An Era of Charming Tales: Reunion

Bruno’s family was making very good progress in their journey.  Traveling at a steady pace, they had been in the drylands for a few days now.

01-28-18_6-27-19 PM

The drylands were harsh but very beautiful as well.  Spectacular vistas were to be seen around every corner.

The journey was arduous!  Momma and Papa were beginning to feel every step.  They would need to find a place to rest and refresh for a few days.

They decided to alter their route and head for a “nearby” National Park.

01-28-18_6-30-30 PM01-28-18_6-34-22 PM

Although the trek was difficult, there were many good things coming from it.  The parents and the teens grew much closer and the familial bonds grew tighter and stronger.

As they went along, Papa took the opportunity to carefully instruct Caiden and Molly in wilderness survival.  They were going to need it in their new home.

While Molly did try to pay close attention and was respectful of her papa’s knowledge she was less inclined to appreciate the wild outdoors life than her brother was.

Caiden seemed to EAT it up!  A real chip off the old papa block he was.  He did have a slight advantage on her in that he spent most of his childhood as a bear.

Papa and Mama were so proud of their children.

01-28-18_6-35-04 PM

That evening they reached the Dueling Mustang National Park.   A  jewel in the desert.  An aquamarine lake sparkled in the center of the park, promising to refresh and rejuvenate the weary traveler.

They stood silently in awe of its majesty.

Finally, in a hushed reverent tone, Molly spoke, “It is so awesome!  Can we stay Papa?”

Of course, they stayed.  It was just the R&R they needed!

01-28-18_6-37-27 PM

Caiden was starving (he is a growing teenaged boy).  He got right to the grill, cooking up a plate of dogs and tried to eat the entire plate.

I always feel like someone is watching me.

01-28-18_6-40-38 PM-2

Molly tried to find some recreational relief but she found it hard to concentrate.  Her mind kept drifting back to the time she spent with Aster on that bluff the night before they left.

She missed him so much and hoped he and his family were OK!

01-28-18_6-41-45 PM

The pristine lake kept its promise and delivered the refreshment their tired bodies needed.  Rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit!

01-28-18_6-43-08 PM01-28-18_10-33-10 PM


When they hit the road again, their steps were lighter and spirits were high.  The stay definitely had the desired effect.

A few days later, as fate would have it, they wandered into the Wiggly Piggly Diner.  The wonderful proprietor Betty was quite attentive to the dusty travelers.

They chatted happily over over her delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and hot basil tomato soup.  Betty ensured that the hot coffee and cheerful convo flowed freely.

As we already know, Betty has a keen eye for those who need help and she was moved by their weariness.  She could tell by the kind eyes of the Papa that this was a wonderful family.  She almost felt like she knew them.

Hovering as she poured more fresh hot coffee into their cups, Betty remarked, “This has been quite the week for travelers.”

Momma’s ears perked up, “Others?  Maybe it was our son and daughter in law.  They went ahead of us.  Was it a handsome burly young man and a dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty?”

“Why yes it was,” exclaimed Betty.  “They were traveling with their small toddler and so road weary.  I gave them a place to stay for a few days to recover.”

“A toddler?”  Mama was crestfallen.  “It is not them,” she said sadly.

Papa smiled, touching her hand softly, “Honey Bear, stop worrying.  Why don’t we stop by on our way out of town and have a chat with them.  Maybe they have seen Bruno and Rosie somewhere along the way.”

Momma thought it was a wonderful idea. She was anxious for any news of Bruno and Rosie and did not wish to let any possibility pass.

Betty’s little house was easy to find.  It was right next door to the Wiggly Piggly.

09-28-18_10-53-07 PM

As they tuned in at the walk, shrieks of joy and recognition came from the rear of the tiny house.  Rosie came bounding around the corner and Bruno at a dead run right behind her.   The family was overjoyed to see each other.

“You are safe my dear children!  I don’t understand,” Mama remarked.  “Betty told us you were traveling with a toddler?”

Rosie laughed, “Mama and Papa we have news for you …”

Before she could finish a little redhead appeared near the back corner of the house.

02-28-18_01-56-02 PM

“OHHHH!”  Mama gasped and ran to pick up the little beauty.

Their eyes met and it was love at first sight for both of them!

Rosie and Bruno explained Trui’s adoption to Papa, Caiden and Molly.  There was no getting Mama back .. she had done flown the coop.

She was lost in every Grandma’s dream.  She had her hands on her grandchild and nothing else existed at the moment.

02-28-18_3-56-53 PM

Trui loved her new family.  Uncle Caiden was facinaitng and she follwed him foot to foot.

02-28-18_4-00-32 PM

AND grandma was DA BOMB!

02-29-18_2-39-18 PM02-29-18_2-39-48 PM

Auntie Molly was so pretty with red hair just like her own.

“I was adopted too, Trui.” Mollie explained to the wide-eyed babe, “We have that in common.  When you get older I will tell you the story of when Mama found me.”

Trui loved stories and she was NOT going to wait to hear one.

“Toree, toree, torrreee,”  she begged her Auntie Molly.

Molly laughed and shook her hear, “OK just a tiny bit because your momma says it is time to rest.”

03-29-16_6-31-20 AM

Laying Trui down for her nap Molly told her a tale of a cold wintery day so long ago when a mama bear found a little orphan girl who needed her love and care.

Molly slipped out as the toddler’s eyes closed.


03-29-16_6-31-21 AM

“Where you headed, peanut?”

Bruno laughed … like he did not know.

Trui was on a mission to find Grandma.

Bruno jested, “You know she was not that nice to me when I was a baby.”

03-30-18_10-01-18 PM

“OH hello little sweets,” Rosie teased, “What brings you out here?  Did you have a nice nap?”

Trui had no time for small talk now … she bee lined  for Grandma!

04-28-18_11-40-58 PM

Rosie hopped up and took over the laundry duty while Mama entertained Trui or maybe you might say Trui entertained Grandma.

04-28-18_11-40-61 PM04-28-18_10-57-09 PM

Mama was leading Trui in a rousing rendition of “You are My Sunshine”  when Papa walked up behind her.

“Bruno and I are going down to the fishing hole.  Did you want to come along?”

Papa grinned.  He already knew the answer.

“No you all go on.” She said, “I will stay and watch the baby.  Why don’t you take Rosie too.  She could use a break.”

04-28-18_11-40-65 PM04-29-15_11-44-24 PM04-29-15_12-33-08 AM04-29-16_12-27-20 AM04-29-16_12-27-27 AM

Bedtime came and it was Papa’s turn to get some Trui time.

Trui was not happy that it was bedtime but …

05-29-17_0-15-18 PM

Papa was the best tuck-er-in-er ever and …

05-29-17_0-15-54 PM

the most wonderful storyteller there was.

05-29-17_4-11-05 PM (2)

Papa’s deep velvety voice crooned,

“And there were three little bears sitting on chairs
And two little kittens … And a pair of mittens
And a little toy house … And a young mouse
And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush
And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

Her eyelids were sooooo heavy and soon the world slipped away for this tired little tot!

Off to dreamland with you tiny one!

05-29-17_4-13-31 PM

Feeling a bit tired, Papa readied himself for bed and as he did the world began to slip away from him too but it was not to dreamland.

05-29-18_1-10-51 AM05-29-18_1-15-48 AM

Caiden implored the dark one to spare his Papa.

“Your Papa is very old,” the dark and hollow voice explained to him.  “His time has come.”

Caiden refused to relent and for some unknown reason Grimmy relented, “Very well, but enjoy him now.  His time is short.”

05-29-18_1-21-36 AM05-29-18_1-24-18 AM05-29-18_1-25-55 AM05-29-18_1-27-32 AM

A few days later Grimmy would visit again.  This time no one could dissuade him. Alfonso’s time was at his end.

06-11-18_1-29-39 AM06-11-18_1-36-00 AM06-11-18_1-49-04 AM06-11-18_1-50-13 AM06-11-18_1-50-57 AM

The family laid Papa to rest down by the fishing hole.  They all knew he would have wanted that.

07-10-18_12-37-36 AM

They left Mama alone for some time to say goodbyes to her beloved.

“My time is coming soon too, my love.  I will find you in the netherworld and we will be together again.”

07-10-18_12-46-44 AM

Rest in Peace Alfonso Orsini.  You raised a beautiful family and your legacy is golden!

07-10-18_12-48-47 AM


The family took a week to mourn.

Then with tearful goodbyes to Betty, they were off to continue their journey.

07-14-18_2-52-16 AM


Soon the drylands were far behind them.

07-14-18_2-57-22 AM


Almost one month later, to the date, something sinister blew into the Wiggly Piggly.

Betty could feel its presence before she even laid eyes on him.

08-14-18_12-02-47 AM

“Yes sir, can I help you?”  Betty was cautious.  Her keen sense of a person’s character kicked in.  She had strong red flags about this one.  He seemed to ooze evil.

08-14-18_12-22-39 AM

The droll little man purred, “My name is Mergwhen Brandywise.  I am looking for some friends of mine.  I am wondering if you might have seen them?”

He went on to describe Bruno, Rosie and the other members of the Orsini family in accurate detail.

Although she denied ever seeing them Mergwhen did not believe her.  You see Betty is not the only one who is a keen judge of persons.

08-14-18_12-22-41 AM

Merwhen has his own ways of obtaining information from reluctant subjects.

08-14-18_12-22-45 AM

He did not bank on Betty having such a strong will.

08-14-18_12-24-34 AM

Truth be told it was a bit embarrassing for him.  He thought to himself,  “I have been on this planet too long .. I am losing my touch. ”

08-18-18_12-31-18 AM

I might also point out at this moment, Mergwhen did not come alone.   Along the way, he has teamed up with another hunter who is looking for a small alien child.

08-14-18_12-22-42 AM

Bruno and Rosie had stayed quietly out of the way so most locals did not even know they had come thru.

“NO! NO, we have not seen a small child like that around these parts.  But if we do we will call.”

08-14-18_12-22-43 AM

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Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

~~********** Credits *********~~

For you Betty fans .. she will stay in game as will the Wiggly Piggly.  Never know when some one might need a bite to eat and a friendly face ❤

backwoods betty familyWiggly Piggly diner

In this branch of the Charming tales, I will be attempting a modified version of :

The Alien Adoption Challenge 

I will raise an adopted wild child (and she sure is) alien from a toddler to YA.

She can never be the active sim and I cannot give her any directions or commands.

My modifications (to fit the story) are of course she gets two parents (but Rosie won the roll and is the primary).  There are to be NO babysitters or nannies.  While neither can have a job both can contribute by learning “a trade” and sell crafted goods.



An Era of Charming Tales: Respite

Betty showed Bruno and Rosie around the property.  They were thrilled with the sweet little house.  It was cozy and colorful (with indoor plumbing .. for the most part), and the garden was bountiful.  Bruno was excited that there was a fishing hole nearby.  He was itching to throw a line out into those crystalline waters.

Betty helped them make the beds and get the windows open for fresh air.  She picked some veggies and put them in the fridge.

“You are free to use whatever the garden gives you while you are here.”

05-08-18_12-21-07 AM05-08-18_11-25-25 PM

“I will take my leave now.  It is time for me to get back to the restaurant,” Betty said cheerfully.

“OH Betty, thank you!”  Rosie exclaimed, “this is a wonderful little house.  You are such a dear to let us stay here to rest up for the remainder of our journey.”

“It is my pleasure,” Betty responded warmly.  “If you need anything, I am at the Wiggly Piggly most of the time, but I only live across the street so feel free to come ask for anything you might lack.”

01-26-18_2-09-35 AM

After Betty had gone Bruno asked his little family, “So who is ready to do a little fishing? ”

Trui jumped up and down excitedly exclaiming, “feesy .. feesy .. feeeesy!”

A huge smile swept across Bruno’s face, “OK baby Trui, let’s go catch something wonderful for dinner.”

Rosie laughed, “Bruno, you are determined to make her into a little bear … aren’t you?”

Bruno just winked as he and Trui trotted off.  Rosie came right after.

05-08-18_10-07-17 PM05-08-18_10-13-49 PM

Bruno whispered with a soft laugh, “looks like fishing is very tiring for tiny anglers.”

Smiling, Rosie continued her soft lullaby,

“Honey is for bees silly bear …

And besides, there’s jellybeans everywhere …

It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams …

Don’t worry your little head, just go to sleep  …


05-08-18_12-11-59 AM


It doesn’t matter how you feel …

Life is just a Ferris wheel …

It is always up and down …

Don’t make a sound …

When you wake up the world will come around …

When you wake up the world will come around.”  ***

05-08-18_12-12-51 AM

Since they did not catch any fish earlier, Rosie decided they would have a special dinner … her mother’s pancakes.

05-08-18_12-20-27 AM

Bruno kept an eye on Trui while dinner was cooking.

05-08-18_12-21-44 AM

” … and baby bear said, “someone has been eating my porridge and IT IS ALL GONE!”

05-08-18_12-25-36 AM

Rosie called, “Dinner time you two.  Come on now before it gets cold.”

As Bruno sat down at the table with his sweet wife and darling Trui his heart swelled with gratitude!  He truly felt like the luckiest man in the whole world!

05-08-18_12-29-28 AM

After dinner, it was time for a baby bubble bath 🙂 and then off to bed for a tired tot.

05-08-18_12-30-57 AM

Bruno was stunned to see the baby come around the corner of the house.

“Trui what are you doing out of bed?”

“Bebe bear … bebe bear!”

“Honey it is bedtime now!  You are supposed to be going to sleep.”

“Bebe bear … bebe bear!”

Trui turned those big eyes and Bruno and his resolve melted.

“OH OK! OK! Come on!”

He glanced up at Rosie who was beaming at her beloved.

With color rising in his cheeks he picked up his daughter and carried her into bed.

05-25-18_10-37-47 PM05-26-18_2-11-40 PM

“You lay back now and let’s see what happened to little Goldilocks.”

05-26-18_2-12-14 PM



The sun is up .. so Trui is up!

Mama and Papa are not up!

05-08-18_8-57-11 PM


After a quick breakfast, Rosie and Bruno headed out to the garden before the heat made the job unbearable.

01-26-18_3-00-43 AM

The fresh fruit and veggies from Betty’s tiny garden were exquisite.  Rosie marveled that the impeccable quality.  She could not wait to use them in recipes.  She had many ideas.

Bruno enjoyed tending the garden.  Once they got settled he would plant one of his own.

01-26-18_11-55-47 AM01-26-18_12-09-47 PM

Rosie and Trui try a little potty training.

04-26-18_12-10-30 PM04-26-18_12-11-30 PM04-26-18_12-14-10 PM

“Maybe next time, baby Trui.  Maybe next time.”

04-26-18_12-19-54 PM

Poor little princess!   Laundry time is not for wimps.

Using one of the wonderful herbs from the garden, Rosie freshened the water and began …

04-26-19_2-13-48 PM04-26-19_2-14-25 PM04-26-19_2-20-55 PM04-26-19_2-22-22 PM04-26-19_2-25-16 PM

With Rosie up to her elbows in laundry (literally), Bruno decides to try his hand at making dinner.  His FAV beans and franks.

04-26-20_2-23-41 PM

UH, that did not go so well.   Poor Bruno, Trui is a tough food critic LOL!

04-26-20_12-22-30 PM

Bruno attempts to placate the tot, “Do you want one of Papa’s lovely apples, baby girl?”

04-26-20_12-23-30 PM

That is a winner!

04-26-20_12-24-09 PM

Be a parent they said .. it would be fun they said .. YOLO Rosie!

04-26-20_12-24-10 PM

“… and the cow plant says …”

04-26-20_12-24-11 PM

I don’t know Bruno I think this little one has a thing or two to teach you too.

04-26-20_12-38-55 PM


Could the cavalry be on the way?

(Look to your right Orsini Fam … look to your right!)

09-28-18_10-53-07 PM


Meanwhile, back in Windenburg the Queen is not doing so well.  The stress from all that is going on has taken its toll.  She has fallen quite ill.

Prince is beside himself with worry.

04-26-18_11-26-59 PM04-26-18_11-28-06 PM

The family is quite concerned too.  Everyone has stepped up to care for her.

04-26-19_10-53-10 PM

While she is quite grateful to them she cannot seem to “bring herself out of it.”

04-26-18_12-22-21 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

****~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~****


Lullabye – Fall Out Boy


Joanne Bernice Let’s Have Tea

rethdis-love    I feel so bad 

[Rinvalee]CouplePoses_13 (link not found .. this is why I never get rid of poses or cc)  😦

An Era of Charming Tales: Drylands

The drylands are beautiful but Bruno knows that they can be quite treacherous.

The little family is taking things pretty slowly.   Bruno wisely does not push them too fast, stopping frequently for hydration, sunscreen and rest.

Trui often INSISTS upon walking “by herself.”  The only word she knows really well is “DOWN!” and she wants that all the time!

Bruno and Rosie do not mind, they are very patient simmies.

There is no rush.

04-26-18_2-55-06 PM04-26-18_2-59-52 PM04-26-18_3-02-03 PM

Bruno was elated at the sight of Oasis Springs!

A small campground (unoccupied), comfort facilities (rustic sure but way better than a shrub), and a large swimming lake with lots of fish just waiting for him to come catch them (and a BBQ grill so he can eat them too).

He hoped to spend a few days relaxing here.

04-26-18_3-04-57 PM

Rosie really appreciated the comfort facilities!   After carefully inspecting for spiders, she enjoyed a nice hot shower.  Her first since she left home five days ago.

04-26-18_3-50-15 PM

Rosie and Trui are quickly developing a trust relationship.

04-26-18_3-07-43 PM04-26-18_3-07-57 PM

Trui learned quickly that Dada is an awesome playmate (and she adores him).

Watch out Bruno I am pretty sure she has got your number.

04-26-18_3-28-24 PM04-26-18_3-29-06 PM04-26-18_3-32-35 PM04-26-18_3-33-48 PM

And Mama is the one who takes care of you.

04-26-18_3-10-39 PM04-26-18_3-21-53 PM

This stuff called food sure can be fun!

04-26-18_3-22-39 PM04-26-18_3-23-32 PM

Aww Rosie … no fresh fish for breakfast in the am 😦

04-26-18_3-38-43 PM

The babe is asleep, Bruno and Rosie sit down for a quiet moment beside a crackling fire.

The stars seem especially twinkly out here.

As they sit warming hands and feet by the flames, Bruno and Rosie enjoy the concerto from the desert nightlife.  A coyote wails his mournful refrain as the crickets sing a sweet melody and the bullfrogs bring the bass line!

04-26-18_3-40-10 PM

Awakened at 3 AM by a raucous clamor outside of the tent, a sleepy Rosie crawls out to find a wide-awake, half-naked Trui happily making a huge mess.

Seeing Rosie the tot sings to her with glee, “preee preee!”

“Trui, no sweetie it is a mess, it is not pretty.  Why did you make such a mess?”

“Preeee,” the jubilant baby maintained.

“Where are your pajamas?  It is night-night time now sweets.”  Rosie pleaded with the energetic tot,  “Papa Bruno is asleep and Mama Rose wants to sleep.  It is time for baby Trui to sleep too.”

Trui babbled as she danced wildly, “Poppo poppo poppo.”

Rosie was feeling despondent, “OH baby, Mama doesn’t want to play now.”

04-26-18_3-47-38 PM

Rosie knew that further argument was futile so she resigned herself just to wait Trui out.

About 5 am the little dumpling crawled into the tent and snuggled next to a snoring Bruno and fell fast asleep.

04-26-18_3-48-32 PM

Rosie drug herself out of the tent early to make a nice breakfast for Bruno.

She was going to have to break his heart by telling them that staying here was not going to work out.

They had to find a proper house and rest there for a few days.

A secure place where Trui could not wander off into the desert and be eaten by some terrible night creature!

04-26-18_3-52-37 PM

It was near lunchtime when they came upon the “Wiggly Piggly” diner.    The smell of pancakes, bacon, and hamburgers wafted out and drew them in like a siren song.

They were all famished and exhausted.

04-26-18_2-35-10 PM

The bright diner was simple place run by a cheerful lady named Betty.

Hanging their jackets on the homey coat rack, the trio made their way to the host stand to request a table.  (UGH manned by DON … smh).

04-30-18_12-40-07 AM

Betty took one look at the young travelers and knew they were in need of help.

The dark circles under Rosie’s eyes reminded Betty of old Bilbo who came every few nights to rob her trash cans.

Poor thing is dead on her feet she thought.  She resolved to see what she could do.

05-01-18_1-08-52 AM

Betty seated them in a quiet corner and popped Trui into a waiting high chair.

04-30-18_12-42-52 AM

Before the young couple could blink twice she had whisked a cup of milk and bowl of cereal to Trui.

She said with a laugh, “Mrs. Betty knows what babies like to eat.”

04-30-18_12-47-16 AM

Trui was skeptical.

It sure seemed like she did (the bowl and the cup stayed on the chair tray).

04-30-18_12-48-15 AM

Betty stood by smiling as Jeanne Mae took their order.

04-30-18_12-50-07 AM

Betty slid into a chair at the end of the table.

“Do you mind if I take a quick coffee break with you all?”

They did not care.  Betty was a warm and friendly person.

“Where are you good folks headed?  Been on the road long?”

Rosie, being very careful not to give too much information (both for their own sake and for Betty’s too)  explained that they were headed to see family and that they had a few more days on the road to get there.

“You both look like you can use a rest. I have a little guest house right next door here.  It is not much to write home to mother about but it is warm and cozy, has indoor plumbing and the price is RIGHT.  Free of charge,” Betty explained.

“OHH,” Rosie exclaimed,  “we could not take advantage of you like that.”

“NO NO NOW!” Betty said in a very no-nonsense tone,  “I just can’t stand the thought of folks being in need of help and those who can help just standing by, doing nothing!”

04-30-18_12-51-05 AM

EWW Table manners are not Trui’s strong suit.  There was more on the floor than in her belly.

04-30-18_12-52-27 AM

While Betty did not seem to mind, not all the restaurant patrons appreciated Trui’s antics.

04-30-18_12-49-11 AM

“Thank you so much, Betty,” Rosie said gratefully. ” You are so kind.  We do need a place to rest and would love to see the house.”

“Well then, the matter is settled!  When you all are done here we will go see it.”

Bruno, chugging his second cup of coffee, only nodded.  This food was too good to waste time talking!

04-30-18_12-56-12 AM

PSST you two … Hello .. she is out of the chair … this is not good!

04-30-18_12-58-42 AM

(OH it is ok baby girl .. DON has to clean it up.)

04-30-18_12-56-14 AM

It was very tiny but it looked like a dream house to Rosie.

A big warm comfy bed, indoor plumbing, a full kitchen, a garden brimming with fruits and veggies and a swimmin’ hole out front with sparkly waters that was spring fed.

It even had a toddler bed to keep you know who confined!

04-31-20_12-58-42 AM

Trui was thrilled with the house as well.

There were great recreational opportunities available to her.

04-26-18_2-11-04 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


In this branch of the Charming tales, I will be attempting a modified version of :

The Alien Adoption Challenge 

I will raise an adopted wild child (and she sure is) alien from a toddler to YA.

She can never be the active sim and I cannot give her any directions or commands.

My modifications (to fit the story) are of course she gets two parents (but Rosie won the roll and is the primary).  There are to be NO babysitters or nannies.  While neither can have a job both can contribute by learning “a trade” and sell crafted goods.


Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

**~~~~ credits ~~~~**

Welcome to the Vaughn Family … Simself & Family of BettyBackwoods99 (Betty is a gallery pal .. stop by and see her lovely collection of cc free sims and builds)

backwoods betty family

and her sweet little diner (Betty I thought you were alright TIL you hired DON!)

Wiggly Piggly diner

One of my FAV Oasis Springs park replacements  (used a few times now) … I do add public restrooms and a small camping area

oasis springs

An Era of Charming Tales: Magenta

“Young lady! Where have you been?”

Molly was surprised to see a fully dressed Mama, Papa, and Caiden greet her at the door when she walked in from her bluffs meet up with Aster.

“I got a text from Aster.  He wanted to meet up to say goodbye.”

“You said goodbye at dinner,” Papa groused.

“Oh Papa,”  Mama chided playfully.  The twinkle in her eye softened him a bit.

“We were worried is all.”  He tried to sound gruff, “That crazy weasel running amok out there.  You two could have been hurt!”  Then he added with an afterthought,  “OR worse!”

Molly looked to her brother for support but Caiden was avoiding her eye contact.  He wanted no part of this trouble.

Papa continued to look stern but Mama never could stay mad at her dear little Molly.

“Molly, darling, you run upstairs and put your travel clothing on.”

Molly gave Mama a confused look, “I thought we were leaving in the am?  At dawn.”

“Papa and I decided we would like to get Windenburg a few hours behind us while it is still dark.  Besides you children are much more energetic at night than in the morning.”

Agreeing with a laugh Molly bounded up the stairs to change her clothing,

“And hide that hair under a hat or something,”  Mama called  after her, “We are already way too memorable.”

03-15-18_2-18-00 AM

Less than thirty minutes later, under cover of darkness, the Orsini family set their face to the long journey ahead of them.

03-15-18_2-20-15 AM


At the break of dawn, Mergwhen Brandywise took his clandestine position, ready to follow the Orsini family who, it was hoped,  would then lead them to Bruno and the Princess.

Patting the vial snugged into his pocket and snickering manically to himself, “Yes, then they will all meet an untimely demise.”

He clapped his hand over his mouth as the thick gravelly chortle audibly escaped his mouth.  He looked around quickly.  No one had heard.

He waited.

And waited.

And waited.

03-21-18_1-52-25 PM-2

Mustering a cheery “Halloo,”  Mergwhen approached the house.

The door was unlocked.

He silently slipped in.

“Hallooo,” he called again.

No answer.

Quietly, at first, he began his fruitless search.   There was no sign of the family anywhere.

03-21-18_1-54-40 PM

“I am sorry to awaken you my Queen, but they are gone.”

03-21-18_1-55-35 PM

“Who is gone?” She demanded.

“The Orsinis of course,” came back his reply.  “They must have left during the night.”

With an icy coldness in her voice that seemed to reach through the phone and clutch his heart, she said, ” I want them found.  Go search for them and do not return until you have found them.”

“My Queen, I have …”

The menacing GO that thundered in his ears shook Mergwhen to his core.

He would go, indeed, as far from Evella as possible!

03-21-18_2-48-12 PM

“Imbeciles! I am surrounded by imbeciles!”

Evella shook with wrath!  Nothing was going according to plans!

03-21-18_2-50-35 PM

It is a wee bit early in the day to be hitting the sauce, isn’t it Evella? 

*AN:  Just a tiny bit of fun .. it is at this point that I accidentally killed Evella (for the 6th time).  I know … I know … some of you wish she would stay that way.  ❤ 

03-21-18_3-11-01 PM



A very concerned Bruno rushed to her and brought Rose Red up to her feet.   She had fainted.

“What happened, Love.”

Regaining her wits she weakly reassured him, “I am fine Bruno.  I am fine.”

04-20-18_2-38-28 PM

Turning her head she directed, “Bruno look.”

Following her gaze, Bruno froze in place. “What?!?!”  He gasped.

04-20-18_2-46-54 PM

Looking up at them with keen black eyes set in a tiny face was a mini magenta-colored alien toddler glowing a bright red.

Both adults stood captured by those bright eyes.

04-20-18_2-52-04 PM

Slowly they became aware that they were not alone.  There was another presence in the room.

Seeing her, Bruno was stunned and took a step back but Rose knew this being and was not alarmed.

04-20-18_3-50-36 PM

As beautiful entity opened her mouth to communicate, a soft sweet-sounding melody met their ears.

Bruno looked at Rose with a new understanding.  The singing.  This is what she heard all along.  She was not sick at all.

The toddler stepped towards her and returned a song.

This was the toddler’s mother?

04-20-18_3-51-02 PM

Both Bruno and Rose were stunned as the beautiful being spun out of her splendor and into …

“Q!” Rose shouted happily.

“I am so sorry,” Q said, “I often forget that you earthlings cannot understand our language.”

Then turning to Bruno she said with a small laugh, “Is my appearance less distressing now?”

Bruno had to chuckle at himself.  Yes, it was.

04-20-18_3-55-23 PM

Q picked up the small child, “This is my daughter Trui.  Here my love, show them what Mummy taught you to do.”

04-20-18_3-56-58 PM

“TADA”  the little darling quipped.

04-20-18_4-08-50 PM

UH OH Bruno … 

04-20-18_5-40-21 PM

I think someone has your number already!

04-20-18_5-44-54 PM


After Trui was snuggled into the tent to sleep the trio sat down by the campfire to relax and enjoy some Smores.

While Q seemed to really love them,  Rose was still getting used this whole campfire thing.

04-19-18_3-06-10 AM04-19-18_3-06-11 AM

“I know you must be wondering why I am here,” Q began.

04-19-18_3-06-12 AM

“I come from far away.  My sun is a star that cannot be seen from this planet.

I am from the royal family that has governed that planet for eons.

My Sister, K, reigns as queen now.  She is a very dark queen and she has learned nefarious ways from her travels far and wide in the universe.

My planet is an unhappy place full of oppression and bondage.  All fear her and the few who attempt to upset her reign disappear never to be seen again.”

04-19-18_3-06-14 AM04-19-18_3-13-24 AM

Bruno gives a shudder.  He is NOT fond of evil queens.

04-19-18_3-13-25 AM

“I became pregnant and my sister feared the people would grow to love my child and thus endanger her throne.

Thru her cunning magic, she stole me away and brought me to this planet.

She sold me and my future child to a vile scientific research laboratory in the drylands.

04-19-18_3-13-27 AM

“This place is owned by Doctor J. Zest, a wicked intergalactic criminal mastermind.”

04-20-18_1-07-45 AM

(Anyone remember him?)



“He and his two mad scientists are responsible for many atrocities done to my people.  All done in the name of science of course!”

04-20-18_1-07-48 AM

“There was a time when the children on our planet were happy and carefree.  My sister hates the children because they represent a future when she will no longer have her kingdom.”

04-20-18_1-07-49 AM

“She would abduct the innocents and bring them to this terrible place.

She sells them to Dr. Zest as lab specimens.”

04-20-18_1-07-51 AM04-20-18_1-07-52 AM

“She negotiated a good price for me, although Dr. Zest was not fond of having an adult around.”

04-20-18_1-52-38 AM04-20-18_1-53-11 AM

“In the laboratory, she used her dark powers to plant evil suggestions into the mind of the weak-willed Dr. Beaker.”

04-20-18_1-56-17 AM04-20-18_1-56-18 AM04-20-18_2-00-19 AM

“I was to be imprisoned and remain here, subjected to barbarous experimentation for the duration of my life.  My child would suffer the same fate.”

04-20-18_2-02-21 AM

“In this dismal place, I gave birth my sweet Trui.  She was sunshine in my darkness.”

04-20-18_2-19-03 AM

“But my happiness would be short-lived.”

04-20-18_2-20-16 AM

“As soon as she was weened Dr. Beaker took her from me.  He was thrilled because he felt she was quite a windfall for science.

All babies born to my people arrive in the typical blue, green or purple colors.  When the age up into toddlers their destiny is revealed by a change in color.

My colors show me to be a celestial.  We are peacekeepers and messengers of blessing.

Even tho my sister is a royal she retained the very commonplace purple.  That has stuck in her craw since we were small children.  It is why she seeks out the dark powers so that it will mask her own lowly destiny.

Trui is a  Magenta.  The rarest of all color destinies.   It signifies royalty and a strong benevolent power.  I believe she was born to lead my people back to the happy prosperity they once knew and enjoyed under other magnificent Magentas.

My sister does not know this yet and must never know this or Trui’s life will be in danger.

Dr. Beaker wisely kept mum about her.”

04-20-18_2-21-50 AM

“One night while cleaning the lab, an unsuspecting human got to close to the tank of one very powerful little Orange.   She drew him in …”

04-20-18_2-21-52 AM

“… and taking control of his mind …”

04-20-18_2-21-53 AM

” .. she convinced him to set fire to the laboratory and release all of us.”

04-20-18_2-21-54 AM

“I grabbed Trui and ran away into the desert.”

04-20-18_2-43-42 AM

“Soon I stumbled upon a rebel faction’s secret outpost.  While they we open to me staying with them, I knew our presence cause much danger to these brave fighter.

It was here I made my plan to keep Trui safe and give her an opportunity to reach her destiny.”

04-20-18_2-48-43 AM

“I began to search for a good hearted human who would be strong enough to guide my child into adulthood.

It was not long before I found you, dear Rose.

I called and called to you but was unable to communicate.

I had not yet learned to transform myself or to speak your language.

That night that I summoned you I hoped to make you understand.  But I was unable to convey my hope to you.”



“I knew you were the one and I set about to study transformation and your language.  Well,” Sighed Q, “and here we are.

You princess can teach Trui to be a proper royal, not one of spoiled indulgence but one of compassion and caring.

You, dear Bruno, have a heart for adoption that you learned from your mama and papa.  I have no doubt that you will treat Trui as your very own.

You are both strong enough to help Trui to learn to bring her powers under control and to be used for good.”

Q bowed her head, “The decision is yours to make.

I am afraid it must be made quickly.

I must leave soon.   Even now I can sense my sister searching thru the Universe for me.  She is drawing closer and closer.”

04-20-18_6-22-60 PM

Bruno and Rose looked at each other, and without a word passing between them, both knew instantly this was the right thing to do.   Yes, they would take Trui with them and raise her as their own.

“Trui will be safe here for a few reasons,” Q assured Bruno and Rose, “Trui was born here and K does not know her brain wave patterns so she cannot track them and she also would never suspect I would leave her behind to grow up on such a primitive planet.  Even so be ever on your guard.”

Q picked up Trui and held her close for a moment, “OH my baby never forget how much I love you.  One day I will be back.”

04-20-18_6-22-70 PM

Putting Trui down safely behind the fence, Q rose up directly in front of them.

04-20-18_6-22-72 PM

“Do not cry my little one.”

04-20-18_6-22-73 PM

“Remember that no matter where in the Universe I will travel, I will always carry you right here in my heart.”

04-20-18_6-22-74 PM

With that, she was gone.

04-20-18_6-22-79 PM

The next day the happy little family continued their journey.

04-21-18_5-04-04 PM04-21-18_5-10-17 PM04-21-18_5-11-10 PM04-21-18_5-14-01 PM

That mushy stuff, dear Trui, is something you will have to get used to.  You are a Charming now!

04-21-18_5-15-48 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents



If you are new to my story .. might I recommend the story synopsis.  This will bring you from the beginning to the present,  Well few chapters back 🙂

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

********~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~********

I owe a huge TY to a FAB simmer named Charlii-mai who not only allowed me to use her wonderful Magenta and mad scientists the Beakers …


but also gave me some of the “memory shots” (*) from her own story.

If you have not read any of her work, I STRONGLY  encourage you to do so!

Rainbow plumbob

I will also thank the wonderful Cathytea for being an inspiration to me with her FAB story.

Septemus,my Son

I adore Septemus and maybe one day he will come to visit Trui and let her know what the rebel faction is up to 🙂


Fairy poses from











I thnk Magenta will have to get used to this .. it is a charming thing!

An Era of Charming Tales: Journey

Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)


The next morning a weary Prince and Snow sat by a toasty little fire discussing, away from listening ears, the events of yesterday.

“I hope they are ok,”  a saddened Snow sighed, “It is such a dangerous journey.”  Her mind’s eye lingering on her beloved daughter and dear SIL as they walked into the night.

Prince tried to sound encouraging as he asserted Bruno’s capabilities to both protect and provide.   “He is a very strong boy and a very wise boy too.  Rose Red is in the best hands we could hope for in a situation like this.  And darling, don’t forget he was a bear til just recently and he learned much about foraging in the wild from his father and mother.   He will be able to provide very well for her.”

“Ohh,” Snow said sounding rather weepy, as Paola’s name came up,  “I will be sad to lose Paola.  She is such a dear friend.  One of my very best.”

Prince, ignoring his own sad heart at losing a dear friend himself, said firmly, “Honey, now you know that they are in danger too.  They must leave in order to protect Molly and Caiden.”

Snow dolefully nodded her agreement.

She and Prince had gone directly to the Orsini home right after they saw Bruno and  Rose Red off.  After apprising them (mamma and pappa)  of the situation the two families conferred on the matter until the wee hours of the am.

It was decided that the danger extended to Alfonso, Paola and the kids too.   Wisdom subscribed that they should also leave Windenburg until the peril had passed.   It was decided that they would go to the same village as Bruno and Rose Red (only after much discussion … Paola insisted … Prince and Alfonso were not dissuading her with warnings of danger … no future grandchildren of hers would be untended by a doting grandma) but they would travel by another route.

03-13-18_2-38-27 AM


For Prince, the most pressing situation at the moment was what to do about his family.  It is well known that Evella has a deep-set hatred for them.   It is NOT lost on him that the poisoned apple was gifted to  Mike and Rose  White not Bruno and Rose Red.

While Prince debates with himself, Mike is adamant that he and Rose White will stay.  It would take much more than an idle threat to get them to abandon the kingdom.

Rose suggests that the family gather for dinner tonight and that a final decision can be made then.   Plus it will give everyone a chance to say goodbye to the Orsini family.

In the meantime, Prince can confer with Officer Theis and get his assessment of the threat level.

03-13-18_3-11-43 AM


Caiden and Molly stopped to pick Aster up on the way to school.

“OH man,” Caiden shook his head, “This is such a bummer bro.  Dude, you and me we been wing-man since we were lil’ fidgets.”

Molly said nothing but it was obvious, with her red-rimmed eyes and pink nose,  she had been crying for a while.

03-13-18_3-59-33 AM

Aster was incensed at the thought of losing his friends.  “This weasel and that old witch, I am not afraid of them!  I will find them,” the brave lion-hearted young prince asserted, “how dare they rob our families of peace and joy!”

While Caiden chimed in a resolute agreement with Aster, the declaration only caused Molly to shed more tears!

03-13-18_4-00-54 AM


Things got a little tense as the family gathered for dinner.  The delightful aroma of Rose White’s scrumptious fare did little to diffuse the situation.  No one was going to be able to enjoy the meal with the decision hanging overhead.

03-14-18_12-45-55 AM

Alexander and Mike were having a bit of a disagreement about the impending decision.  Alexander feels that the entire family should leave and go to Bruno and Rose Red.

Prince is vehemently opposed to that idea.  Putting the entire family in one location is foolishness to him.  He feels separate locations is much safer.

Mike remains immovable on the subject and eventually, everyone comes to the agreement that the family would stay together in Windenburg.  At least until the situation escalated and further danger & threats materialized.  Mike reiterated … IF they materialized.

With great relief, everyone moved to the buffet and began to enjoy themselves with Rose’s amazing eats.

03-15-14_12-48-40 AM



Molly hurried to find Aster waitng for her on the bluff.

03-15-18_1-12-30 AM03-15-18_1-14-32 AM03-15-18_1-46-43 AM


I overheard the two young ones speaking on the bluff.  Alfonso and his family will leave right after daybreak tomorrow.   Yes, my Queen, I will speak with Mergwhen he will enjoy the work.”

03-15-18_1-48-36 AM


Because their journey started so late (or perhaps I should say so early in the am), Bruno and Rose Red did not make it as far as they had hoped they might.  Hunger and fatigue came upon them like a bandit.

04-11-18_2-57-30 AM

Rose Red was having a very difficult time.  The singing, that apparently only she could hear, was louder now and quite incessant.  She tried to ignore it but the persistent tunes would not leave her mind.

Pulling and drawing her and urging her … BUT TO WHAT?

Back at home, everyone thought she was a bit looney and quite honestly now, she was beginning to wonder herself.

04-11-18_3-01-50 AM

Bruno noticed her add behavior and prodded her until she divulged that she was hearing the voices again.

“Did you bring your medicine?”  He was becoming alarmed.

“No, when Mom said to travel light.  I did not even think of it,” she confessed.

The fear shone brightly in Bruno’s eyes.  He could handle anything the road could spring on him but this scared him to death!

“Bruno, please stop worrying,”  Rose Red reassured, “I will be fine.  I am tired is all.  A little rest and I will be A-OKAY!”

Feeling less than comforted, Bruno crawled into the tent next to his sleeping wife and soon was fast asleep.

04-11-18_3-03-30 AM04-12-18_2-45-35 AM04-12-18_2-52-48 AM04-12-18_2-46-56 AM04-12-18_2-55-23 AM

In the morning, Rose was startled to see a young woman sitting near the campfire when she crawled out of the tent.

Bruno was already up and had no doubt started the fire.  The night had been fitful for Rose.  Terrible dreams washing over her and the singing so loud that she could swear it was right by the tent.   She was feeling overwhelmed and confused.

04-13-18_1-15-49 AM

“Good Morning fellow traveler,” the young woman sang out, “My name is Q.  Well it is a lot longer than that but my friends call me Q.”

“Hi Q.  Your voice is so familiar, have we met before?”

Q just looked quizzically at her.

“No, I suppose not,” Rose laughed.

“My name is …” Rose paused to pay attention to her brain’s warning signals, “Iris.”

Q smiled, “A pleasure to meet you, Iris.”

04-13-18_1-17-28 AM

“OH, there is your hubby Stanley now.”

Apparently, Bruno had also given a pseudonym to the stranger.  Rose snickered at the name … he did not look like a Stanley at all.

“Mornin’ ladies, I’ve got some fresh fish for breakfast.”

04-13-18_1-17-49 AM

“I have just come from there.  It is a beautiful safe place and there are many warm and dry places to set up your campsite.”  Q was telling Bruno and Rose of a wonderful place to stop for the night.

Bruno thanked her for the information and began to beg their leave.

04-13-18_1-33-25 AM

He was feeling kind of antsy staying too long here.   On his way back from the fishing hole he had noted a suspicious truck parked along the side of the road.

04-13-18_1-37-36 AM


The road lay ahead of them and the day was getting on already.   Bidding Q goodbye, off they went!

04-13-18_1-38-16 AM

The lunch stop involved catching it.

Bruno is in his element!

Yes, he is a Prince by birthright but he is a bear at heart!

He was so proud of how hard Rose tried to do her part.  He would teach his sweet princess everything she needed to survive

04-13-18_1-41-40 AM04-13-18_1-41-43 AM04-15-18_3-10-08 AM04-15-18_3-13-25 AM


As the sun was setting, they came upon the place Q had told them about.  It was magnificent!

Not only a great camping spot but, from the looks of it, an awesome place to explore!

04-15-18_3-17-27 AM04-15-18_3-19-10 AM

(hmmm .. how did he get here)

04-15-18_3-19-11 AM04-15-18_3-21-44 AM04-15-18_3-32-43 AM

At dusk, Bruno began to set up camp.

Perhaps he is a tad bit rusty in the whole outdoors thing 🙂

04-15-18_3-38-06 AM

After a lovely dinner of roasted fish and some singing by the campfire, the “sleepy monster” came upon them!

04-15-18_3-38-52 AM04-15-18_3-49-20 AM

Rose awoke with a start … something was drawing her in …  compelling her to come …

04-15-18_3-51-43 AM04-15-18_3-56-08 AM04-15-18_3-56-09 AM04-15-18_3-57-07 AM


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


**~~~~ Credits ~~~~**

A new builder for me .. this lot is a must see.


lost world

These have been featured before but a reminder of the FAB artists ❤



While I do indeed use a lot of cc (feel free to ask for links if you ever see something you like) … this one is most notable!

FAB cc of Jomsims (alien)

Cravena alien angel


An Era of Charming Tales: The Exodus

Author’s note:  If you are a new reader, might I recommend you visit here first?  This will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)


Miss V continues her pursuit of the truth.  She is determined to find who is actually responsible for the death of the Reverend Knupp.  She feels strongly that Caroline Charming did not do it even tho she baked the pie and is the only official suspect.

Now that Caroline has gone missing, Miss V feels that she too has met with foul play.  A theory not shared by her fellow WPD police officers.  She has been attacked with great acrimony by some in the force who see her efforts as fruitless and counterproductive.

Undaunted, Miss V follows up even the smallest lead.  Today we find her on the way to visit an old gypsy encampment near Brindleton Bay.  Scuttle in town has it that the old woman who lives there has keen insight into the dark world.

Some townsfolk reported that they had seen the Princess and that she had been inquiring as to the location of the encampment as she passed thru town.

No one, however, saw her return thru town.

03-21-18_1-34-42 PM03-21-18_1-34-43 PM

“Halloooo,” a cheerful voice called to Miss V.

Startled out of her enchantment with her surroundings, Miss V looked down to catch the strange sight of an old woman in a pink hat swimming out to meet her.

“Good day Ma’am,” Miss V returned, “might I have a moment of your time?”

“Why of course dearie, the kettle is already on for tea.  Come and join me.”

03-21-18_1-35-48 PM

Even tho she was quite odd (Miss V has never been one to judge), they enjoyed an afternoon of tea and chats.

“Yes, Princess Caroline did come by here.  She was desperately seeking to reconnect with her deceased lover.  I told her that was beyond my abilities and I referred her to Harold.”

“Harold?”  Miss V queried.

“Yes, darling, Harold!”  The old one continued,” he lives on the south end of this property in a wishing well AND might I add, he is quite powerful and very capable of granting her desire!  Once she was off to see Harold, she did not return to me.  I assume she got her wish.”

Miss V murmured, “Oh, I see.”  But in fact, she did not “see” at all.   Things here were so very bizarre.

“Do you think this Harold would grant me an audience?”

“Yes, sweets, you go to see him, but be so very careful.  He has lived in that well for thousands of years and he has grown to be quite bad-tempered and is very unpredictable.”

03-21-18_1-38-46 PM

After bidding the old dear adieu and making a promise to return (soon) for tea, Miss V walked back to the south end of the encampment.  She was not quite sure what to expect but she was compelled to follow every lead.

“Uhhh, Harold?” Miss V approached the well feeling a bit foolish.  She was not at all accustomed to speaking with inanimate objects.

A strange green glow emanated from within the well, as a face appeared above her head.  A deep booming voice spoke, “Yes, at your service.  What can I do for you?”

The words were friendly enough but the tone put Miss V on edge.

04-06-18_3-24-03 AM

“I am Miss V and I am a consultant for the Windenburg Police Department.  I am looking into the death of the Reverand Knupp and disappearance of Caroline Charming.  My investigation has led me to you.”

The ground shook and a hot yellow flash of blinding light sprang from the depths of the well and shot out his eyes and mouth.

“I KNOW who you are!  How dare you disturb my peace and quiet with such paltry matters as this.  Be gone with yourself before you become counted among the missing as well!”

04-06-18_3-25-03 AM

Taking a deep breath, Miss V stepped forward to address him again.  “Sir, I only need a moment of your time.  Did you speak with her and …….”

An eerie blue smoke began to rise and an unearthly cackle rose from the bowels of the well, making her skin crawl.

04-06-18_3-47-16 AM

A very warm sensation began near her feet .. FIRE!

04-06-18_3-47-17 AM

This was the last straw for Miss V!

“I cannot believe you tried to set me on fire!  That is quite enough from you!  Now give me an answer before I let you burn up,” she reprimanded as she put the fire out.

04-06-18_3-48-17 AM

“OH alright,” his demeanor was haughty and dismissive, “I saw her and granted her wish.  She went on her way quite happily.  Now be gone and do not bother me again.”

With a puff of white noxious smelling smoke, he disappeared down into the well.

She attempted to call to him again and again but he did not respond.

04-06-18_3-48-18 AM


“Halloooo dearie,”  a cheerful familiar voice sang out.

Miss V was surprised to see her elderly friend waiting for her at the front desk of the WPD.  “What are you doing here?”

Miss V knew it must be important for her to venture out of the safety of her encampment and come all the way to Windenburg.

“I have something of utmost urgency to speak to you and your Captain about.”

03-27-18_3-30-31 AM

A few minutes later the two ladies sat at the desk of  Officer Theis.

Miss V and Officer Theis listened intently as the quirky old gal began to spin her strange tale.

03-27-18_3-30-32 AM

“Last night,” she turned to Miss V, “right after you left to go speak with Harold,  I decided to see if I could find some information from my friends in the netherworld.”

Officer Theis’ eyes widened.  He was glad he did NOT have friends in the netherworld.

03-27-18_3-30-33 AM

“As I was communing with them a dazzling blue light shone within my ball.   I saw a bear holding a perfect red rose.  I was captivated by the purity and beauty of it.   Perfect love glowed all around him as he beheld the rose.”

She paused for a moment of reverent reflection.

03-27-18_3-30-34 AM

“THEN all of a sudden a great darkness engulfed the bear with the rose and obliterated the glow of love.  Peering out of that darkness was a terrible face.  DIABLO!   He was pure evil and had no soul.  I dropped the ball as his dark eyes seemed to look right at me.”

03-27-18_3-30-35 AM

“I dismissed it all as none of my business.  But it would not leave me alone, I knew I must act to protect the bear and the rose.”

04-06-18_11-51-53 PM

Officer Theis was quite alarmed and explained to them the identity of the bear with the red rose and the dark history of Evella’s vendetta against them.   **

The old woman quaked in fear at hearing Evella’s name.  Her heart went to liquid as she saw pictures the Weasel.  “That is him,” she cried, “Diablo!”

“It is true, our investigation has uncovered a number of threats to Bruno and Rose Red.  We must call the King and Queen to come here.  They need to be informed of this danger immediately. ”

03-27-18_3-30-36 AM

Within the hour the King and Queen sat in a conference room with Officer Theis, Officer Amaro, and Miss V hearing the story of the bear and the red rose in the crystal ball.

04-06-18_2-10-34 AM

Prince was more angry and fearful than he could ever recall being before.   This stranger was bringing him such horrific news.

He demanded to know, “How can you know of such things if you are not involved?”

04-06-18_2-11-02 AM

Her heart heavy,  Snow was very quiet as she idly sifted thru the evidence pictures on the table.

04-06-18_2-20-03 AM

“Witch, you sent my sister to her death!”

04-06-18_2-20-21 AM

“Stop!”  Officer Theis was on his feet!  Only Officer Theis could get away with speaking to the King this way.

04-06-18_2-23-00 AM

“This has gotten way out of hand.”  Officer Theis was vehement, “No one is making any accusations here.  We have innocent lives to protect.”

Prince hung his head woefully, “He is correct! Forgive my outburst.  I had no right … ”

04-06-18_2-24-55 AM

There came a loud shriek from the other end of the table.  Snow was on her feet and appeared to be in a state of shock.

04-06-18_2-29-54 AM

A picture fell from her hand as she cried out, “It is her!  It is her!  The one who gave me that apple.   Before I was imprisoned by Evella.  She was at Bruno and Rose Red’s wedding … the old hag … Harold … they both were there. ”

04-06-18_2-29-55 aAM


Just after midnight, Snow and Prince arrive at the home of Bruno and Rose Red with news of the danger.

Rose Red brewed them a pot of hot camomile tea and they settle into the cozy kitchen to discuss the matter.

Snow began, pleading with them to hear, “There is a terrible threat to your lives.  Evella and her cohorts are seeking to take your lives.  It is now thought that they are the ones responsible for the death of Reverand Knupp and the mysterious disappearance of Auntie Caroline.”

Leaning in towards Bruno she continued,  ” You must leave and take Rose Red with you.  I have called ahead to the companions of my youth.  They are expecting you and will keep you and Rose Red safe once you arrive at their border.  The journey will be arduous and you must move in complete concealment.   When it is safe to return I will send a message.”

“But my Family,” Bruno began to protest.

“Your family will be sent in secrecy in a few days by a different route,”  she assured.

Snow handed him an envelope. “Take nothing with you for it will slow you down.  This is enough to get you there and establish a modest home until you return to us.”

04-07-18_2-31-19 AM

All Prince could do is sob.  He has never felt such weakness and grief.

“Daddy, Please don’t cry,” Rose entreated her father,  “We will be ok.  Mother is correct, Bruno and I will leave tonight.  I have no doubt that Officer Theis will uncover the belly of this beast and we will be home again very soon!”

04-07-18_2-32-47 AM

Prince and Snow held each other up as their precious children walked out into the night.

04-07-18_2-42-35 AM04-07-18_2-46-48 AM


The news of Rose Red and Bruno’s sudden departure reaches the weasel quickly .. but not quickly enough to intercept them and give follow.

How did they find out about the plan?  Who tipped them off?  The thoughts tumble about as the Weasel reckons with this present situation and the plans that went afoul.

Needless to say, Queen Evella is in a rage.  She wants them found .. NOW .. and has declared that everyone will pay dearly until they are located and killed!

Leaving her presence, the vile one breathing out a threat, makes a promise to the cosmos, “One day my dear Queen, I will see to YOUR repayment.”

04-06-18_9-26-22 PM


04-08-18_10-09-34 PM04-08-18_11-09-01 PM04-08-18_11-13-35 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


** anyone who wants more on the history of Evella’s hatred of Bruno and Rose Red here are 3 links

The Menace Returns?

An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Genesis

An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) The Red Rose

**~~~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~~~**

Nothing too new in credit today so I will take the opportunity to rethank the creators of our two featured guests today:

The indomitable Miss V

mis v

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Angry poses 


An Era of Charming Tales: Miss V is on the JOB!

Author’s note:  If you are a new reader, might I recommend you visit here first?  This will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up.  

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  


The mysterious disappearance of Princess Caroline has had the WPD Search and Rescue out in full force.  They have scoured every hill and every dale and every glen and .. well they have looked everywhere and there is no sign of her!

“Sire, we have looked for her for two weeks now.  She is gone.  It is like she disappeared into thin air.  She was last seen in Brindleton Bay but then … no one knows …”  Officer Theis trailed off.

This was a very difficult visit.  It was not often that he had to make a house call like this and especially hard to deliver such terrible news to dear friends, they were so shaken.

Princess Caroline went missing only a few hours after her release from jail.   Speculation now held that she must have fled in the face of her impending murder indictment and was probably in hiding.

“Please know that we are doing everything in our power to find her,” Officer Theis assured the Royal family.

“Thank you, Walter,” Prince said, shaking his head sadly.   “I know you are.  I will go call my sisters and give them the official word.”

02-28-18_2-51-00 AM


Officer Amaro did not have it easy either.  He was chosen to deliver the news update to Mike and Rose White.

“I am so sorry!  This is not the news I wanted to deliver.  Her status has been changed from missing person to fugitive.  There has been a warrant issued for her apprehension and the DA is bringing formal charges.”

02-28-18_2-52-00 AM

“Oh come on Nick,” Rose exclaimed incredulously, “They have no hard evidence. How can they charge her?”

“The DA thinks the poisoned apple pie is enough to go forward with murder charges.”

Nick was getting very uncomfortable and at that moment he wished that he could be anyplace but there.

02-28-18_2-53-00 AM

Mike was visibly upset by what Officer Amaro was recounting.    How could they even say this about Sweet Auntie Caroline?

“There is foul play here!  It has to be!” Mike shouted.  “Auntie was a gentle spirit that not only WOULD not do such a thing .. she COULD not do such a thing!   You know her Nick, tell me that you believe this is true.”

Officer Amaro shook his head, “To be honest Mike,  I don’t know what to believe.  You two have my promise that I will do everything I can to uncover the truth here.”


02-28-18_2-55-00 AM


Mike was not the only one who was convinced of Princess Caroline’s innocence.  Miss V was adamant!  She did not believe it.  Call it a cop’s intuition, she knew something was terribly wrong here.

Although she argued it well with her colleagues, her suspicions fell on deaf ears.

03-21-18_1-12-47 PM

She was going to have to go rogue and do this one herself!

Careful with that temper Ms. V!  You must remain clear-headed if you wish to solve this mystery!  They will believe when you bring back the evidence!

03-21-18_1-12-49 PM

The next morning her first stop was the palace living quarters.

03-21-18_1-24-41 PM

Alexander and Lily were out for the day but she did get a chance to speak with the housekeeper.  Alina’s memory was not the best and the conversation brought nothing new to light.

03-21-18_1-24-43 PM

“I am sorry that I cannot recall anything.  I told the others that too.”

Miss V interjected, “Others?”

“Oh yes, we have had officers interviewing the household and seeking evidence all over the palace and grounds for two weeks.  But you are more than welcome to investigate for yourself.”

03-21-18_1-26-21 PM03-21-18_1-27-52 PM03-21-18_1-29-10 PM03-21-18_1-29-11 PM03-21-18_1-29-12 PM


03-21-18_1-32-12 PM


03-21-18_12-23-26 PM03-21-18_12-26-02 PM


03-21-18_12-31-27 PM


03-21-18_12-31-28 PM


03-21-18_12-36-56 PM


03-21-18_12-36-57 PM03-21-18_12-36-58 PM

Miss V was frustrated that, despite all of the work done by her and her fellow officers,  it was just not coming together the way she hoped it would.

She needed a fresh pair of eyes to help her see.

She called her old friend Sherlock Holmes.   They would meet for lunch in Magnolia Promenade.


As they walked from the subway station, Miss V explained everything that happened and what evidence they had uncovered.

03-26-18_10-20-50 PM

Sherlock listened intently.

03-26-18_10-50-16 PM03-26-18_11-14-49 PM03-26-18_11-21-44 PM03-26-18_11-24-33 PM

“So it comes down to this we have suspect but we have no clue where she is.  We have no other suspects except this mysterious Weasel I keep hearing about.  There again NO clue as to who it is .. or what is the motive.  The more we dig around the muddier the water gets.  Now we can see very little.

03-26-18_11-32-05 PM03-26-18_11-36-48 PM

UHHH I am not so sure I would eat here can we say food poisoning boys and girls?

03-26-18_11-36-49 PM03-27-18_12-05-01 AM

Sherlock began, “Yes, there certainly is something bigger going on here.  With this much intrigue, someone has laid careful plots and plans. I would trust NO one!

Since you have not shared the new evidence you uncovered … I mean … if it were me, I would get it analyzed by another crime unit.  Don’t you still have connections with the SanMyshuno PD?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I would take it there and talk to the SMPD crime unit. ”

03-27-18_12-06-18 AM

MMM delish!

03-27-18_12-06-57 AM03-27-18_12-07-58 AM03-27-18_12-24-37 AM


Miss V felt nostalgia wash over her as she approached the SMPD Crime Unit.  She had served happily here for the first 10 years of her career.

03-29-18_3-55-09 AM

She was thrilled to see her old friends again.

“Hi, Martin!”

04-21-18_2-42-37 PM

“And then I said to him you had best stop flirting with me … ”

04-21-18_2-46-36 PM

She explained to her ex-boss what she was working on and why she came here for help with the evidence she had gathered.

He agreed to assign 3 officers to run the analysis on the evidence she brought.

04-22-18_2-48-49 PM

While they worked Captain Miles shared stories about Officer Theis.  They had gone to the academy together.

“I can fully appreciate your reluctance to trust anyone around you.  I agree the betrayer is someone in close.” Captain Miles instructed, “However, I can tell you with the utmost of certainty that it is very safe to trust Theis.  He is a man of much integrity and you will do well to come under his authority!”

04-22-18_2-51-15 PM

Miss V was glad to hear Captain Miles say those things.  She was comforted by the knowledge that she was not alone.

04-22-18_2-52-30 PM

The officers complied the data and sent it off to Windenburg with Miss V, who thanked them profusely and promised to stop by more often.

04-21-18_2-55-00 PM


Since she was reluctant to share in the office, Officer Thies invited Miss V to come for a breakfast meeting at his home.

“I am sorry sir, we do not know who the Weasel is and if he or she is involved in this.  I was urged to be cautious around everyone but you.  Captain Miles assured me of your integrity.”

Officer Theis laughed, “He is a good bloke.”

Miss V gave him the rundown on what she had found.

“Excellent work detective.  Will you be beginning to following the evidence trail tomorrow?”

“Yes Sir .. I do plan to do that.”

Officer Thies smiled!

04-28-18_12-18-43 PM


The Weasel spoke in a calm assuring manner to the hot-headed Queen, “Yes my Queen, all is well.  The WPD believes that the Princess is in hiding. There is nothing that can incriminate you,”

“Except maybe the old woman,” the treacherous one pointed out.

03-29-18_11-44-17 PM

“Don’t you worry about her.  I have a spell on her ball and she will see very little of any of this.  And now we move to the next phase.”  Evella spit the words like venom from a snake,” I assume you are ready?”

“Yes my Queen,” came the reply.

03-29-18_11-59-36 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents



If you are new to my story .. might I recommend the story synopsis.  This will bring you from the beginning to the present,  Well few chapters back 🙂

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)


********~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~********

Honestly you need to follow these fab builders in the gallery ALL NO CC!

Nikkamore is new to me and I have only used her a tiny bit but her builds are wonderful ..  AND I know you will be seeing lots more of her in my story!


Both Police stations are build by her (but the other was recognize a bit ago) …

crime unitlaundry

Betty has the most adorable diners .. and other adorable builds.   You will be seeing more of her!


I am delighted to do a small colab with my friend and devoted story supporter Ivalynn ❤


AND last but certainly NOT least my happy colab with Simsophonique …  thank you, my friend, Miss V is wonderful!

mis v


She was just interviewed by Rosemary of  FEATURED AUTHOR, AN INTERVIEW WITH SIMSOPHONIQUE!

Pose light today 🙂 but one from the FAB Joanne Bernice!

Talking Walking




An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Home

Mike and Rose arrived on Elba Island a little before mid-day.  Although their Villa was not far from the beautiful Spiaggia di Sansone (Beach of Samson) they decided to spend the afternoon beside the cerulean waters of the large Villa pool.  They had been informed that the beaches would be quite crowded by now and since they had the place all to themselves this afternoon, they took the opportunity for a bit of alone time.

Lounging by the pool in the warm Tuscan sun and sipping a delightful Aleatico red wine definitely had them feeling deeply relaxed and cheerful!

With a twinkle in his eye, Mike raised his glass, “A salute you mio cara.”

“And to you, my love,” came Rose’s coy reply, as she lifted her glass to touch his.

03-21-18_3-25-32 AM03-21-18_3-31-51 AM

The day was quite warm and the sparkling waters so inviting, Mike decided he needed cool off with a swim.

Rose was preparing to join him in the pool for a quick dip when her cell phone rang.  Her first thought was to dismiss it but seeing it was her mother she thought it best to answer. Snow would not be one to thoughtlessly interrupt for no reason.

“Hello Mum.  What’s up?  What?  Slow down Mum I cannot understand you.  What happened .. who … who is dead?”

03-21-18_3-34-11 AM

“Rose your Aunt Caroline is in jail.” Snow sobbed into the phone, “They are accusing her of murder.  They say she killed the reverend Krupp with her apple pie.”

03-21-18_3-34-12 AM

Rose listened intently as Snow related the situation there.  How could such a terrible thing have happened? Her mind reeled as she grasped for understanding.

03-21-18_3-36-32 AM03-21-18_3-40-29 AM

“Mike, we have to return home.  The situation there is heartbreaking and we need to be there to support Mum and Dad.”

Rose went on to explain what little she had been able to glean from her mother’s frantic phone call.

Deeply concerned for the family’s well being,  Mike made the travel arrangements.  They would return home to Windenburg tonight.

03-21-18_3-43-35 AM


Rose dashed into the house as soon as they hit the island.  Embracing her obviously shaken Mother, “Oh, Mum I missed you so much.”

This stalwart woman who had been a rock throughout Roses’s life, all of a sudden seemed so frail and vulnerable.

Mother and daughter clung to one another for just a moment before Rose whispered reassuringly, “We are here now Mum.  It is all going to be ok.”

03-21-18_3-43-38 AM

Snow straightened, stepped back and quickly regaining her composure, began to deal with the situation at hand.

“Rose White, I know Caroline did not do this.  I have known her too many years and I know she is a gentle spirit.  Your Father fears for my health and will not allow me to intervene.  I am concerned for him as well, this is too large a burden for him to bear alone.  You and Mike must come alongside him to work to get her released, my daughter.”

“Hello, dear Rose.”  Prince, desperately trying to sound cheerful, sang out to her as he entered the room. “Welcome back home my little princess, even if it is under such inauspicious circumstances.”

Rose gave her mom a quick wink and with a warm smile went to greet her father, “Hello Daddy.  Mike and I need to clean up a bit from the trip but we will be back in about an hour so that you can fill us in on what things you know.”

“Very good dear,” Prince replied, “I will get Walther,  UH Officer Theis to join us.”

03-21-18_3-43-40 AM


One hour later Prince, Mike, Rose and Officer Theis conferred in Prince’s home study.

“Quite frankly it is not looking good for my sister.  She bought the apples and made the pie herself.  After delivery, she declined a piece when the reverend offered pie and tea.  She said that talking to the reverend gave her butterflies in her stomach so she only took the tea. ”

“The pie was tested and found to contain a rare poison found only in the jungles of  Selvadorada.   It is the essence obtained from their rare breed of cowplant.  There is none locally that distributes this poison for any reason.

Prince continued to relay the situation to Rose and Mike while officer Theis looked on nodding his approval.

Officer Theis interjected, “Perhaps if you two would come down and talk to her it would jog her memory about the apples.  I can arrange for an interview room in an hour or so.”

“We will be glad to,” Mike offered, reaching to take Rose’s hand to show solidarity, “Our hearts are broken by this and we will help in any way we can!”

Rose tearfully nodded her agreement.

03-21-18_3-43-43 AM


“I am tired and I want to go home!  I have told you over and over I did not want to kill him … I do not know where the poison came from.”

Caroline’s outburst had made most everyone in the room uncomfortable …

03-21-18_3-43-61 AM

EXCEPT for Prince, “Caroline dear, we are all on your side.  No one here believes you intentionally caused the death of Father Krupp.”

His kind eyes and calm manner seemed to settle Caroline a bit.

Officer Theis concluded, “I am looking into releasing you on your own recognizance.  Let me work on it for a just a little while more.  Detective V will take you back to your cell.”

Turning to Price, Mike and Rose he thanked them for coming down and assured them that he and the WPD will work tirelessly to solve this case and absolve your sister’s good name.

03-21-18_3-43-60 AM


03-23-18_12-10-27 AM03-23-18_12-08-03 AM03-23-18_12-09-25 AM

A raspy gruff angry sounding voice reached her ears, ” For Pete’s sake, turn of the waterworks already.  Can’t someone get a little peace and quiet around these parts!”

03-23-18_12-25-03 AM

Startled the mournful Caroline reacted, “Who is there?  I had no idea anyone was there!”

03-23-18_12-20-27 AM

“Mergwhen Bramblewise at your service,” he croaked in mock politeness.

“Caroline. Caroline Charming.”

“OH, a Princess?  The King’s sister perhaps?  I think I heard that you killed your lover.”  Mergwhen made chucking noise that made her skin crawl.

Caroline told her story again, this time to the odd little man in the neighboring cell who listened quite intently.

“And you have no remembrance of obtaining these apples?” He queried.

“Nooo, but I am trying so hard to remember.  It is difficult with this broken heart mixing me up.  All I wanted to do was be his girlfriend,” she stammered, “or even his wife.  I still do!”

“Well of course you do!  I know someone who might be able to help you with this.”

Caroline exclaimed at this horrid little man suddenly turned benefactor,  “YOU DO!  How?  Please tell me.”

03-23-18_12-25-02 AM

Mergwhen rose and walked to the corner of the cell closest to hers, “Come here precious princess, do you have your cell phone?  I will text you directions.  You go to her when you are released from here tonight.”

03-23-18_12-25-05 AM


Caroline approached the colorful woman cautiously,  “I am sorry to bother you but I was sent here by Mergwhen Bramblewise, who told me you might be able to help.”

“Mergwhen Bramblewise!” the colorful woman laughed, “He certainly is a nefarious creature to be hanging out with the likes of you Princess Caroline.”

04-23-18_1-25-41 AM

“You know me?”

“Yes, my dear, my ball tells all.”

04-23-18_1-27-27 AM

Caroline poured out her heart.  She was desperate to see Father Knupp again.

“You are my only hope for happiness,” Caroline pleaded.

04-23-18_1-27-28 AM

“I am afraid that you have come all this way for nothing.  Mergwhen knows well I have no power over the dead.  I do not practice the dark arts.  I cannot help you.”

04-23-18_1-27-48 AM

“But there is one,” the gypsy sighed, “His name is Harold and he lives in a well on the outer edge of my encampment.  He can be charitable and kind one minute and unpredictable and foul the next.  He is very powerful and if it were me, I would walk away now.”

04-23-18_1-31-21 AM

Caroline could not walk away.  She had to take the risk.  She had nothing to lose.  If things remained like this she was a murder destined to be alone.

04-23-18_1-32-56 AM

“Hello Harold,” the cautious princess approached, “my name is … ”

“I know who you are!”  A voice boomed from the depths of the well.  “And I know what you want but my questions is, do you know what you want?”

The words gushed out of Caroline, “Yes I want to see Father Knupp again.  I want the chance to be his girlfriend or even his wife.  To live with him in our charming little cottage.  To live happily ever after!”

04-23-18_1-33-37 AM

“Well, then you shall have it.”

04-23-18_1-33-53 AM04-23-18_1-35-07 AM


04-23-18_1-46-44 AM04-23-18_1-47-53 AM04-23-18_2-02-39 AM

During her life Princess Caroline was never lucky in love .. looks like the afterlife will be much different.

** This ending is dedicated to my dear friend Brenda M who inspired it without knowing 🙂  Love you, Brenda!

04-23-18_2-09-34 AM


Mergwhen bragged, “It is finished.  It was far too easy.  That silly girl believed everything I told her.  Harold pulled off his part perfectly.  The Princess never suspected a thing!  No one will ever be able to tie it back to you”

“And the old woman?” Evella asked her face in a snarl.

“OH no, she is a silly sort as well.  She suspects nothing!”

03-23-18_4-09-56 PM

“However, Harold says not to involve him again or he will turn you into a toad.”

03-23-18_4-11-49 PM

Evella screeched with rage, uttering forbidden words and vowing great harm to the imbecile who lives in that well.

Mergwhen reminded in a hushed voice, “Be careful my Queen.  He is very powerful.”

03-23-18_4-12-45 PM

In a voice dripping with malice and contempt, she asked, “Apple dear Mergwhen?”

03-23-18_4-14-04 PM

An involuntary shudder shook his body.

“No.  No thank you, my Queen.”

03-23-18_4-14-58 PM

“Suit yourself darling … ”

03-23-18_4-17-27 PM

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****************************** Credits *******************************************

Very excited to colab with the FAB Brennachan Sims


Even tho Mergwhen has found is way into my story quite a few times it has been a long time since I credited him 🙂


ital villa

The apple is from this FAB pack!!


Neutral Supply Accessory Pack





An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Venice … Answered

**~~~ AN: If I ever lose these two I know just where to find them .. the coffee shop.  They love their coffee and chats! ~~~**

This beautiful sunny Tuscan morning we find the lovebirds finishing off their breakfast with a bit of espresso.  It is their last day in the heart of Italy.  They had found great delight in their days of exploring the rolling hillsides with their silvery olive groves and quaint farms.

OH and the food!!  Rose swears she has gained 5 pounds since they arrived.   Simple .. almost peasant fare … but with most extraordinary flavors all washed down with a wonderful Chianti.

“I am sad to leave this place,” Rose whispered her confession, “I really love it here.”  Mike sighed and pensively agreed that he was quite fond of Tuscany as well!

Rose and Mike took a moment to quietly savor their beverage before heading out to do a bit of souvenir shopping.

Later, in the afternoon, they will hop on the train to take a leisurely 5-hour train ride up to Venice.  They could drive it in less than three but they want to see the countryside.

03-12-18_10-40-20 AM


They arrived at the Santa Lucia railway station late that evening, and feeling a bit peckish after the train trip, where did they go?  YEP, to the nearest cafe!

Ordering cappuccinos and chocolate croissants, they enjoyed their repast al fresco.

The lights twinkling off the Grand canal as the water made tiny lapping sounds coupled with the rich taste of coffee and chocolate … oh Venice at night was magical!

03-12-18_10-40-25 AM

They ate in complete contentment, Mike sharing the plans he had made for Venice.  Rose excitedly looked forward to their adventures.

03-12-18_10-40-27 AM

Mike had booked a room in an old monastery near St. Mark’s Basilica.  It was a tiny bit little more austere than the accommodations they were accustomed to but both found it quite charming and very comfortable!

UHHMMM I think it is time for us to vacate …

03-12-18_10-40-28 AM

We will just wait out here ❤

03-12-18_10-40-29 AM


No trip to Venice would be complete without taking the opportunity to explore the city in a Gondola.

Mike and Rose had booked an early tour.  They wished to see the city before the teeming throngs of people crowded the streets and the waterways became clogged with traffic.

03-12-18_10-40-30 AM03-12-18_10-40-31 AM03-12-18_10-40-34 AM03-12-18_10-40-36 AM03-12-18_10-40-38 AM03-12-18_10-40-39 AM


“Rose,” Mike called to the closed door, “the hour is getting late.  We really should be going soon.”

“Yes, dear.  I will only be a few minutes longer.”  Came the reply from the other side of the door.

03-12-18_11-16-47 AM03-12-18_11-17-50 AM03-12-18_11-19-00 AM

“OH!” Mike exclaimed, who is that vision before me.  What woman of mystery goes there!”

03-12-18_11-33-33 AM03-12-18_11-33-34 AM

Straightening Mike’s tie, Rose inquired, “Oh my dear husband, tell me.  Was the wait worth it?”

Only one look at his face told the story!  Yes, it was well worth the wait!

03-12-18_11-39-35 AM

If you two do not cut it out you will miss the night’s festivities completely!

03-12-18_11-40-28 AM


03-12-18_11-40-30 AM


“Balliamo, mia cara?”

(Grazie Lovenovavita for the wonderful lessons in the proper Italian expressions of endearment)

03-12-18_11-40-33 aAM

“Si Amore mio.”

03-12-18_11-40-34 aAM03-12-18_11-40-35 aAM03-13-18_1-29-52 aAM03-13-18_1-30-37 aAM03-13-18_1-30-58 aAM03-13-18_1-33-28 aAM03-13-18_1-34-18 aAM03-13-18_1-35-26 aAM

Mike marveled that everything was so grand!  Was it the music that intoxicated him or the beauty of his bride?

That he could not say, he was only certain of one thing … that he was the happiest man on earth!

All night they were swept along by the sweet strains from piano and violin, although there were many all around them, they only had eyes for each other.

03-13-18_1-35-29 aAM03-13-18_1-35-30 aAM


“Sisters did you hear that the cute Reverand who did the kids wedding ceremony has moved into a small cottage near here.”  Caroline was bubbly as she relayed her news to Blair and Irene,

Blair smiled at Caroline’s enthusiasm, “No, I had not heard.  Where exactly?”

“That cute little bungalow right next to Bob and Eliza.”

“Oh yes,” Irene interjected, “I know that place.  It is adorable.”

Caroline leaned in and purred coyly, “And guess what else sisters … he is single!”

“A Reverend with NO wife?” Irene said quizzically.

Undaunted, Caroline relayed, “He is a widower.  His wife passed 6 years ago and the poor dear has been alone ever since.”

“Well, you certainly have done your homework,” laughed Blair.

“I am going to pay him a neighborly visit,” Caroline informed’ ” I think I will make something yummy to take along with me.”

03-12-18_1-47-13 AM03-12-18_2-03-06 AM03-12-18_2-03-58 AM03-12-18_2-06-27 AM

Irene came in from the garden “OHHH that smells marvelous sister. I am famished!”

03-12-18_2-07-50 AM

“NO sister!  This is not for you!  This is for the Reverend.  I will make another when I return from my visit.”

03-12-18_2-11-01 AM

“Good day Reverend Knupp,” Caroline called as she rolled her bicycle into the tidy little yard.

“Princess Caroline, what a lovely surprise!  What brings you to my humble abode?”

“I thought I would bring you a little sweet surprise to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

The reverend raised his eyebrows playfully, “I am certain it is not nearly as sweet as you, Princess, but come on in and I will make us a nice pot of tea to go along with this lovely apple pie.  Is Earl Grey ok?”

“OH yes! That would be perfect!”  Caroline blushed and stifled a small giggle as she followed him in.

03-12-18_2-36-29 AM03-12-18_2-39-41 AM

“OH DEAR! I am not feeling so well ………………. ”

03-12-18_2-46-38 AM03-12-18_2-46-48 AM03-12-18_2-47-36 AM

**~~~ AN: Were you all wondering whatever happened to that special wedding gift from Evella?  🙂  ~~~**


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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

For those of you who may have missed the “in -a -nutshell) story recap  …  if you are a new reader this will give you background and if you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up …

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

**~~~  credits ~~~**



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Madame by Wistful Castle

The picnic by quiddity-jones

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Myrasimcreation Gondolier  (link to gondola in Pose post)

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Andrew’s death poses



An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

(First off TY to my sweet daughter Tiffiny for the amusing title.  It fits well!)

I promised you all a reader’s thank you to celebrate my 2-year blogaversary and here it is <3.

The Charming family story “in-a-nutshell.”  I promise to be merciful with the length of this update (while still telling the story of course).  

Side note:  The ridiculous reality of this story is that I NEVER intended this to be a story.  I had just finished a bachelor challenge that I wanted to continue AND I had a great idea for another story (that still exists in the dark recesses of my storyboard).   Both would take some setup.  I was not in the mood for that so I thought I would make a QUICK revisit to my surprise Insane Asylum winner for just an update or two.  After a few updates, it became apparent that Snow had struck a chord with my readers … there would be more updates needed.  

That was 2 years ago!

There are still more updates needed.


To begin we have to go BACK to the beginning … so here we go way BACK  to the very beginning. 


Driven to madness by the dwarves,  Snow White had sought respite in the Newcrest Asylum.  It was perhaps an unfortunate idea, in that the seven people she now lived with pushed her farther into madness than the dwarves ever did.

the gang mid game

Snow was your average lunatic.  Nothing really set her apart from her housemates.  She had her quirks, but she was not the most insane among them.

06-17-15_12-29 AM

A little harmless aggravation time to time, but again, nothing to make her notable.

06-17-15_1-23 AM

Well, except … there was that ONE incident with poor Sol.

Santa had started the drama earlier that day, Sol sustained it, and Snow finished it.

It sure did not help her popularity with asylum denizens!

In the end, her only really good and true friend was Abe.  Honest Abe knew he could trust her to take his side in any drama involving his nemesis, the bookshelf, and he really appreciated that about her.

Snow never did figure out why he was so mad at the bookshelf … oh I digress, sorry.

06-25-15_12-54 AM

Without the distraction of a social life, Snow was driven deeper and deeper into her art.  She found that painting was very therapeutic.

It helped her focus her emotions and calmed her!

On and on the challenge continued.

Each contestant plugging away, making decent progress in their aspirations.

Well except Abe … no one knew what he was doing. Ahh but again I digress.

When everyone was expecting a Santa win, late one night Snow came in and swept it away from him!

No one saw it coming (not even me)!

She finished that last masterpiece and earned her freedom!

08-19-15_11-40 PM08-20-15_2-55 AM

She took off to spend a bit of time in Granite Falls … which is where we caught up with her a bit later.

12-13-15_1-50-01 AM

Soon Snow settled into a small lovely house in Windenburg.  This was HOME.  A place to call her own and her heart seemed strangely connected to this place.

12-16-15_1-47-36 AM

Life was very pleasant (and so comfortable) there but it always seemed as though something or someone was missing!

A nagging deep in her being that was difficult to ignore and kept her on the lookout … for what she did not know …

12-16-15_12-39-29 AM

She tried to satisfy the longing with clubs and clubbing but nothing stuck.

Well, unless you count DON (UGH).  He stuck but it was about as welcome as toilet paper dragging behind your shoe.

12-19-15_2-45-42 AM

Time went on and try as she might find relief from the void.  This yearning was always there whispering to her heart.

(AN:  There is a backstory to this heart’s desire but it is too complicated to put here.  Just trust that it was real.  For those of you who want to know more .. it can be found here wedding & backstory).

Then one day, on that beach where she been drawn so often, she found it!  Well, technically  “it” found her.

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

What followed was magical.  The flames of love burned brightly in the hearts of these long-lost lovers!

A wedding date was set.  Snow was resplendent in her scarlet gown and Prince declared himself the happiest man in the world!

01-03-16_12-59-19 AM

The magical love between these two was not lost even in death.

01-16-16_4-09-29 AMTHE END right?

Time to move those other stories from the back burner?

So I thought.

Readers were NOT happy with me!

NOT happy at all!

So with the magic of Sims and the newly released (then) wishing well ...


Redux came to be. 

The other stories remain on the back burner even today.

Snow and Prince would get a second chance a life and this time they would do life together.

02-12-16_12-37-35 AM

Thanks to the whole “til death do you part” clause, the first thing to be done was to get married (again).


It was a FAB wedding!

We got to meet Prince’s family for the first time too.

The King and Queen (aka Mom and Dad Charming), the sisters Blair, Irene, dear little Caroline and Snow’s best friend, the elegant Dr. Ellie.


After a beautiful honeymoon, the young couple (who have always shunned court life) settled into a beautiful private home on the palace grounds.


Not long after this, Snow became quite ill.

A concerned Prince called in Dr. Ellie to treat Snow’s mysterious illness.

“Illness” ???

ellieShortly thereafter we welcomed the darling little “illness” … Rose White.

Welcome, Charming Nooboo.

Mom and dad were smitten!

rose whiteShe was a joy to her family.

03-09-16_2-45-29 AMqueen (2)irene and blaircaroline

Rose White grew in wisdom and favor,  a delight to all who knew her.

Rose White was not to be an only child for long.

Snow announced with great excitement that there was another Charming Nooboo on the way.

Rose White was delighted. She would be the best big sister ever!

04-06-16_2-10-17 PM

The stress and strains of place life were impacting Snow’s health so Prince took the little family off for a lengthy sabbatical.

It was during this time they met Bruno.

Although Rose White was afraid at first, it soon became apparent that she had nothing to fear from this friendly little brown bear.

Bruno and Rose White became fast friends.  Even Prince and Snow grew to love him. Little did they know then how dear to the family Bruno would become.

EA had a little surprise for me … actually 3 surprises (TY EA for significantly adjusting my storyboard).

Meet Rose Red, Violet and Lily.

As you can imagine, although it was a very happy time,  it was also a tad bit crazy for the family.

05-07-16_12-08-08 AM

During this busy time, the family lost the Queen Mum (the King had already passed when Rose White was young).

After an appropriate time of national mourning, Prince and Snow were enthroned as King and Queen of  Windenburg.

There was much joy in the kingdom.


The little family was growing up.  The triplets were a bundle of sweetness, chatter, and giggles.

Bruno was their very best friend .. especially close to one.  Can you guess which LOL ?!

Rose White was becoming a stunning beauty and dearly loved as the heir apparent to the throne.

Long live the future Queen Rose White.

05-27-16_10-56-00 PM

Not everyone in Windenburg was happy during this golden time!  A sinister dark one was up to no good.  Her hatred towards Snow grew stronger and stronger.  She became bolder and bolder in pursuing her diabolical plan.

Evella, the dark queen was determined to destroy the Charmings!

Employing 2 stooges (she could not afford 3), she set about to make their destruction happen!

07-01-16_1-02-43 AM

Donning her disguise …

With the assistance of the Stooges, she took the queen captive.

Enter our hero … the dashing valiant Officer Thies!  (fans self)

Evella’s cunning was no match for his tenacity!  He would get his (wo)man.

Finally, under intense interrogation, the 2 stooges rolled on her and Snow was rescued.

The Stooges went to jail …