An Era of Charming Tales: Shaman

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**~~~~~ Now on to the story 🙂 ~~~~~ **

Officer Theis met the king and queen for a quick meeting over coffee.

He gave them an update on the status of the jungle investigation.

“Things aren’t going so well for the crew. They’ve encountered many problems and as a result, the investigation has been significantly delayed.”

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (1)

He continued, “Officer Amaro has had more than his share of trouble. He suffered a near-fatal scorpion sting and now he is a skeleton.”

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (2)

Queen Rose was clearly disturbed by this news.

“What do you mean by is a skeleton?  He got so sick that he became skin and bones?”

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (4)

“Well, NOT exactly,”  Officer Theis replied.

“NO skin.

More just the bones part.

He fell under some sort of jungle curse.

We need to send in help.

AND we need to fight fire with fire.

This is no ordinary investigation.

There are dark forces afoot, my queen!”

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (3)

Rose gasped, “What are you going to do, Walter?”

“Never fear, your Majesty,” Officer Theis assured,

I have a plan but I will need you and King Mike to get those diplomatic channels open so we can get her into the country quickly. ”

“Of course anything you need!  Mike and I are on it!

Now please tell me more of your plan.”

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (5)

Officer Theis continued explaining his unorthodox yet hopeful plan to rescue the crew.

Rose and Mike listened intently as he unfolded his idea …

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (6)

but it seems that they were not the ONLY ones listening.

Lurking near the jukebox was a malevolent evesdropper!

07-19-18_2-26-26 AM (7)


“Hello my dear Mayor,” Officer Theis purred to his furry four-legged pal.

“It is so nice to see you again.”

08-18-18_2-34-06 AM

The Mayor returned his greeting with a fuzzy snuggle.

08-18-18_2-34-42 AM

“What brings you to my humble abode Officer Theis.

Is this a social call or is WPD in need of my services?”

Officer Theis was a bit chagrinned. He really needed to take more time to look in on Windenburg residents, especially those who were good friends to the department!

Walter hung his head and began apologetically, “I am so sorry my dear Agatha.   It is business.”

08-18-18_2-37-28 AM

With a laugh, Agatha admonished him, “Oh don’t be a silly goose!  Being sorry is not necessary!  You know I adore helping.  Now sit down and tell me what is happening.”

08-18-18_2-38-07 AM

Walter laid out his plan, explaining exactly how the old gypsy woman fit into them.

08-18-18_2-39-27 AM

As always, Agatha was eager to help!

She would begin her search this very evening …

08-18-18_2-41-14 AM

AND she did!

Her crystal ball was very powerful.  If handled properly a valuable tool …

08-20-18_2-47-55 AM08-20-18_2-55-58 AM

“Ahh, there you are, my children, and hello Mr Shaman I see you too!”

08-20-18_3-01-42 AM

Two days later, with all diplomatic channels open, the old gypsy woman donned her recently purchased explorer’s garb and headed out to Selvadorado.

08-20-18_3-25-08 AM


Things at the camp were dismal at best.

The team had lost all hope.

Between insect and bat attacks and skeleton curses, they were miserable and discouraged.

08-21-18_1-31-36 AM

BUT that was about to change!  Motivation had arrived!

08-21-18_1-31-39 AM

It did not take long for Agatha to get this group fired up and on the move again!

Even had Nick doing the cha cha cha again!

08-21-18_1-31-45 AM

UMMM … Speaking of fired up.

Nita had a surprise run-in with some fireflies.

It did not end well for Nita.

08-21-18_1-31-50 AM

Ms. V took quick action to avert the loss of their guide.

“Please, Mr Death,” she cried, “Please spare her!  It is true I am not all that fond of her but I really do not want her dead.  Have mercy on us please.”

(AN:  I wish I could tell you that pleading with Grimmey worked but I had to resort to the “magic of Sims” to keep Nita in the game .. aka I quit without saving.)

08-21-18_1-31-55 AM


A few bee stings and spider attacks later the crew arrived at a very peculiar little house.

Agatha had led them right to the Shama’s hut.

08-21-18_1-31-60 AM

Turns out that the Shaman, albeit rather odd, was a very nice fella.

He invited the crew to make themselves at home.

08-21-18_1-31-62 AM

Ms V explained who they were and why they had come.

“There was a heinous murder in our quiet kingdom.  The dear reverend Krupp was murdered by a poisoned apple pie, which was made for him by the King’s sister, who had high hopes of being his girl.   She found the apple on the gift table at the wedding of King Mike and Queen Rose.  Thinking the caterer left it she took the apple home.  Well, I am certain you can see what happened from there. ”

“Well by doggies,” the Shaman chucked, “that is quite a twisted tale.  Makes my head spin.  What is it that you want from me?”

08-21-18_1-31-69 AM

“We are here to investigate the origin of the poison and see if we can nail down who purchased it.”

She showed him a picture of Evella, the dark Queen and asked him if that could have been who procured the poison.

“OH MY!” He roared with laughter, “this woman could not be farther from the person who bought the apples.  She appears to be wicked but very beautiful, my customer was a shriveled up old shrew with beady little eyes and a crooked smile that would make your flesh crawl.”

08-21-18_1-31-70 AM

Nick struck out on his own.   Exploring even the darkest corners of the acreage.

08-21-18_1-31-64 AM

One might say that Nick really gets into his work.

(If one was making a lame joke that is *wink)

08-21-18_1-31-66 AM

He attempted a few interviews but they kept mum.

08-21-18_1-31-68 AM

Ms V was digging up evidence on her own too.

08-21-18_1-31-75 AMShaman approached Nita carrying a bright blue gift box,  “I have boxed up samples of the various apples that I sell.  Be very careful with these because the frog toxins on each one are quite deadly.  I hope this helps to find the murder.”

08-21-18_1-31-73 AM

Agatha took the Shaman’s invite to heart and making herself at home, whipped up a light supper for everyone.

08-21-18_1-31-76 AM

As they waited for supper, Ms V continued to press the Shaman in hope that he might recall more about his mysterious customer.

08-21-18_1-31-77 AM

Nick brought the dinner tunes.

08-21-18_1-31-78 AM

(I think it is hilarious that no matter how many time they have seen the skeleton every so often all will be shocked at seeing him.)

08-21-18_6-52-41 PM

Shaman handed Nick a small glass, “I have prepared an antidote for your .. ahem … ailment.”

08-21-18_6-40-59 PM

It was a foul-smelling concoction but Nick trusted Shaman and chugged it down.

08-21-18_7-13-16 PM08-21-18_7-15-07 PM

Nita was beside herself with JOY and went in for an embrace attempt!

08-21-18_7-16-37 PM

(So nice to know some things never change even with two near-death experiences!)

Poor Nita .. unrequited love is a terrible tragedy!

08-21-18_7-16-38 PM08-21-18_7-19-41 PM

It always ends the same.

08-21-18_7-21-08 PM

Even tho there was NO love connection in the front yard things seem to be heating up in the backyard.

08-22-18_2-35-15 AM08-22-18_2-35-17 AM

Good night little campers .. rest well.  Tomorrow begins the trek back to Windenburg.

08-22-18_2-35-22 AM

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**~~~~~~~~~ credits ~~~~~~**

From the FAB Brennachan gypsy brennherb hut brenn

FAB little steampunk pub by WrathofCathwrath pub

And my own little magic man has been making his way around the gallery ❤


A blooper worth sharing …

Shaman was telling a story when all of a sudden THIS happened …

08-22-18_1-36-52 AM.png



33 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Shaman

  1. Oh my goodness! I am the first to post a comment! Woot! Now this was a great chapter. So glad that Officer Theis had Agatha help out. Their bad luck certainly continued with Nita in Selvadorado – thank goodness for exiting without saving. And Officer Amaro, love that pic of him playing the guitar — too funny. Yeah for the shaman giving them some sample apples of the possible poison. And now more investigating as they still don’t know who came to get the apples. Great chapter and that blooper pic – OMG! Hilarious! Paused at just the right moment! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL the blooper killed me .. I was so stunned .. TY so much for the read .. this one was fun because Shaman and Aggie are so over the top (Nita too .. I have decided HOW to keep Nita it because I love the one sided love affair)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw so glad Nick is cured of his curse. Too bad it didn’t change his dislike of Nita in the process. I think the poor girl should take the hint and focus on someone else lol I guess you’re never too old to fall in love the Shaman and the old gypsy lady would be kind of cute together.


  3. I am glad the Shaman had the kindliness to cure Nick.
    Nita is still bitterly in love with Nick, I swear he’s totally the style of men of Miss V, physically spoken lol and we don’t know if her feelings for Nick are true or not.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s obvious. The translation of smitten makes me think of a possible story between the two and I was right about my theory.
        In next chapter , Nita wants to join the WPD, it means to be close to her love interest we can suppose.
        Google said smitten means frappé and I went too far. In popular French language, frappé means nuts/weirdo etc .
        To me I said omg she’s crazy about Nick so why not propose to Lisa this idea .
        And yes I exactly thought about the Shaman or the Gypsy as helper , will it a good transition?


      2. aww I will read there is a promise ! I always read you by the way and every of my followers…I am slowly catching up I need to change my mind.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know what you feel. I am still totally almost shunned too.
        My story is lame because in people’s mind, they think of Miss V is full of crime, blood, sex , treason and stuffs and not a nice witch that lives in a Carebear land that people are kids in their minds.
        I think it’s disgusting I love your story so so much and I am glad you are known and respected for the Charmings. First time you followed me and I put my eyes on your story I fell in Love !

        Liked by 1 person

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