The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #1 It begins

Just a little bit of between story fun .. not to worry suitor #4 is quickly on the scene and for you Bruno fans I have NOT forgotten you .. had a tiny bit of writer’s block but all is solved now .. you will get your update after I do a tiny bit of “bridge” work.  

In the meantime enjoy the fun with me as my simself LisaBee will attempt survival in this devastated world populated by zombies, mutant raccoons and STRANGE sims all living in tents, bunkers and abandoned buildings. (Challenge link at the end of blog)

Dear Diary,

I was so glad to find this little settlement called Murkland.  After the attack on our world I spent much time wandering alone the wilderness .. thinking soon I would die.  I have lost track of how long it has been since that fateful day most of our world died.   The evil alien warlord Murddock the Magnificent (he calls himself that) and his crew were (are) archenemies with the peaceful inhabitants of Sixam.  When he found out about the alliance Oasis Springs had with Sixam he breathed out his hate on our world.  Bringing a vile toxin from his home planet to poison our world with it,  he thought we would all die but HA we fooled him … here we are!  The remnant  remains!  We will survive (hopefully).


Here is my new homestead … it is not much but I have all I need here and it is all mine!  I feel contented and safe here (mostly) ..


Food and fresh water is scarce … so you do what you need to do to stay alive and healthy.


While at first trash fruit, a Murkland staple, was loathsome .. I do admit that it has grown on me.


And if sitting on a bench alone eating salad from the trash bin is not bad enough .. AUGH DON!


… it’s enough to turn a girls stomach!


The only place that has water that is safe enough to bathe in is Murkland Hot Springs but access is limited.  My days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


It is a great place to get together with friends … chit chat while getting clean!


I spend a lot of time looking for things to sell or trade.  It is how we get by here in Murkland.  Insects and frogs are a delicacy for some (NOT me) Murkland inhabitants so I wander pretty far and wide to find a tasty assortment to sell. I do pretty good.


Fishing is my FAV!  Now it is true that the fish is tainted and unfit for human sims but Zombies and Mudders love it.  The only fish safe for human consumption is the Bone fish but I have yet to try it because I have not learn how to prepare it and I find enough to eat in the trash bins.  I caught this beauty doing a bit of night fishing .. oh he was a fighter.


I am slowly making friends here in Murkland.   I find most are warm and welcoming and we are having such fun.


But some are .. uhhh …. mmm .. unusual?


THEN there is HIM .. Vlad I could do without!


I had heard thru the grapevine that there was someone who lives deep in the Granite Falls woods who was an herbalist and knew many secrets .. INCLUDING a potion that was like a bath in a jar.  With water so scarce I spent most of my time in a miserable green fog of my own making .. I needed a bath in a jar!


I had to know if this was true .. I would go search out this mystery myself.  I hopped on a rickety old bus and headed off on my adventure.

Granite Falls was a sanctuary of sparkling water falls, green grass and tall rich smelling trees.  With the exception of the water the toxic assault had not harmed the part of the world.  Too small an area to sustain a significant population it was deemed a world preserve.  Sims were allowed to visit but were not allowed to stay.  THE only exception it is said is the mad hermit who lives deep in the forest.  Most believe him to only be legend but not me .. I am determined to find him.


Befriending the Ranger, he told me many tales of the mystery woodsman .. inspiring my quest.


I searched high and low and even crept thru a creepy bramble … it scratched and poked me as I went deeper and deeper into the woods.


The journey was arduous .. oh how I missed the comfort of my snug little tent.


AND although I was sick of tofu dogs I had no intention of sampling those bugs I was catching.


All of a sudden I spotted a hut right there in the midst of a beautiful glen.  A man was tending a garden .. when he saw me he looked a bit surprised but smiled and beckoned me come … welcoming me to his home.  “You are real,” I whispered.  He laughed, “Of course I am real child .. what made you think otherwise?”


He taught me much about herbs .. how to identify them.  Which were toxic and which safe for tea.  BUT best of all he taught me the secret blend for the bath in a jar and showed me what plants to harvest for it.


I was so happy there …


I wished I could stay forever .. but alas tall, pale and creepy found me.


So back to the real world I went …


besides it was Friday and I needed to shower.  OH sooo fresh 🙂


By the time I made it home that night I was already in need of another.  I sure hope the bath in jar potion works!


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

***************************credits ***********************

TY Brennachan Sims for a FAB challenge.  If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   Misery does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her thread.

46 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #1 It begins

  1. This was so funny and different from everything yon have done! I have already played a challenge (“From camper too… ) where the sim started with and empty lot and no money at all and has to sleep in a park with a small campground, but that was luxury compared to Murkland,of course! But how can your see get clean in the hot springs?

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  2. I always enjoy seeing Brennachan’s twitter updates but I never realized this was a challenge until you posted about it! *resists urge to try another challenge* It looks like so much fun! Is Vlad annoying you? He seems to be but I wasn’t sure. I so wish we had the canned showers in Sims 4!

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  3. I’m starting this challenge right now. Looks like a fun one. Did you bulldoze all of the community lots in Oasis Springs too? I’m in the process of clearing lots and wanted to make sure they all have to go.

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  4. I enjoyed it too 😉 this story is so fresh and new. I am sorry I can’t take part I am still not a sims 4 player. Just Brennachan lots are wonderful and I can’t wait to read more of you.


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