Taking a Mini Murky Moment

This is for #meansofproduction by @BrennachanSims

Remembering fondly my time in Murkland.

Al Dunn stood and surveyed the new house.

It was finished and ready for them to move in now.

He had been keeping this a secret from his daughters for many weeks now.

He had been fortunate enough to purchase a few shipping containers and a small plot of land in Evergreen Harbor.

It is true, it is not a very good location, he mused, but with the apocalypse, there are not many places left that are nice.

He had upgraded the containers to be a proper living area!

It was cozy sure, but they had lived in tighter places than this before!

Even tho landscaping in Port Promise is not practical, he did try to make it look nice.

They had their own power and water supply!

The girls will love the chickens and the thought of fresh eggs is delightful!

There was even a greenhouse where they could grow their own food and herbs.

Especially the ingredients for the healing elixirs his family had been making since his great great great grandmother came here from the old country, Windenburg.

Of course, there was the equipment for tonic making!

They could run the entire operation right there from the house!

Many Murkland apocalypse survivors looked to them for healing tonics.

He has been passing this knowledge down to his daughters. Some do a little bit better than others but he knows it in time they will understand.

Tomorrow he will bring his girls to show them their new home.

“My dear daughters,” Pa Dunn began, “I have a surprise for you!

I have been keeping a big secret for many weeks now.

I have managed to save up a little money since your mother passed and I have purchased a home for us and a place to produce our elixirs.

The girls were very excited.

“I am not getting any younger my dears and I wanted a place for you girls to carry on the family business long after my date with Grimmy.”

“Oh, pop” Gladys scolded, “You know that we really hate it when you talk like this!

You are not old.

You have a long life ahead of you.”

The other girls chimed in their agreement. they did not like hearing their father talk about things like this.

Yes, he did know!

It is a difficult thing to consider but the reality of the enviable must be faced!

Everyone has a date with the reaper!

He went on to encourage them,

“The area is not very good.

It will take a lot of work to improve the eco-footprint of this place but you girls are hard workers and I know you will make a difference.”

The girls were going to be alright!

They all were!

Maybe .. especially Bee!

You can visit this house and this family in my gallery!

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Love and hugs to Brenna and all my beautiful murky salamanders.

15 thoughts on “Taking a Mini Murky Moment

  1. Hello Lisa !
    I know it’s been a long while. As I am passing by wordpress I visit your blog. I love the interior of the factory , wonderful choice of yours.
    Poor guy who is clawing by the red cat lol. Ouch !!

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