a joy to her family.

03-09-16_2-45-29 AMqueen (2)irene and blaircaroline

Rose White grew in wisdom and favor,  a delight to all who knew her.

Rose White was not to be an only child for long.

Snow announced with great excitement that there was another Charming Nooboo on the way.

Rose White was delighted. She would be the best big sister ever!

04-06-16_2-10-17 PM

The stress and strains of place life were impacting Snow’s health so Prince took the little family off for a lengthy sabbatical.

It was during this time they met Bruno.

Although Rose White was afraid at first, it soon became apparent that she had nothing to fear from this friendly little brown bear.

Bruno and Rose White became fast friends.  Even Prince and Snow grew to love him. Little did they know then how dear to the family Bruno would become.

EA had a little surprise for me … actually 3 surprises (TY EA for significantly adjusting my storyboard).

Meet Rose Red, Violet and Lily.

As you can imagine, although it was a very happy time,  it was also a tad bit crazy for the family.

05-07-16_12-08-08 AM

During this busy time, the family lost the Queen Mum (the King had already passed when Rose White was young).

After an appropriate time of national mourning, Prince and Snow were enthroned as King and Queen of  Windenburg.

There was much joy in the kingdom.


The little family was growing up.  The triplets were a bundle of sweetness, chatter, and giggles.

Bruno was their very best friend .. especially close to one.  Can you guess which LOL ?!

Rose White was becoming a stunning beauty and dearly loved as the heir apparent to the throne.

Long live the future Queen Rose White.

05-27-16_10-56-00 PM

Not everyone in Windenburg was happy during this golden time!  A sinister dark one was up to no good.  Her hatred towards Snow grew stronger and stronger.  She became bolder and bolder in pursuing her diabolical plan.

Evella, the dark queen was determined to destroy the Charmings!

Employing 2 stooges (she could not afford 3), she set about to make their destruction happen!

07-01-16_1-02-43 AM

Donning her disguise …

With the assistance of the Stooges, she took the queen captive.

Enter our hero … the dashing valiant Officer Thies!  (fans self)

Evella’s cunning was no match for his tenacity!  He would get his (wo)man.

Finally, under intense interrogation, the 2 stooges rolled on her and Snow was rescued.

The Stooges went to jail …

and Evella was committed to the Hope Psychiatric Center for the criminally insane.

The Stooges reformed (truth is that they liked Queen Snow) …

but never Evella.  The depth of her evil is unmeasurable!

After murdering the HPC night staff with poisoned coffee, she made her escape.

As she made her exit she vowed to return to Windenburg to seek revenge.

10-13-16_1-02-39 AM (2)


With Evella out of the picture and Officer Theis ever vigilant in his care for the Royal family, everyone could relax and enjoy life again.

She kept good on her promise to return … go here to read that story The Menace Returns


Prince had a surprise planned for them … a trip abroad.

The family was called upon to make a Good Will tour of America to celebrate the strong ties that the countries enjoyed with each other.

From Times Square to San Francisco  .. it was a delightful whirlwind of sights and activities.

While they were on the road the triplets aged up.

It was then that Rose Red revealed that she and Bruno were in a committed relationship.

Snow was a bit freaked out at first .. I mean, after all, he is a bear!


Back home and EA had yet another little surprise for me.  Another opportunity for me to exercise flexibility on my storyboard. 

Welcome baby Aster.  AAAAND he is a redhead??


The relationship between Rose Red and Bruno continued to grow.  They were inseparable.  His family adored the princess as well!  Everyone agreed that they were destined to be together.

Well, except for the fact that he is a bear .. OR IS HE?

One day momma bear told Rosie the story of their enchantment, a twisted tale of sorcery and curses.

They had been a royal family.  Their great-grandfather had been heir to the throne.  It had been stolen from him by his evil twin sister Mildred who, using dark magic, had put a curse on them.

Bruno told Rose that his new friends (plant sim) Juniper and Aspen,  that their wicked mistress had a dark book that they thought they could help.  At great personal risk, they stole the book and brought it to Bruno.

“The book says that the only way the curse can be broken is by a kiss from the red rose.”

02-22-17_11-01-17 PM

Needless to say, someone was (IS) very unhappy with Bruno and Rose Red (Juniper and Aspen as well .. they flee for their lives).

02-23-17_1-42-08 AM

Bruno’s story can be read here Bruno Genesis and The red rose


There are many suitors who seek to court Windenburg’s future Queen.  To give each guy a fair chance a plan was made.  First, the suitors were vetted by Officer Thies and King Charming.  A list of those who were thought honest and upright was given to Rose.  She, with the help of her personal assistant and best friend, Claudia,

12-05-16_3-08-15 AM

reviewed the names and selected 16 to meet and spend time with.

The guys:

Dreamy Mike – dreamboat with a Yacht!


Suave David – German pianist and art collector

01-20-17_2-36-44 AM

Sweet Preston – popular city life blogger, skateboarder, and city artist.

01-28-17_2-10-34 AM

Ezra – recently turned vamp .. disqualified.

02-15-17_3-11-00 AM

Gentle Stephen – lived on an enchanted island .. parents were mermaids.

03-15-17_1-39-26 AM

Amusing Jack Frost 🙂

04-06-17_12-30-33 AM

Adorable Nick – a member of the Windenburg Police Department – opted out.  Felt his civic duty would compromise his ability to be King.

04-30-17_2-21-08 AM

Noel – bad egg that got past the screening.  Accosted the princess while in a drunken rage.

05-15-17_1-47-52 AMa

The darling Florez brothers – Pace and Junior.  Strong family and community base!  Junior loves to dance and Pace is a romantic musician.

05-19-17_2-50-10 AM

Debonaire Darien – white-collar city worker/dweller who yearns for a more provincial life.

06-02-17_9-07-31 PM

Melodic Prince & Jesse – members of the band IT (internal tantrum) Jesse plays keys and Prince fronts the band with vocals.

06-14-17_3-35-49 PM

Delightful Darren – Baseball player and volunteer firefighter

06-22-17_1-50-23 AM

Captivating Hugo – dreamy Pirate

cover 07-02-17_2-15-08 AM

Their stories can be read at  Search for a King

The dating was done and You, the readers, were called upon to vote.

You did and chose the 7 to go forward:

07-20-17_12-18-05 AM

At the end of much happiness and heartbreak (depending on your pov) the final choice was made by you the reader (vote):

Mike will be King!

10-02-17_2-59-21 AM

Which brings us to  An Era of Charming Tales   

Did you think we were EVER going to get here .. I didn’t LOL   

I will give a brief synopsis here but I would recommend you go back at least to Rose & Mike’s wedding.


Everything is sweet for the Charmings.  Rose is home and engaged to Mike (even though they have not officially announced it).

10-11-17_11-43-39 PM

Snow wrote a pancake cookbook  .. it may be the only thing she ever learned to cook BUT she does them the best!

10-11-17_11-45-18 PM

We have had a few weddings:

Officer Theis and Claudia

11-12-17_1-56-44 cAM

Bruno and Rose Red

13-01-17_5-34-57 PM

Lily and Alexander Goth

12-26-17_10-48-10 PMeIf I might make a quick note here .. some of you do not know but Alexander has been trying to be a royal for a LONG time.  He was originally rejected for the Search for A King by officer Theis and Prince because they deemed him a person of questionable character.

Mike & Rose White

01-27-18_6-31-22 AM

An Engagement – Violet and Jack Frost

01-03-18_1-36-47 AM A couple of Birthdays:  Aster is a teen now.

01-01-18_3-38-33 PM  And Bruno’s cute little-adopted sister Molly seems to have her eye on him. 12-27-17_10-32-35 PM

The Story of Molly’s adoption by Bruno’s family is a sweet one.  One of my personal favs that I have written.  Go here to read it if you would like to … The gift

King and Queen Charming are elders … not to worry!  It has not slowed them down one bit!

12-27-17_2-22-56 AM


Sadly not all is goodness and light …

Evella continues to breathe out her wrath.  Coming against both Snow’s offspring, especially at Bruno and Rose Red.


She has a new minion … The Weasel.


Officer Theis has brought in reinforcements and they are hot on the case!

Did I say HOT in the same sentence as Officer Thies .. Freudian slip maybe? 

02-25-18_2-28-55 AM


Rosie is having mysterious difficulties.

She is having auditory (hears singing) and visual hallucinations and Bruno is so concerned!

At the advice of Dr. Ellie’s colleague …

they are medicating her.

01-12-18_9-41-21 PM


Mike and Rose White are still enjoying their honeymoon in Italy.


This brings to THE END .. of this  “in-a-nutshell”  update but def NOT the end of the Charmings.

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents











An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Tuscan Dreams

WOO WOO just hit a milestone .. 30K reads for my scribbles (and about to hit another … my 2-year blogaversary on the 28th of Feb).  Thank you so much for all of your sweet support!  I will be doing a proper reader thank you/blogaversary celebration in my next post.  I have a story synopsis in the works that will  help fill in gaps for long-time readers and bring new readers into the backstory “know.”  LOL and I promise it will be an “in-a-nutshell” version.  Now on to the business at hand!


“Welcome!”  A smiling Officer Theis extended his hand to the dark-haired officer seated near the front desk.

“You must be Detective V from SanMyshuno PD.”

“Yes, sir,” the young officer returned.

“We are very glad to have you here with us at WPD.  Your Captain says you are the best!  I have known him for years, we were in the academy together, and I trust his judgment wholeheartedly!”

Detective V grinned warmly, “Thank you, sir.  I hope to live up to that expectation!”

“I have heard that you are staying in Violet Snow’s boarding house.  You will like it.  Many of our single officers reside there.  So if you are all settled in and ready to start …”

Detective V quickly interjected, “Yes, sir I am!”

02-25-18_2-06-31 AM

Officer Theis laughed, “Eager, HUH?  Well, come on then.  For the most part, you will be in plain clothes working undercover so no need for a WPD uniform.

I have assigned  Nick Amaro to be your partner.  Let’s go grab him and get you briefed.”

02-25-18_2-06-32 AM

Officer Amaro and Officer Theis waited patiently as Detective V poured over the images she was handed.

02-25-18_2-28-55 AM

Officer Theis filled her in on the details, “We do not know much about our person of interest (POI) except that they are of average height, 5’7″ and slight build.  The POI’s age, race, and gender are unknown.  We do know that he or she is physically fit because they outran Officer Domgaarde when gave pursuit after spotting the unsub near Bruno Orsini’s house.  Domgaarde keeps herself in shape, criminals rarely get away when she gives chase on foot.”

02-03-18_2-52-59 aAM02-03-18_2-55-39 AM

Officer Theis continued the briefing, “the unsub has been seen all over Windenburg at night.  Cameras picked up these images on the palace grounds.”

02-18-18_9-31-33 PM02-18-18_9-37-45 PM

“We know the unsub has some pretty strong ties to the dark underbelly of Windenburg.   This surveillance camera shot shows the POI in a clandestine meeting with criminal mastermind Evella Queen.”

02-18-18_10-08-53 PM

“Just as a quick side note, until this point, we had no idea Evella was back in town.  She is sought in connection with five counts of homicide.  She is thought to be responsible for the murders of her caretakers two years ago at Hope Psychiatric Hospital, where she was confined after kidnapping Queen Snow.

She is very dangerous and should you encounter her DO NOT approach her, wait for back up!  She is very crafty.”

10-13-16_1-02-39 AM (2)

Word on the street has it that she calls the unsub “The Weasel” and is not terribly fond the POI.

From camera footage, after her departure, we are certain that the feeling is mutual. ”

02-18-18_10-10-59 PM

“A passerby caught this shot of the Weasel near the King & Queen’s personal residence.   She called 911 but by the time we got there, the POI was gone.

02-18-18_11-10-48 PM

“The POI has been seen on surveillance cameras many times near Rose’s Chateau.”

02-18-18_11-13-13 PM02-18-18_11-14-30 PM

“So far we have not gotten word of any illegal activity outside of trespassing but I am sure you can understand our alarm.

We suspect strongly that the unsub is a minion of Evella, that is how she operates.  Evella has a strong vendetta against both Snow White and Bruno Orsini.  If she is back and involved nothing good can come of it.

I want you and Nick to meet up with King Charming to introduce yourself.  He is fully apprised of the situation but does not want his family to know, so please this is A NEED TO KNOW only!  Do not discuss this outside of the precinct.”

02-25-18_2-34-31 AM02-25-18_2-34-32 AM

Spotted a couple of friends in the cafe … Cathytea what are you doing hobnobbing with Bella Goth??  That is pretty UPTOWN!

What is up Maria?  Did Victor cut you in line?  You know he is always trying to get next to Bella.

What you can not see is that I am the barista … I guess rather than go broke buying it  I thought to become a supplier and get my “stuff” for free LOL

02-25-18_2-34-33 AM


Handsome Sherrif Galliger peeked up over his monitor, “Did you get that list of informants I sent to your phone?”  His warm smiled beamed.

Detective V was hesitant to look up into those sultry eyes.  Peering down at her phone and feigning rapt interest she murmured,  “Yes here they are?  Thank you so much.”  She prayed her hot cheeks were not too red!

“Good luck out there today Marie!”

Blinking quickly, she tried to regain her composure before speaking.  She was rarely called by her first name and it sounded so wonderful coming from that deep husky voice.

Before she could stop it her “Thank you” slipped out like a sigh, causing an even wider grin to cross Gallager’s pretty face.

“T-t-time for me to take off,” she stammered.

Rising quickly eyes down not, daring but a quick glance where her eyes collided with his.  “I will see you all later.”

(Rebels this part was written JUST for you).

02-25-18_2-37-38 AM

The residents of Windenburg can rest assured that Detective V is on the job!

02-25-18_2-40-26 AM02-25-18_2-42-11 AM02-25-18_2-44-16 AM


Meanwhile, in Tuscany, the honeymoon shenanigans continue. ❤

The young couple is enjoying their visit to the beautiful Ponte Vecchio near Florence.

02-24-18_2-47-06 AM

With a soft peck, Rose whispered, “il mio tesoro.”

02-24-18_2-47-07 AM02-24-18_2-47-43 AM02-24-18_2-47-44 AM02-24-18_2-47-45 AM02-24-18_2-47-46 AM

UH OH .. a tiny bit of trouble in paradise.  You two had best leave the board games alone and stick to romancing!

02-24-18_2-47-54 AM02-24-18_2-47-55 AM02-24-18_2-47-58 AM

“There you are my love. I have been searching for you.”

02-24-18_2-52-15 AM

“OH Mike, I am sorry for being a spoiled braaa ….”

“Shhh il mio amore!  It is I who need to be sorry.”

02-24-18_2-55-17 AM02-24-18_2-58-18 AM


02-24-18_3-09-36 AM02-24-18_3-10-09 AM02-24-18_3-17-46 AM01-24-18_2-01-51 AM01-24-18_2-01-52 AM01-24-18_2-01-53 AM01-24-18_2-01-61 AM01-24-18_2-01-63 AM02-24-18_1-31-52 AM02-24-18_1-32-25 AM02-24-18_1-32-54 AM02-24-18_1-32-56 AM02-24-18_1-36-20 AM02-24-18_1-38-48 AM02-24-18_1-39-34 AM02-24-18_1-41-03 AM02-24-18_1-41-52 AM02-24-18_1-43-47 AM02-24-18_1-43-56 AM02-24-18_1-43-57 AM02-24-18_1-43-58 AM02-24-18_2-12-24 AM

Our visit with the lovebirds ends as it began, with a small endearing peck on the cheek from Rose to her beloved!  She does cherish her man!

02-24-18_2-16-27 AM

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For those of you who may have missed the “in -a -nutshell) story recap  …  if you are a new reader this will give you background and if you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up …

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

In case you missed it … a little fun with mood boards and OC .. Snow White contrasted with Evella Queen.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Light VS Dark)


An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

~~*** credits ***~~~

ponte vecchio

So excited to have Miss V on loan from my good friend Simsophonique

mis v

You can visit her story here Simsophonique & the Sims

This cute little build was the perfect start to the Tuscan picnic spot ❤


Poses by Sylent Whisper (I don’t think she has released these to the public yet but I will be sure to link it when she has.




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 Scavenger Hunt Questions:

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Who was the doctor that delivered Rose White?



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In the Murkland story, Lisabee gives up her update to another …

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An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Light VS Dark)

I am still working on the regular update and will have it to you soon.  This one is just for fun … kind of like having a cookie before dinner.

I have been a tad draggy.  Broke my foot and messed up my leg (hurts just to sit) UGHtumblr_static_plumbob

Was challenged to do the OC# challenge and Mood Boards …

you might call this my OC# mood Board Plus update.


Light vs Dark




  1. What is your name? I was born Snow White but now I am Snow White Charming.


  1. Do you know why you were named that? According to the Brothers Grimm, it was because  “she was as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony, and she was therefore called little Snow White.”


  1. Single or taken?  Happily married to my dearest Prince.



  1. Stop being a Mary Sue! *smiles sweetly  Whatever you say, dear.


  1. What’s your eye color? Brown.


  1. How about hair color? UHH, I thought we just talked about this .. “black as ebony?”


  1. Have you any family members? Some people think I have a sister named Rose Red but that is a different Snow White.  I am an only child.


  1. Oh, how about pets?  I have always had a fondness for birds.



  1. That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like?  Apples



  1. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?  Kissing Prince ❤

01-04-16_4-55-57 PM (2)


  1. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?  Well, there was that time in the asylum but technically it was Santa’s fault.

06-25-15_12-31 AM


  1. Ever… killed anyone before? NO.


  1. What kind of animal are you?  Oh, you silly, I am a human.


  1. Name your biggest weakness.  Prince *sigh  Even after all these years he still makes my heart skip a beat.

10-06-16_8-21-55 PM


  1. Do you look up to anyone at all? King and Queen Charming.  I miss them terribly.

queen (2)

  1. Are you straight, gay or bisexual? straight.


  1. Do you go to school? No, I spent my childhood hiding from my evil stepmother.


  1. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?  I have five wonderful children.



19.  Do you have fangirls/fanboys? Do my loyal subjects count?


  1. What are you most afraid of? Apples!



  1. What do you usually wear? I try to keep a very polished appearance. No one wants a schleppy queen.

09-12-16_2-43-14 AM


  1. What’s one food that tempts you?  Pancakes.



  1. Am I annoying you?   What dear?


  1. Well, it’s not over!   Are you alright?


  1. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? *leans in close to whisper  Honey, we are the King and Queen of Windendburg.


  1. How many friends do you have?  Yes, I have good friends. Paola, Bruno’s mother, and Duchess Matilde.

01-08-18_2-23-15 AM


  1. What are your thoughts on pie?  Pie is good.  As long as it is not apple.



  1. Favorite drink?  I like tea.



  1. What’s your favorite place? In the arms of my Prince.

03-28-18_3-38-57 AMa


  1. Are you interested in anyone?  I am not sure what you mean. I am interested in lots of people.


  1. That was a stupid question. * looks quizzical


  1. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?  A pool.  I want no critters swimming around me.

10-11-17_3-56-13 AM


  1. What’s your type? I think it is O positive.  Dr Ellie would know for sure.


  1. Any fetishes? *smiles and looks away


  1. Camping or indoors? Glamping for me.

04-13-16_1-38-31 AM

*graceful bow and exits

********************************** VS **********************************************


black background


  1. What is your name? Evella Orsini.  OH, close your mouth!  Yes, those dreadful people are my cousins.   I liked them so much better as bears!

collage orsini


  1. Do you know why you were named that? I cannot for the life of me imagine.


  1. Single or taken?  Taken where?  I was only TAKEN one time and I swear it will never happen again!


  1. Stop being a Mary Sue! *glowers


  1. What’s your eye color? Green.


  1. How about hair color? Black.


  1. Have you any family members?  No immediate family alive.


  1. Oh, how about pets?  Only my familiar.



  1. That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like?    Snow White!

07-21-16_2-53-27 AM


  1. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? *wicked smile Plotting revenge.


  1. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Meh, that little incident with Snow White … I mean really.  How hurt could she have been … the dungeon was safe and secure.

06-10-16_3-20-31 AM


  1. Ever… killed anyone before?   None that I have been prosecuted for.

10-13-16_1-02-39 AM (2)


  1. What kind of animal are you? A very dangerous one.


  1. Name your biggest weakness.  Rage.  It has killed me a few time but thru the magic of Sims I was returned to the land of the living.

01-15-18_3-57-43 AM01-18-18_9-45-26 PM


  1. Do you look up to anyone at all?   ……………..


  1. Are you straight, gay or bisexual? straight.


  1. Do you go to school?  NO, I was taught by tutors in the castle.


  1. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?  Perhaps marriage, if I found the right man. BUT CHILDREN? Heavens NO!  I cannot abide the little urchins.

05-25-16_2-40-03 AM (2)


  1. Do you have fangirls/fanboys? I have minions do my bidding. I have no need of fans.


  1. What are you most afraid of? *long hissing sound   Officer Theis!

 06-13-16_2-28-07 AM


  1. What do you usually wear? *eyebrows raised  Really? Hello?  I have 6 of these dresses.


  1. What’s one food that tempts you?   Just desserts and I like it served COLD!



  1. Am I annoying you?  Of course, you are!


  1. Well, it’s not over! UGH!


  1. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? *leans in close to whisper   I am a Queen, what do you think Einstien!


  1. How many friends do you have? How many friends do I have? I have no need of any.


  1. What are your thoughts on pie? Pie is good. Especially if it is apple.



  1. Favorite drink? Coffee.  BLACK!

coffee talks no


  1. What’s your favorite place?  In front of my mirror!

01-18-18_6-38-28 PM


  1. Are you interested in anyone?   Uhhh, NO!   The last date I had was with that little troll Mergwhen Bramblewise … UGH!

10-16-16_12-44-21 AM


  1. That was a stupid question. * deadpan


  1. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?   I don’t!


  1. What’s your type?  We are done here!


  1. Any fetishes? *Hands up


  1. Camping or indoors? *Walking away


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

TY Booomcha and socallucyfan for the tags and inspiration .. I had a blast





An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Roman Holiday

Their final day in Rome and Rose was feeling a bit blue!  She had fallen love with this great city and was not anxious to leave.

Mike, who always seemed to know what would make “it” better for his bride, had made arrangements for them to spend the morning in an opulent Roman bath and spa.

Even tho it had very modern amenities, one felt as tho they were transported back in time when they entered the building.

She was not sure if it was the background of tranquil music mixed with the soft gurgling of water fountains that whispered in her ears or the decor of muted warm colors bathed in candlelight that delighted the eye or the almost imperceptible aroma of sandalwood and amber that captivated her senses, whatever it was, Rose felt her mood lighten and a sense of well being rise up within her.

She changed quickly and hurried out to meet Mike.

02-08-18_2-32-23 AM02-08-18_3-47-32 AM02-09-18_2-23-04 AM02-09-18_2-36-28 AM02-13-18_2-34-00 AM02-13-18_2-34-41 AM

Yoga is NOT Mike’s cup of tea.

02-13-18_2-43-31 AM

And buddy if that little princess catches you eyeballing her man she will rip your face clean off your skull!  It will not be pretty!

02-13-18_2-46-41 AM02-13-18_2-49-33 AM02-13-18_2-51-45 AM02-13-18_2-54-53 AM02-13-18_2-58-27 AM02-13-18_3-24-30 AM


After a quick change back at the hotel, Mike and Rose grabbed a leisurely lunch before heading to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.   Mike had it on good authority that it was best to visit later in the afternoon when all the crowds had died down.

No words could describe the grandeur that met their eyes as they approached St Peter’s Basilica.  It was breathtaking!

Mike drew Rose close, and together they approached in quiet reverence.

02-13-18_3-24-35 AM02-13-18_3-24-36 AM

Purchasing a WiFi Audio Guide, Mike and Rose explored the beautiful church on their own.  The art was magnificent.  All was awe-inspiring from the Renaissance architecture of the Basilica to the Pieta of Michelangelo to the tombs of the popes.  The richness of history right in front of them.

Magnificence at every turn!

02-13-18_3-24-37 AM

Spying a small side chapel that contained a wedding arch Mike playfully pulled Rose in and guided her beneath it.  He declared anew his devotion to his radiant bride.

02-13-18_3-24-40 AM

Upon entering the central nave Mike was overcome by appreciativeness for his wife and for the position he would be entrusted with one day in the not too far off future.  Slipping into a pew and kneeling in solemn prayer, he whispered his gratitude.  Rose, who had been admiring the statue of St Peter saw him and knelt beside him.  In her heart, she sought discernment for Mike and her.  That they would govern the kingdom with grace and wisdom when the time came for them to take the throne.

02-13-18_11-07-05 PM02-13-18_11-07-06 PM


“I am engaged!”  The excited voice of her sister Violet rang thru the phone.

“I am so sorry to bother you on your honeymoon but I could not wait to share.”

02-14-18_12-53-07 AM

“Baby sister, it is OKAY! We are just getting into our room for the night.” Rose reassured.

“OHH, Rose, it was so romantic.”  Violet gushed, “The snow here is melting fast and Jack told me he wanted a day out to enjoy it before it was gone.  You know how much he loves the snow.”

“Mmmmhmm,”   Rose sounded her agreement.  Well, after all, he is Jack Frost she thought to herself!   Jack was the only one among them who loved long extended winters and late springs.

01-03-18_1-20-50 AM

We decided to do the hedge maze.  You know the one down behind the little chapel, near the cemetery?”

Rose affirmed that yes, she knew the one.  She and her sisters had played there many times growing up.

01-03-18_1-23-58 AM

“he tried to be so tricky,” Violet snickered, “but he did not know how well I knew the maze.  Was I wicked not to tell him?”

The sisters shared an impish titter as Violet continued, “I felt so bad for him.  He got a bit turned around in the middle of the maze.

01-03-18_1-25-10 AM01-03-18_1-30-18 AM01-03-18_1-31-47 AM01-03-18_1-27-11 AM

He finally caught up with me at the waterfall.

Even tho he had been quite lost, when found me he was in such a flirty romantic mood.  My heart was all a flutter!

He teased me about catching the bouquet at your wedding.  He said I snatched it from Auntie Caroline who needed its hope more than I did.”

Her tone got a bit devilish, “Silly goose, that was MY bouquet!  Anyway, he was being so charming and funny …

01-03-18_1-31-49 AM01-03-18_1-34-37 AM01-03-18_1-35-51 AM

…. all of a sudden he stopped and got so serious.  I was so worried!

01-03-18_1-36-46 AM

Then, dear sister, he proposed RIGHT then and there.  Dropped right down on one knee and declared his wish to be my love forever.  I thought my heart would stop!  I was so overcome.  Is that how you felt when Mike proposed?” She continued without waiting for Rose’s answer.

01-03-18_1-36-47 AM


01-03-18_1-37-49 AM

Oh sissy face, thank you for not picking Jack.  I adore him so!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!”  Obviously feeling emotional, Violet let her voice trail off with a sigh.

Glancing over at her beaming beloved, who was texting his congrats to Jack, Rose felt her heart swell.   “I am glad for you sweetie,” she said with a soft grace in her voice, “I know exactly how you feel!”

02-14-18_12-42-44 AM

(Valentine’s day bonus shots w/ pose links posted after the credits)

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Just in case you missed it, I was so excited to be a featured author in Booomcha’s ongoing simlit author showcases   ❤  TY sweet Kymber .. I am blessed to have made some wonderful new friends ❤

Sweet interview with RosemaryMarie

An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ build credits ~~~**

TY Elke (aka Simoniona) for the wonderful builds!


necrodog funeral poses

Here are some bonus shots that were taken of the lovebirds as they celebrated a Valentines day event ❤

02-11-18_1-52-44a PM02-11-18_1-50-58 PM02-11-18_1-51-37 PM

Kissing booth    poses

01-11-18_1-38-22 PM02-11-18_1-34-51 PM02-11-18_1-34-52 PM02-11-18_1-35-54 PM02-11-18_1-37-40 PM02-11-18_1-39-40 PM02-11-18_1-41-30 PM

Poses by Joanne Bernice  This one was from either Valentine’s Day or Ultimate Couples but I liked her pose page .. she has so many FAB poses .. have fun shopping!






Sweet interview with RosemaryMarie <3

TYSVM Kymber for featuring me.  I am so blessed by it!   click here for the interview Featured Author: An Interview with Lisabeesims

Kymber (Aka RosemaryMarie or Booomcha) is a wonderful author!  Be sure to check out her story as (if) you swing by to hear my ramblings LOL

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02-05-18_3-41-41 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Delight

The day after the wedding Mike and Rose headed back to the Chalet to finish packing for their honeymoon trip.

Upon arrival, Rose seemed very unsteady on her feet.  Mike caught her up as she appeared faint. “Bella, are you ok?”

“Yeah honey, I just feel a little light-headed is all.  I think I just need some coffee.  I will be fine.”

Mike reluctantly agreed, “Ok, you get your coffee and then we will pack.”

02-03-18_2-04-21 PM02-03-18_2-04-22 PM02-03-18_2-12-58 PM

“No coffee for you!  Drink this tea and get into bed.  You need to rest.”  A very concerned Mike was being firm with the balking princess!

Rose was in near tears, “But the trip, Mike, we leave in 3 hours.”

Mike was not hearing it!   “I will call and reschedule our reservations.  Don’t worry my love, I will take care of it.”  Then he softly added, “And I will take care of you too my angel. Now lay down and rest.”

She was feeling terrible about causing a delay in the plans Mike had so carefully planned, but she was too ill to fight it so Rose relented and lay down to recover from whatever was ailing her.

Mike tended to her needs all day, bringing her tea and medicine.  He prepared a nice chicken noodle soup for dinner and tucked her into bed to sleep for the night.

“Rest and get better my love,” he said as he gave her a peck on her warm forehead.  “Good night now.”

02-03-18_3-37-07 PM

By the time he had finished making new travel arrangements and seeing to his ailing wife, Mike was exhausted himself.

02-03-18_3-37-08 PM

Whatever had Rose down the day before was out of her system by the next day.  They had most of the day to kill.  Mike was hungry, he wanted to head downtown for coffee and grab some lunch.

I am not sure Rose had the same thing on her mind but off they went.

02-03-18_11-53-15 PM

Nice little coffee shop.  A little sweet and a little chat … no?

02-04-18_12-09-32 AM

I think Rose got her wish!

(Autor’s note:  I did not put them in those ugly PJs AND I did not direct them to the closet. YEAH!)

02-04-18_12-14-56 AM

After they worked up quite an appetite they stopped for a bite at the street food vendors.  Rose had a craving for some spicy ramen.

As  Mike ordered their food he heard a little voice beside him, “Hi Mr. Mike.”

Mike looked down and grinned at the little happy face turned up at him, “Well hello there.  What is your name?”

“My name is Stephen.  I watched your wedding on TV.  Mom let me stay up for the whole thing.  Mom thinks you are very handsome.  She loves Princess Rose so much and I think she is beautiful.”

“Well that is two of us,” Mike laughed.

“Mom cried and said she was glad you would be King and Queen when I was grown.”

Mike could feel the color rise up his neck as he looked in those adoring eyes, “You will have to tell her thank you for me and,” looking over at Rose, “tell her that we promise to do our best so that when you grow up there will still be prosperous times in Windenburg.”

The boy beamed, his eyes glowed with admiration for the man standing there.

A young girl called out in an exasperated voice, “Stephen, what are you doing?  Come over here now.”

“That is my big sister.  She gets embarrassed easily.”  Both fellas chuckled and with a wave goodbye Stephen trotted off to join his sis.

From the table Rose looked on, her heart warmed by the sight of Mike chatting with the small boy.  Like her own father, he was going to be a phenomenal dad.

02-04-18_12-25-45 AM02-04-18_12-29-36 AM

Back at the chalet, there was still a bit of time to kill.  Rose recommend a bit of relaxation in the hot tub.

02-04-18_12-29-37 AM

Relaxation?  OK .. I guess .. sure.

02-04-18_12-29-38 AM02-04-18_12-29-39 AM02-04-18_12-29-40 AM02-04-18_12-29-41 AM02-04-18_12-29-42 AM

UMMM Maybe we will just wait out here for a bit ….

02-04-18_12-29-43 AM

Three woohoos later and what does Mike want to do and what does Rose want to do …

02-04-18_12-29-45 AM

Mike sits down to relax with a movie AND Rose steps in front of the tv.

Rose is like UH BOY I am your TV now!   (I swear to you I did NOT set this up).

02-04-18_12-29-48 AM

Rose cannot procrastinate the packing any longer, it is time!  She likes going but she does not like packing to go.

02-05-18_3-15-23 AM02-05-18_3-15-24 AM02-05-18_3-15-25 AM02-05-18_3-15-41 AM02-05-18_3-23-19 AM

First stop, Rome!  The famous Trevi Fountain.

The trek begins with a quick coffee stop to ward off jet lag.

02-05-18_3-23-20 AM02-05-18_3-23-22 AM02-05-18_3-23-24 AM

(Mike is always smiling .. I wonder why)

02-05-18_3-23-25 AM

Rose was stunned by the fountain’s beauty.  As she stood lost in contemplation Mike came up behind her and he slipped his arms around her waist.  He paused momentarily just to breathe in her scent, amber soap and hairspray, it was a delight his senses.

Drawing her in more closely, he whispered, “Ciao mia bella Rosa … ti amo.”

02-05-18_3-41-35 AM02-05-18_3-41-36 AM02-05-18_3-41-40 AM02-05-18_3-41-41 AM02-05-18_3-41-37 AM02-05-18_3-55-07 AM


02-05-18_3-59-41 AM02-05-18_4-01-31 AM


The concierge recommended Giardino Fresco, a lovely traditional appearing restaurant that had an avant garde menu.

02-05-18_4-15-50 AM

To warm the evening up a very fine imported wine.  It was from the private winery of King Charming himself.  Rose had to giggle, come all this way just to drink daddy’s wine.

02-05-18_4-23-11 AM

After they are seated the waiter arrived.  UGH, don’t they have some sort of “don’t hire creepsters” policy in this place!

02-05-18_4-36-34 AM

It was an exciting dish .. Brisket with sour clover saute … mmm it smelled divine!

02-05-18_4-39-41 AM

So beautiful that they had to post it to simstagram.

02-05-18_4-40-46 AM

A delight to look at and delicious to smell does not necessarily translate to tasting good.

02-05-18_4-42-53 AM02-05-18_4-44-11 AM

Despite the “interesting” meal,  the night was pleasant and the fun was NOT over … nope Rose has plans!

02-06-18_1-03-43 AM

I think we will just wait out here in the hall ok?  Getting kind of used to it by now!

02-06-18_1-04-24 AM

Goodnight dear little love birds!

02-06-18_1-06-10 AM


02-02-18_8-34-11 PM02-02-18_10-17-59 PMa02-02-18_10-18-45 PMa02-02-18_10-19-29 PMa02-02-18_10-23-49 PM02-02-18_10-27-26 PM02-02-18_10-32-03 PMa02-02-18_10-37-31 PM02-02-18_10-37-32 PM02-02-18_10-42-37 PM02-02-18_10-43-50 PM02-02-18_10-43-52 PMa02-02-18_10-43-53 PMa02-02-18_10-46-18 PMa02-02-18_10-46-19 PMa02-02-18_11-29-49 PM02-03-18_2-35-11 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ Credits ~~~**

Kiss poses   Kisses by Joanne Bernice

Alien Costume  Cravena alien angel costume Jom Sims Creations

Apple pie dimples packing up

Neutral supply limo rendezvous


I waited over 1 year to use this GORGEOUS build by Simoniona (more from her as the honeymoon continues) .. it did not disappoint


Was very excited to find this “new” to me builder in a FB group 🙂


alien paradisealine marsh

The always lovely HatsyYT

giardino fresco

Another new to me .. stumbled upon in the gallery .. Scheinhelig1603

troop ship

TY to canadiansimmer77 for the wonderful wedding presents .. she did custom pics of the photo shoot from the wedding blog .. TY Abs

02-03-18_4-45-58 PM



An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Wedding Day!

“I cannot believe the day is finally here, Jack.  This has been the longest year of my life.”

Mike was overcome with the emotions that flooded his heart and mind as he dressed for the ceremony.

01-26-18_5-43-43 PM

“The day I met her at Prince’s concert in Windenburg, I knew right away I would fall in love with her.  For me, there was no escaping her presence.  She was like an intoxicating sweet fragrance in the air.  I was drawn in and felt dizzy around her!

12-09-16_2-59-12 AM (2)

Then I found out about the Quest to find a king.  I was dismayed!  Jack, I was was going to lose her before I ever had a chance to win her.

I knew I had to act.  I had to find my way into the quest.  It was a frightening experience.  You know the King was unhappy about my joining?  He finally relented and I truly believe our destinies were sealed that moment.

15577931_739420396205828_8869358156044231841_o (2)

Our first date on the boat I knew I already loved her more than she could ever know!   My brain screamed at me to flee, this was too risky!  OH, but my heart held me fast.  I could not bear the thought of losing her to another.  I had to fight for her.

01-26-18_5-43-44 PM

Being in the challenge house was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure.  Watching her leave on an outing with another would send me spiraling into a dark place.  Every time I made it thru another challenge I was thankful and vowed to fight on.

The times I spent alone with her were nothing short of magical.  She always chides me about the wasted moonlight that one night up on the roof,”  Mike said with a twinkle in his eyes.  “Little did she know how I was struggling to keep myself from taking her in my arms and begging her to sail away with me.  I knew she would not so I stood fast.

01-26-18_5-43-45 PM

On that final day, when it was just you and me my dear friend, I was outside of myself with grief over the thought that she might not choose me.   I thought my heart would beat out of my chest as I walked toward her to hear my fate.  A rose or no rose … this was it!  How would I go on if there was no rose?

01-26-18_5-43-46 PM

I saw the rose and my heart lept out of my chest and my feet failed me.  All I could do is hold her and cry!  My beautiful princess had chosen me.”

01-26-18_5-43-47 PM

Looking at his best friend Mike finished with sincerity, “I know I am being insensitive, Jack.  I know that you were the one rejected and I deeply regret any pain caused you in this.  I am honored that you are my dear friend and my best man!”

Jack smiled.  He was not sorry he had lost the quest.  NO, in losing he had won.

01-26-18_5-43-48 PM


01-26-18_5-52-15 PM

“Hold still Rose,” Claudia admonished, “you are going to make me poke you with this pin.”

01-26-18_5-55-07 PM

“I am sorry, it looks perfect now.”

Rose White was feeling a bit queasy and holding still for all the dress adjustments was not making her feel better.

01-26-18_5-59-15 PM

Rosie walk in to see Rose clutching her stomach.  Taking her sister in her arms she confided, “Oh honey, I was there too.  Those butterflies are just temporary.  It is all going to be wonderful.”

01-26-18_6-06-29 PM

Rose White adored her sweet sisters.  They brought so much joy to her life.  What an honor it was to share this day with them!

01-26-18_6-15-31 PM

“Sissy face what is wrong,” Violet wiped the tears she saw falling onto Rose’s cheeks.

Rose stammered tearfully, “What if I am a bad wife and a horrid mother?  What if I am a terrible queen?  I don’t know if I can do this!”

“Oh stop being a goose dear sister!  You will be wonderful at whatever you do.   Now the music is playing so wipe your face,” Violet said as she pressed a hankie into Rose’s gloved fingers, “we will see you down at the altar.  Everything is going to be just fine.”

01-26-18_6-21-27 PM


01-27-18_4-33-03 AM01-27-18_4-33-05 AM01-27-18_4-34-13 AM01-27-18_6-11-05 AM01-27-18_6-28-48 AM01-27-18_6-29-46 AM01-27-18_6-31-13 AM01-27-18_6-31-20 AM

We present to you their highnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ranieri.

01-27-18_6-31-22 AM


While Mike and Rose signed the marriage license, the family hurried off to the reception hall.  There was much to be done before the Bride and Groom arrived.

Aster had greeter duties.  Sassy Anchesenamon arrived first.  Aster thinks she is a “total crack-up” and, despite the cold, they enjoy a few moments of lively banter.

01-27-18_7-00-15 AM

Even princesses can assist the caterer with filling wine glasses (Prince’s private reserve of course) and making a refreshing iced tea (which will not get touched LOL).

01-27-18_7-00-20 AM

Claudia makes a quick check to see that everything is perfect as word of the Bride and groom’s arrival sounds.

01-27-18_7-01-49 AM01-27-18_7-08-42 AM

The food was divine!  The menu and recipes were strictly supervised by Rose White herself.


LOL I think Lexi likes those hairy knees (shhh I kinda do too ❤ ).

01-28-18_2-28-09 AM

Rosie enjoys some chat time with Mum.  She misses seeing her every day.

01-28-18_2-28-07 AM

The cake is cut .. you two be NICE! AWWW!

01-28-18_2-28-11 AM01-28-18_2-29-03 AM

“Thank you, dearies.”  Agnes was feeling a bit fatigued from the day’s festivities, so Maria brought a piece of cake to her while Lily watched over her for a few moments.

01-28-18_2-29-07 AM

Little Molly was dreaming of the cake she would have at her wedding one day (when she married that certain young redhead she has been crushing on).  Brother NO making fun!

01-28-18_2-29-08 AM

UH Molly, I think little redhead is crushing on someone too.

01-28-18_2-29-09 AM

We all will admit, Salome’ does look rather fetching in that dress!

01-28-18_2-29-10 AM

UGH!   Does anybody else smell something foul?

01-28-18_2-59-22 AM01-28-18_3-00-56 AM01-28-18_3-02-15 AM

As the clock ticks away the party gets a bit more lively.

01-28-18_3-02-16 AM01-28-18_3-02-17 AM01-28-18_3-02-18 AM

Come on ladies let’s shake it loose!

01-28-18_3-02-19 AM02-28-18_4-26-47 AM02-28-18_4-26-48 AM

Good grab Violet.  You must have REALLY wanted it and you know your Auntie Caroline needed it more than you!

02-28-18_4-26-45 AM

“Oh dear!” Caroline called out, “who left a piece of fruit on the gift table? TSK!”

02-28-18_4-26-46 AM


As the party continues for the guests downstairs the young couple sneaks upstairs for their own party.

02-28-18_4-54-04 AM

We will give them some privacy and take our leave here.

02-28-18_4-54-05 AM


A little photo shoot fun for you all!

The wedding party.

02-28-18_4-54-06 AM02-28-18_4-54-07 AM

(Princes’s sisters) The aunties and Dr. Ellie.

03-28-18_2-40-04 AM

What a guy!  He even agreed to give himself hat hair for his precious Auntie Matilde.

03-28-18_3-07-02 PM

Bruno and Rose Red!  These two have enchanted my heart ❤

03-28-18_3-23-38 AMa

Jack Frost and his NOT so shrinking violet (nope no nunnery for her).

03-28-18_3-32-39 AMa

Alexander (Goth) and Lily

03-28-18_3-38-55 AMa

My heroes .. my beloved Prince and Snow White!  Charming Legacy founders!

03-28-18_3-38-56 AMa03-28-18_3-38-57 AMa

Aster Charming.  Darling last born (later in life surprise .. to ALL of us LOL).

03-28-18_3-38-58 AMa

Be still my heart.  Our beautiful couple, Mike and Rose White ❤  Destiny brought them together (you readers KEPT them together).  I think Windenburg will be in good hands with these two on the throne!

03-28-18_4-32-16 AMa03-28-18_4-32-44 AM03-28-18_4-37-01 AMbannera013-28-18_4-34-48 AM

Next let us see what Simoniona and Mike planned for a honeymoon shall we??

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Wedding attendant dresses  … It is called Recitia By JomSimsCreations Jomsimcreations

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An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Finding Answers?

“Rosie, you promised you would go!   You have to get this checked out.  This has gone on too long.  Dr Ellie says she wants to see you today.”

Bruno was struggling to keep his cool with the stubborn princess.

01-12-18_3-19-53 AM

“Please Bruno, I AM FINE,” Rosie shot back at him,  her frustration showing clearly.  “Why is everyone insisting that there must be something wrong with me!   I just want everyone to stop,” throwing up her hands, “I am fine … just fine!”

01-12-18_3-20-25 AM

“No my Rosie,”  Bruno pleaded, “you are not just fine!   You are still hearing the singing day and night now … I can tell.  I know you aren’t sleeping well.  I hear you get up and down all night and even when you do sleep you toss fitfully and cry out.  I am so worried.  Please come to see Dr Ellie with me.”

Looking into his troubled eyes broke her heart.  She did not want to but she would go for him.

Besides she knew and trusted Dr Ellie.  Dr Ellie would be a voice of reason to her family and maybe put this all nonsense out of their heads.

01-12-18_3-19-24 AM

Prince’s sisters, Blair, Irene, and the youngest Caroline, lived in a tidy little house near the palace.  It was a warm cheerful place that always smelled of something wonderful in the oven.  It had always been a favorite getaway for the girls as they grew up.

Walking up to the house, Rosie felt that familiar comfort wash over her.  Her anxiety ebbed away in anticipation of the visit to her dear aunts.

Dr Ellie lived with her aunts ever since she arrived in Windenburg.   Although she worked at Centurion Hospital in Newcrest, she maintained a small office here at the house to care a bit more privately for friends and family.

01-12-18_3-30-52 AM


All three sisters seemed to hit the door at the same time.  Bruno and Rosie were greeted with all the fanfare of a great celebrity come to visit.

In stark contrast to the chattering excited Aunties, a smiling and serene Dr Ellie greeted Rosie.

“Come lets get started, my dear,” Ellie laughed, “the girls are busy fussing over Bruno and they will be busy for a while”

Rosie dutifully followed Ellie to her office.

01-12-18_3-35-56 AM

Sequestered away quietly in the cozy office, Rosie explained what she had been experiencing for the past few weeks.

“The singing began right before Bruno and I got married.   Near the beginning, I had an incident.  For some reason, that I cannot remember, I was outside and I don’t know if I blacked out or what but I seemed to have lost an hour.   I think I might have fallen and hit my head because I had a terrible headache when I came to.

Right after that I heard the songs.  It is not loud but it feels so urgent.

01-12-18_9-21-25 PM

I feel like I need to go find the singing.   No one else can hear it .. at least I think so.  I don’t know. I have not really asked because .. well you know.

About a week ago I started having the dreams.

01-12-18_9-22-40 PM

It is like the end of a dark tunnel opening to me and showing me a place I do not know.  There is LONG dark winding road.  I feel like I am supposed to go on that road but I don’t know where it is and I do not know why.”

01-12-18_9-22-41 PM

Dr Ellie tried to keep her face from showing the concern she had over Rosie’s recount of what was going on for her.

She felt like she was grasping at straws, “Honey, could anyone be gas-lighting you.  Maybe slipping hallucinogens into your food or drink.”

Rose was adamant that no one in her life would do that.

After an exam and some blood work, Dr Ellie sat down at her computer to look up a few things in her online medical journals.

All of a sudden she stopped abruptly, “Rosie, here is an article by a doctor who says he has been