Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Solo Dates (Not Hans … Jack & Mike)

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).  HOWEVER .. she doe NOT always get her whims LOL 



I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode, we found:

  • The house is stressed
  • Jack is playing a little bit of psychological warfare and it is messing with Mike’s head.
  • A Black and White Gala was held.  After hours of preparation (MINE) .. everything was thought out and put in place right down to the wardrobe of all attendees.  This was going to be a beautiful ROMANTIC event .. THEN I hit the play button!  Did I forget WHAT game I am playing here?  It was a ridiculous mess!  Never change the lot traits to romantic!
  • Jack is NOT a party animal
  • Prince IS a party animal
  • Prince avoids awkward situations by hiding in the bathroom
  • Pace was easily affected by the lot trait change and flirted with a stranger
  • These are NOT after hours party peeps ZZZZZZ
  • Did I mention; never change the lot traits to romantic

NOW to the house 🙂  It is date day.  As you may recall Jack won the daytime solo date and Mike the night time solo date.

Jack found a fun little spot in Oasis Springs.  An authentic Wild Wild West experience.   He looked forward to spending the day with Rose sipping coffee and getting their giddy-up on.

You have to give Jack mad props for this choice because the desert heat is not exactly his cup of tea so to speak.  Remember the Jack that we first met???

04-05-17_11-12-45 mem PM As it turns out the heat was the least of Jack’s problems today.

Princess was in quite a mood … a foul mood!

08-28-17_1-57-02 PM08-28-17_1-57-03 PM08-28-17_1-57-04 PM08-28-17_1-57-05 PM

Augh!  These two bicker more than old people!  

However, it never seems to impact their relationship …

08-28-17_1-57-29 PM

Rose quickly apologizes for her curt words and a grateful Jack accepts with a hug.

08-28-17_1-57-59 PM

Jack, I think she might be HANGRY … perhaps get the girl some carbs!

08-28-17_6-46-18 PM08-28-17_6-50-50 PM

A few bites of a chocolate croissant and sunny Rose is back to her sweet self.

Jack makes a note to self that should there be a next time (solo date) he will ensure she has eaten a bite or two BEFORE they leave the house.

08-28-17_6-56-07 PM

The rest of the day is all fun and games (quite literally).

08-28-17_8-13-30 PM

(I think he would learn to pay better attention .. this is not the first time she has bested him in such a manner).

08-28-17_8-13-37 PM


08-28-17_8-14-30 PM

Jack had lots of fun with the horseshoe toss.

08-28-17_8-16-34 PM

As he watches Rose take her turn Jack cannot help but ponder his situation.  The challenge is nearing the end and there are three more eliminations coming.  He has been very lucky so far, yet he wonders what will happen in the next few weeks.  Will he stay to the end or leave after the next contest?  He is quite fond of Rose and truly could see himself spending the rest of his life with her.

08-28-17_8-18-23 PM

They end the date with a little camp fire.  They fondly remembered ending their first date with a frosty camp fire on a frigid beach.

Rose laughs as she recalled how very cold she was then and how little the fire did to thaw her frozen fingers!

08-28-17_8-22-47 PM08-28-17_8-23-18 PM

It was a lot warmer now.

08-28-17_8-23-43 PM

Back at the house, Prince was all ears about the date.  He had played a show with his band in Oasis Springs and has always wanted to go back.

08-28-17_8-36-28 PM

As the Princess recounted the day, Prince’s mind drifted off.  He was the only one in the household who has not gone on a solo date. Would he ever get to go on one?  He wanted to so badly!  He HAD to win the next challenge!  He would try very hard.

08-28-17_8-37-17 PM

Mike seats himself by the sorrowful suitor and gives him a few encouraging words.

08-28-17_9-33-10 PM

It was not the first time he had taken Prince aside and given a pep talk to the youngest suitor!  He was very fond of the quiet melancholy musician.

08-28-17_9-33-39 PM08-28-17_9-33-40 PM

NOT sure what the Princess is seeing but she sure seems to like it!

08-28-17_9-33-38 PM

Mike may have given Prince an optimistic word BUT he knew that there were none coming for him.

He got out in the fresh air and attempted to jog the jitters away!

08-28-17_9-33-41 PM

Date night was here and a smiling Mike was enjoying the vision in pink before him.

Rose was not smiling, in fact, she was perplexed and maybe a tiny bit miffed.

Hello, this was a bowling alley!  A smelly old BOWLING ALLEY!

Did she look dressed for BOWLING?

08-28-17_9-41-44 PM08-28-17_9-42-14 PM

Mike laughed and assured her that they were not here to bowl.  This is only where the taxi dropped them.  They were headed to the art district to the Humor and Hijinx Festival.

She was very relieved and quite excited at that idea!

Rose excused herself .. she needed to use the ladies room before they went out to the festival.

08-28-17_9-42-38 PM

(LOL no caption necessary .. this is my fav shot of the day)

08-28-17_9-43-43 PM

The festival was bright and FUN.

Rose wanted to see everything, experience everything and taste everything!

Mike happily obliged!

08-28-17_9-48-01 PM08-28-17_10-19-38 PM08-28-17_10-20-13 PM08-28-17_10-22-43 PM

Well, maybe NOT so happily on all of it.

This is still NOT his thing!

08-28-17_10-29-57 PM

OH, awesome idea Mike!  Here is one way to get a few sparks in your relationship you two!

08-28-17_10-39-50 PM

UM maybe too much too soon in the sparks department!

08-28-17_10-39-53 PM

AHH Much safer!

08-28-17_10-44-23 PM

The evening ended on a nice warm note!

08-28-17_10-50-47 pm08-28-17_10-50-49 PM

The princess smiled contentedly but Mike’s heart is very heavy.

He knows that there is an elimination challenge coming tomorrow and no one is promised anything.

What if he loses and has to go home?

What if this is the last time he will have a solo date with her?

He cannot bear the thought!  He is quite taken with the lovely Rose!

08-28-17_10-54-24 PM

Later at the house, Rose reflected back on the day.  The dates were so romantic and wonderful BUT life in the house still goes on.

Tomorow an elimination challenge … who would go home and who would get a rose?

Gratefully tonight there were dishes on the counter and puddles in the bathroom ❤   Rose was thankful for something mundane to occupy her mind so that she would not dwell on the events of the days to come.

08-29-17_2-54-24 AM

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29 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Solo Dates (Not Hans … Jack & Mike)

      1. The funniest thing is is all those things really happen in game. He really rolled his eyes at the ceiling and stood at the campfire after being hugged by Rose and looked sad. I am not controlling them at all I’m just getting the shots. Jack and her having that little spat that ended in a hug all happened. Sometimes this game amazes me.


  1. Mike looked so sad. That was great though. The shot of her going to the bathroom and Mike’s expression was priceless! I am so nervous for the competition. 😦

    Mike, Pace, Prince or Jack? Well you know my fav but really they are all sweeties.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That picture of Mike frowning was priceless. He looked like a sad puppy dog. I want to give him a hug.

    Not looking forward to the next competition, but I have to vote…have to keep some guy…*cough*…in the competition 😉 Oh, wow! I’m a sad sort, hahaha!

    Great post, once again. You’re amazing. I find myself wanting updates to magically appear after I read the last word. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Poor Jack, Rose always gives him a harsh time at the start off dates. Thankfully it never affects how they feel for one another. Maybe they just know how to fight together? XD Gaaah, the close the end it, the harder it gets!!! What if a favorite loses a challenge, nooooo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It feels like this is going so fast. Where did all the contestants go!? Now there are just four and the next update will be just three. At the very least, the boys seemed to have made lasting friendships! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Both dates were wonderfull and both boy are warming my heart. I really hope both become a rose. The challenge is turning more and more exciting! And you got really wonderfull screens about the dates. Sometimes I also like to do nothing and only watch what my sims are doing

    Liked by 1 person

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