Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Spooktacular Weekend

The gallery is positively brimming with amazing fall builds!  It seems like every time I go in there are new ones that I am DYING to put into game and even as I sit here and type, they are still coming! I cannot wait to share these now and more of them with you next … Continue reading Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Spooktacular Weekend

Lisa Bee 100BabyChallenge: SHE-A-HO #1

A little "housekeeping" before I start ... my #simmersquad has spoken.  With a commanding lead in the poll, Mike and Rose White go first in the rotation.  That mysterious island is calling to us! I am working on my October SPOOKtacular special so you will be seeing a bit more of Lisa bee, Pedero, and … Continue reading Lisa Bee 100BabyChallenge: SHE-A-HO #1

The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”

EDIT - adding the link to the Table of contents for the rotations: An Era of Charming Tales - Rotations - (current) table of contents The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current) As most of you are keenly aware,  I have upset the apple basket! The Charming Family is in the wind! I know that, at … Continue reading The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”