Xto’s Earthsuit – A Short Story

Xto marched into the laboratory and proudly announced to his parents, “Mom …

Dad …

I have decided I want to visit Earth.”

Nyx gave his son a puzzled look.

“And when do you plan to do this visit my son,” he queried.

“I thought maybe the next time you go to Andromeda galaxy you could drop me off for a bit,” Xto nodded eagerly.

Zera, his mother, stifled a small giggle as her intrepid hubby continued to attempt reason with their son.

“Xto, Earth is a very primitive planet and you my boy are still so very young.”

Xto stated firmly, “Daaaad I am already 382 and 1/2!

I am not a baby anymore!

Besides that I have been studying the Earth for a very long time.

It is my favorite planet.”

“I know son,

Your mother and I are very proud of how hard you study.”

Xto continued his protest, “BUT Dad, I want to go see it myself.

It is not the same from a book.

I want to meet the inhabitants and even make some friends.

I know they have lots of problems.”

He earnestly added, “I think I could help!”

Nyx looked fondly at the little face that beamed up at him, “Well son, that is a mighty BIG order for such a little guy.”

Xto looked imploringly at his dad.

Finally, shaking his head Nyx sighed, “All right boy.


Let me discuss this with your mother and we will see!

BUT …”

He put his hand out to stop his little one from hopping around excitedly,

“NO promises.”

“Okay Dad,” Xto happily shouted as he ran from the room.

“Xto! No shouting or running in the lab,” Nyx called after him.

He helplessly turned to Zera, her eyes twinkling, “what ever are we going to do with him?”

After consuming the evening meal and tucking Xto in to bed, Nyx and Zera sat down to have a quiet discussion about Xto’s wish to make an earth visit.

Nyx laid out all of his concerns and fears.

Zera remained quiet, listening to him.

Finally he asked, “what do you think?”

She smiled a soft wise smile, “I am remembering stories your mother told about how it was when you were a boy.

She told me how you used love to go exploring the small planets.”

His brow furled, “Times are different now!

It was a different universe back then.

Kinder gentler universe!”

She assured, “Earth will be a great place for him to visit.

You know he is very smart!

Maybe he really can help them fix a few of their problems.”

Nyx resigned, “He is your son!

Always wanting to do good and help others.”

“AND he is your son,” She retorted,

“Smart enough to do it!”

Xto was ecstatic over the news.

They would be going to Andromeda next week.

He shared his many ideas with his dad.

“What am I do do with having smart boy like you,” Nyx said proudly!

“I am going to earth,” Xto explained to EarthaKat.

“It is going to be lots of fun.

You could come with me you know.

They have cats on Earth!

You could make some new friends.”

“I have heard of this Earth you speak of,” EarthaKat said with a growly yawn.

“I hear that the cats there have only learned to say one word.


I don’t think so.

I will pass.

Besides that I need a nap!”

“I need to talk to you son.

Your dad and I have been to earth many times.”

Zera carefully explained, “The inhabitants of Earth are still very much afraid of us.

So we need to wear disguises so that we do not frighten them.”

“OHHH,” Xto exclaimed loudly, “I know all about earthsuits, mom!”

I have been studying it a lot and I know EXACTLY

how to do it.

I will blend right in.

They will have to look very hard to find me!

I will be able to hide right in front of them.

I promise mom!”

Zera smiled and nodded.

She believed him!

The day finally arrived and Xto was so happy.

He was going to visit Earth!

The trip seemed to take FORVEVER!

He about drove his parents to distraction with,

“Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?”

Finally his dad set the large cargo ship down in a soft sandy landing spot.

Xto excitedly bolted for the door.

His mom right behind him, calling out,

” I love you my boy!

Keep your communicator turned on!

Call in every day!

AND please put on your earthsuit!”

Xto smiled as he morphed into it …

He knew it was perfect!

The world was his oyster

and he was ready to look for pearls!

798 words

12 screenshots

Theme: New Beginnings

I thought I might have a bit of fun with my readers in future blogs.

I will include Xto in my stories and we might all enjoy a little game of “Where is Xto?” as he explores the world!


This short story was written for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. On the 1 Feb I encourage you to go read the wonderful entries and then vote on your favorites!

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: January 2021 Theme

Xto was created for the Plumbobber07 CAS challenge – you can find out more about that here:

Plumbobber07 by Onyeka

He is in the gallery:

Gallery Link

Xto, his parents and EarthaKat

Gallery Link

The alien ship

30 thoughts on “Xto’s Earthsuit – A Short Story

      1. Yup – I saw and I’m loving the little brave guy. I just didn’t want to draw attention to myself via your story so I didn’t mention anything 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks – but you already did an awesome job of promoting my little CAS game. I’m happy to see so many of the Sims created for it come to life in people’s games 💖

        Liked by 1 person

  1. hahaha LOVE it. Oh so fun and that ending. I was waiting the whole time, stopping myself from scrolling forward. Waldo! Brilliant. I love the images, in particular that title slide and the one of him looking at earth through the window. ahh.. that was a nice break from my work day

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun idea! I look forward to finding Xto! I’m sure that his earthsuit will make him blend him as much as someone walking around dressed like Superman. But it’d make people smile so lots of positive vibes 😀
    Exploring another planet was something kid me dreamed about. Unlike Xto, my parents would only let me go down the street alone. Loved the line “it was a different universe back then”, hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

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