An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) A Sweet GF Honeymoon

Thought it might be fun to peek in on Bruno & Rose Red’s honeymoon adventures.  I will try not to over complicate it with a lot of chit chat from me but those who know my habits know that could be a bit of a stretch.

ALSO, be sure not to miss the special announcement at the end of the honeymoon pics 🙂


We last left Rosie and Bruno here …

14-01-17_10-35-28 PM

Rosie is up early the next morning.  As she busies herself in the kitchen she happily reflects back on yesterday.  It had been the most perfect wedding day AND wedding night too.

She is surprising Bruno by making pancakes for breakfast using her momma’s famous recipe.

Pancakes for her hubby.

She likes the sound of that … her hubby … her hubby Bruno!

12-11-17_3-08-20 AM

Bruno likes the look of that dish!

12-11-17_3-08-21 AM12-11-17_3-08-25 AM12-11-17_3-10-49 AM

Bruno spends the afternoon trying to teach Rosie how to fish.

He reminds, “Afterall, I was a bear!  Bears know about fishing!”

12-11-17_3-27-00 AM

I am not sure that these fish knew about Bears though … Bruno did not catch any of them … not even a nibble!

Not all was lost.  Rosie whipped up a batch of Mac-n-cheese from the cabin’s pantry supplies.

12-11-17_3-29-47 AM

It smelled delicious and Bruno said he was ravenous!

12-11-17_3-31-24 AM

How fortunate for fast fingers and good luck .. capturing the look on his face right after he took the first bite required both. 

Princesses do not know about cooking Mac-n-Cheese.

12-11-17_3-32-31 AM12-11-17_3-37-06 AM12-11-17_3-39-48 AM12-11-17_3-40-26 AM12-11-17_3-43-38 AM

Whose bright idea was it to watch a scary movie right before bed?  Especially when you are in a cabin out in the woods!

12-11-17_3-43-39 AM12-11-17_3-43-40 AM

Right after breakfast (yes, pancakes), they took a hike up to look for the Granite Falls Firewatch tower.  Ranger Bob had recommended the view from the top.

Cannot go far into the woods on any hike and not meet up with someone from Bruno’s family.

Cousin Percival, who was sorry that he was unable to attend, wanted to know all about the wedding.   OF COURSE, the happy couple obliged!

12-11-17_10-13-48 PM12-11-17_9-20-18 PM12-11-17_10-28-11 PM12-11-17_10-33-58 PM

Obviously, Princesses do know painting.

12-11-17_10-35-57 PM

(Bugged by bugs)

12-11-17_10-44-58 PM12-11-17_10-46-14 PM12-11-17_10-46-42 PM

Rosie was the first to land a fish!

12-11-17_10-47-34 PM

Bruno teaches Rosie about collecting insects.  Bears know about insects.

12-11-17_11-07-15 PM

Rosie is not sure she WANTS to know about frogs!

12-11-17_11-08-20 PM

She quuickly gets the hang of the outdoorsy stuff  …

12-11-17_11-09-44 PM12-11-17_11-17-16 PM12-12-17_1-25-59 AM12-12-17_1-35-59 AM12-12-17_1-38-57 AM12-12-17_1-41-24 AM12-12-17_1-47-39 AM12-12-17_1-48-38 AM12-12-17_1-48-39 AM12-12-17_1-48-40 AM

Goodnight moon …

Goodnight sweethearts!

12-12-17_1-48-41 AM


The usually calm and collected Mike was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  He had requested an audience with Snow and Prince.  He desired to discuss a very serious matter with them!

An amused Prince and Snow listened intently to what Mike had to say.  Both of them had been secretly hoping this day would come and were ready with their answer.  They honestly could not wait for him to finish his deliberation so that they could give an affirmative to his inquiry.

Which of course, they did.

13-11-17_12-15-05 AM

His heart much lighter now, Mike hurried to find Rose White.

13-11-17_12-15-06 AM

Mike explained all that had transpired between him and her parents.

13-11-17_12-15-07 AM13-11-17_12-15-08 AM

Prince and Snow called a press conference on this “most auspicious occasion!”

“Dear people of Windenburg, I extend to you warmest greetings on behalf of myself and Snow.”

Those gathered cheered in appreciation to their beloved King and Queen.

Prince went on, “I am thrilled to call this press conference to announce the engagement of my daughter, and heir to the throne, Rose White princess of Windenburg to Michael Ranieri prince of Layonne.”

13-11-17_12-15-09 AM

As the crowd expressed their approval, Prince called the young couple forward.

“I present to you your future Queen and her beloved King.”

13-11-17_12-15-10 AM

Mike was prepared with a proclamation promising his love and devotion and to the people of Windenburg.

Prince and Snow could not have been happier!  They both had a calm assurance that the kingdom would be in trustworthy hands.

There was much joy in the Charming family and in the kingdom of Windenburg.

13-11-17_12-15-11 AM13-11-17_12-15-12 AM

(I have to tell you all .. that last shot is not posed or prompted .. it is really how Snow and Prince responded as Mike and Rose White kissed.  This game is SOOO weird.)

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**** credits ****

Builds by:


fire tower

Press conference room set in ..

throne room


An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Wedding Day

The long-awaited day of  Bruno and Rose Red’s wedding has finally arrived.  The outdoor venue is resplendent in its lovely autumn colored garb.

Awkwardly in front of family and friends, Bruno waits nervously for his bride.  A tiny bit bashful, the reticent groom avoids connecting with the eyes that are fixed on him and the stage where he stands.

11-01-17_4-12-37 PM

Family and friends have filed in and the wedding party stands at the ready.

11-01-17_4-12-34 PM11-01-17_4-13-00 PM

A hush fell over the noisy congregates as Barb sat down to the piano.  Her skillful fingers bringing the processional music.  Smiling and nodding to the guests, the wedding party entered to the soft sweet refrain of Canon in D.

11-01-17_4-12-35 PM

The sudden loud notes of the Wedding March brought all eyes to the Bride as she entered.

Bruno stood awed by the vision of Rose Red in the flowing red dress with gold embroidery.  Hushed murmurs from dear family and friends greeted her as she passed by, but her eyes were only on her groom.

(Now you all can see the winning dress .. took the lead by ONE point.)

11-01-17_4-13-01 PM

Prince and Snow, through tear-filled eyes, watched transfixed as the young couple exchanged vows to love and cherish one another.  This is the first of their little brood to flee the nest.  They adored Bruno and knew this quiet man would selflessly care for their darling Rose Red.

11-01-17_4-54-53 PM

(At this point I was honestly worried she was going to throw it at him.  She looked like a Major League Baseball player warming up for a pitch.)

11-01-17_4-57-16 PM11-01-17_4-58-05 PM11-01-17_4-59-12 PM12-01-16_9-55-52 AM12-01-16_9-56-11 AM12-01-17_9-37-00 AM

I think the picture taking got a little boring. 

I am watching and clicking.  When they made this strange move that had me wondering “what the heck are you two doing” … oh well I guess that is who they are LOL

12-01-17_9-37-36 AM12-01-17_9-38-33 AM12-01-17_9-38-34 AM

With damp clothing and a tiny bit disheveled, Rosie and Bruno head back to the reception.

12-01-17_10-01-55 AM13-01-17_5-33-41 PM13-01-17_5-34-57 PM13-01-17_6-00-03 PM

Mike and Rose White are dreaming of their wedding.  They have agreed that it is time to officially announce their engagement.

Although he has no worry about denial, Mike is insistent upon talking to Prince and Snow to obtain their permission.   Rose is touched by Mike’s careful treatment of her precious parents.

11-01-17_5-13-17 PM

Well HELLO there Jack.  (Apparently “last night’s” pink remains.)

13-01-17_5-47-59 PM

The DJ did not show up and the party was getting very dry.  Cathytea, who said she had a small amount of experience from doing her nephew’s Birthday Party,  hopped into the booth and soon the joint was jumping.

13-01-17_5-48-26 PM

“Come on my ladies,” Salome urged, “let’s do this.”

13-01-17_5-50-30 PM13-01-17_9-30-45 PM13-01-17_9-30-46 PM13-01-17_5-57-18 PM

Cathytea joins them, getting down the booth.

13-01-17_9-34-06 PM

Bruno’s dad, Alfonso, wants in on this action!  Stepping on to the floor he does a few razzle dazzle steps!

13-01-17_9-26-23 PM

A gauntlet is thrown.  Careful Salome, you do remember he once was a bear!

13-01-17_9-48-02 PM

The lines are drawn and the battle ensues.

13-01-17_9-49-33 PM

Who knew Papa Bears are such great dancers!

13-01-17_9-50-55 PM

Brenda had been wanting to chat with Mike all evening and now is her chance.  As she approached him her mind went blank.   Looking to her ladies for help, “I don’t know what to say.”  she pleads.

13-01-17_9-35-27 PM

Well Brenda, whatever it is, be careful because Rose White is always watching over her man!

13-01-17_9-36-17 PM

Officer Theis is not noticing ANYTHING except his sweet red-headed vixen.   I think they are ready to go home.  Don’t you?

13-01-17_10-02-44 PM

Last call ladies!

13-01-17_10-02-45 PM

With everyone gone and everything secured,  a tired but happy Prince is the last to exit!  What a lovely wedding.  One down and 4 more to go .. well unless Violet becomes a nun.

14-01-17_6-02-30 PM

Meanwhile in Granite Falls …

14-01-17_6-17-34 PM

I think we will just leave them now ❤

Congrats you two!

14-01-17_10-35-28 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


These ladies were so much fun (aren’t they the cutest). Very hard to handle (and yes Brenda you did indeed warn me LOL).

12-02-17_2-09-45 PM

They are staying in game so we will see them around.  They will get a pet and live in a FAB house.

When I left them they were enjoying the new place!

(UH Barb .. I don’t think that one will end well.)

12-02-17_2-22-00 PM12-02-17_2-22-010 PM

Charlii Mai is a dog whisperer!

12-02-17_2-24-01 PM

Just for you Diana (Diana is the creator of this house and this was what she yearns to do in this room).

12-02-17_3-35-10 PM

Jennifer .. a sim after my own heart!

12-02-17_3-36-40 PM12-02-17_3-37-07 PM12-02-17_3-37-20 PM12-02-17_3-44-03 PM

CathyTea found her spot!

12-02-17_3-40-20 PM12-02-17_3-41-53 PM

So long sweet simmies til we meet in game ❤


As we bring the Readers TY updates to a close again I thank you all for keeping the sparkle on this old Glitterturd!*   I appreciate you all so very much!

*Winston and the Glitterturd is a moniker my GROWN children gave me and hubs (he does LOOK like Winston Ntshona … kinda freaks me out TBH) after reading my first “official” blog review.  They have now read TMN more than ME (*wink … maybe).

I really cannot say if the author picked it or panned it but it brought us a few hours of snickers and giggles.   It was all good!  We should be able to giggle at ourselves every once and a while  <3

If you want to read it by all means do … just remember it is satire!


Time for the credits:


Adorablesimslove Before the Wedding

Sims Fan Forum Wedding Poses

Flower Chamber group pose (on fence)


A super special thanks to Simsspiringlife who, upon nearing my need for an outdoor venue, she volunteered and delivered this stunner only a few hours later.   That, dear simmer, is ABOVE AND BEYOND!  TY ❤ You are amazing!  This pic does it NO JUSTICE at all!

wedding venue

This is another one you have to see in game .. you cannot know who FAB this is by looking at this!


This beauty is hot off the presses … now it has a permanent home in game.  Reader’s Thank You recipients will live here (I want to live there too)!

friend house

One more time for the ladies:

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers a Simlit blog can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!   ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her work esp  Septemus, My Son . She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from Myself.  Go get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds.  I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive readers for the blogs she follows and admins a wonderful FB Sims group,  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp Chronicles.  This is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!




An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Wedding Guests

The wedding of Bruno and Rose Red was set to be a quiet family affair.  Prince is a King with his people foremost in his heart.  He was concerned that they might be disappointed with this decision.  He wanted the citizens of Windenburg to feel apart of the festivities.  He, together with Bruno and Rose Red, came up with a plan to solve this dilemma.

An invitation would go out to the kingdom inviting any who wished to attend a chance to do so.  A selection by lottery would choose seven to attend.   Those selected would represent the citizens of the kingdom and relate back accounts of the family affair.

The idea was met with approval from the populous and many were eager to enter.

The draw was made and seven lucky ladies were chosen to be the King and Queen’s personal guests of honor at the wedding.

When the day finally arrived the winners converged on the royal lake house as directed.  Barb, Brenda, CathyTea, Charlii-Mai, Diana, Jennifer, and Salome were all excitedly meeting one another when Prince arrived.

He hurried out to meet the ladies of the realm who had been chosen to attend.

Inviting them in, he extended an invitation for them to “make themselves at home.”

11-08-17_5-22-40 PM

Without a moment’s hesitation, they did just that!  Chatting and laughing, they checked out their new digs.  The beach house was lovely and well appointed.  This was going to be fun.

11-08-17_5-31-41 PM

Prince spent a bit of time briefing the ladies on the weekend events.

He let them know that Snow would be by in a bit to take them out on a walking tour of her favorite places in downtown Windenburg.

He reiterated his urging for them to “be at home” here and offered himself, personally, to be available to meet whatever needs might arise.

11-08-17_5-43-44 PM

After meeting the ladies, Prince was convinced that the seven dearest and sweetest ladies in all the land had won!

The ladies needed no convincing that they had the dearest King!

11-08-17_5-43-45 PM

Barb was in her swimsuit in a flash.  She had peeked at the pool area and could not wait to dive in!

She called out, “Anyone up for a swim?”

11-08-17_6-02-18 PM11-08-17_6-02-19 PM

Nope, no takers.  The others preferred a quieter time chatting by the TV.

11-08-17_6-05-32 PM

It has been a long trip and the first place Charlii-Mai heads is to the teapot to make a spot of tea!

11-08-17_5-32-17 PM

“Give me the tea and NO one gets hurt!”

11-08-17_5-32-18 PM

Drawn in by the delectable aroma of a rich amber colored Earl Grey … Prince is not far behind her pouring his own cup of steaming delight.   MMM, I am with them!

11-08-17_5-43-43 PM

CathyTea is feeling a bit peckish and knowing that the other ladies might be feeling the same, jumps up to prepare a light lunch for all.

11-08-17_6-03-31 PM

As promised, later that afternoon Snow arrived to take the ladies downtown.

A beaming Queen Snow led them from place to place, relating the colorful history of each.  The sights in the city center were breath-taking.  Their hearts swelled as they looked at their majestic kingdom thru Snow’s eyes.

11-15-17_3-29-36 AM11-15-17_3-29-37 AM11-15-17_3-29-38 AM11-15-17_3-29-39 AM

The last stop is at a sweet little fair set up in a small waterfront park.

“Ladies, we have a couple of hours to enjoy the facilities.  Be sure to stop and watch the sunset.  This is the prettiest spot in all of Windenburg for that.” Snow explained to her companions.

11-15-17_3-29-40 AM


Now, who was surprised that CathyTea headed straight to the musty old book peddler? Not me!

11-15-17_3-32-33 AM11-15-17_3-38-09 AM11-15-17_3-41-04 AM11-15-17_3-44-09 AM

Again, it was Cathytea to the meal rescue.  It was still quite a while until dinner that evening and she knows it is not seemingly to show up for a fancy dinner party with a raging appetite.

11-15-17_3-48-07 AM

The ladies are grateful for her delectable maple and cardamon fruit kababs!

‘Thank you CathyTea.” Barb purred with her lovely Texas drawl, “What a delightful way to take the edge off.  It is delish and I simply must get your recipe.”

11-15-17_3-48-08 AM

Later that evening Snow and Rose White inspect the facilities where the rehearsal dinner party will be held.  Everything perfectly in its place!  The guests would arrive soon.

11-20-17_2-21-11 AM11-20-17_2-21-12 AM

The caterers have outdone themselves.  The food looks divine and an abundance of  Prince’s fine wine stands at the ready!  Rose fights the temptation to sneak just a nibble.

11-20-17_2-22-02 AM

The guests begin to arrive.

11-20-17_2-23-06 AM

The perfect picture of gracious hospitality, Rose Red and Bruno personally greet those who enter.

11-20-17_2-48-17 AM

When all have arrived they “greet” one another too!

11-20-17_2-48-25 AM

Dinner is served and all partake eagerly of the spread set out before them.

Charlii-mai and Prince connect with cheerful banter.

11-20-17_3-00-22 AM

Cassandra Goth looks like she is fast becoming a bomb-shell like her momma.

11-20-17_3-00-26 AM

Firsts, seconds, thirds … all ate till MORE than satisfied.

11-20-17_3-09-27 AM

Wishing to get the party started, Lily grabbed Alexander and Bella and headed out to the dance floor.

11-20-17_3-13-15 AM

Soon the party was hopping!

11-20-17_3-13-17 AM11-20-17_4-10-17 AM

All of a sudden Brenda realized that one of them was missing.  Where was Jennifer?  None of the ladies nor the princesses know.

11-20-17_3-13-26 AM

A quick search found her attending the bar.  The inconsiderate hired staff had abandoned their post.  Not wishing for their hosts to be embarrassed by the void, Jennifer had quickly swapped her lovely frock for some more suitable clothing and jumped in to serve.

Prince and Snow were quite touched by her kindness (finding the errant staff they corrected the issue and Jennifer got back to the party)!  It turns out she makes a pretty mean mixed drink!

11-20-17_3-13-27 AM

CathyTea has spent much of the evening chatting with Bruno’s father, Alfonso.  She finds their family story so fascinating.  Shhh, I think she is trying to get book rights to it. 

11-20-17_3-53-50 AM11-20-17_3-53-51 AM

The party is drawing to an end and there is still some yummy dessert left.  A few guests are feeling a need for a “top off” before they head home.  It would be a shame to waste it!

11-20-17_3-53-49 AM11-20-17_3-53-65 AM

Do we spy a couple of lovebirds?   They both seem to be enjoying their “snack!”

11-20-17_4-02-25 AM

This really happened … I instructed Violet to go make a bonfire for a bit of dancing. 

I was like WHAT??

11-20-17_4-17-36 AM11-20-17_4-19-52 AM

I thought UH OH .. Prince is coming out to shut it down (he had Jack in his thought bubble).

11-20-17_4-24-48 AM

BUT NOPE he turned right around and left!  Maybe she won’t be a nun after all. 

11-20-17_4-25-30 AM

I know Jack fans are happy … you can thank EA and their lot traits LOL

NO this was not my intention for Jack in the story.  Guess it might be time to go make a few adjustments to the storyboard. 

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

Wedding guests:

Readers Thank you gift winners.   I acknowledge and thank all who entered.  Because it was met so with so much interest I decided that we would change up the plan and add seven winners 🙂   I am thankful to you all for your love and support to this story ❤

Thank you so much to the following simmers who freely loaned me their likenesses to “abuse” in story as I saw fit.  I am honored to have you all as guests and look forward to the wedding “tomorrow.”

Meet the ladies ❤ 

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers a Simlit blog can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!   ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her work esp  Septemus, My Son . She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from MyselfGo get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds.  I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive readers for the blogs she follows and admins a wonderful FB Sims group,  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp ChroniclesThis is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


FAB builds!

cathedralfairmellys beach housewind town

swim bad

lovers bridge

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike & Rose White) A Little Gift

(I know I am supposed to be working on Bruno and Rose Red’s wedding … after all the guests are already here!  But I could not resist this one little distraction.)

Mike’s neighbors, the Andersons, were in quite a dither.  Their big old goofy dog, Ben Ben was barking like mad.  He could hear Hugh attempting to calm the beast while Agnes was exclaiming loudly over something.

He thought perhaps he should go check on them.  Maybe he could be of help with whatever was causing the commotion.   

11-11-17_3-44-50 AM

Mike smiled, waved and spoke loudly thru the din, “Hello Agnes.”  Then with a nod to the elderly gentleman,  “Good afternoon Hugh.  How are you two today?  Is there something wrong?  I heard Ben Ben and was worried”

“Oh Mike,” Agnes sighed, “Ben Ben found this stray kitty and he loves it so!  He is unhappy that I have had to separate them.”

11-11-17_3-44-55 AM

Mike took the kitten from the distraught woman, as she continued, “We have to take it to the shelter.  I would love to keep the sweet thing but our home is not big enough for two pets. We simply have no choice”

11-11-17_3-44-56 AM

Mike held the kitten and looked at her.  Her bright blue eyes captivated him and reminded him of some other beautiful blue eyes … eyes that he loved so very much.

As he snuggled the sweet kitten an idea occurred to him!

11-11-17_3-48-09 AM

“Such a sweet little princess you are!”  Mike laughed as the kitten licked his nose.  “I know just the place that you belong!”

Mike turned to Agnes and Hugh, “Please allow me to take this little Princess.  I will ensure she has the finest home any kit could ever wish for.”

11-11-17_3-48-10 AM

Agnes and Hugh looked at each other with relief, they could not have hoped for a better solution.

Agnes tearfully declared, “Oh Mike, Thank you so much.  I tell you the truth my heart was breaking at the thought of that sweet baby being in a shelter!  You have made us so very happy”

Mike patted Ben Ben as he departed with Princess.  “Don’t worry old man!  I will bring her around to visit you sometime.”  Ben Ben wagged his tail in agreement.

11-11-17_3-49-29 AM


Before anything else,  she needed a bath.  Her time on the street had left soft white downy fur grimy mess.  Taking her home to clean her up was the first thing he needed to get done.

“Oh, precious you smell so much better after your bath!  You were such a stinky little kitty.”

10-14-17_1-09-04 AM

“Now, my lovely little Princess, we will need to get you a checkup.”

Off they went to visit Dr. Chang at the Bayside Veterinary clinic.

11-11-17_3-52-33 AM


Dr. Chang gave Princess a complete checkup and he ensured that she got all the immunizations need for a kit her age.

Dr. Chang reported to Mike, “She is in perfect health and shows no sign of physical harm from her homelessness.  With tender loving care, she will live a long good life.”

Handing Mike a sheet of paper he said, “Here is a list of supplies you will need to obtain as a new pet owner and instructions on feeding her.”

11-11-17_3-59-13 AM

Shaking his head, Mike looked at the list, he had no idea such a small kit needed so much stuff!

Picking the fluffy furry kit up, Mike said to her,  “Are you ready to do some shopping, little Princess?”  With a blink of her clear blue eyes, Princess purred her response.  Mike laughed, “Well then let’s go.”

First nutritious and healthy treats from the clinic office were exactly what the doctor ordered.

11-11-17_4-00-33 AM


“This looks like a lovely place doesn’t it?”

10-14-17_1-09-05 AM

Mike shuddered!  He did not even want to think about this one.

He explained to the kitten, “I am not sure pink will make this job any easier but ok, pink it is!”

10-14-17_1-09-06 AM

“Of course you can get a pink Sparkly one!”

10-14-17_1-09-08 AM

More pink … pink  … pink … pink everywhere.

“Ahh well, you ARE a dear little princess.”

10-14-17_1-09-07 AM

“Now you stay here and play while I go look at some books that will teach us how to properly care for you.”

11-14-17_1-03-42 AM10-14-17_1-09-09 AM

“Right where I left you!  Such a good girl!”

11-14-17_1-01-02 AM


“Good day Brenna,” Mike called out, “how are things on the FurBall Farm?”

Waving cheerily, Brenna exclaimed, “Hellooo Mike!  Everyone is well, Thank you!  Who do you have there?”

“This is Princess, she is a stray, umn no WAS a stray.   Agnes found her.  Well, actually Ben Ben found her.  I stopped by to get some of your wonderful catnip.”

Brenna laughed, “That sounds like good old Ben Ben!  He is a wonderful dog.”  Then she placed some choice blossoms in a small bag.  “No charge for that this time Mike.  You come see me anytime and do bring the Princess along.”  Mike was not sure which princess she meant.

11-14-17_12-52-56 AM


Rose looked up from her study book and saw Mike enter.  Rising she declared, “Mike darling, what a lovely surprise!  I was not expecting you today.  What brings you by, sweetheart?”

Mike was having trouble containing himself.  With a big smile, he said, “I brought you a little gift.”

11-11-17_4-25-45 AM

“A gift.” cried Rose.  “Is it as mysterious as the last gift you brought me?”

Mike shook his head with a laugh, “NO … just open it, my angel.”

11-11-17_4-30-16 AM

Rose could not believe her eyes.  There, in the package,  was the sweetest little blue-eyed kitten she had ever seen.

“I have named her Princess after you my love.  She has all of her shots and I got her a complete checkup at the vet this afternoon. She is healthy and purrrrfect,”  he said, beaming proudly at his pun!  “I bought her everything she will need to be happy and healthy.”

Princess turned her little face and looked adoringly into Rose’s bright blue eyes.  It was love at first sight!

Rose whispered with a quiet laugh, “Now, little Princess, we will all live happily ever after if you remember just ONE THING … with HIM I am number one and you are number two!”

11-11-17_4-36-19 AM11-11-17_4-37-11 AM11-11-17_4-40-19 AM11-11-17_4-40-46 AM

“OH Mike!  You are such a dear!”

11-11-17_4-41-23 AM


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


First off TY EA for pets … what fun!

Retail shell





Already mentioned in the series but still very much appreciated:

Mike by Lovenovavita

Grocery store By Zita

The Charming home by Tokulee

The Andersons House by KimmyCanary

Mike’s house by HatsyYT




An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike & Rose white) A Royal Frolic

Psst … a quick heads up before the update gets started.  The winners of the Reader’s Thank You gift is posted at the bottom after credits … get your formal look ready … the wedding is SOON 🙂

Once again I thank all of you for your support ❤ 

Here is the update ……. 

11-04-17_1-02-30 AM11-04-17_1-09-15 AM11-04-17_1-10-04 AM11-04-17_1-10-05a AM11-04-17_1-12-05 AMa1aa1aaa1b1bb1bbb1bbbbb1bbbbb1abbbbbb1c1cc1ccc1cccc1cccc1ad1dd1ddd1dddddd1dddddd1a

Shaking her head sadly, Snow sighed, “OH my poor darling daughter.”

Stuffing the rag under her arm she hurried towards home.


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

Credits …

Thank you so much, Ascanius (aka Lovenovavita ) for the wonderful beach shots.   TY too for allowing me to turn them into grainy gossip rag shots 🙂


Poses by the FAB Joanne Bernice!


The King and Queen Charming would like to extend a personal invitation to the Wedding of Bruno and Rose Red.  You will also be a guest at a dinner party the night before the wedding and stay in the home of the Charmings.2609403b2a66c2dfc61a346f80ff8510--kingfisher-invitation-designto the following simmers:

Barb Turley

Brenda McBride

Jennifer Lang

Charlii Mai

Diana Poell-Roijen

Cathy Tea

Salome’ Lavoie

I will be connecting with you guys very soon on how to get your simself connected (or if you need one made)  .. start formal shopping ❤ ❤

IF you do not wish to participate let me know ❤


******** how they were picked and why so many **************

My daughter Tiffybee said I was being far too stingy … so originally I went with 5.

Then I had some readers pop on with comments and I wanted to give them a chance but not take the other “wins” away .. sooo I drew 2 more #s 🙂

I used Random number  . org


Then I applied them to this list

(I took the names in the order that I saw them … in groups … on Twitter and in WP)

Those who get the gift of “jumping in” to the story to attend the wedding are indicated in yellow …

Whether you made the list (by commenting or liking or RTweeting) or not (and the majority of readers did not) please know I appreciate each and every one of you



An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Shopping

Before I get to the update today I want to express my gratitude to you, my readers.  18 months and 119 updates ago, when I started this blog I did not think anyone would ever come read my stories.   BUT you have … and you have well over 25,000 times ❤   

 We live in a busy world and that you take time out to read my funny little scribblings brings tremendous joy to my heart and is most humbling at the same time.  I am very blessed and constantly encouraged by you! 

You, my dear readers, are very precious to me and I wondered what I could do to thank you at this special milestone.  I am not a cc creator so that was def out.  Chatting it up with a few of you in my FB group I (we) came upon an idea that I hope with be a fun ty gift to you.  

One of you (name drawn at random from comments on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Forum and OF COURSE WP) will receive a special invitation to JUMP into the game and attend the wedding of Rose Red and Bruno

You (simself) will be a guest in the home of King Prince Charming and his lovely Queen Snow White ❤  You will meet and hang out with the royals and the likes of Mike, Jack, Bruno, the Goths and you might even get a chilling glimpse of a certain villainess, who I am told is trying to gain access to the wedding (hmmm). 

(If you do not have a simself in sims 4, part of my gift will be to create one for you. )

Happy simming!  Here is to another 119 adventures and beyond if you will have me.  (Dilly! Dilly!)

 NOW on to the update 🙂

The early days of Autumn are sweet for the family.  The sunny and bright days seems to reflect the glee in their hearts.

Bruno and Rose Red are inseparable.  Planning the wedding and establishing their new home together consumes most of their thoughts and conversations.  It is a very exciting time for the young couple who has put their future on hold for so long.

10-05-17_1-46-58 PM10-05-17_1-49-44 PM

(Can you tell he loves his Rosie .. never a challenge to snap a sweet pic of Bruno.

10-05-17_1-49-45 PM

Mike and Rose White are seen out and about more and more now.  They are getting to know each other and find they enjoy many of the same activities.  Watching their romance blossom into a beautiful bloom is a great happiness to all who know them.

(TY Lovenovavita for the wonderful screenies)

10-05-17_1-49-47 PM10-05-17_1-49-48 PM

Alexander and Lily are spending lots of time together too.

Looks like it is getting quite serious.

10-05-17_4-20-54 AM

In fact, she even got a dinner invitation to the Goth mansion.

Bella (herself) treated them to her famous Mac n Cheese.

The Goths are very fond of the sweet princess and are encouraging the relationship.

10-05-17_4-23-43 AM

Aster is in great “anguish” over all of this “LOVEY DOVEY kissing and junk”… he said its enough to make him want to throw up!

Rose Red tries to be sensitive and keeps “it” on the DL around him.  She does not want him to feel isolated and forgotten in this busy busy time.

10-11-17_4-02-48 AM

Poor Aster, you would think he would be used to it by now because the original Lovie Dovies are still going strong.

10-11-17_3-56-13 AM

Then there is Violet … No, she has not gone into the convent yet!

Violet has a knack of always showing up at the wrong times!

10-11-17_4-02-46 AM

Her cheerful “Whatcha doing?”  is a real killjoy to the lovie dovies!

Worst of all she seems oblivious to her intrusions.

10-11-17_4-02-47 AM


What a lovely morning!  Snow has her brood in tow!

Giggling and chatting, they are off to do some long-anticipated shopping for wedding attire.

The girls are all in GREAT spirits (Prince was too … because he didn’t have to go).

There have been great shopping days before BUT this one will top them all!

10-23-17_11-55-24 AM

Rose Red has chosen to visit the Swan Lake Wedding Boutique.  Although it is quite posh and will meet her all of her fashion needs, it is also small enough to get the very private personal attention she desires.

10-23-17_12-00-20 PM10-23-17_12-00-21 PM

After a quick check in the girls grab a quick cup of coffee on the veranda while they wait for the dressing rooms to be made ready.

They have been pursuing the internet for a couple of weeks and are very anxious to see the dresses that they ordered.

10-23-17_12-00-22 PM10-23-17_12-00-23 PM10-23-17_12-00-24 PM

The moms were the first up (Paola arrived during coffee).

All gold and glam, they were a vision.  The dresses would be a perfect compliment to the blue tuxedos that their husbands would wear.

The moms had struggled to find just the right look.  Stunning, YES, but NOT upstaging the bride of course!

10-23-17_12-05-09 PM

The sisters were next.  There had been a good amount of debate over this one but in the end, only a Rusty Creation would do!

Snow thought they looked like angels, her beautiful girls!

10-23-17_12-05-10 PM

Before we get to the bridal gown selection lets go back a few hours to earlier that afternoon.

While the dressing room attendants were assisting her sisters with dressing and fetching various bridesmaid dresses,  she asked her mother to go for a little walk.

Rose wanted a private moment to share something very personal with her mother.

“Mum,” she began, “I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have decided that I wish to pay you a special homage and wear a dress like the one you wore when you married Daddy the first time. ”

10-30-17_1-45-01 AM

Snow’s thoughts flew back in time … to a long-gone day when she stood across from her beloved and vowed to be his wife.

Her heart recalled with great fondness the shimmering red satin gown that had been chosen for her.

Tears welled as she looked into the sweet face of her darling girl, “I can think of NO greater tribute than that my dear daughter!  You will be a stunning bride”

01-03-16_12-59-19 a AM

Each look was stunning INDEED ….

10-23-17_12-05-20 PM10-23-17_12-07-25 PM10-23-17_12-10-11 PM10-23-17_12-14-58 PM10-23-17_12-17-25 PM

and in the end, a final decision was not made.

So, my venerate readers, I am asking you to choose the look you think Rose Red should wear when she walks down the aisle to meet her cherished Bruno.

(The poll is at the bottom of this blog along with larger pictures of the looks.)

bridal gown rose red vote collage


It was tea time and all that shopping had them just famished!

It was a good thing that Snow had made reservations for tea at a darling little bakery nearby.

The girls were deep into conversations about bouquets, cakes and wedding music when Rose Red spotted something (someone) outside the cafe windows.

She leaned into Rose White and whispered …

10-29-17_1-20-53 PM

“I think the boys are outside.  How on earth did they find us?”

Rose White gave a small grin and hurried out to greet them.

10-29-17_1-25-17 PM

As she was giving Mike a proper little peck on the cheek she caught a glimpse of Alfonso (Bruno’s Dad) ascending the stair.

“I … I … uhhh … needed a cup of coffee … I did not know you all were here,” he fibbed (rather badly).

10-29-17_1-26-12 PM

By the time they saw Prince headed up the path they knew the girl party was over.

10-29-17_1-33-30 PM

HMMM I wonder how Prince knew where they were?  Snow?  Do have any idea?

10-29-17_1-35-12 PM

More “hmmm” .. well at least they are behaving … but I don’t know about all this! 

10-29-17_1-49-37 PM10-29-17_1-50-05 PM

Keep scrolling for the Bridal Gown poll …

First the results of the finished polls for Mother of the bride and groom and Bridesmaids… 

mother collage

LOL this one was a shootout until the end when #3 gained 7 meager votes on #1 

RR bridesmaid dress poll collage

The poll

Larger pic of the bridal looks …

10-25-17_1-13-57 AM10-25-17_1-15-22 AM10-25-17_1-16-03 AM10-25-17_1-17-47 AM10-25-17_1-18-54 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents




Winning dresses: 

If you would like info on the other dresses just drop me a comment here  🙂

Cannot forget the FAB …

Autumn mod

The Monster Mash

Happy Halloween!

I have been a very bad blogger!  My story is a tad delayed because … well ummm … because I was playing around in CAS with Halloween stuff (not a good excuse but the only one I have).

It is awfully quiet in here …  thought I’d bring the Halloween tunes to get the party started!

I hope it is ok I invited some folks to get a little rabble going you know!

Ready to get your BOP on?

The Coffin-Bangers with their vocal group, ‘The Crypt-Kicker Five’ … now everything is cool Drac is a part of the band and my monster mash is the hit of the land  🙂

BTW whatever did happen to the Transylvania Twist?  HUH?

10-28-17_12-06-52 AM10-28-17_12-07-45 AM10-28-17_12-08-05 AM10-28-17_12-08-26 AM10-28-17_12-09-44 AM10-28-17_12-10-15 AM10-28-17_12-10-38 AM10-28-17_12-12-00 AM

They played the mash

They played the monster mash

The monster mash

It was a graveyard smash

They played the mash

It caught on in a flash

They played the mash

They played the monster mash
(for those too young to know … music starts @ 0:50 )

I have been unable to decide what costume to wear .. so I have been wearing all of them ❤


In here went for  Mrs. Agnes Crumplebottom.  For those of you who know my older stories … are you shocked to find out that it was ME who assisted Evella in accomplishing her dirty deeds while in the Hope Psychiatric Center?


10-09-17_11-52-50 PM10-09-17_11-49-19 PM

I promise the new update is coming VERY soon ❤

Getting ready to do some shopping for the wedding of Bruno and Rose Red ❤

They can’t wait … us neither HUH?

10-17-17_2-34-16 PM

OH and just in case you wondered .. The Zombie Llama Mama picture had nothing at all to do with this post .. 10-10-17_12-42-15 AM it was JUST to get your attention … llamas are great for that!


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Short Stories (current) Table of Contents




Rock poses …

Princess Paranoia all in the name of Rock n Roll



An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Bromances and Romances

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

Bruno was beside himself with excitement.  Jack and Mike had invited him to be their roomie.  “The house is very large and we have lots of room,” Jack informed.  “It is a wonderful house, right on the waterfront in downtown Windenburg.  It will be fantastic!  You will love it!”

Mike was in complete agreement with Jack.  “Anyway Bruno,” he said earnestly, ” if we are going to be family one day we might as well get to know each other now.”

It all made such good sense.

While Bruno adored his parents he was truly ready to be on his own.

10-11-17_3-26-28 AM

He looked forward to experiencing the rowdy carefree bachelor life with these wild and crazy guys.

(Books, beer, and Pizza on a Saturday Night  … yeah Bruno that is off the hook!)

10-11-17_3-26-29 AM

They got on quite well they did … three peas in a pod!

A bromance made in heaven!

10-12-17_3-52-30 AM10-12-17_3-58-09 AM10-12-17_4-00-04 AM10-12-17_4-02-33 AM

(Yeah … Got to stay pretty for the lady folk.)

10-14-17_9-17-32 PM

“Yo Bro! You ok?”

10-14-17_9-27-44 PM


“Man this place looks a little shady.”  Mike was trailing Bruno into the forest with Jack hesitantly bringing up the rear.

They were off in search of a great fishing hole that Bruno remembered from when he was “only a cub.”

Bruno grinned back at them.”Don’t worry guys!  I have been here with Papa lots of times.”

10-14-17_10-45-16 PM

Jack whispered to Mike from behind, “this place seriously gives me the creeps.”

Mike just nodded his agreement and smiled a rather grimacing forced smile.

“It is all good.  Just BEAR with me.”  Bruno jested, chuckling at his own little joke.

The boys were too busy holding their breath to laugh.

10-14-17_10-46-41 PM10-14-17_10-50-56 PM

Bruno brightly encouraged, “It is not far now!”

The boys happily picked up the step.  It felt like they had been tromping thru this eerie woods for an eternity.

Mike kept his eyes straight ahead on Bruno.  He did not want to risk seeing anything peek out from those trees.

Jack was certain he could hear someone’s or someTHING’s footsteps crunching in the foliage behind him and he had to constantly fight the urge to run back to the car.

Bruno, however, seemed impervious to the shadows and sounds that surrounded them and strode happily, deeper and deeper, into the woods.

10-14-17_10-52-18 PM

Finally, the thicket opened before them to reveal a magnificent crystal blue lake nestled in stunning shimmering rocky cliffs.

10-14-17_10-49-55 PM

The splendid panorama with its towering bluffs with cascades of icy water falling to churn the waters frothy below was jaw-dropping.

AND the fishing was marvelous too.

NOM NOM … Dinner will be great tonight!

10-14-18_2-39-19 AM


“Good afternoon Sire,” a markedly nervous Bruno greeted King Charming.  Bruno had requested an informal meeting over coffee.  There was a pressing matter that he needed to discuss with King Charming.

The Tudor Plaza Cafe was normally buzzing but today, much to Bruno’s joy, it was fairly empty.    He was unsure of how King Charming might react when he broached the subject.  It would be nice not to be humiliated in front of many should the conversation provoke the King’s ire.

Prince is not a fool and he had an inkling of what issue might be laying heavily on Bruno’s mind and he wanted reinforcements for this one.

“I have asked Snow to join us.  Is that alright with you Bruno?”

Bruno nodded, maybe a bit too eagerly. “Of course, I … I would love it!”

10-15-17_12-43-44 PM

Prince ordered coffee for all and they settled into a cozy corner to chat.

Snow smiled sweetly as Prince got right down to business, “So, Bruno, you said you have something important to ask me?”

It was a fairly lengthy meeting (the contents of which I will spare you) but it ended with warm smiles, handshakes, hugs, and pats on the back from Prince to Bruno.

“Good luck Bruno.  Keep us posted.” Prince wished as Bruno made for the door.

“I will sir!  I will!” Bruno called looking back over his shoulder at the happy couple.

10-15-17_12-56-41 PM

He had to hurry.  He was meeting Rosie for a sunset hike out to the bluffs and he was on the verge of being late.

It is never good to be late in meeting a princess.


They walked in silence, enjoying the glorious colors of October in Windenburg.  Golden light from the setting sun lit the autumnal foliage creating vivid hues that seemed to dance as the rays played over them.  The crisp air, freshened from recent rain, caused their cheeks and noses to glow with a pinky tint.

Rosie was bewitched by it all.  Sighing, “Thank you, sweetheart, for suggesting this.  It would have been a waste of a glorious Autumn sunset, not to have come.”

” …..  Bruno? ”

Eyeing him skeptically, Rose Red wondered what on earth was wrong with him.  He seemed so jittery and distracted.

“Bruno … What is wrong?”

Bruno closed his eyes and fought the stammer in his voice, “Rosie I have known you from the day you were born.  I swear I loved you at first sight.

10-17-17_2-22-02 PM

I knew even back then that you were my soulmate … there was NO one like you!”

09-10-16_2-10-07 AM

Rosie’s face lit with a smile as she gazed at her sweet soulful tenderhearted fella, what a guy!

Rubbing the stubble on his chin reminded her of …

10-17-17_2-23-09 PM

the sweet features she first fell in love with.

02-22-17_3-40-29 AM

Drifting in her thoughts she did not immediately notice that he had dropped to one knee and in his hands a … a … her heart stopped …

“Rosie, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

10-17-17_2-24-13 PM

(Now HOW could you say no to that face!   NO! NEVER .. and she didn’t!)

10-17-17_2-26-36 PM10-17-17_2-28-05 PM10-17-17_2-33-55 PM10-17-17_2-34-16 PM10-17-17_2-34-17 PM

Time for them to go tell their families!

10-17-17_3-36-47 PM

The Orsini’s were delighted with the news. They all dearly loved their Rosie.  They had watched the young lovers grow up together and had LONG hoped for this day!

Alfonzo (aka Papa)  beamed at his son, “Wise choice my boy.  She is a great gal!” he said winking at his wife, “Got the temperament of your mama.”  Now Rosie did not know exactly what he meant but with Paola (aka Mama)  wiping her tears and blushing like that she knew that it must have been a good thing,

Little Molly was enthralled.  Her little eyes fluttering as she gazed up lovingly at Rosie.  A sister, she thought,  first she gets a forever family and NOW she would have a big sister too.  AND a wedding, do you suppose I … ohhhhh … visions of beautiful dresses began dancing in her head!!

Caiden (aka baby), being a very quiet boy by nature,  just stood smiling up at them.

10-17-17_3-25-40 PM

The Charmings are ecstatic too.   They have loved Bruno since they first knew him.  “I knew it all the time,” Snow declared knowingly, “A mum knows these things.”  Prince and the girls all nodded their agreement.

Rose White felt tears of happiness well up in her eyes.

10-17-17_4-05-43 PM

She thought back to that day so very long ago when she first met Bruno.  They had been the best of friends but now he as marries her sister she will happily trade a BFF for a brother!

Life is sweet she thought!

10-17-17_4-05-44 PM

Violet rushed to give her sister a big hug.  “I am so very happy for you Rosie.  So very happy!”

She ran out of the room on the pretext of finishing her dishes.

10-17-17_4-06-53 PM

It was becoming much too much for poor Violet.  She declared out loud to no one there, “I really am going to be a nun.”

10-17-17_5-07-14 AM


With steps heavy and slow, a shadowy figure approached the ramshackle church.

This was NOT going to be easy!  The sinister miscreant had been summoned and there was NO choice but to obey.

Evella was a loathsome wench and no one went into her presence willingly.

10-17-17_6-40-43 PM

The dilapidated walls of that old edifice reverberated as Evella screeched and wailed like a banshee, “I have gotten all the reports from the watchers … you have not been keeping your end of our bargain.”

“It is difficult my queen.  I must go slow or they will suspect.”

Her voice vile and dripping with evil as she bellowed … “You wicked little toad, go do what it takes to get this done!”

“As you wish my queen,” was the only response.

10-17-17_6-48-15 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


******* credits ******


scooters and poses …

Daddy’s Prince Scooter poses




An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Black and White … a bonus update

A little something for those who have been WAITING  for this … ❤ u 🙂  Don’t worry there is more coming right around the corner!

Rose’s return came with a return to her Royal duties.  There was always such and such function going on and often Rose was delegated to represent the Charmings.

Most were stuffy pompous affairs, like day old bread, dry and dull!

That night’s Black and White affair was no different!   Rose White was dispatched by her father and Mike was sent along as her escort for the evening.

This little couple definitely turned heads when they made their entrance!

The old gents would pat her hand and pry with pointed questions and the ladies would cluck cluck at her or purr at him with batted eyelashes.

Oh, it was delicious … everyone there was dying to know MORE!!

As the night got on Rose and Mike both desired … NO NEEDED a bit of alone time.

They quietly slipped out onto a secluded little porch for some solitude.

She was radiant and smelled amazing … drew him like a moth to the flame …

he looked divine … her eyes saw nothing else …

they got caught up in the soft music and in each other  …

08-23-17_11-24-40 PM08-23-17_11-25-19 PM08-23-17_11-26-29 PM08-23-17_11-29-30 PM08-23-17_11-30-51 PM08-23-17_11-32-03 PM08-23-17_11-33-31 PM08-23-17_11-36-09 PM08-23-17_11-40-49 PM08-23-17_11-43-39 PM08-23-17_11-44-31 PM08-23-17_11-45-25 PM08-23-17_11-46-44 PM08-23-17_11-47-38 PM


and completely missed seeing HER!

08-23-17_11-53-13 PM


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**** credits ****

The room was by LuckyHeather

Poses by Rethdis-love

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Home Sweet Home

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

As she walked along, the leaves that crunched beneath her feet sang a happy little duet with the waves that lapped the shoreline below the cliff near her house.   The “song” brought joy to Rose’s heart.

When she had last walked out of this gate the crocus’ had barely begun to peek out from their blanket of snow.  Now the warm colors of autumn welcomed her.

She breathed in deeply the scent of apples, fallen leaves and the smoke from the hearth at home.  It was heady and flooded her head with memories of autumns past.

She was HOME.

10-10-17_3-19-15 AM

Oh, it was not that she did not have a wonderful time during the search.  SanMyshuno is a beautiful city and in reality, she knew she did not even begin to scratch the surface of all it had to offer.

But here, this place, offered Mom, Dad, her sisters and her brother … all waiting and eager for her arrival.

Here was her past and here was her future.  For Rose, this is a very good thing indeed!

Mike did not accompany her.  He was giving her some time and space to BE home.  To reconnect.   She smiled as she recalled how thoughtful he was!

She would see him tomorrow!

10-10-17_3-19-50 AM

Running feet and loud joyful exclamations, the clamor of homecoming greeted her cheery “Hellooo, I am home.”

Prince reached his Princess first and he enveloped her in a giant welcomed HUG!

“Oh Dad I missed you so.”

10-11-17_11-05-02 PM

Soon they had all gathered, laughing and chatting.  Rose White was back home and none could wait to hear all about the many adventures she had in the city!

10-11-17_11-06-37 PM

Snow hustled the family to the breakfast table.  “Sit … sit,” she instructed and after quickly placing a cup of hot tea in front of Rose White she scurried out the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Rose listened contentedly as her sisters chattered on and on about the boys in their lives!  Bruno this .. Alexander that …

Well, all except for Violet … for her it was the boy OUT of her life!  She had ever so briefly entertained a local boy named Joaquin but he was a gad about and she had no patience for his wandering eye!

Even tho Prince often assured her not, she was certain that she would end up a Nun.

11-01-16_1-25-53 AM

Prince was lost in thoughts of his own.  He reveled in the fact that all of his girls were seated around the table now.  He knew in his heart that these days were numbered.  Soon each one will be off tending to their own families but for now, this moment in time, they are all right here gathered around him.

10-11-17_11-43-39 PM

Snow whipped up a batch of her famous pancakes.   Love is her secret ingredient and she uses it liberally!   She adores being a wife and mother.  She believes .. no she KNOWS that she has the most wonderful family on earth!

(Just for you simophonique ❤ ❤  some of you long time readers already know … this is the only thing Snow has ever learned to cook.)

10-11-17_11-45-18 PM10-11-17_11-56-50 PM

Just as always, the family received Snow’s breakfast offering as tho it were manna from heaven.

“MMM!  Mum these are just divine!”  Rose White gushed, ” I have missed them so much.  Thank you!”

The other girls and Prince chimed in with Rose White.  “Yes, just delicious!” “Wonderful.” “Best you have ever made.” “Awesome job Mummy!”

Snow beamed at the lovely compliments from her sweet family.  They are such dears.

10-12-17_12-16-03 AM

Rose took her afternoon coffee at the computer.  She needed to tend to her long neglected correspondences.   She could not keep her mind on it and found herself searching bridal sites and looking at gowns and flowers and cakes.

10-12-17_12-16-04 AM

There was a sound at the stairs and Rose went to see …

“Claudia!”  Rose rushed to hug her friend (and if you recall, her personal assistant), “how have you been?  I missed you terri … ”   Rose stopped in mid sentence!

11-11-17_3-30-30 AM

Something sparkly caught her eye.  “Claudia!  What is that?”

11-11-17_3-31-01 AM

“OH Rose, I have so much to share.  I have been dying to tell you.  We kept it a secret until I could tell you myself!

11-11-17_3-32-01 AM

Walter asked me to marry him,” Claudia explained.

“Walter? Who is tha … ” Rose grasped for even a hint of recognition from the name.

“OH, Rose you are so funny!  Officer Theis!   He has a first name you know … it is Walter.”

“OHHHH! WHAT!”  Rose was shouting excitedly, “WHEN! OH MY GOSH!”

10-06-17_8-44-37 AM

“Your mom and dad were so sweet.  They took us to a private little chapel and your father officiated our private ceremony and your sweet mother witnessed it for us.

11-12-17_1-56-44 cAM

We were so honored when Prince gifted us the little house out on the water front.  It is so pretty and we are so happy there.”

11-12-17_2-11-08 cc AM11-12-17_2-18-03 cc AM

(How many of you long time readers recognize that little house?  It is the original house Prince and Snow lived in during the first story  … OH I do love it so!) ❤ ❤ ❤

01-05-16_3-11-34 AM

Rose and Claudia chattered away the afternoon.  First Claudia on the many virtues of being married .. then Rose White on searching for her king and finding him in Mike.  OH it was all so very romantic.

Then the girls got down to some serious business … wedding planning!  With ohhhs and ahhhs and squeals and giggles, they went thru three pots of tea and Claudia got hand cramps from taking so many notes.

11-11-17_3-48-50 AM

When it was time to leave Claudia leaned in and whispered softly, “you are going to love marriage Rose … I know I do!  It is wonderful … just wonderful!”

11-21-17_3-32-02 AM

After dinner the family settled in to watch a movie.  It was unanimous that Rose got to choose of course she picked her favorite cat movie “Perot in Murkland; One cat’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.”

11-21-17_3-32-05 AM

All the excitement in the house that evening caused Aster to procrastinate on his homework until it got quite late.  Rose White found him hard at work in the back garden.  “Aster, homework by candle light?”

11-21-17_3-32-08 AM

He looked up, surprised to see her out there.  “You’ll not tell Mum and dad, will you?”

Rose looked down at the little earnest face of her brother.   She loved this bright little guy so very much.  Of course she would not.

Smiling she assured him that this was their little secret.  “Now off to bed with you!”

11-21-17_3-32-09 AM

He was so tired that he fell asleep before Rose could finish tucking him in.

“Good night my dear little prince,” she whispered softly.

11-21-17_3-32-10 AM

Exhausted herself, she was settling into her room when her eye fell upon the sweetly wrapped little package.  She had forgotten all about this!


Many many months earlier, Mike had dropped this package off at her front gate with instructions not to open it until after the search had been completed (and only if he should win).

22196488_894660890681777_8186620581549285345_n (1)m22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539409_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539410_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539411_om

She opened it slowly.

The package contained a beautiful enchanted rose and a hand written letter.

It began, “My dearest Rose …….”


TY LoveNovavita  (creator of Mike) for the pictures of Mike delivering the package … for those who wish to see the lovely video of this presentation click the link below …



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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


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