An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Haukea

“It’s okay Kachina, please don’t cry.

Even grown-ups have accidents in their pants sometimes.

It’s just not a big deal.”

I love my little sisters Kachina and Ala Ula.

I try to take good care of them and give them good advice when sad things happen.

05-05-20_9-12-26 PM

They are so sweet

and cute

and naughty!

Really naughty.

But that is okay!

I love them!

It is what families do.

05-04-20_11-53-23 PM

My name is Houkea.

I live in Sulani.

It is the best place in the whole wide world to live.

I have lots of best friends here.

But they are not just friends,

they are OHANA!

Ohana means family.

Island people love Ohana.

I love Ohana too!

05-05-20_11-35-56 PM

I am so lucky to have lots of ohana that cares about me.

I spend lots of time at Mama O Ka Mokupuni’s house.

She has lots of kids and always laughs that one more at her house does not matter.

I go to their house to play or do homework together.

Mama laughs that most of the school children live at her house.

It is true because they are all her children.

Mama O Ka Mokupuni loves ohana.

05-08-20_1-22-12 AM

AND her food is always so yummy!

05-08-20_1-28-09 AM

Uncle Amu Amu and Auntie Healani are the best babysitters ever.

We all want to go to their hale even when Mom and dad are not going out.

Aunite says we are the keiki of her heart.

We do the best we can to be her heart keiki because even the Shaman’s healthy tea could not help her have her own keiki.

They are a very special part of our ohana.

05-08-20_1-45-17 AM

My Mama loves ohana too.

She grows lots of good fruits and vegetables to sell at the Sulani Farmer’s Market.

05-05-20_1-14-25 AM05-05-20_1-18-59 AM05-05-20_1-49-15 AM

She is very careful to grow the best so that all island ohana can have healthy food to eat.

If they cannot afford to buy them I see Mama secretly hand them bags of what she calls extras.

She says extras are free.

She always says with a smile so that I understand, “It is is what ohana does, Houkea.”

I love to help her tend the plants and I help sell at the market.

05-08-20_1-09-39 AM

She teaches me about growing things

and about taking good care of ohana.

05-05-20_9-18-16 PM

Dad loves to fish so he catches them for Mama (who is not a fan of fishing) to sell at the market.

05-05-20_11-50-27 PM

Dad takes my education very seriously.

He always tries to help me with my studies.

He says I will need to have a good education so that when I am grown I will know how to make very good decisions.

05-05-20_9-22-43 PM

Sometimes I don’t really need his help,

but I never say that because he is so much fun to hang out with.


I already know how to make good decisons.

04-24-20_5-48-32 PM

I think he likes to hang out with me and the twins too.

He makes very good decisions.

He chooses ohana.

04-25-20_7-53-37 PM

I think I am a very lucky girl to have so many who care about me.

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Table of contents for castaway/Sulani story line

An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Table of Contents

00 art line


I used a couple of FAB rooms to create the Sulani Market place ..

There are some amazing thing done with the T.O.O.L. mod!

flowersproduce stand

I created an upload for the farmer’s Market (I did not upload it to a beach lot but you can place it there if you wish)


Sulani Farmer’s Market

I f you noted the FAB turtle art that can be found in the gallery too (NO CC) – be sure to  check Roseymow out she has lots of fab art for your builds

turtle art


Mama & her babies – Charlii – Mai

charlii family

Their beautiful Island home – Anchesenamon

island living anchesenamon

Auntie Healani – Elocine


Uncle Amu – sacred70 (he did not appear in this update but did not want to forget him because he is a frequently occurring character)










21 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Haukea

      1. I really like it! Knowing your brilliant grandkids, you know there are wise, insightful, and generous children! I thought her voice believable, unique, and authentic!


  1. So great to see that I was able to contribute in a small way to your wonderful storytelling. Thanks for taking the time to give credit to your fellow creators.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OHH I totally remember you .. your build using tool was AMAZING .. I had hoped to reach you earlier because I did a mod review feature on TOOL and you were one of the ones I wanted to drop in but for the magazine I always get permission before hand. Your work is fab and I hope you continue with the TOOL mod!


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