Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Frog Huntin’ Challenge

There is a reader’s poll at the end of this update … you chose who gets to stay!

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode, we found:

  • Jack and Rose seem to enjoy bickering with each other
  • Rose can get quite HANGRY
  • Rose cheats at chess
  • Jack has genuine feelings for Rose
  • Prince is sad that he has not had a date
  • Mike is a great “big brother” to him
  • Rose is not happy about getting dressed up for bowling
  • Rose can eat lava … Mike cannot
  • Mike has anxiety at the thought of losing Rose

Challenge day.

Today the boys are collecting frogs.  Each will collect 6 and then for 24 hours they will have an opportunity to breed them.  The top two simolean earners will get a solo date with the Princess and bottom two simolean earners will face elimination at YOUR hand!

Who remains from those two is up to you!

It is bright and early .. a sweet summer day in Oasis Springs … let the hunt begin …

08-26-17_10-26-48 AM08-26-17_10-29-39 AM08-26-17_10-31-52 AM08-26-17_10-36-41 AM08-26-17_11-15-47 AM08-26-17_11-16-12 AM08-26-17_11-16-33 AM08-26-17_11-21-09 AM

Hunting frog is serious business true … but there is still plenty of time for socializing 🙂

08-26-17_11-16-41 AM08-26-17_11-18-29 AM08-26-17_11-26-55 AM

Last stop Windenburg … Rose is so happy to be home for a tiny bit.  (AUGH really Jack! SMH)

08-26-17_11-39-34 AM

Prince finds the last one.


08-26-17_11-51-10 AM

Starting (total) frog values:

Jack        380

Mike       295

Pace       215

Prince   160

The frog breeding begins in ernest (they will breed their most expensive to most expensive but cannot breed the same two type of frog together over and over again).

The little crew decided to stop off at a nearby pub.  The tension was high and they needed some FUN to blow off a bit of steam!

The Windenburg town folks were glad to see the princess and get a glimpse of the remaining young suitors.

Mila smiles as she sneaks a peek at the boys.  One of these young men will stay the course and win the hand of their dear Rose.  She knows she is looking at her future king!

08-27-17_11-55-19 AM08-27-17_11-55-40 AM08-27-17_12-13-15 PM08-27-17_12-42-10 PM

While most Windenburg townies are very careful to give the young ones their space, Mr Bjergsen could not contain himself.  He jumped in to complete the foursome at the Foosball table.  He will be boasting about getting to spend time with them for the next month!

(I think he lost on purpose for his princess .. I would have too.)

08-27-17_12-43-25 PM08-27-17_12-50-26 PM08-27-17_12-51-15 PM08-27-17_12-52-09 PM08-27-17_12-52-40 PM08-27-17_12-56-47 PM08-27-17_12-58-40 PM08-27-17_13-02-10 PM

The “unwind time” turned into an all-nighter (not to worry they worked on breeding frogs the entire time).

A tired crew sluggishly ambled home …

08-27-17_13-31-05 PM

for Jack the return trip seemed especially LONG!

08-27-17_13-34-25 PM

Really Rose … you pick that for a quick snack before getting a few zzzzs?

08-28-17_1-38-39 PM

OH OH AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST KISS!  (I did not direct it)

Goodnight Mike …

08-28-17_1-46-24 PM

AUGH later that morning all the boys picked FLIRTY cookies for an after nap snack … even though there were plenty of fresh delicious pancakes right on the counter!

08-28-17_1-46-25 PM

It made for a terrific emotional mess in the house …

08-28-17_1-46-26 PM

Pace and Prince finally got busy with a bit of romance(ish) …

Jack is mad …

Mike is sad …

Rose is confused  … AUGH!

08-28-17_2-54-33 AM08-28-17_2-58-03 AM08-28-17_3-03-17 AM08-28-17_3-05-47 AM08-28-17_3-07-11 AM

Best to go work this mess out at the gym.

08-29-17_3-45-48 PM08-29-17_3-57-02 PM08-29-17_3-57-37 PM

A lovely sunset chat …

08-29-17_4-02-02 PM08-29-17_4-03-42 PM

Headed home  🙂 (I just loved this “Abby Road” shot)

08-29-17_4-51-08 PM

Time for drinks and dinner al fresco.  The warm summer night was made even warmer by the camaraderie amongst them.

While the drinks were perhaps a bit odd, Rose’s grilled salmon was nothing short of delightful!

08-29-17_7-02-54 PM

Rose absent-mindedly asks the magic cube about her future love life.

Mike appears to be saying why are you asking it … ask me 🙂

08-29-17_8-10-20 PM

“It looks bright” came back the answer.

Hey Mike … are you seeing this?

08-29-17_8-12-35 PM

The frog breeding has ended and the guys have each earned as follows …

*  Jack      1,065 (he is exceptional at frog breeding)

*  Pace      675

**  Mike     670

**  Prince   565

*  = earned solo dates

** = up for reader’s vote elimination

Reader’s poll … Please vote to select WHO YOU WANT TO STAY.

Voting closes on 14 Sep @ midnight PST

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The gym is from one of my FAV builders ❤ Tokulee (check him out in the Gallery .. you will not be sad that you did)

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48 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Frog Huntin’ Challenge

      1. Lol I think if there was any bad boy in him it pretty much left out the window with Rose. If he wins this challenge he will be in the finals. It will be interesting to see.


  1. Hahaha, all of them walking like zombies back home XD Great night though. Gave Pace and Prince a little chance to socialize.
    So proud of Jack, he always comes first or second on challenges almost. Woot!
    But wow Pace and Mike were close!
    You know me…Cannot break the broship, even if the boys are more focused on Rose now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Voted! Wow! I didn’t realize we were down to the last 4….the pressure! How do they breed frogs if you aren’t controlling them? Was not sure of that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very much enjoying the story I want you to know. But I’m the kind of person who goes against the flow, so if the majority of people cheer for one bachelor, I will cheer for the underdog guaranteed. I do really like Jack though. Prince I think is too youngish and not settled in life enough yet. Those are my thoughts.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Prince had my heart but he really never interacted much .. he preferred to stay in the gym … Pace is much the same but since they are both still in game they cannot be counted out … I will have lots of work to do if one of those to win because they still have to fall in love with the princess. Prince has a little tiny bit of pink but pays for all time has none and not much friendship either … in my minds eye I always say he must be missing his family


  3. Mike, you’re so lucky to have so many fangirls. It’s what’s helping you the most. LOL. Anyway, another great update. Hopefully, Mike fans pull thru. I can’t believe he lost by 5 points!! Also, that picture of them walking across the street is just perfect. Reminds me of a certain band of very popular men…shall we call Mike John for now on!? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Mike is bitten by the mosquito of Love or just do it for winning !
    I think he’s interesting to keep it in the run, even if Prince is also very welcomed to finish the competition.

    Liked by 1 person

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