Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #4 Meet David

Rose sat and stared out the train window.  The beautiful countryside streaming by did little to lift her heart.  She felt as though at any moment she would burst out in tears.


Earlier that morning she had words with her father.  He was unhappy about her traveling on a train unaccompanied.  She had vehemently insisted that she was an adult and she needed to do this THING on her own.  Lifting her voice to her stunned dad she loudly asserted that she would be JUST fine and firmly maintained that she was NO LONGER A CHILD and should NOT be treated as such.  He eventually relented and gave his reluctant blessing on the trip.  At the time it all seemed so important to her ..


but now sitting here the significance faded.  Her dad’s sad face seemed to dance in front of her.  Truth be told the empty bench on which she sat just could not feel any lonelier.  01-20-17_2-11-12-am

Pulling out her phone she made a quick call to her dad.  Just “a check in” to assure him of her safety and to offer a heartfelt apology for her cutting remarks that morning.  The call ended on a cheery note and this lifted the burden of regrets from her thoughts.  She stared out mindlessly at the passing scenery, her heart now much lighter.  She closed her eyes and let herself drift back to the first time she had met David Manolas.  He was a quiet gracious man and a very talented classical music composer.   Father knew him well and greatly admired his work so David was a frequent visitor to the castle.


The new Windenburg Museum was featuring an art exhibition called ‘Women of the society‘ by  Shaiyenne Veilchen.  Even though she was a new artist Rose had been very anxious to see her work.  Unfortunately for the disappointed princess her parents had obligations that conflicted and neither were available to accompany her.  It happened that David was visiting Prince to bring him some new music and was privy to the princess’ plight.   In that he had some free time, and he was a patron of the arts, he volunteered to escort Rose to the show.  His offer was gleefully accepted.


He had a good eye for art and his ability to critique was a bit intimidating to the young princess.  Sensing that, he would respectfully prompt her thoughts with questions that allowed her to express the emotions that were evoked as she viewed the pieces.   It was a heady experience filling her with confidence!


Over dinner he chatted about his adventures as he sought new works for a world renowned gallery near his home.  Rose was enthralled with this man of the world.


As the music began it was quite apparent that David was in his element. The evening had taken a decidedly romantic turn!


Her destination was Rothenburg ob der Tauber (appropriately) on the Romantic Road in beautiful Bavaria.  This wonderful old medieval town with its turrets, ramparts and clock towers made you feel as though you were stepping into a fairy tale.


They were to meet up at a cafe in the Marktplatz.  It was only a short while before they were reminiscing and chatting as old friends do.  Conversation flowed as easily as coffee from the pot and mmm the Schneeballs were a delicious treat with her Jacob’s Kaffee.  For David this was well outside his norm.  David feels so at ease with Rose that even he is surprised at how quickly he is comfortable talking to her.


David inquired of Rose, “How did the benefit concert go?”

Rose recounted the evening.  How wonderfully Father had played and how dashing he looked on stage.  “It was a dreamy evening,” she quipped.


“I could not be more delighted!  I had no doubt that he would perform well,” David gushed uncharacteristically. “Your father is a very talented pianist and it blesses me so much to work with him.  Were he not the King he would be in the highest demand on the major stages of the world!”  Rose blushed at his high praise of her father!


They were only a quick stroll away from his flat.   They were cutting thru the Biergarten and into the restaurant when they were intercepted by Maria the proprietor of the Gasthaus where he lived.   Maria urged them to stop for a quick drink.  She was anxious to meet the princess.

Maria had taken David in when he was only 15.  “He comes from a high society family.” She explained as she offered them glass of  clear sparkling Weissbier,  “Although no one who meets him would guess it. He lived in a home that revolved around an overindulged sister.  She was coddled and  favored.  Mummy and daddy’s pet.  As for David all they could see in him was disappointing by contrast to what they saw in her. He had enough and left to make his own way.  David showed up here with no money and no home. I gave him a job in the restaurant and a place to stay.  I had thought early on that he would take my place here running the Gasthaus one day.  NO .. he was to be no barkeep. Art and music stirred his heart … and well you know of his talent so I do not need to explain.”

Being the subject of the conversation made him feel a bit uncomfortable.  Draining his glass he rose, “Danke liebe Maria. I am feeling a bit peckish.  I am afraid the Schneeballs were only a tease.  If I do not get the salmon in the oven soon  I fear I will faint away from hunger.”  Rose smiled widely at his jest.  She too was feeling quite hungry!


David deftly prepared the salmon slid it int the oven.  He was quite handy in the kitchen. Now to wait. Perhaps some music he suggested.   Rose had hoped he would offer that.

When he sat at the piano he seemed to bring it to life.  His hands on the keys like a soft caress.   It was as though it was an extension of himself.  The velvety, plaintive notes that he played were mesmerizing.  This was his preferred method of communication and it was exquisite!  Rose felt as though she was floating on the tunes.


He spoke, bringing them both back to the room, “do you play?”   Rose shook her head.  She now regretted avoiding her father all those time he had wanted to teach her.  “Put your hands on mine and I will guide yours.”  Rose leaned in and placed her hand on his hand.  OH he smelled so good.  Spice and wood, the scent was so distracting she could not think.


He laughed and slid over on the bench.  “While I did not mind the hug, this will be much easier.”  Rose felt her cheeks catch fire but slid in beside him.  Dinner would soon be ready but for now a piano lesson from a maestro.


“Your train will leave soon.  Before you go I have a treat for you.  I have collected some fine Egyptian art that is soon to be on display here in our museum.  Would you like to see?  You will be the first.”  She eagerly agreed.  He led her down to an underground room filled with breath taking pieces of ancient art that transported her to a far ways exotic land.


“Good bye dear Rose.” He embraced her firmly and speaking softly with the slightest waiver in his voice, “I hope to see you again in a few weeks.”



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************************** credits *************************************

First to thank my wonderful colab Marialein.  I enjoyed getting to know David 🙂


See the whole story of Rose White and David’s date at Shaiyenne Veilchen’s art exhibition called ‘Women of the society‘ in the fabulous (dark) story (honestly one of my favs)  called Angel in the Darkness by  Marialein it can be found at

Marialein WordPress

Art featured in this story by Marialein and Simdels

Thank you to the wonderful builders who always make my stories shine!

Danke especially to mein liebe freund Elke (aka Simoniona) who is not only an extraordinary builder but lets me praxis my very bad Deutsche on her .. and she always says she understands LOL .. probably not 🙂


I amended this build a bit but it is so cute and one you should check out.



39 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #4 Meet David

  1. Their date turned out so cute ❤ It was fun to see my simself in your story though I have to say you used not my normal self but the amazon version. (I don't have tattoos in real)
    Also you managed the exhibition memory really well. Just a side note the exhibition is not called "Women of the society" but the first series was.
    Ausserdem ist dein Deutsch nicht so schlecht. Ich jedenfalls verstehe es 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked what I did with him. I felt it suited him so much. OH LOL the Amazon version was cute. Danke .. Mein alte liebe Deutsche freund sagt “Lisa du spreche mit hande und fusse” .. war nicht gute LOL


      1. You know, your German words are the right ones just not grammatically correct. (I guess I have the same problem with English sometimes.) Just in case you are interested here is the correct form of what you just wrote.

        if the one you are talking about is female:
        Danke … Meine alte, liebe, deutsche Freundin sagt: “Lisa, du sprichst mit Händen und Füßen.” War nicht gut.

        male: Danke … Mein alter, lieber, deutscher Freund sagt …

        the rest stays the same xD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LOL TY ❤ LOVE it .. I want to learn! I have a new app that I am playing with (it is called duolingo) and I hope it will help me get better. I used to be conversational (it was my job to help American soldiers wives integrate into German culture) but have lost a lot in the years since I was there.


  2. OMG, I really really wish their was a LOVE button!! This was so romantic and beautiful. I cannot get enough of that gallery Marialein created and David is such a true gentleman. I really enjoyed their relationship. Their fall/winter cc was incredible and the train!!!!!! OK done gushing for now. Love this story SO MUCH

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually in the gameplay he got a little bit of pink but she didn’t get any with Mike they were both pink and considerable. However all of the relationship will be moved back to equal what’s the actual challenge starts.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The pink bar is the love relashionship if I remember well. I don’t play the sims 4 for ages (two years old soon) I just tested it for a couple of times.
        So she’s rather like Mike than him probably because Mike is closer to her as personality .

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! 🙂 At first I was like, “Hmmm… that looks like Jasper.” Then when I saw his pointy shoes, I knew it was him! 🙂 (I was reading on my nook, so pics were tiny!)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great update lisa! I loved it totally! Es war großartig! ♥♥♥
    All spots were great but Rothenburg was just fantastic! Beautiful! I was only a litle surprised how flirty Rose White was! Just as I thought she had already found someone… no sir… I am not so sure anymore and the the bachelorette contest seams to be a really hard one!
    And thanks a lot for reading my story, I hope you had some fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL Rose is getting a bad reputation .. but I have to be good to all those who submitted boys to be suitors 🙂 We have 10 colabs who submitted 14 boys BUT when the competition starts (when we get it down to 7 boys all relationships will be set back to equal for all) These lovely scenes are for the readers fun and for them to get a fav 🙂 You all will have a strong vote


      1. As you’ve figured out by now, I’m re-reading your bachelorette challenge because I’m not sure where I stopped last year.
        Again, I just adore Simsoniona’s Rothenburg ob Tauber lot!
        Btw, I hope you gave Rose the Serial Romantic aspiration so she’ll at least get the Player bonus trait when she’s done. (jk)


  4. I love this chapter, and David is definitely a winner! Worldly, patron of the arts, romantic….and bringing her to Rothenburg on the Romantische Straße (Romantic Road in Germany) …that is a bonus point there! lol (this road really does exist in rl and I have always wanted to go there…maybe that is why I like this chapter). I really love the village pics, they are superb. Plus he knows her father…another bonus point. lol Good contender as well.


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