An Era of Charming Tales: Nooboo

Windenburg was in dire need of some happy news.

The Royal family has been very quiet in the weeks since Bruno and Rose Red had to flee for their lives in the middle of the night … followed very closely by their dear friends the Orsinis (Bruno’s family).

They were all grieved by the fact that no news of the journey had come to the family.  The old adage that no news was good news does not seem to apply in this case!

This loss coupled with the ever-increasing whispers of danger to the Royal family was taking a huge toll on all of them.   Something needed to give!

Then a tiny glimmer of joy shone in the dark gloom.

Claudia, Rose Whites personal assistant, and BEST friend got news that she was expecting a nooboo.

She was ecstatic about the news!

01-21-17_5-19-29 PM

Her hubby, the dashing Officer Theis, was feeling NOT so ecstatic.

As Claudia shared the news of their coming addition he could feel the sheer panic rise up and clench his heart with dread.

01-26-18_5-17-01 PM

The always staunch and brave Officer Theis was feeling quite petrified!

Crime and criminals .. homicide .. burglary .. kidnapping .. these he could deal with.

BUT a baby ………..

He knew just when it happened too …  those DANG romantic lighthouses!

11-10-17_10-31-14 PM11-10-17_10-36-15 PM11-10-17_10-39-22 PM11-10-17_10-41-40 PM11-10-17_10-41-52 PM11-10-17_10-42-03 PM11-10-17_10-42-28 PM

He was glad to go to work and hide these strange new feelings in a place where he felt he had some semblance of control over life.

01-26-18_5-17-05 PM

Well sort of.

The baby even crept into his work life.

His fellow officers were so excited for him that they threw him (and Claudia) a baby shower in the interrogation room.

02-24-18_12-43-43 AM02-25-18_12-30-04 AM

(Poor Laurel … she wants a baby so badly … all this has her in quite a funk.)

02-25-18_12-34-46 AM

Baby games and gag gifts .. the shower was a riot.  Everyone had a grand time!

02-25-18_12-42-35 AM

Officer Theis fully appreciated the love and care from his officers BUT, to be honest, he was relieved when it was done .. now back to control .. uh I mean work!

Officer V has uncovered a mysterious clue.  Lab tests have identified the (heretofore) unknown toxin used to kill the Reverand.  It is very rare and found only in the remotest parts of the El Selvadoraian jungle.

“Someone needs to go check this connection out,” Miss V explained.  “I think the lead is solid and if we can track who purchased the toxin perhaps we can  connect them to the murder here.”

03-25-18_12-46-54 AM

Cheif Theis was in complete agreement.   “I am having lunch with His Majesty tomorrow.  I will bring up the need to send a team in to investigate.  I am certain he will approve.”

The jungle he thought, now that would be a great escape.

“Awesome idea Officer V!”

03-25-18_12-47-00 AM


04-26-18_5-18-16 1 PM

“Thank you for asking, Walter,” Prince said solemnly, “the Queen is still not doing so well.  This ordeal has not been good for her health .. for either of us.  We are not spring chickens anymore you know.”

Officer Theis did not like such talk coming from his dear friend.  He would do what it took to ensure safety for the Royals.

He explained the lead they had gotten on the toxin.  Prince agreed that a team should be selected to go into El Selvadora as soon as possible.

Officer Theis brightened at the thought .. UNTIL Prince told him that he would not be leading the team.

“There are others that can lead the team in.  You are needed at home, Walter.  I know having a child is a frightening prospect .. don’t forget I was there once!  But I can tell you on this side of life it is the most rewarding experience you can have! ”

04-26-18_5-18-16 3 PM

“Go home to your wife, Walter, and enjoy your paid family leave!   Get lots of rest!  Speaking as the father of five, I can assure you that  you will need it.”

Officer Thies knew Prince to be a very wise man and took he advice to heart.  That afternoon he put in for family leave.

04-26-18_5-18-16 2 PM


Being on family leave was not all that it was cracked up to be.

He has to endure lots of downtime but on the plus side, he is getting a lot of reading done.


Her cravings in full swing, Claudia has taken to eating lava.  Even tho it upsets her stomach she has powerful cravings for extremely spicy food.

Walter is not soo crazy about spicy food and he enjoys watching his wife suffer (at her own hand) even less.

04-27-17_5-18-12 PM

Rose White has been a pillar of support.  Mike, however, steers clear LOL.

04-27-18_1-34-39 AM

Even accompanying Claudia to her doctor visits.  Hearing the little heartbeat and seeing the sweet ultrasound images was fascinating.

Claudia was glad to have her because Walter was too jumpy during the doctor visits.

04-27-18_2-00-56 AM

Dr Ellie says the baby is strong and healthy.

04-27-18_2-04-51 AM

At Mike’s instance, Rose White reluctantly hired a new “temporary” personal assistant.

Marissa Ellis came highly recommended and Officer Theis and his team did a complete background check on her.

04-27-18_1-34-40 AM

Marissa and Rose White connected instantly.  She is a very pleasant person and because she is highly efficient …

04-27-18_1-34-42 AM

She got right to work.

04-27-18_1-34-44 AM

“OKAY!  OKAY! You were right Mike,” Rose White laughed,  “She is very nice.  Thank you, dear!”

04-27-18_1-34-47 AM


Welcome baby Devon Lea.

04-27-18_2-31-29 AM

Poor Claudia … these things do not come with user manuals!

04-27-18_2-28-35 AM

Daddy has the touch!

Hmm looks like old Prince knew what he was talking about!

04-27-18_2-36-07 AM


Rose White and Mike stopped by to see how the new family was doing.

“If there is anything we can do for you Claudia,” Rose offered, “please do not hesitate to ask!  We would love to help in any way we can.”

05-24-18_6-33-10 PM

Mike made his way to the little bassinet.

“OH just look at you beautiful little darling,” Mike crooned to the smiling baby!

05-24-18_6-35-23 PM

Mike’s smile can charm even the smallest human!  Devon Lea is totally taken with him!

05-24-18_6-38-08 PM

HMM not sure how pops feels about that!  Ohh papa … no worries she will only have eyes for you for a LONG time!

05-24-18_8-10-21 PM

Seeing his beautiful bride with the tiny infant in her hands melted Mike’s heart into a puddle!

05-24-18_8-13-50 PM

On the way home, they stopped to do a bit of baby and family dreaming over a cup of coffee.  Soon they both say .. soon!

05-24-18_8-13-52 PM


The weasel had a lot to report to Evella.

She was delighted to hear that Officer Theis was “off playing daddy” to his nooboo.

“Oh they are so vile … the little creatures,” Evella snarled, “It should keep him busy for a long time.  It will keep him from going on the  El Selvadora expedition.”

The weasel shuddered as he considered maybe she really does not have a heart.

The weasel reminded her, “But what about Ms V?  She has been sniffing around and getting so close to me.”

“Many people get lost in the jungle and never find their way back,” she coldly assured.

He reported that there had been no news at all on Rose Red and Bruno.   Her confidence in Mergwhen remains strong  She quickly dismissed,  “He will find them.  He has special talents.”

Finishing the report, “And Rose White a new personal assist … ”




Can we get to her?

We need someone that close!”

05-24-18_11-22-49 PM

“Her name is Marissa Ellis.”

05-24-18_11-22-50 PM

“I have looked and looked my Queen.  She has no weaknesses that I can discern.  Nothing to use to gain her cooperation.”

05-24-18_11-22-51 PM

“We will just have to give her a weakness then. My girl needs to fall in love.”  Her voice oozing with malice, “And  I know just who to call.”

05-24-18_11-23-44 PM

The handsome man walked right in and up to the loft where the weasel was entertaining Evella on the pipe organ.

Evella purred a greeting, “Oh glad to see you could make it.”

05-24-18_11-36-19 PM

“Korbin, dahhhling, come give me a kiss!”

05-24-18_11-40-27 PM

“I am here as you asked.  What is it you want MOTHER … ”

05-24-18_11-42-02 PM

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Dr Ellie’s exam room

labor room


39 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Nooboo

  1. Sneaky!! I thought from your picture that Rose and Mike had the baby. Cute though and congrats to the parents. I can’t wait to see her grow. Love Marissa too. She looks super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa, the big wicked has a son? Poor boy! Congrats to Officer Theis and Claudia! Loved seeing Mike and Rose with a babe in arms, hint hint, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Uh oh….the plot thickens. Such a great evil guy. Marissa is beautiful. She is going to melt the heart of the new baddie and turn him against his mother because he will fall in love! 😍 Yep..RIGHT!!!! Stop it. I see you rubbing your hands together. Just stop it now. 👿


  4. Evella never underestimate the power of the Sixiamian I people. Miss V will defeat you and she won’t be lost in the Jungle.
    Be aware you’ll be over soon. I really like how Evella doesn’t take Miss V so seriously. xD ahaha.

    Congratulations on Officier Theis and Claudia for the nooboo. You really deserved to be happy surrounding by a family.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome chapter, little Devon Lea is gorgeous and I’m sure Officer Theis will take to parenting like he does with everything else, with military precision lol!!

    Hmmm, Evella has a son hey!? A cute son, but will Masrrisa fall for the dashing young man?! Would she ever betray Rose White?!

    And I can’t see Officer V getting lost in the Jungle, she is far too smart!!

    Sooo many questions…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OHH I do agree that Ms V is far too shrewd to get caught in the jungle by any nere do well

      Korbin is a recent addition to my story thought .. I have not fully decided upon where he goes .. I have an idea but will I go there is another question


  6. Your cover picture is so sneaky! Made me think Mike and Rose finally had a little babe. Soon indeed, though. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens with this new guy! He is definitely a cute one. 😉

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  7. ~ Lisa,please warn me next time I had just had a sip of my coffee!,when I read who Korbin’s Mom was!LOL!
    ~ Loved the update, & a new plot twist I see!
    ~ Everyone has baby fever! Who will be next?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL there is a very funny Saturday night live skit featuring Christopher Walken as a music director and Will Ferrall as an obnoxious cow bell player in the band .. you should google it ,, it is classic

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  8. Oh congrats to Officer Theis and Claudia on the nooboo! She is such a cutie! I don’t think Officer Theis has anything to worry about, he will make a great Dad. And Marissa is so lovely and efficient! But what is up with Evella….and she has a son? Oh! And Evella has greatly underestimated Ms V…she is one tough and smart cookie! Evella, your plan will fail. But what about the son? I am not sure he really loves or even likes his mother…perhaps there is hope for him. Great chapter…kind of keeps you on edge with all the goings on!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Aw such a cute baby and giving ideas to Rose and Mike 😉 Soon hopefully once all this mess is cleared up. I didn’t not expect the ending…Evella has a son. He doesn’t seem all that happy to be associated with her. I’m hoping he’s not as evil as his mother and actually falls in love and doesn’t go through with Evella’s evil plan.


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