Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #5 Meet Preston


“Preston?  Is that you ?”  Preston Raddisim turned at the sound of the young woman’s voice and his eyes widened.  “Rose White?  Wow it has been a long time.”  He was having trouble keeping finding his voice, “you .. you look wonderful.”  Rose just grinned.  He was looking pretty good too!


Preston  jumped up and ordered her a coffee and they grabbed an empty table in the lobby.  Conversation turned out to be difficult because, both being very well known, were of extreme interest to curious shop customers.  Some even snapping cell pics for posting on social media.   Preston suggested they head upstairs to outdoor seating area were it would be quieter and much more private.


The view from the balcony was incredible.  It took Rose’s breath away!   Reconnecting and reminiscing over coffee was sweet.  It had been a very long time since they had seen each other.  The Raddisim and Charming Families used to vacation in the same small beach town when they were very young children.  The Charmings had never returned to the lake house after the death of her grandparents and the birth of the triplets. Dad said the vacation house was too small but Rose thought maybe the memories of his mom and dad were just to much for him there.  Rose looked at Preston, “Do your parents still own their summer house on the lake?”    “Yes, we do but no one has been there for a while now.” He sighed, ” I guess life got too busy.”  Rose nodded her sad agreement.  “For us too.”

The melancholy moment hung a bit too long so it was a relief for both when Rose changed the subject.  “So your bio said you are an author?”  He laughed, “well that was more of my dad’s idea .. you might say I am more of a wannabe author!  I write a blog … my dad does not really consider it a valid pursuit but I think I do pretty well and I guess you might say I have a good number of followers.”

Rose was quizzical, “What is it called? Your blog?”

Preston responded, “Citylyfe.”

“What?  Really?  I know that one .. I have read it!  You’re Radipress? ”  Preston nodded at the surprised Princess.  “How do you pull it off?” She wanted to know.  “How do you get so close to the people without getting recognized and .. well you know like what happened downstairs.  With that girl staring at us and all those people taking pictures.”  Preston gave her a huge smile and a wink, “I am getting better at going incognito.”  And then a bit more pensively he added, ” I love my job and I hope my ramblings on the culture and people make a difference to my beloved San Myshuno.” Another awkward pause ensued …

Preston lightened, “Rose, if I do not get you home soon I will be busy all evening explaining to my mother why we are delayed. But let’s get a picture here together with this amazing view before we take head out.”


The family all came to meet Rose at penthouse elevator door.  Preston’s parents, Charles Sr. and Elanor, remarked that she had grown into beautiful young woman and they inquired as to her parents.  Preston’s older brother just stood and smiled.  She was so pretty that he dared not speak for fear of looking foolish.  Little sister Bella bounced down the stairs and stopped short, looking up at the princess thru narrowed eyes.  “You’re a PRINCESS?? So where is your tiara?” Rose looked down at her skeptical little critic and smiled.  “I only wear it on special occasions.”   Bella’s eyes tightened even further, “this is not a special occasion?”  Her query brought roars of laughter from Rose and the family.  “Yes Bella this is very special occasion but I only wear it for my royal duties in the palace.”  Rose was amused by how much Bella was like her sister Rose Red.  “Bella, I am certain you have homework. Now go get to it before dinner.” Elanor said first addressing her daughter and then to the group with a smile, ” I must go prepare dinner, please excuse me.”    Rose piped up, “I would love to help.”  Elanor nodded and told Rose to come along to the kitchen.  “It will be a wonderful time to get to know you better and you can bring me up to date on what is happening with your darling parents.”


Both ladies shared a love of cooking and excitedly shared tips (and family gossip) with each other.


“Dinner is wonderful ladies,”  Charles Sr. said as he enthusiastically spooned more of Rose’s delicious salad into his mouth.  Table banter was lively and soon came around to recollections of those lazy summer days at the lake house.  Elanor quipped, “you do know Rose, that you were Preston’s first kiss?”  “MOTHER!” Preston gasped, “What on earth!”  “Well dear it is true and I have photographic evidence.”   Pulling three pictures from her pocket she passed them to Rose with a laugh.  A warm smile spread across Rose’s face …


There in the faded snapshots were both sets of parents (hers as flirty as ever) and there in the center her precious grandparents …  and down front two little partners in crime …


always into something  …


and there was the kiss.  Yes photographic proof indeed.   Everyone had a good laugh at the sweet pictures.


“So Princess this is lovely but do you want to sit here all night?  Who knows maybe mom will get out the photo albums.  Or do you want to go see my city thru your own eyes?”  Rose was eager to go with him on this adventure.  “Well you will have to go up and hide your ‘princessness’  because right now you will stand out  like a beacon.”


Rose dug thru some clothing she found in the closet.  As she stepped out to go meet Preston she hear Bella shriek, “what is that you have on?”  Rose stammered, “your brother told me to … ”  Bella said, tied”He told you to do THAT?”


Never had Rose felt so ridiculous ..


“Come on Princess let me help you because you cannot go out with MY brother looking like that and first we need to hide all that princess hair.”  Bella drug her back to the closet for a redo.  Finally.. stepping back and admiring her handiwork Bella exclaimed, “Perfection!”


“Perfection,” Preston said admiringly, “first stop is my little apartment downtown.  I keep it as an office of sorts.  Let’s get outta here quick before my mom shows up with more pictures.”


Arriving at his place he explained, “This is it.  All two rooms of it .. well three if you count the tiny bathroom.  I will make us some coffee so just relax.  I have the new “Vampire Weekend” on the mp3 player you can take a listen if you want.”


Prestriedhard to concentrate on the music and he cursed himself that he was not more of a romantic.  She was so gorgeous there eyes closed listening to the tunes.  It would have been the perfect moment to say something charming.  He was thankful to hear the chime of the coffee maker signaling it was finished.  The best he could muster was, “How do you take your coffee?”


“So have you ever been on a skateboard?”  Rose shook her head no.  “I know a great place near by. We will grab some boards and I will give you a few pointers if you would like?”  She liked! They gulped the rest of their coffee and made a hasty exit.


“Princess I think some of the people here are on to you.” Preston whispered, “lets head on over to the party warehouse before they confirm their suspicions and you blow my cover too.”


“I wonder where everyone is tonight.  Usually there is a party going on here. OH well, do you feel creative Princess?” He picked up a spray can from nearby and began to spray .. Rose soon followed suit.


“Ahem!”  The sound of their spraying was interrupted by a heavy male voice.  “What do we have here EH?  A couple of vandals?”   “Uh no sir .. no this is ..”  Preston attempted to speak while reaching for his wallet for his ID.  OH NO!  It was not in his pocket he had forgotten it at the club. Rose stood stunned.  She had no purse … what would go with this outfit and these pants were far too tight far a wallet.  “Sir I tell you I am Preston Raddisim and …”  Officer Nolan cut him off,  ” OH and this then is of course her royal highness the Princess of Windenburg.” the officer said with a mock arm flourish and a bow.  “After all I have heard she is in town!  RIGHT??  You two will need to come with me down to the station. So we can determine your identity and process your arrest for vandalism.”


“Princess Rose approached Officer Nolan gently, “would you please call Officer Theis from the WPD he can confirm my identity.”


Officer Theis confirmed the ID of both parties and since the building was owned by Mr Preston Raddisim there were no charges filed.


All did not end quite as well as Rose White had hoped.  Officer Theis had a very stern look on his face and she knew the ride home was going to be a long one.  But first …


saying goodbye to Preston.


Extra content .. here are some funnies that did not fit into the story.  How awkward when your pops (and mom) keeps showing up when you are out on a date:


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********************** Credits ************************************

TY to my sweet daughter Tiffybee for the wonderful Preston Raddisim and his family


TY to the builders who make my stories shine ❤

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Skateboard poses:

Haneco Skateboard poses

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41 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #5 Meet Preston

  1. Preston is pretty hot and I like the backstory. Looks like they had a blast even if they did get in a bit of trouble. All of these guys are great I have no idea how Rose White will possibly choose!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t get much time to play with toddlers because of the stories so I have to do something they see what they look like. I’m glad you liked it Cathy … Flashback pictures were a lot of fun to do.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh ty Vanessa 😊 … technically he wasn’t the bad guy because he owned the building LOL i’m having lots of fun with these … we need to start brainstorming yours pretty soon


  2. Great update again. Loved those old photos of the kids.
    Preston is hot! Atop of that officer Theis showed up, so much hotness in one chapter! *fans herself*
    This was a great date. I bet Rose White enjoyed it very much. It’s not every day she blends in with the crowds. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TY so much for being a wonderful reading circle support! I am thankful! I am so with you on Officer Theis .. he is def dreamy. The old pics were such fun to play with 🙂 Preston is adorable but will his problems with not being romantic will either help him stand out or flip on him and be detrimental.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was so great! I just loved the “old”toddler photos (what a lovely idea ♥♥♥) and how you used San Myshuno for the story, as well as all the lots you showed. Great chapter! You are making it more difficult to choose among the candidates. They are all more than suitable! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. He’s definitely a great looking Sim! I wish I could have contributed one to this cause as well. I would have loved to collab with you. :3 I guess there’s always next time!

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  4. Preston was ok. They have a childhood connection…I loved those pics…but I just feel that Preston has now moved away from his old life and he loves the city and is a city blogger, who is quite popular. There were also some awkward moments between them. He is a bit of a rebel, and I am not sure that would be too good for a future queen, although it would keep her entertained. lol Even though they share a past together, I don’t see him as “the one”.

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