An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Reunion

Bruno’s family was making very good progress in their journey.  Traveling at a steady pace, they had been in the drylands for a few days now.

01-28-18_6-27-19 PM

The drylands were harsh but very beautiful as well.  Spectacular vistas were to be seen around every corner.

The journey was arduous!  Momma and Papa were beginning to feel every step.  They would need to find a place to rest and refresh for a few days.

They decided to alter their route and head for a “nearby” National Park.

01-28-18_6-30-30 PM01-28-18_6-34-22 PM

Although the trek was difficult, there were many good things coming from it.  The parents and the teens grew much closer and the familial bonds grew tighter and stronger.

As they went along, Papa took the opportunity to carefully instruct Caiden and Molly in wilderness survival.  They were going to need it in their new home.

While Molly did try to pay close attention and was respectful of her papa’s knowledge she was less inclined to appreciate the wild outdoors life than her brother was.

Caiden seemed to EAT it up!  A real chip off the old papa block he was.  He did have a slight advantage on her in that he spent most of his childhood as a bear.

Papa and Mama were so proud of their children.

01-28-18_6-35-04 PM

That evening they reached the Dueling Mustang National Park.   A  jewel in the desert.  An aquamarine lake sparkled in the center of the park, promising to refresh and rejuvenate the weary traveler.

They stood silently in awe of its majesty.

Finally, in a hushed reverent tone, Molly spoke, “It is so awesome!  Can we stay Papa?”

Of course, they stayed.  It was just the R&R they needed!

01-28-18_6-37-27 PM

Caiden was starving (he is a growing teenaged boy).  He got right to the grill, cooking up a plate of dogs and tried to eat the entire plate.

I always feel like someone is watching me.

01-28-18_6-40-38 PM-2

Molly tried to find some recreational relief but she found it hard to concentrate.  Her mind kept drifting back to the time she spent with Aster on that bluff the night before they left.

She missed him so much and hoped he and his family were OK!

01-28-18_6-41-45 PM

The pristine lake kept its promise and delivered the refreshment their tired bodies needed.  Rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit!

01-28-18_6-43-08 PM01-28-18_10-33-10 PM


When they hit the road again, their steps were lighter and spirits were high.  The stay definitely had the desired effect.

A few days later, as fate would have it, they wandered into the Wiggly Piggly Diner.  The wonderful proprietor Betty was quite attentive to the dusty travelers.

They chatted happily over over her delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and hot basil tomato soup.  Betty ensured that the hot coffee and cheerful convo flowed freely.

As we already know, Betty has a keen eye for those who need help and she was moved by their weariness.  She could tell by the kind eyes of the Papa that this was a wonderful family.  She almost felt like she knew them.

Hovering as she poured more fresh hot coffee into their cups, Betty remarked, “This has been quite the week for travelers.”

Momma’s ears perked up, “Others?  Maybe it was our son and daughter in law.  They went ahead of us.  Was it a handsome burly young man and a dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty?”

“Why yes it was,” exclaimed Betty.  “They were traveling with their small toddler and so road weary.  I gave them a place to stay for a few days to recover.”

“A toddler?”  Mama was crestfallen.  “It is not them,” she said sadly.

Papa smiled, touching her hand softly, “Honey Bear, stop worrying.  Why don’t we stop by on our way out of town and have a chat with them.  Maybe they have seen Bruno and Rosie somewhere along the way.”

Momma thought it was a wonderful idea. She was anxious for any news of Bruno and Rosie and did not wish to let any possibility pass.

Betty’s little house was easy to find.  It was right next door to the Wiggly Piggly.

09-28-18_10-53-07 PM

As they tuned in at the walk, shrieks of joy and recognition came from the rear of the tiny house.  Rosie came bounding around the corner and Bruno at a dead run right behind her.   The family was overjoyed to see each other.

“You are safe my dear children!  I don’t understand,” Mama remarked.  “Betty told us you were traveling with a toddler?”

Rosie laughed, “Mama and Papa we have news for you …”

Before she could finish a little redhead appeared near the back corner of the house.

02-28-18_01-56-02 PM

“OHHHH!”  Mama gasped and ran to pick up the little beauty.

Their eyes met and it was love at first sight for both of them!

Rosie and Bruno explained Trui’s adoption to Papa, Caiden and Molly.  There was no getting Mama back .. she had done flown the coop.

She was lost in every Grandma’s dream.  She had her hands on her grandchild and nothing else existed at the moment.

02-28-18_3-56-53 PM

Trui loved her new family.  Uncle Caiden was facinaitng and she follwed him foot to foot.

02-28-18_4-00-32 PM

AND grandma was DA BOMB!

02-29-18_2-39-18 PM02-29-18_2-39-48 PM

Auntie Molly was so pretty with red hair just like her own.

“I was adopted too, Trui.” Mollie explained to the wide-eyed babe, “We have that in common.  When you get older I will tell you the story of when Mama found me.”

Trui loved stories and she was NOT going to wait to hear one.

“Toree, toree, torrreee,”  she begged her Auntie Molly.

Molly laughed and shook her hear, “OK just a tiny bit because your momma says it is time to rest.”

03-29-16_6-31-20 AM

Laying Trui down for her nap Molly told her a tale of a cold wintery day so long ago when a mama bear found a little orphan girl who needed her love and care.

Molly slipped out as the toddler’s eyes closed.


03-29-16_6-31-21 AM

“Where you headed, peanut?”

Bruno laughed … like he did not know.

Trui was on a mission to find Grandma.

Bruno jested, “You know she was not that nice to me when I was a baby.”

03-30-18_10-01-18 PM

“OH hello little sweets,” Rosie teased, “What brings you out here?  Did you have a nice nap?”

Trui had no time for small talk now … she bee lined  for Grandma!

04-28-18_11-40-58 PM

Rosie hopped up and took over the laundry duty while Mama entertained Trui or maybe you might say Trui entertained Grandma.

04-28-18_11-40-61 PM04-28-18_10-57-09 PM

Mama was leading Trui in a rousing rendition of “You are My Sunshine”  when Papa walked up behind her.

“Bruno and I are going down to the fishing hole.  Did you want to come along?”

Papa grinned.  He already knew the answer.

“No you all go on.” She said, “I will stay and watch the baby.  Why don’t you take Rosie too.  She could use a break.”

04-28-18_11-40-65 PM04-29-15_11-44-24 PM04-29-15_12-33-08 AM04-29-16_12-27-20 AM04-29-16_12-27-27 AM

Bedtime came and it was Papa’s turn to get some Trui time.

Trui was not happy that it was bedtime but …

05-29-17_0-15-18 PM

Papa was the best tuck-er-in-er ever and …

05-29-17_0-15-54 PM

the most wonderful storyteller there was.

05-29-17_4-11-05 PM (2)

Papa’s deep velvety voice crooned,

“And there were three little bears sitting on chairs
And two little kittens … And a pair of mittens
And a little toy house … And a young mouse
And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush
And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

Her eyelids were sooooo heavy and soon the world slipped away for this tired little tot!

Off to dreamland with you tiny one!

05-29-17_4-13-31 PM

Feeling a bit tired, Papa readied himself for bed and as he did the world began to slip away from him too but it was not to dreamland.

05-29-18_1-10-51 AM05-29-18_1-15-48 AM

Caiden implored the dark one to spare his Papa.

“Your Papa is very old,” the dark and hollow voice explained to him.  “His time has come.”

Caiden refused to relent and for some unknown reason Grimmy relented, “Very well, but enjoy him now.  His time is short.”

05-29-18_1-21-36 AM05-29-18_1-24-18 AM05-29-18_1-25-55 AM05-29-18_1-27-32 AM

A few days later Grimmy would visit again.  This time no one could dissuade him. Alfonso’s time was at his end.

06-11-18_1-29-39 AM06-11-18_1-36-00 AM06-11-18_1-49-04 AM06-11-18_1-50-13 AM06-11-18_1-50-57 AM

The family laid Papa to rest down by the fishing hole.  They all knew he would have wanted that.

07-10-18_12-37-36 AM

They left Mama alone for some time to say goodbyes to her beloved.

“My time is coming soon too, my love.  I will find you in the netherworld and we will be together again.”

07-10-18_12-46-44 AM

Rest in Peace Alfonso Orsini.  You raised a beautiful family and your legacy is golden!

07-10-18_12-48-47 AM


The family took a week to mourn.

Then with tearful goodbyes to Betty, they were off to continue their journey.

07-14-18_2-52-16 AM


Soon the drylands were far behind them.

07-14-18_2-57-22 AM


Almost one month later, to the date, something sinister blew into the Wiggly Piggly.

Betty could feel its presence before she even laid eyes on him.

08-14-18_12-02-47 AM

“Yes sir, can I help you?”  Betty was cautious.  Her keen sense of a person’s character kicked in.  She had strong red flags about this one.  He seemed to ooze evil.

08-14-18_12-22-39 AM

The droll little man purred, “My name is Mergwhen Brandywise.  I am looking for some friends of mine.  I am wondering if you might have seen them?”

He went on to describe Bruno, Rosie and the other members of the Orsini family in accurate detail.

Although she denied ever seeing them Mergwhen did not believe her.  You see Betty is not the only one who is a keen judge of persons.

08-14-18_12-22-41 AM

Merwhen has his own ways of obtaining information from reluctant subjects.

08-14-18_12-22-45 AM

He did not bank on Betty having such a strong will.

08-14-18_12-24-34 AM

Truth be told it was a bit embarrassing for him.  He thought to himself,  “I have been on this planet too long .. I am losing my touch. ”

08-18-18_12-31-18 AM

I might also point out at this moment, Mergwhen did not come alone.   Along the way, he has teamed up with another hunter who is looking for a small alien child.

08-14-18_12-22-42 AM

Bruno and Rosie had stayed quietly out of the way so most locals did not even know they had come thru.

“NO! NO, we have not seen a small child like that around these parts.  But if we do we will call.”

08-14-18_12-22-43 AM

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Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

~~********** Credits *********~~

For you Betty fans .. she will stay in game as will the Wiggly Piggly.  Never know when some one might need a bite to eat and a friendly face ❤

backwoods betty familyWiggly Piggly diner

In this branch of the Charming tales, I will be attempting a modified version of :

The Alien Adoption Challenge 

I will raise an adopted wild child (and she sure is) alien from a toddler to YA.

She can never be the active sim and I cannot give her any directions or commands.

My modifications (to fit the story) are of course she gets two parents (but Rosie won the roll and is the primary).  There are to be NO babysitters or nannies.  While neither can have a job both can contribute by learning “a trade” and sell crafted goods.


32 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Reunion

    1. Betty is a good guy ❤ .. or GAL .. she will be back in story again. (as for Trui .. how strange is it that she really does want grandma all the time .. sims is a bizarre game) It was not easy 😦 I have "notices" on many more too ..

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  1. This started out as such a fun and heartwarming story update. I love the screenshots and scenery and the interactions between grandmother and Trui are so heartwarming. Loved it….but then the sad part. Oh nooooooo!! Alfonso… can’t die 😦


  2. Sad about Papa, and so soon after meeting his granddaughter!
    On the funny note, it was hilarious of that bird watching Caiden…at first I thought, “Why is saying ‘being watched’?” Then, I noticed the bird! Haha!

    Great update. You sure do have quite an adventure with your Snow and Prince story-line. As you said, you never intended on going on with their lives. Are you amazed on how much, how far, how deep, how wonderful it is?

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  3. Yeah Betty you have right to go up against Mergwen your intuition about him is totally right.
    I am very happy Trui is loved by all the family, that she adores Mama and she feels at home with the Orsinis. Q choose the right foster family to protect her baby.
    Rest in Peace Alfonso Papa bear, he left surrounding by Love and by his family. Make sure he’ll visit back his family soon !

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      1. I hope the first Gen won’t be disappear so fast because it’ll be terrible for King and Snow White to die before they can see Trui and their family back at then. I can’t really can’t stand when Grimmie scythes my sims all of them I never save or I bring them back I just can’t let my sims go !
        Héhé I can’t wait what you cook for who you my ava ;D. For now Sunset Valley is on building once again haha. And I got a boring chapter to write 😥 and to finish the case. Summer is soon in my game and the 2nd year for Miss V.


  4. This is certainly a chapter with many emotions. Happy that Bruno’s family found them. and Grandma “Da Bomb” with Truii (I love that one!) lol But, sad, too, that Bruno’s Papa passed. So sad. And the evil henchmen are getting closer. Oh no! Can Betty thrown water at them and they melt or something? lol As always, a wonderful chapter.

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  5. So glad that Bruno’s family caught up with them and they were able to meet Trui before his dad passed on. So sad 😦 Betty is a such a genuine good person! Glad she isn’t saying anything about the Rose and the others!


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