Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #3 Meet Mike

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and wish to attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her side as King).  A plan was made that would give each young man a fair shot at this quest.  Join us as we see the plan unfold.  You dear reader will be asked along the way to have your input into these proceedings so keep watch!

Today we meet Mike Senna.

“Good morning,”  Mike cheerfully greeted Rose White.  “I trust you rested well.  While I have not stayed there myself, I hear tell that the Castello Di San Marco provides wonderful accommodations!”   “Oh yes,” Rose said wistfully, “It was just perfect.”  Mike held her elbow as he directed her gently into the lovely home of Duchess Matilde.  “Auntie awaits us.  She assures us that breakfast will be ready soon.”


Rose was astounded that what from the outside appeared to be a modest home was filled with wondrous works of art.  Noting Rose’s surprise, Auntie offered, “I enjoy the travel that comes with promoting my fashion line.  I have collected many lovely things on my adventures.”  Rose, eyes wide, smiled and nodded her agreement.


“I am so glad to have you visit my dear.  In the year that my nephew has lived with me he has not been on an outing with friends at all!  Not one!”  Playfully rolling her eyes she added, “The boy spends all of his time working on that boat.”  Mike returned the eye roll.


“While I do enjoy his company, I will be glad to have him distracted for a bit,”  the duchess said with a small titter.


“Auntie stop your play.  I believe I do smell that breakfast is ready,” Mike retorted, a twinkle in his eye!

Over breakfast Rose learned that Mike had come to live with his aunt a little over one year ago.  Her husband had passed away and, in that they had never had children of their own, he had bequeathed his beautiful yacht and the upstairs apartment to their favorite nephew.  Mike had been devoted to the Duke and Duchess since his childhood and still continued to see to his Aunt’s welfare.  “He is to me the son I never had,” Matilde said softly, “and I could not be prouder of him!”  “With that we take our leave Auntie,” Mike stooped to kiss her forehead.  “We will return in a few hours.”


Rose breathed deeply, letting the salt air relax her.  The fresh Mediterranean sea breeze seemed a caress to her face.  Rose uttered dreamily, “Oh Michael, I see why you love it here.  It is so beautiful!”  Beaming, he bowed low sweeping his arm towards the boat, “welcome aboard your majesty.”


Mike grew quieter and quieter.  Rose was concerned and asked what the problem was.    He began, “Rose … I am deeply disturbed.  This … uhh  … searching thru the suitors thing …  and the quest to seek your hand.  Why?  I just do not understand.  What about love?  How does love fit in to it.  OH Rose, come away with me,”  he whispered his plea, “we can sail to  distant islands and be together in paradise.  I will take care of you.  Come with me.”15369279_736296363184898_6886956396845412795_o15384615_736301566517711_7049819213934151953_o

“You must understand Michael.  My heart says yes lets sail away for adventure and love.  But this is not my lot in life.  I am heir to the throne and this I do for my kingdom and my people.  Once Father and Mother are gone the responsibility to govern them will rest on my shoulders and upon the shoulders of the man who shows himself worthy to be my helpmeet.” Rose affirmed with a slight waver in her voice, “I have agreed to this and cannot go back on my word.”




“Mia principessa, I have decided to throw my life into the hands of the fates.  I will go to your Father and beseech him to allow me to join the throng of suitors who seek your favor.   If it is me that wins out then so be it and if it is not I am no worse off than I am at this very moment.”


Mike was overjoyed to be summoned to the King.   He knew that his pleas had been heard.  Dressed in a very conservative blue he arrived and was ushered in.  The atmosphere in the King’s office was a bit more somber than he had expected.  A seated King Charming was flanked on either side by Officer Theis and Claudia, the assistant to the Princess.   Both had grim expressions on their face.


“Welcome Mike Senna,” the king began sternly, “or should I call you by your given name and title, Michael Prince of Layonne.  By what manner of deception and trickery do you come by this kingdom and my daughter with such a request?   I know well of your family!  They are treacherous and would they seek to acquire my kingdom by your marriage to my daughter?  It is well known that your parents tried at all costs to find a noble wife for you while you were yet a child.  Speak for yourself now and tell me why I should not have you arrested and removed from here.”  Officer Theis adjusted himself a bit to be at the ready.  The silence that followed was oppressive.  The resourceful trio had uncovered a dark secret that Mike had hoped would be buried forever.  He gazed into the face of the angry Father and King and was surprised to note the feelings of admiration for this man growing inside of his chest.   15577931_739420396205828_8869358156044231841_o

“Sir,” Mike spoke with a slight crack in his voice, “I see how this appears but I assure I am not of this mindset.  I renounced my position with my own kingdom when I was to be forced into a marriage of convenience and thru duplicity assume control of her family’s kingdom.    My benevolent Aunt, sister of my mother and woman that your mother knew so well, took me in as her son and has allowed me to live a life of honesty and give me leave to pursue  my passion for the sea.  Auntie Matilde was not directly involved in the life of the court and above all she is a woman of integrity. She did not approve of my parents ways.   I also assure you sir that I am not running away from the nobility but from a the kind of nobility that would oppress the people.  It would be my dream that with Rose White, I would establish the kind of royal family that would bless the people of my kingdom, such as your is sir.  For me love and family is far more important than blood heritages and power.”   This gave pause to King Charming.  Startled he looked over at Officer Theis and then at Claudia.  Both wore silly grins.


After a moment, he rose and crossed over to a seat near Mike.  Leaning in, rubbing his chin and speaking intently he addressed Mike, ” I am a pretty good judge of character and  I believe you.  To be honest, before you arrived, we had decided to arrest you and send you back to your country in disgrace.  I thought you were a charlatan. However, I can see you are sincere and I wish you good luck in the quest. Now Claudia will take your information to make the final arrangements.”  Then in a decidedly daddy moment Prince stated, ” You will do well to remember my daughter is very dear to me and I trust yours and the actions of the other suitors will reflect this understanding.”  Mike nodded somberly, “On my life sir.” Satisfied Prince rose and smiling he motioned to Officer Theis, “Come Jake.  I do believe there is fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen.  Good bye Mike and again good luck.”


That afternoon the princess picks up her tablet and reads about the next suitor … OH .. David Manolas??  I remember this gentleman, we have met before.  Lovely!  I look forward to seeing him again.


On a quick side note.  It looks as though these two enjoyed working together.  Our hunky hero and the helpful right hand 🙂  Ohhh I could see it .. but for now she has lots of work to do to get that princess motivated!


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Many thanks to my amazing co-lab for this WONDERFUL post  … Ascanius your  romantic boat pose screenies and builds are magical!  Mike is just dreamy!

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Fashion Show

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and wish for an attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her side as King).  A plan was made that would give each young man a fair shot at this quest.  Join us as we see the plan unfold.  You dear reader will be asked along the way to have your input into these proceedings so keep watch 🙂 

This is the first of a number of colabs that will happen during this challenge.  TY to my good friend Ascanius for going above and beyond with this.  The fashion show and it’s respective screenies are his.

Rose White was so excited to be off to the fashion show.  She had been dreaming about glamour of it ever since meeting the Duchess Matilde and her nephew at her Father’s benefit concert.  Even through she was a princess  she had been a bit sheltered from this type of gala.  Prince and Snow opted to rear their children simply and more down to earth.  She knew and believed as they did, that this would help her be a better Queen to her people but for now she could not help but be a bit charmed by this adventure.

“Be sure to be reviewing the suitors while you are on the plane.  I packed your tablet in your carry on.  When you return we begin to arrange the meetings.”  Claudia bustled busily getting the Princess to her plane.   “Try to arrange them in some sort of order and we will go with the top fourteen.”


“OH YES!  I will do all that you ask my dear Claudia. I will message you the list before I exit the plane.”  Rose White gave a laugh as she hugged her.  “You take the best care of me!  I will miss you.”


The lobby of  Castello Di San Marco was stunning.  As Rose White entered it took her breath away.  The Duchess had seen to everything so that the Princess would be comfortable and well cared for.  Her excitement of this experience bubbled inside her.


Matilde’s Atelier was in a flurry of activity.  Organized chaos with it’s charming mistress at the helm driving the well oiled machine.   “Mike, come here please.  I have word that the car I sent for the Princess is near.” Noting the gleam in his eye Matilde instructed, “I don’t think that being her escort will be a great chore for you dear nephew. You two have good time and do be sure to bring her back here before the show so I can say hello and she can see the fun.  OH and you look wonderful dear.” She gave his shoulder a quick cursory brush with her fingers and sent him on is way to greet her majesty.


“Welcome darling.  I am so glad to see you.”  The duchess rose to greet her, smiling as she teased,  “I trust you found your accommodations suitable?” Rose White, understanding the Duchess’ poke at her, gave an impish smile and poked back in jest.  “you mean that little old room.”  Matilde’s smile broadened at the Princess’ quick wit,  “Mike will take charge of you as your escort and I will see you after the show.”    The Duchess turned to Mike,  her eyes twinkling, “Be sure to show her around and see to her comfort.”   Mike gave a small polite bow (along with a very discreet  eye roll in her direction), “Yes, Auntie I shall.”    The excitement was electric back stage, she could not stop smiling as Mike gave her the “grand tour.”  He escorted her to her seat for the show and of course was quite attentive.  The  experience was all that Rose White had hope it would be.



“Thank you so much Duchess.  I had a wonderful time.  Everything was so amazing.”  Rose White gushed.    Matilde gave her a hug “I hear that you are to go on a small cruise with my nephew on his boat tomorrow.  How wonderful! I am certain you will enjoy it!   I have had lots of lovely trips on his sail boat!  (insert blatant teaser here)


Do come for breakfast before you go out.  I would love to have a moment to chat dear. ”


Rose looked at Mike, “I do not think it will be a problem?  Will it Mike?” Mike laughed, “Auntie you know I have a fully equipped galley on board and can handle breakfast.”  One look at his auntie’s beaming face and he caved, “Of course we will be there but do not make a big fuss!  Now Princess may I walk you to your car?”


“Until tomorrow then.”


“Hi Daddy.  Yes, I am fine.  I did have a wonderful time.  No, my silly Daddy I did not buy too much.  Just a little something for the girls and mom.  Oh and for Claudia too.”


“How did the boy behave?  A perfect gentleman, I hope. Oh here is your mother she is dying to get the phone. I will see tomorrow and hear of your day.”


“Oh sweet we miss you terribly.  I am so glad you had fun!  Now tell me all about it … I want to hear everything!”


“Oh mom .. it was magical. The dresses were exquisite and the music and the lights made your heart race …  I cannot wait to show you the dress I picked for you.  Oh and tell daddy Michael was indeed a perfect gentleman!  I am to have breakfast with the Duchess in the morning and we are going out on his sail boat before my return flight tomorrow night.”  Rose just rambled on and on.  Finally Snow stopped her and admonished gently, “Have fun but do be careful tomorrow.  We don’t know this boy at all.  So keep your head about you.  Now go get some sleep.”  “I will Mum,” a sleepy Rose replied “Good night,  I love you all dearly.  See you tomorrow.”


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #1 Merry Christmas

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her right hand as King).  A plan was made that would give each young man a fair shot at this quest.  Join us as we see the plan unfold.  You dear reader will be asked along the way to have your input into these proceedings so keep watch 🙂 

“I know .. I know Claudia!  I just have been so busy getting ready for daddy’s benefit concert.  I promise to get to that list this week.”  Rose White pleaded with her lovely but highly efficient personal assistant.


“Princess all the suitors have been vetted by Officer Thies and his majesty.  There are 24 on the list.  Now it is up to you to screen them and decide who will go forward.  We hope to begin the face to face meet ups after the first of the year.  As soon as you give me the names I will make the arrangements.”   With determination, Claudia handed Rose White a tablet.  “The young men have submitted videos introducing themselves and answered some questions that we thought you might want to ask.”  Recognizing Claudia’s friendship and devotion the princess smiled. “Thank you Claudia for all that you have done for me in this.  I value your assistance.  You are correct, now that my baby brother Thomas is in school it is time for me to get busy fulfilling my promise.” Claudia replied, “It has been my joy to serve you.  If you have any questions just call me and I will do my best to get you an answer.”


With that Claudia left the Princess alone to “meet” the prospective suitors.


Prince has been devoted to perfecting his concerto.  He spends many hours in practice.  Even though he is quite accustomed to being in front of large crowds he would have to admit that this concert to benefit Windenburg’s waterfront has him a bit unnerved.


The night of the benefit concert finally arrived and Prince was in TOP form.  His performance in front of the packed house brought thunderous applause.  Snow beamed with pride as she watched her beloved pour his heart on in his music.  Had his destiny not been to be king she knew he would have found his joy on stage passionately making magic happen with his piano.


The crowd surged forward as Prince descended the stage.  Many notables were in the audience.  The famous clothing designer Duchess Matilde was one such in attendance.  The regal grande dame praised the efforts of Snow and Prince.  She too felt passionate about preserving the waterfront!  “Thank you so much.  It has been a pleasure and I hope my humble effort will be beneficial.  My mother was very fond of your designs,” Prince said changing the subject with an ever so slight bow.  Duchess Matilde was visibly flattered.  “Your saintly mother found me when I was just a young woman starting out.  She was an encouragement to me and I loved her dearly.”


Prince smiled and for a moment seemed to be gazing at something far off in the distance.  “I do believe that she even wore one of your lovely frocks to my wedding.”    The Duchess laughed, “Your memory is quite good your majesty.  That was a very long time ago.”


The music was enchanting and there was love in the air that night.  Bruno in typical charming fashion had Rose Red all a flutter.


Joaquin got the nerve to talk to Princess Violet.  Violet did NOT seem into it at first but …


Joaquin has his ways.  Don’t worry though Uncle Chet is on the job!  Keeping a tight eye on this one!


Even Alexander Goth finally got a princess to turn her head his way.  Looks like she kind of likes it too.  Hey Rosie and Bruno get off the tweetie!!


OH and what do we have here .. the Duchess’ nephew Mike seems a bit taken with Princess Rose White.  He has captured her attention all evening (much to the annoyance of Malcolm Landgraab who has seated himself behind her in order to be at the ready when there was a lull in the conversation .. does not seem as though there was one).


Although Snow and Matilde are deeply immersed in their fashion discussion the attentions of her nephew has not gone unnoticed to Auntie.  The duchess is a clever woman and quickly devises a plan.  She addresses Snow, “In a few weeks I am showing my Spring Line.  I would love to have you and the princesses as guests.”   “Sadly, I will have to decline for myself and the triplets.  We will be staying at our holiday retreat until school resumes after the new year begins … but Rose White will be back to attend to place business and I am certain she would love a break from her duties,”  Snow laughed.  Even better thought the clever Auntie.


Christmas day and the family retreats to their home in Weihnachtsdorf.  A quiet family holiday celebration was exactly what they all needed.


(guess who she is calling … YES Andrew Goth … they actually have a sliver of pink in their romance bar)


(and NO one doubts where her thoughts are)


The arrival of Santa closed the day (after all but Snow and Prince had retired of course) … the jolly old elf enjoyed a quick repast of sumptuous Christmas goodies and and some lively conversation.  Afterwards he got straightaway to his work.  Then off he dashed to continue his rounds …


… but I heard him exclaim as he drove outta sight .. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


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Mike and Duchess are the creations of Lyhandros  Love Nova Vita  (Tumblr)


Christmas Town by Anchesenamon


While augmented a bit,  this cute little amphitheater is the base build for the concert venue


For those interested in the Winter Mod .. here is the link

First Snow Mod



Meanwhile: The Gift


You all know the story very well.  Little girl wandering in the woods stumbles upon a bear’s den.  She smells the delectable aroma of a lovely breakfast.  The bears had gone out for a walk while their food cooled but the little girl thought she would just wait for them inside where it was nice and warm.  Certainly they would not mind.


The fine smells of the kitchen over took her and she thought maybe they would not care if she would just take a little bite or two … she did not want to be rude but she was so very hungry.

I know you know already that Papa Bear’s food was too hot and of course Momma Bear’s was too cold (I am pretty sure this is a universal mom thing … we don’t necessarily LIKE our food cold but that is what we always end up with … ahh but I digress).

Baby Bear’s food was perfect … nibble … nibble … nibble and BEFORE she realized it she had eaten the whole thing!  OH DEAR!  She would explain to them …


Perhaps she should go wait in the parlor.  They would not mind her waiting in the parlor.

Then there were those chairs … AUGH … Papa’s too hard … Momma’s too soft and Baby Bear’s JUST RIGHT.  She at there a while and began to feel very sleepy.

I missed something you say??  The part about the broken chair??  OH!  Well, that part is pure fiction!  The original story teller used artistic license to create an interesting dramatic situation in order to set up his moral premise is all.  If deductive reasoning is used it would say that a baby bear’s chair would need to be quite sturdy in that a juvenile bear can weight 80 to 100 pounds at just a year old … and a scrawny little girl?  MAYBE 40 pounds if she was soaking wet .. but I digress AGAIN .. if I keep this up it will NOT be a SHORT story.

Sooooo … YAWN … she was getting sleepy and after a few tries of other unsuitable beds she finally she found her way to Baby Bear’s bed.  It was so comfortable and she was just going to close her eyes for a few seconds but instead she fell fast asleep.


“… and she’s still here!!”  Hearing Baby Bear’s shrieks, the little girl wakes up … sees the bears and runs for her very life up the stairs, out the door and into the wintry chill.

The end??

NO!  As you probably have already surmised .. there is MORE to this story. 

Scared little girls can run very fast BUT mama bears can run even faster.   “Stop!  Little girl where are you going?  You will catch your death out here!”


Too cold to run farther the little girls resigns and slumps down on a near by log.  Mamma Bear catches up quickly and sits down beside the sniffling child.  “What is your Name child?”  Mama Bear’s kind face showed her deep concern so she weakly uttered, “It’s Molly.”

Goldilocks??  Where did you get that??  OH yes the original story.  I do not mean to discredit Mr Southey but the truth is that he never even asked her name.  It was unimportant to his moral lesson so he just gave her the first name that popped into his head … Goldilocks?? Really??  Another truth is that even all the bears have proper names .. but we will get into that later.  I have run off the track again haven’t I?

“Where do you come from Molly?” Momma Bear queried.

“Oasis Springs.” came the reply.

“Oasis springs?  How on earth child did you get here from Oasis springs?   Your parents must be frantic looking for you by now.”  Molly shook her head no, “No one is looking for me.  My parents dropped me off at the bus stop in Oasis Springs a long time ago.  They have never come back.   I live with Mr Rogers and 6 other orphans .. all abandoned like me.   Mr Rogers is nice to us but he does not have a lot of money and we do not have much food or clothing.  Sometimes I think it would be easier for him if he had one less kid around.  So I left.”

Momma Bear’s heart was near breaking.  She did not understand how could anyone abandon this sweet child!   “Come back in the den my dear .. lets get you warmed up and fed then I will call for help to get you safely home.”


They called their good friend Officer Theis and he was more than glad to help


get Molly safely home.  And true to his word he did .. I mean if you could call this a home.


The sad little child sat heavy on Momma Bear’s head and heart for days.  She simply must go see if Molly was ok.

Arriving at the place she was dumbfounded!  Could this really be the place?


The condition were appalling!    She had to do something.


Mama Bear hugged Molly for a long time before she left.  “Don’t you worry Molly I will find a way to help.  I will be back.”


A very short while later (thanks to the diligent work of Officer Theis who located Molly’s mom and got her to sign a released for adoption) the happy family stood before the judge who granted full parental rights to Mama and Papa Bear for little Molly.   It was a very happy occasion for everyone!


Molly grew in favor with her parents and her brothers more and more every day.

Yes, brothers …  sorry Mr Southey there were MORE than three bears in the family.  Big brother Bruno had been off fishing that morning.  You should have asked.

The sad little girl they had met on the cold blustery day was gone.  In her place was a happy chatter box  who was a constant source of amusement to her family.


“Come,” shouted Papa “we are off to Santa’s Market!”   It is time to buy our Christmas tree and to talk to Santa.  Children seemed to come running from everywhere.  Mama scurried out of the kitchen smoothing her fur and removing her apron.  The market was a festive place resplendent with decorations and lights everywhere.  There were delicious baked goods to snack on, warm, spicy gluhwein to warm the heart and soul and the best hot chocolate this side of the north pole.  I have not even mentioned the toys .. oh the toys .. the best Santa has to offer!


The boys ran on ahead.  Mama and Molly stopped to admire the toy bears. “Mama what gift do you want for Christmas? ”

With a soft sigh, Mama Bear glanced up at her two strong, wonderful sons and to her  handsome, loving hubby already waiting in line to get a quick chat with Santa (I could never figure out why we talk to Santa near Christmas time … he looks a bit grumpy … why not in July when he is not so busy??).

Then dropping her gaze down to the sweet little face that looked up at her with smiling eyes ..


Her heart was filled with joy as a tear escaped her eye, she spoke ever so softly to Molly, “My dear little treasure, I have all the gift I have ever wanted.”


OH and BTW .. just in case you wonder …  Papa Bear and the boys were not hurrying to Santa to ask for gifts for themselves .. they were giving Santa the lists from the orphans and a list of needs from Mr Rogers.   The Bears were on a mission to see that the kids would ALL have a very Merry Christmas!

AND that is exactly what they wish for you too dear reader 🙂

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Author’s note … Today I start a new series call “Meanwhile” .. this will give me a place to place stories for random families that I will check in on from time to time as I run my 2 challenge stories.  They will all be short stories that can stand on their own but are still be linked to the families or friends from current stories.   I hope that made sense (it is late here lol) .. anyway welcome to Meanwhile.

Adorable little Christmas outfit (in last pic)

Jenn Simtopia’s Christmas Collection

TY Maladi for the wonderful gift of beautiful Molly

orphansA HUGE TY for the wonderful builders who make my stories shine!




For those interested in the Winter Mod .. here is the link

First Snow Mod




Bruno and Rose Red: Genesis

My first “official” co-lab!  Ascanius Torsoro … TY my friend … it is FAB as ever!  For those who do not know his work [I do not even know how to describe it .. I call it “the STUFF Ascanius does”]   I will link you to his Tumblr below in credits.

“There is something very different about you Bruno,” Ash said as he peered at the bear a bit too closely for Bruno’s comfort.  His lively green eyes seemed to see right thru him.  The young bear began to squirm.  “What .. what on earth are you talking about?”   Bruno’s mind was reeling.  What did they …?  How did they …?   Sputtering he began to quash their suspicions, “did … did someone say something about me?”  He mind raced to Rose Red  She was the only being he had told his secret and she had sworn to keep it confidential.  Could she have … NO!   Juniper lifted her marshmallow from the flame and glanced back at the two boys and in her sweet lilting voice declared firmly, “You do know little bear, that we plant sims are much more in tune with all living things.  Come do you not sense that even now?”    Bruno hung his head.  Yes, he was quite aware.


“You are correct,” he sighed with a long pause, “I … I am in truth a Prince from the family Orsini.”  With that confession Bruno began to unravel a twisted tale of sorcery and curses.

“The year was 1910 … My Great Great Grandfather Walter  and his twin sister Mildred had just reached adulthood.  My Great Great Great Grandfather King Clarence was to establish his heir at his right hand.


Being the first born, the heir apparent was Walter.  Like his father, was a he was good man.  His charm and wit had captivated the kingdom already.  His reign was predicted to bring about a grand golden era for the Kingdom.


All this burned his twin sister Mildred.  She was a repugnant evil woman .. had a heart made of ice.  The desire for the rule and power had driven her mad.  Her covetousness knew NO bounds.  She hated her brother with a deep dark loathing.  She had been cheated out of the birthright by mere minutes!


She was determined to find a way to prevent her brother from being heir.   Mildred was well studied in nefarious ways.  She had learned these odious arts under the tutelage of a sorcerer in a dark castle tucked away in on a craggy cliff in a near by kingdom.  She would go there to find the way.  She would ask THE book … the book would know.


Shrouded in black, illuminated by only the full moon, she ascended to the vile chamber.


After consulting the book she conjured up spell that would curse her brother and his future family.  The book told her that he would only allowed her 100 years to build her line then when the curse is broken it could go back to her brother’s line if she had not been effective in establishing hers.


That next morning … Walter left in shame and never returned.


(The family name Orsini recalls vaguely the words small bears in Italian. Thus the curse has turned them into what their name says.) 

After months of searching in vain for his vanished son King Clarence took Mildred to his right hand as his new heir apparent.  King Clarence and Queen Aida did not live long after that.  Both mysteriously died suddenly in their sleep.  Thus began the long terrible reign of Queen Mildred.


It has now been over 100 years and no one knows what will break the curse.  I seek the answers every where but have not found them.  I must  find it soon as  I have met my one true love but I do not wish to curse my beautiful Rose Red with the life of a bruin.  This is the odious plight of all those who marry into the Orsini family.

Ash and Juniper look at each other .. their thoughts the same!  “Our Mastress has a book like this.  Could it be the same one?  Maybe you can find answers there.”

Bruno was overjoyed at the thought.   Jumping up he exclaimed, “Let’s go see this book now please!”

“No Bruno!  You wait here.  Our Mastress is very wicked and she could do you much harm.  We will bring the book to you.  Meet us by the Grinch Cave tonight.”  Ash and Juniper left quickly for home.  It would be a dangerous undertaking but they would take the risk for this prince of a bear!

That evening they met Bruno at the cave as promised.  The book was sinister looking and they all were afraid to open it.  Ash and Juniper remembered what fate had overtaken their Mastress after consorting with this book.



As the little trio stood quaking the book suddenly sprang open.  Bruno glanced down with trepidation and  then taking a deep breath began to read what the book had offered up.  He eagerly read on .. could this be the answer his family had waited upon for so long?


“My dearest Rose Red … I have great hope that I have found an answer to undo this terrible curse … ”


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As promised above a link to the wonderful world of “the stuff Ascanius does”  🙂   Dark castle photos and magic book effects courtesy of Ascanius.

Love Nova Vita

Victorian Mansion is the creation of Vanderetro


The Grinch Cave built by the marvelous Brennachan


The throne room is a part of the wonderful build by Anchesenamon


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Plantsim trait

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Snow and Prince Redux #32 Welcome Baby Charming


“OHHH .. I think it is time!”  Snow utters thru clenched teeth as the contraction hits her.  Prince helps her gather her bags and off they go …


Dr Ellie meets them at the hospital.  “Go check in and I will be in to examine your progress,” Ellie says in a calm and reassuring voice.  Snow obliges and waddles in to the front desk.


“Snow Charming…” Snow begins.  The attendant giggles, “Yes your highness I know.  Dr E will see you in exam room 1.”   Snow does her best to return a smile to the beaming young woman.


Sadly this time is taking a bit longer than the other two deliveries did.  Prince patiently walks his unhappy bride thru the hospital corridors as her labor slowly progresses.  He feels he was “an old pro” at this by now and with a chipper attitude (that Snow did not always fully appreciate) he encourages her along.


Finally it is time …


So much for being the “old pro” at this … it is slow going …


but soon they welcomed their sweet NOOBOO  … a little BOY!   His name would be Aster .. Aster Charming!


Snow muses, “Oh little dear one you are so precious but what on earth will I do with a boy!”  She looks down into his sweet eyes and falls in love.  “Somehow we will figure it out!


At home Snow is still trying to do too much.  The exhaustion is really starting to show in her face.  Prince is worried about her and he insists she go up and rest.  Snow wanted to resist but she is so very tired … without much pressure she gives in and goes up to her room and puts on her comfy PJs, she knows she is at the end of her energies.


Prince brings her a pot of hot tea and sweet snack.  Snow settles in for a good read.  She has been dying to immerse herself  into  the best selling murder mystery  “Lessons of Love” by Beryl Heffner.*   When her father commits a suicide, Jewel Howard is the only person who believes he was actually murdered. The Police closed the case and won’t investigate. Jewel has no other choice than against her better judgement ask for help the notorious Enzo Olivieri also known as the Phantom.  Snows mind reels as she reads the book jacket … Will Jewel learn to trust the Phantom?  Will Enzo choose Jewel or her money?   Soon she is happily off into a world of intrigue and romance.


Prince takes over most of the infant care.  He chuckles to himself, ” I really am an “old pro” at diaper changes.  Well it is a bit different .. there are “hazards” you have to watch out for when you change boys.


As he holds Aster closely, he breathes in the sweet baby scent of his son.   He whispers to his bundle of joy, “You were a big surprise my boy.  At my age I thought that the next baby I would hold was a grandchild.  But here you are!  We all love you so much.”


The girls all gladly chip in to help their dad with Aster’s care.  His sweet little smile has them all enchanted.  He has such a sweet disposition!


As Rose White feeds him she allows her mind to drift to the day when she will hold her own sweet baby.    Her thoughts run thru the faces in the pictures of the suitors … which one???  She whispers a confession. “Oh Aster I am so nervous about finding the right one. Our kingdom is counting on me to choose well.”


“But for now they will all have to wait .. you my sweet brother are the only boy in my life today.”  Aster cooed his approval.   Rose had told Claudia that she wanted to wait until Aster was a bit older before she began the selection process.  Her mom’s health was more important so it was no sacrifice.


The younger girls continue to push hard on their studies.  They want to finish early like Rose White did.  While all three are dreaming of their future …



none quite so intently as Rose Red.  She and Bruno are growing closer and closer every day.


She love spending time with his family.  Bruno’s little brother is a bit different but they all adore him.


Mamma bear is a FAB cook and she does not miss out on many chances to feed ‘the girl’ … “Rosie we need to put a little meat on those bones,” she teases. Rose Red never declines the scrumptious offerings from mamma bear’s kitchen.


Rose Red is not the only Charming to befriend this unusual family.  Papa bear and Prince are becoming so close.  Papa bear takes Prince out for a drink so that they can discuss the details and options for the upcoming benefit concert.  Papa bear is a very strong organizer and with his steady leadership abilities there is very little for Prince to do but to practice his song set.  “There has been so much interest on this.  I am certain we will raise a good portion of the funds needed for the waterfront renovation.”    Papa Bear’s firm assurance led Prince to know there was nothing to fear.  After business they enjoyed a night of comradeship .. just two dads out having fun.


As time went on Snow got stronger and was soon back to her old self.  Aster aged up into a lovely child who is very devoted to his mom and dad.   He is a social little scamp  .. a chatterbox who makes friends so easily.  His dad is his hero and he follows him around watching admiringly .. he wants to be just like his dad when he grows up!  Where the red hair comes from no one knows LOL.


The word is getting around that Rose White is ready to start seeing the suitors.  Claudia has been working her fingers to the bone scheduling the program.  Alexander Goth demanded an audience with the Princess.  He wanted to know why he was declined TWICE!  Rose just shrugged and assured him that she had nothing to do with the vetting.  Her father and his security team saw to who was accepted and rejected.  He was not happy.


He sulked around .. lingering longer in the house than he should have.  He encountered Lily and tried a move on her (I guess any princess would do) .. to no avail!  Security finally had to asked him to leave.



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TY to the artists whose work is used in this update 🙂

The book “Lessons of Love” by Beryl Heffner was featured in the wonderful simlit story The Heffner Legacy (should you read it I assure you will not be disappointed )      The Heffner Legacy

Dr Ellie is the simmie alter ego of my dear friend Sanjana Tasnim … check out her website for more on Ellie and for her FAB cc creations and tutorials at …


The Charming home was created by the wonderful TokuLee (it is cc free … cc mod in story by me)


Bruno’s Home


Steam Punk Bar





Snow and Prince Redux #31 Home Sweet Home!

The trip is over and that means it is back to school for the girls.  Well for the triplets anyway.  Rose White completed the requirements for graduation while they were traveling.  The younger girls still have a little ways to go.


School means study time and friends time too.  They are serious about their studies …


and serious about their friends too.  Rosie invited Bruno over to study after school and Lily brought that nice Munch boy home.  Prince and Snow grinned as they crashed the after-school fun for a few minutes.  “How is you mother Mila doing?” Snow inquired.  “She is quite well Mam’ .. she has started a cooking vlog (*) with Joaquin and it is doing quite well,”  Lucas answered.    “Give her my greeting,” said Snow.  “Let her know I will call some time next week so we can get coffee and get caught up.”  “Yes  mam’  I will do that,” the polite boy returned.  Lily rolled her eyes, exasperated at having to share his attention with her MOM!


Rose Red and Bruno went for a shot walk.  They both loved being outdoors and it was the only time they could get time alone.  “Augh I am starving,” she complained.  “Momma was making corn pudding and honey flan for dinner.”  He breathed in deeply reflecting on the delicious scent that was coming from his mom’s kitchen as he was leaving. “Come on.  She will love to have you over for dinner.  We can spend some time with my little brother too.  He is so cute and funny!”


Where was Violet?  In the garden day dreaming about that cute boy she met in San Francisco.  I don’t know about that one Violet …




The girls are all a buzz.  It is Rose White’s birthday and the family from Tucson is arriving  for the occasion today. Seeing their beloved family again so soon brings them great joy!


No expense was spared for the birthday party.  From the cheese cake and steak to lobster tortellini and garlicky noodles the spread was extravagant and delectable!


Everyone crowed around as Prince jazzed up the place on the piano.  Toes taped, heads bobbed and smiles widened as he effortlessly skimmed the keys to bring the lively song to his appreciative audience.


Bruno’s dad was especially enamored!  OHHH who the music soothed him so!  After the concerto he chatted with Prince about he possibility of hosting a benefit concert for the restoration of the waterfront.  Prince is pleased with the idea and agreed to allow Bruno’s dad to see to the arrangements.


The place was a disaster.  Violet could not handle all the mess so she got to cleaning up at bit.


The party lasted til the wee hours of the morning.  Some had more staying power than others LOL



After all was cleaned up the girls enjoyed some leftovers for a LATE LATE LATE night snack 🙂  “It was a divine party,” cooed Lily.  Although her mouth was full of delicious cake, Rosie mumbled her happy agreement and Violet so tired, just sat smiling.


A few days later Prince and Snow sit down with Rose White.  Now that she was a young adult it was time to discuss the ever growing number of suitors who have been inquiring for the pretty princess’ time and attention.  There have been requests from all over the world.  Prince has had his pal Officer Theis investigate each and every one of them.  Many have been dismissed already. Even at that, there are 24 young men who have the integrity to inquire of her.  Rose White is so excited to go thru the files and see who the young men are.


“It is time you had a personal assistant,” Prince explained to his beloved first born.   “Your Mother and I have taken the liberty of hiring a lovely young woman for you.  Meet Claudia.  She will help you screen the remaining suitors and also assist with setting up the meetings.”  Rose greeted the smiling young woman.  Looking into those lively eyes she liked her already.


They developed a fast bond.  Rose White trusted her totally and together they reduced the number of fellas to fourteen.  Claudia would begin to contact them and make the arrangements.  Rose was excited to meet all of them.


Prince finally put his foot down.  Snow has not felt well since New York.  Reluctantly she agreed to go see her dear Ellie at the hospital.


Snow and Prince gather the girls … much to everyone’s surprise .. Snow announces that she is expecting a baby.  The girls are over the top with excitement at the thought of a baby in the house.


Everyone was so excited to see the Baby’s first picture 🙂   It has gotten many many kisses … just cant wait to see you in person little nooboo !


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** If you are interested in Joaquin and Mila’s Vlog  (yes it really does exist LOL) from the wonderful Virtualee

Jay’s Vlog: Mila’s dare machinima

TY to the creator of this wonderful hospital …





Snow and Prince Redux #30 A visit with POTUS

11-10-16_2-53-00-amOnly one very important stop on the tour itinerary remains … the White House.  All were quiet and truth be told in a bit of awe as their cars pulled up to a stop in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  POTUS and Michelle beamed as they came out to welcome the King and his family.


The girls followed Michelle as she showed them to their quarters as Prince and Snow headed off to the Oval office to conduct some official business.  Agreements were discussed and affirmed to by a solemn promise by all.



Michelle rejoined them when business was concluded.  Prince regaled them with a lovely ballad as the ladies chatted getting to know one another better.


During the song POTUS got too close to the fireplace and right before their eyes he erupted in flames.  Prince stood stunned as Violet, who just happened by,  grabbed a fire extinguisher from the hall and quenched the flaming POTUS.


While Michelle and Snow look a tiny bit annoyed by the disturbance, they all agreed that they were thankful for Violet’s quick action in saving POTUS from harm!


After a quick clean up POTUS invites Prince and Snow to sample his famous honey porter.


Although a self professed brewing amateur, POTUS artfully concocts the dark rich brew in a specially outfitted basement kitchen.  The porter is made with the finest ingredients and is stored and aged in a special cold room so that once brewed it is cooled and never warms again til consumed.


Hmmm .. not sure what happened to this batch ..


Dinner is served.  Later Violet snickered that she was worried about dropping food on the table linen in front of POTUS.  Rose Red said she was so nervous that she could barely chew and swallow her food and held her breath most of the meal.   The the girls laughed in agreement .. it was an intimidating experience.


Tomorrow the happy band of travelers will happily return home .. but tonight … well how often does one get to occupy a grand bed room in the White House.


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TY dear Elke for the amazing rendition of the White House .. you always inspire me!


And MANY THANKS to the sim creator of this FAB FAB FAB version of POTUS and Michelle



Snow and Prince Redux #29 They left their hearts in SanFrancisco

As I near the 10,000 reads mark for this blog (only 11 more reads to go as I write) and the last regular 2 posts for this story I want to thank all my wonderful readers and supporters.  You guys make me smile with your

BUT for now the family has need of a quiet respite in San Francisco.  The trip is near it’s end and they find themselves in need of a rest.


Prince arranged for them to stay in one of the famous Victorian homes nicknamed San Francisco’s Painted Ladies. The captivating house overlooked the lovely Alamo Square park and was the perfect place to relax!



It had all the amenities needed to make a royal family feel right at home.  Prince was over joyed at the sound that came from that sweet baby blue grand piano.  The house rang out with lovely music .. much to his ladies delight!






The views at the house were astounding … Rose Red is overcome by the splendor of it all.  Lily is less a fan of the outdoors and enjoys the view from the INSIDE!



As evening approaches Prince decides to take his beauties out for a night on the town.  They start with dinner at the 5 star Fishbites.  It is an exquisite little place near the bay that serves local seafood.


The concierge had recommended it and it did not disappoint.  The atmosphere and food were divine!


While enjoying a beverage at the bar after dinner, Prince could not resist a little impromptu concerto on the piano.


As night falls they make their way to the colorful Champagne Lounge to let down their hair and LET LOOSE a while.


Violet giggles as she chats and flirts with Joaquin.  “OHHH how cute is he,”  she whispers to her sisters.  J seems to be rather enchanted with the princess himself!  Who could blame him, looking into those sparkling purple eyes and basking in that sunny smile could do the best of fellas in!


Even tho it was already the wee hours of the AM, the girls were not ready to call it a night just yet.  Mom and dad had gone back to the house .. mom was not feeling well.  Violet said she recalled that there was a coffee shop near by.  The girls agreed that this would fabulous end to the night.


Even though it had been a very late night, the whole family was up bright and early.  They were headed out to tour the winery Prince had purchased a few years ago.  This small winery provided  nectar for the castle and many other fine houses in Windenburg.  Prince was excited to visit and see it in person.  The sun shone warmly on them as they toured the grounds and vineyards.


Not sure which view was more beautiful!


The grounds were so romantically beautiful, Prince and Snow could not resist a bit of canoodling in the garden.


Prince spent some time taking survey of his notable collection of fine wine.


Then it was time to sample the goods over a lovely dinner.


A nightcap in the cellar finished the night off!


Good night dear royal family!


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Snow and Prince Redux #28 Tucson Family Time

The family finally makes Tucson.  Hot, dry and sunny, it is very different from Windenburg. It will take some getting used to but it is worth it because this is the home of their American cousins.


They are so excited to see them again.  Prince and Snow have missed them very much.  The last time they saw them was when Prince’s father died.  The cousins have never met the triplets and Rose white was so little the last time they  were all together.   They all have been looking forward to reconnecting!

There are many strange and wonderful places to visit in this place.  Cousin Robbie J took them out to the odd Area 61. An alien space ship had crashed on this site over a decade ago.  Strange lights and sounds could still be heard coming from the ship.  That and the sheer magnitude of the crater made standing out over it unnerving.    Violet discovered she has vertigo.  Breathing deeply and on wobbly knees she stayed out with the family  but kept her eyes up on the horizon (cousin Dwayne told her it helps).  Rosie has no fear of it at all and with all her leaning over the railing “to see better” she is about to give poor Snow fits!  “Rosie” she exclaims, “I cannot bear more!  You are scaring me to death!”  Rosie just leans a bit out over the railing again as she laughs and then she hugs her mum.  “Don’t be a worry wart Mum!”


Mount Gnome-more left them breathless.  They could not imagine the dedication it took to create such a mammoth masterpiece!


Snow’s favorite was the  old general store.  It was a delightful trip to the past way of life for old west families.


The old train that had been converted into a saloon was a great place to get everyone together for a bit of refreshment and chats.


Cousin Chet took Prince and Snow on a trail ride thru their property.  Oh this is the life thought Prince.  He and Snow both love to ride but his duties rarely give him an opportunity for such a luxury.  Snow, an excellent horsewoman, cantered up to take the lead .  Urging her wonderful steed forward she joyously enjoyed the sense of total freedom and rode ahead with abandon.  Chet and Prince just laughed and hung back to chat as they rode.


The homestead was phenomenally beautiful. (See links below for horses and poses)


Speaking of phenomenally beautiful.  The girls love just hanging out in the sweet sunshine .. watching the horses AND the cute ranch hands that care for the homestead.  Cousin Clint said that those boys sure did not get much work done that day .. but who could blame them with a bevy of beautify princesses hanging out on the fences .. all giggles and winks!


Sunday dinner and the gang is all here!


Rose White tee-hees as she watches Cousin Clara and her hubby flirt with each other the way as she often see her mum and dad do.  It must run in the family she muses.  She dreams of her own great love and she hopes they will love each other that much too .. and for that long too!


Snow is joined in the kitchen by Rose White and cousin Clara.  She is whipping up a perfect batch of her famous .. you know what .. pancakes LOL


Prince was starving so he snuck out and snagged him a fresh tomato to tide him over til the gals got done cooking.


The triplets take the few minutes before dinner is served to bond with the horses.  They sneak a few mint candies to the happy ponies.  The horses instantly trust them.  The girls seem to have inherited their mum’s way with the beasts.


Speaking of beasts .. OH Prince have you not learned from past encounters with these varmints??


At last dinner is served!  YUM!  They are all quite famished!


The food was FAB and the table banter light and amusing.  Towards the end everyone was sad that the visit was drawing to an end.  “Alright now,” cousin Chet drawled, “we will have no somber faces for tonight’s barn dace.  Your cousin Clara has turned that old barn into a real party house!”   Everyone laughed .. it was going to be great!


Cousin Dwayne chuckled as he walked by Rosie who was teasing Old Bessie. “Now little Missy you be careful with that critter.  They have a dark side!  As your daddy knows all too well!  We all heard that he nearly got ‘et by one!  That was a back east cowplant .. ours out here mean business.  Anyways you had best go get ready because we will be leaving for the dance soon.”


Cousin Chet was right!  Cousin Clara had turned this place in to a wonderland!  The lights and music .. wow!


Clara was a fabulous hostess.  She had seen to everything!


Everyone agreed it was a wonderful party!  They were all having a grand time!


Especially Snow who did not get off the dance floor most of the night!


Well maybe not everyone was having a grand time .. poor cousin Dwayne.  Ellie is seriously NOT interested in how much milk a cow plant puts out in a day.


Now cousin Clifford, that rascal, he comes to the recuse with an invite to do a little two-stepping.  Ellie is GLAD to be out of that conversation!


The food was divine.  Clara’s homemade cakes were delectable and Prince had trouble resisting (he had a piece of each type).


Even Violet took a break from dancing to snag a piece of the strawberry (made with strawberries grown right here on this ranch).


OH Prince .. he is drawn to these beasts like a moth to a flame.  He hopes to have his very own soon!


Exiting the restroom, Snow finds Rosie sitting outside looking up at the stars.  Sitting down beside her she asked, “Missing Bruno?”  Rosie sniffed, “yes mum.  I know he is out there looking at the same stars I am.”  The weepy princess lay her head on her mum’s shoulder and Snow hugged her tight.  “You will see him soon may dearest,” she reassured.


Back in the barn the party goes on .. well for most folks anyway .. looks like these two have danced them selves out!


They are up bright and early.  The want to visit the Gold Rush town before they board the train west.  Snow is not feeling so great.  Those fish tacos and all that dancing … urp!


The town is wonderful.  The family feels like they have stepped back in time.


Prince and Snow do a bit of exploring in the mine shaft.


Well what a find!  He does not intend to keep it though.  Prince will turn this over to the local historical society.


ALL ABOARD .. headed west to California!


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Horses by Severinka (be sure to note that there are horses for decor AND horses for poses.  Be sure to get what you need.  … TS4 Horses

Poses with horses by Dreacia …  Horse Lover