An Era of Charming Tales: Apple Spice Tea

Thank you to all who participated in my giveaway event.  I was happy to be able to give back a bit to the community of simmers who support me and simlit writers like me 🙂

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**~~~~~ Now on to the story 🙂 ~~~~~ **

Chief Theis call for a meeting to get the investigative team all on the same page.

The evidence that they had gathered was shared and discussed.  The trip was deemed a wild success!

All agree that no one will ever view apples without suspicion again.

Everyone was glad to meet Nita and were impressed as the chief sang her praises.

08-30-18_7-01-26 PM

Well maybe not everyone …

Nick surprised them by saying, “Ehh she did alright.”

This from the man who spent most of the trip as a skeleton!

08-30-18_8-58-58 PM

Those unkind words coming from Nick cut Nita to the core.

She was undone!

Officer Galligher tried his best to give some comfort but she did not seem to take any note of his efforts.

08-30-18_9-00-14 PM

“I cannot believe you actually died out there,” Officer MacNamara gushed.  “OH how dreadful to encounter fireflies!   I cannot even imagine!  It was so lucky Officer V was there to plead for you.”

Nita nodded solemnly.  It had been a close call indeed!

08-30-18_9-02-38 PM


You know this will end badly!


08-30-18_9-08-22 PM

A little awkward, eh Officer Galligher?

08-30-18_9-09-35 PM08-30-18_9-09-57 PM


After the meeting, Nita asked to speak privately with Cheif Theis.

She expressed her newfound interest in “police work” and let him know of her desire to work with WPD.

“I am thrilled that you are interested in staying on at WPD.  It just so happens that I have need of a tracker.  I think with your amazing scouting skills you a very good candidate.  Do you like dogs?  The position requires working with a dog.”

08-30-18_9-16-47 PM

“Yes, sir!”  Nita exclaimed, “I love dogs!  That does sound like a wonderful job for me.”

08-30-18_9-25-30 PM


Your life is about to change!

Will Nickita (Nitick? NicNit?) ever come to pass?

08-30-18_9-28-24 PM

Poor Ms V!  She still has not caught up from the jet lag.

08-30-18_9-51-55 PM


Late that night on the palace grounds a hooded figure lurks in the shrubbery waiting for darkness to shroud him farther.

08-31-18_2-49-21 AM08-31-18_2-49-22 AM08-31-18_2-49-23 AM08-31-18_2-49-24 AM08-31-18_2-49-25 AM08-31-18_2-49-26 AM08-31-18_2-56-35 AM

“Wasn’t that movie wonderful, Alina? So sad that Alex had to miss it.  He is so tired the poor dear!”

Lily poured herself a cup of the warm spicy tea,  “Thank you for brewing this for us.  It will be the perfect nightcap!”

08-31-18_3-31-41 AM08-31-18_3-35-03 AM08-31-18_3-35-12 AM08-31-18_3-37-05 AM


08-31-18_3-40-29 AM08-31-18_3-42-33 AM08-31-18_3-44-35 AM

“What happened here?”  Cheif Theis asked, “Did you see or hear anything?”

08-31-18_3-48-29 AM

“I did not hear anything.  I went to bed early because I was not feeling so well.”

Alex continued, “Alina and Lily stayed up to watch a movie.  They must have ended the night with a cup of tea.  I found them like that when I came down for a glass of water.”

08-31-18_3-49-16 AM

Cheif Theis picked up the cup and gave it a sniff.

“Hmmmm, Apple Spice Tea.  Better have the lab check it out.”

08-31-18_3-52-26 AM

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These have all been mentioned before but I thought now is a great time for a refresher 🙂

mis vnita

palace chateau


BY Magicbluedragon

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20 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Apple Spice Tea

      1. hmm I tried last time a very nasty trick I charged Liam to do (one of my Néfaste nasty witch) , but I can’t tell you if it works as Jérémy always died in front of the house lol due to heat. (as Evella always the same on and on die burnt by heat not killed by anger) I placed a bad apple in front of a house hahah I was totally crying of laughing. I know some sims are brainwashed enough to eat it and even Miss V wanted to eat hers.
        Do you know these apples can be convertible with the cast?
        So what a wonderful trick to kill or to poison others with a such juicy apple?


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